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Where Gracious Service Awaits

Nature has endowed the Island of the Gods

Nature is so kind because it has endowed the Island of the Gods with versatile coconut tree or nyuh tree in Balinese language. From the roots to the flowers are taken advantage to shore up the people's life and preserve their culture. Inspired by the philosophy of this coconut tree, Nyuh Bali Villas come to provide several features demanded by travelers as a serene hideaway.

Ultimate Intimacy and Romance in Seminyak

Nyuh Bali Villas offers a guest ultimate experience with intimacy and romance while affording the highest level of service. Eight units of exquisite villas in Seminyak on the area of some 120 square meters each will give ample space for your luxury living. Secluded location, outstanding facilities and a few units within the cluster will ensure your supreme privacy. What's more, a fusion of modern minimalist and elements of Balinese compound with the handling by friendly and skilled staff engenders a convivial sojourn and impressive stay.

Romantic One Bedroom Pool Villas

Equally set on the area of some 120 square meters of land, our one bedroom pool villa genuinely offers a tranquil sanctuary with splendid ambience in the heart of Seminyak, Bali. It is a piece of paradise you can afford to unwind beyond regular bustling activities. Balinese compound with distinctive features and contemporary style interiors will encourage you to slow down for a while.

Ultimate privacy and friendly services inspired by Balinese hospitality will make you feel like royalties. Uniqueness of local culture and nature to enrich your life is waiting for you and make sure Nyuh Bali Villas as your definite romantic sojourn. Here is a glamorous honeymoon destination that promises unforgettable experiences.

Intimate One Bedroom Deluxe Pool Villas

Set across some 120 square meters, equipped with a gazebo for relaxing while luxuriating in the surrounding atmosphere. As soon as entering into the Balinese traditional style entrance, you will feel a rural nuance perfected with tropical minimalist and gorgeous garden. Interior design filled with modern furniture and artistic elements highlighting simplicity and contemporary charms brings in opulence and comfort for every single dweller.

As a honeymoon destination, it does not only offer a unique balance of simplicity and luxury, but also tranquility. The cozy interior decors are carefully prepared to generate warm and elegant atmosphere.With all the charms, you will start new life with an unforgettable romantic escape and come to an end with prime vivacity.

Indulge your appetite with a fabulous flavor

For a taste of wonderful food and convenient meal atmosphere, the restaurant with seating capacity of 10-15 persons before your villa is ready to pamper your appetite. With the existing menu selections prepared by our well experienced cook, choose one or more to satisfy your craving for authentic cuisines for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Alternatively, you can also reserve a poolside barbeque dinner within an ultimate privacy of your villa to grace your honeymoon breaks. Enjoy a romantic rendezvous while relishing your favorite food and drinking a refreshing beverage jazzed up with stars overhead.

Get relaxed for a while

Indulge yourself through our collection of delightful spa treatments that will pamper the body and nurture the senses amid your leisure or business activities on the island. With ideal combination of traditional ingredients and modern therapy, each spa experience will leave you with inner radiance and blissful joy. Or relax for a moment in our beach club and be prepared to get swept up in the cradle of the warm coastal breeze while occasionally playing with a quiet ripple waves and holding a glass of cocktail in your hand until the sun set.

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