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Importance of Walking Created By Harvey S. Parker

Introduction  Walking has become very enjoyable

way of life  Not only for fun, it is a great exercise

but it can also many other health benefits.  It is very gentle and low impact form

of exercise that’s easy and it can suitable for all age group of people.

Reduces stress

ď‚— When you get any depression

for particular reason? ď‚— You simply go for walking, it

reduces the major stress of your life.

Strengthen heart ď‚— Regular walking helps to reduces

the chances of heart disease and stroke. ď‚— It helps to covert the bad

cholesterol into good level of cholesterol and maintain the blood pressure in moderate level.

Increase vitamin D level  If you’re walking outside in

daylight, you will be simply boosting your body stores of vitamin D.  Many people in the Uk has

suffered by this deficiency.  It is one of the major

benefits of walking.

Better sleep

ď‚— Morning walk helps to gives

the better sleep at the night. ď‚— Because ,the morning walks

helps to regulate the sleep cycle at correct time.

Reduce Obesity ď‚— Everyone know walking helps to

reduce the eight especially in the morning walk helps to improve your metabolism rate in your body ď‚— In morning, the glucose level of the

body helps to reduces the fat.

Conclusion  To lead a healthy life you must have an habit of

walking at every morning.  If are a too busy, you spend at least 20-30 minutes

time for everyday.  Don’t use busy road and take one bottle of water

while you walking.

Importance of walking  

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