The Harvey School Annual Report 2019 - 2020

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2019–2020 Donor Impact Report

Donor Impact Report

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Message from the Head of School


Message from the Chair of the Board


Chair’s Circle


Total Charitable Giving


Operating Breakdown


Alumni with Heart


Letter from the Annual Fund Chairs


Leadership Donors


Current Parents






Past Parents


Grandparents & Friends of Harvey


Rink 50


All About Endowment


Planned Gifts


Gifts in Kind


Weil House & Barn Complex


Message from the Parent Association


Parent Association Benefit: Harvey with Heart


Our School Leadership

Mission Statement The Harvey School provides a college-preparatory program that fosters lifelong learning and inspires students to develop the confidence and leadership qualities necessary to succeed in a diverse, competitive, and changing world. With our commitment to small class size, our community cultivates the strengths of each student through academic excellence, artistic exploration, athletic achievement, community service, and global understanding.

core values » Passion for learning » Respect » Integrity » Dynamic balance » Excellence

Donor Impact Report 2019–2020



Message from the

Head of School We often talk about what a unique and special place The Harvey School is, but 2020 has turned out to be unique for myriad reasons that extend far beyond the boundaries of our idyllic campus on the hill. As Harvey’s chief storyteller, my task is to distill this year into a brief but meaningful narrative and thank each and every one of you for the critical role that you played. We began the school year with gratitude as our central theme. Both personally and professionally, I believe that we closed this year with a profound sense of gratitude for our community and all that we accomplished together against the backdrop of a global pandemic and social and political unrest. In such unsettling times, it is natural to consider the impact these disruptions or upheavals have on our own lives. What has most impressed me is that as a community, Harvey has embodied the idea that by working together we become more resilient and more hopeful, confident that together our efforts can make a difference, whether by volunteering or making a gift. In recognition of that ideal, we have renamed our Annual Report as The Harvey School Donor Impact Report since this title better reflects the profound effects of our collective dedication to our school and to each other. Looking back on some highlights of the year, we are most grateful and proud of the turnout and enthusiasm generated by our Annual Spring Benefit, Harvey with Heart, and the impact it had on our school community. More than 300 parents, alumni, faculty, staff, trustees, and friends of the school gathered virtually to celebrate our dedicated and talented faculty and to raise more than $320,000 in their honor. Our hockey team turned the tides at the Fairchester Athletic Association championship, clinching the title and effectively closing Harvey’s athletic season for the year with an inspired victory that coincided with a culminating celebration of Evarts Rink’s 50th anniversary. The continued generosity of our current parents and alumni not only enabled us to raise more than $400,000 for the Weil House & Barn Complex but also brought us very close to reaching our pre-pandemic Annual Fund goal.

We cannot talk about the cohesion or resilience of our community without grateful nods to the creativity and innovation of our remarkable faculty and to the flexibility of our students and their families with respect to the success of Harvey’s distance learning. The partnership created between the faculty and their students endures even from a distance to help students discover their dreams and develop the courage to chase them and to provide the support students need to find their own voices and use them for good in the world. The current global climate has created a great shift not only in how we view the world but also in how we experience it. We are pushed to assess and reassess our prior knowledge in search of ways to move beyond the challenges we face and become stronger in the process. I have no doubt that Harvey will continue to serve as an example of the impact of hope and community. Perhaps the most important lesson we are learning through all this is that we do not just live within our communities, but our communities live within us as well. Thank you for all you have done for Harvey, particularly during these unprecedented times. We are grateful that with your support we ended the 2020 academic year with a sense of optimism and renewed confidence in the value of Harvey’s mission and the strength and resilience of our community.

With kind regards,

William J. Knauer, Head of School

Donor Impact Report 2019–2020


Message from the

chair of the board With great pleasure, I am writing to report on The Harvey School’s fiscal year ending June 30, 2020. This year, which began with the theme of gratitude, has taken a series of twists and turns that none of us ever could have imagined was coming. I have never been more grateful to be part of this community than I have this year. We embraced the challenges and are coming through them stronger and wiser. I am grateful for Bill Knauer, the senior leadership team, and faculty and staff, who have navigated this year with nimbleness and grace. I am grateful for my fellow board members who have risen to the call by sharing their time, talent, and treasure to ensure that our students have what they need to be successful. And, I am grateful for all of you and the support you have provided the school through this unprecedented year. Last fall, we asked you to focus on the Annual Fund so that our extraordinary faculty could continue to innovate and bring meaningful programs to our students. Little did we know that the innovation would be about using cameras and Zoom to bring synchronicity to an asynchronous world — teaching remotely. We asked our senior families to help us continue the planning of our new welcome center in the Weil House & Barn Complex, pushing our fundraising over the $2 million mark. We completed the year asking you again to help us not just survive but thrive in the face of COVID-19. And, you did. You brought your passion and energy to our annual Parent Association benefit and raised your paddles in support of our remarkable community. Every gift is important to Harvey’s success. But, I want to recognize a small but growing group within our community for which I am particularly grateful. Our Chair’s Circle members have generously given $7,500 or more this year. These gifts form the bedrock of our fundraising and provide us the means


to continue to support the Harvey way. Donors at this level turn dreams into reality, from cutting-edge technology to strengthening robust programs. These gifts ensure that our community remains growth-oriented, innovative, creative, and always focused on the individual. This year has been a blur. But, when I look back on this year of gratitude, I am truly grateful to all of you who continue to make dreams come true for all of our students.

With gratitude,

Eileen Walker, Chair of the Board of Trustees

chair’s circle Bessemer Trust Pamela and Ross Buchmueller Trish and Michael Breede Sharon and Jeffrey Cammisa Linda and Jack Cioffi Jennifer Waterhouse-Cooper and Perry Cooper Stacy Daly Dennis A. Dilmaghani ’62 Bethany and Kevin Durkin, Trustee George Eysymontt, Jr. ’53 Andi and Steven Fern Ashley and Joel Foote Jerri-Lynn, Trustee and Dan Galgano Kimberly Gilman and Jeffrey Gelfand Deirdre, Trustee and James Glascott Jodi and Daniel Glucksman Christine and Kyle Groff Lydia, Trustee and Richard Hellinger Amy and Edward Hogan Elizabeth and Robert Husted Amy and Jon Kass Charles Krasne, Trustee Dorothy and Cliff Lanier Jeanette and Jeffrey Lasdon, Emeritus


Wendy and Jeffrey Lederer Donna and Maury* Leone, Emeritus Kimberley and Matthew Miller Beth and Phil Moyles Maria and Sandy Ogg, Trustee Michelle and Sung Pak Jennifer and Ari Perkins Katharine and Joseph Plummer, Trustee Gisella and Reynaldo Roisenvit Lynn Green and Marc Rosenthal Elizabeth and Wallace Schwartz, Trustees Nancy and Peter Shapiro Sara and James Shyer Amy and Stephen Silverman Andrea Tessler, Trustee and Michael Scarsella Kathleen, Trustee and Jeremy Treat Kelsey, Trustee and James Turcotte Margo Hotston and Jeffrey Wacksman Eileen, Trustee and Jay Walker Melissa and Cliff Wallach, Trustee Lara and Dan Ward Frank A. Weil ’44, Emeritus Patty and Russell Wolff Lin and Zhidong Xu

Donor Impact Report 2019–2020


Total Charitable

Giving As of June 30, 2020

Annual Fund Unrestricted . . . .................................. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $478,744 Restricted . . . . . . .................................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $154,842 2019–2020 Auction Campaign ............ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $322,403

Total Annual Fund & Auction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $955,989 Endowment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $51,664 (Includes gifts to the following funds: Rose Baldwin Reading Center, Dennis Dilmaghani ’62 Photography Fund, The Barry W. Fenstermacher Fund for Financial Aid, Maury Leone Memorial Scholarship Fund, John McMahon Endowment, David Muntner Tech Theater Fund)

Weil House & Barn Complex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $528,891

Total Cash Received . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,536,544


Operating breakdown 2019–2020



Salary, Taxes, & Benefits


Educational Program


Management & Administrative


Building & Grounds



Net Tuition & Fees


Auxiliary & Other Income


Annual Giving


Endowment Income

Donor Impact Report 2019–2020


Our Alumni:

Alumni with Heart This year has been an unusual one, during which each of us has called on friends and family in an unprecedented way. Our alumni community — who is always supportive — was particularly so this year. Alums reached out from every corner of the earth to check on our well-being. Whether it was a text to Phil Lazzaro, an email to Bill Knauer, or a Zoom session with Sally Breckenridge, you wanted to know how we were doing and how you could help. Many of you came to our Parent Association (PA) benefit for the first time, others made your first donation, while some of you made your 30th or 40th. For that, we salute all of our alumni “with heart” and thank you for all you do for us. This list includes those alums who made a leadership gift of $500 or more to any fund or $100 or more for alums 10 years out or less.

Alumni Leadership Circle (Alumni donors of $500 or more) E. Richard Ahlborn ’55 Michael S. Alexander ’66 Howard L. Baldwin ’56 Ian Baldwin, Jr. ’53 « Michael Baldwin ’54 Philip W. Baldwin ’62 Geoffrey Blum ’69 Philip C. Bowers ’70, Trustee Stephen B. Burbank ’60 Lara W. Casano ’95 Daniel K. Chapman ’73, Trustee Dennis A. Dilmaghani ’62 Philip A. Eifert ’73 « George Eysymontt, Jr. ’53 8

Gregory Jurschak ’06 Jeremy Kosbob ’01 Greg Kriser ’65 Richard Ledes ’71 « John Loeb, Jr. ’44 John A. Luke, Jr. ’63 William McCormick ’61 Ira Mendleson III ’57 « Anthony Milne ’56 Eugene H. Morrison, Jr. ’68 John Pflieger ’74 William B. Roberts ’51 David Robertson ’67 Pamela Hakim Small ’84 Robert Sullivan, Jr. ’77 « KC Testwuide ’11

Frank A. Weil ’44, Emeritus

« Sandy Weil ’76 Michael H. West ’58

« Robert West ’60 James Wood ’41

Decade Circle (Young Alumni donors of $100+) Colin Glascott ’19 Jabea Kisob ’13 John E. Wise, Jr. ’17

« Donors of 5–10 years


Donors of 10+ years

Impact Story

Dick Ahlborn ’55 Dick has been giving in support of The Harvey School for more than 35 years and is one of our most consistent donors year after year. His support does so much for us as a school, including inspiring others to give and providing contributions we know we can count on each year. In addition to supporting the school as a generous donor, Dick also stays connected to his classmates and returns for reunions and celebrations from his home in California. Dick’s story is an incredibly inspiring one. He is a retired U.S. Navy captain, having spent 26 years in the Nuclear Submarine Force, including 3 1/2 years as the commander of a ballistic missile nuclear submarine at the height of the Cold War. Dick joined Harvey during his middle school years, and he credits Harvey, and especially Rose Baldwin, for changing his life. His success at Harvey led him to the Kent School. His performance at Kent earned him admission to Yale. His degree from the Ivy League school launched an extraordinarily rewarding life. Harvey started his journey, and he attributes his accomplishments to the school that gave him the foundation upon which to build. We are profoundly grateful to Dick for his unwavering support of The Harvey School and for the impact he has had on us as a community.

Donor Impact Report 2019–2020


Letter from the

Annual fund chairs In 1959, Harvey School Headmaster Lev Smith said, “The fundamental strength of The Harvey School does not lie in its buildings. Its educational mission and tight-knit community keep the heart of the School beating.” Never more than during the stress and uncertainty of 2020 has this been true. Now, more than ever before, the strength and connectedness of our community is most evident and necessary. Our community’s commitment to one another was tangible through its generous giving to the Annual Fund. Gifts to the Annual Fund significantly and immediately impact the lives of Harvey students, making it possible for young people from all backgrounds to discover themselves and to find and explore their passions through a Harvey education. The bedrock of a Harvey education is the talented and compassionate faculty. Harvey teachers inspire their students to explore, encourage them to develop self-confidence, push them out of their comfort zones, and dare them to be great at something they love. As the cochairs of the Annual Fund this year, we worked with many dedicated volunteers to share their stories with our Harvey family about the importance of the Annual Fund and to encourage everyone to give as generously as they could. We have been overwhelmed by the responsiveness, especially and specifically,


to honor our teachers who have gone above and beyond during the pandemic. During this time, we had a renewed appreciation for the value of a Harvey education. Giving to the Annual Fund supports Harvey teachers in the creative and innovative ways they inspire and encourage our children every day — in and out of the classroom. We are profoundly grateful for everyone who joined us to support our Harvey community and to demonstrate that the strength of our mission does indeed lie in our commitment to one another.

Kevin Durkin

Jerri-Lynn Galgano

Kelsey Turcotte

Impact Story

Patty and Russell Wolff Patty and Russell, parents of Michael ’20, joined the Harvey community in the fall of 2015. Although they were new to the Harvey community, their instincts said Harvey was a place where Michael could thrive, find his voice, and prepare for college. During their four years as part of the parent community, they continued to find important ways to become engaged — from hosting events in their local community, to making phone calls to prospective parents, to cochairing the senior class gift campaign in 2019–2020 for the Weil House & Barn Complex. As a result of their leadership, the campaign is now more than halfway to completion, and the complex is on track to open in 2022. Their participation has inspired others to give, having a resonant impact on the community. Like many before them, Patty and Russell have left Harvey a better place than when they first joined. We look forward to seeing how Michael navigates this next chapter and witnessing the impact he has on the world.

Annual Fund Cochairs

Annual Fund Volunteers

Kevin Durkin, Trustee Jerri-Lynn Galgano, Trustee Kelsey Turcotte, Trustee

William Bandon Andrea Birch Philip C. Bowers ’70, Trustee Trish Breede Andrea Bullens Erica Cheyne ’14 Susan Clelland Andi Fern Ashley Foote Deirdre Glascott, Trustee Joi Isley-Collins Amy Kass Ronice Latta, Trustee Wendy Lederer Jamie Shyer Andrea Tessler, Trustee James Treseler Melissa Welburn

Alumni Chair Dan Chapman ’73, Trustee and President, Alumni Association

Faculty Chairs Jay Hill Marcie Hajem

Grandparent Chairs Consigilia and Jerry Villani

Past Parent Chair Tracey Davies

8th Grade Class Gift Cochairs Meghan Bazaar Jennifer Cunningham Marta Vega Cliff Wallach, Trustee

Senior Class Gift Cochairs Sharon Cammisa Jerri-Lynn Galgano, Trustee Patty Wolff

Annual Fund Student Volunteers Isabelle Bandon ’21 Sophia Epstein ’21 Gabrielle Levinger-Louie ’21 Katherine McLean ’21 Patrick Murphy ’21 Katherine Ogg ’21 Tyler Wallach ’21

Donor Impact Report 2019–2020


Impact Story

Donna and Maury Leone Donna and Maury joined The Harvey School community in 1999 when son Michael ’04 joined Harvey as an eighth grader, and daughter Ali ’08 followed not long after. Their passion for the school quickly moved from the sidelines to the boardroom as Maury joined the board of trustees. Maury began as a trustee in 2001 and ultimately became a vice chair, cochair of the Arts Center Capital Campaign, and chair of the Head of School search committee, which brought current Head of School, Bill Knauer to us. Maury left the board in 2018 but stayed closely connected and became the first chair of the Head’s Council. The Leone family’s passion for Harvey runs deep: from rugby trips to Ireland to a regular table at the annual Parent Association auction to hosting student trips in New York City to coaching football. The Leones have been more than staunch supporters of the School; they are true friends. When Maury passed away unexpectedly this past spring, one of Donna’s first calls was to Harvey. It would come as no surprise to anyone who knows the Leones that as the pandemic set in, they spoke about how they could help Harvey — in the short term and long term — as the school pivoted to distance learning. They knew that Harvey had the infrastructure but might need some additional help. As a result, Donna, Michael, and Ali established the Maury A. Leone Scholarship Fund to provide financial support to one student each year who embodies the spirit and zest for Harvey that Maury exemplified. In addition, they made a gift to the school for immediate use to be able to meet the school’s ever-changing technology needs to support distance learning. There is a hole in our hearts that can never be filled, but, through the love and support of Donna, Michael, and Ali, Maury’s spirit will live on and continue to have an impact on Harvey every day.


Annual Fund

Leadership Donors The Annual Fund is Harvey’s most important philanthropic initiative, underpinning not only the programs that distinguish the Harvey experience but also every one of our fundraising efforts; our leadership donors are the keystone of the Annual Fund. With abiding gratitude, we recognize their impact on our community. Their generosity is the basis of our ability to be nimble, responding to the critical needs of the school.

1916 Founders Club ($25,000+) Bessemer Trust Jennifer Waterhouse-Cooper and Perry Cooper Stacy Daly « Jerri-Lynn, Trustee and Dan Galgano « Christine and Kyle Groff Charles Krasne, Trustee Donna and Maury* Leone, Emeritus « Maria and Sandy Ogg, Trustee

Head of School’s Circle ($15,000+) « Bethany and Kevin Durkin, Trustee Nancy and Peter Shapiro Eileen, Trustee and Jay Walker

Neperan/Pocantico Society

Sylvan Weil Society ($10,000+) Pamela and Ross Buchmueller « Andi and Steven Fern Ashley and Joel Foote Kimberly Gilman and Jeffrey Gelfand « Jodi and Daniel Glucksman Amy and Jon Kass Dorothy and Cliff Lanier « Jeanette and Jeffrey Lasdon, Emeritus Wendy and Jeffrey Lederer Leon Lowenstein Foundation, Inc. « Beth and Phil Moyles Jennifer and Ari Perkins Katharine and Joseph Plummer, Trustee *Deceased |

« Donors of 5–10 years

Gisella and Reynaldo Roisenvit Elizabeth and Wallace Schwartz, Trustees « Andrea Tessler, Trustee and Michael Scarsella Joanna and Kenneth Schulman Sara and James Shyer « Kathleen, Trustee and Jeremy Treat Kelsey, Trustee and James Turcotte Lin and Zhidong Xu


($5,000+) Blackacre Title Agency Trish and Michael Breede Linda and Jack Cioffi Rowena and Barry Fenstermacher, Emeritus « Deirdre, Trustee and James Glascott « Lydia, Trustee and Richard Hellinger Amy and Howard Katz John Loeb, Jr. ’44 Lin and Tao Long MBIA Foundation Inc. Kimberley and Matthew Miller Michelle and Sung Pak Jane, Trustee and Rick Petty

Donors of 10+ years

Lynn Green and Marc Rosenthal Stefanie Kalkut and Lanier Saperstein Amy and Stephen Silverman The Rockefeller Foundation « Maureen and Michael Verdeschi « Melissa and Cliff Wallach, Trustee Lara and Dan Ward Melissa and Stuart Welburn Jennifer and Ian Winters Patty and Russell Wolff

Leadership Circle ($3,000+) Lisa and Thomas Cohn Christian and Jackson Day Jackie and Lee Freund Pamela and Lawrence Graham Kyra and David Grann « Elizabeth and Robert Husted Linda and Donald Kluge « Lisa Levinger and Nelson Louie Noelle and Blaine Marder Diane and David Quinn « Caroline and Patrick Saxton Elizabeth Ortiz-Schwartz and Clifford Schwartz Stavros Niarchos Foundation SNF USA, Inc. Donor Impact Report 2019–2020


Annual Fund

Current parents Independent schools rely on charitable gifts to close the gap between tuition revenue and the actual cost of educating each student. Every year, Harvey asks the current parents to make the Annual Fund their philanthropic priority by making a meaningful gift. This year, nearly 70% of our families made a financial contribution to our school. During this unprecedented time, this is a gesture of unwavering support.


6th Grade (Class of 2026)

7th Grade (Class of 2025)

73% Participation Leslie and Mark Berni Trish and Michael Breede Christine Cappelletti Susan Clelland Jill and Richard Gans Elizabeth and Jay Hill Joi Isley-Collins Sorin and Douglas Klares Jennifer and Philip Lazzaro Andy Ritenis Kelisha and Courtland Spruils Laura and Richard Sullivan

62% Participation Holly and Neil Alexander Carly and Brendan Byrne Lara Casano ’95 and Sean Gilligan James Clement Carmen Delessio Ashley and Joel Foote DeLaunÊ Michel and Daniel Fried Ilana and Jim Grady Katherine Hort Clement Dani and Tarquin Katis Wendy and Jeffrey Lederer Laura and Richard Sullivan Leslye Oquendo-Thomas and Jamal Thomas Jonathan Weiner

8th Grade (Class of 2024) 71% Participation A long-standing tradition of the parents of Harvey’s eighth graders has been to contribute to a Class Gift that would leave a legacy at the Harvey Middle School. The COVID-19 global crisis, which has served to magnify our sense of community, provided a meaningful backdrop this year, inspiring the 8th grade class to establish the Class of 2024 Harvey with Heart Fund. The fund will help bridge the temporary hardships we are facing as a community, from safety equipment to technology needs to financial assistance. This legacy gift will be commemorated with a piece of student artwork including the names of the Class of 2024 on a plaque prominently displayed in Sylvan Hall. Thank you to all of our donors. Meghan and Alan Bazaar Anne and Scott Carpenter Melinda and Jeff D’Onofrio Carrie Devenyi Effinger ’90 and Rick Effinger Mia and Adam Egelberg Cheryl and Michael Fischer Daisy and Kenneth Florin Ashley and Joel Foote Heather and Erik Friedman Kathleen Gardner Lydia, Trustee and Richard Hellinger Elizabeth and Jay Hill Kimberly and Neil Hindle Jason Jobe and Jennifer Cunningham Katherine Volkmer and Edward Kahn Dorothy and Cliff Lanier Stephanie Jones McCaine ’87 and Robin McCaine John Morris Emer Leahy and Donald Perun Valerie Raynor Nicola and Jason Teixeira Christy Uhrowczik Marta Noriega and Marco Vega Melissa and Cliff Wallach, Trustee Sherry Levin Wallach Kate Triggs and Christian Williams*


Impact Story

Lydia Hellinger Lydia, parent of three Harvey students, Spencer ’21, Jacob ’22, and Iliana ’24, is currently a trustee of the school and the most recent past president of the Parent Association (PA). Lydia’s generosity of spirit is incomparable. During her three years devoted to the PA, she spent more time on campus than off, helping to digitize many of the organization’s forms and documents, reorganizing the athletic boosters, helping to establish much-needed systems, and as the voice of the parent body. Also important, Lydia quickly jumped into action when we pivoted to distance learning in March to ensure that the parent body was connected during this challenging time. Lydia and her husband, Richard, have been ardent leadership supporters of the Annual Fund, making a gift and raising their paddle to ensure that our teachers have what they need to support our students. In addition, Richard has contributed some unique branded items to the school and provided protective equipment for our teachers. Our gratitude to Lydia runs deep. Her impact has been priceless.

9th Grade (Class of 2023) 74% Participation Brian Acrish Beth and Raymond Baer Andrea and Spencer Birch Laura and Gary Bologh Christine Cappelletti George Chris Elissa and Jean-Paul Conoscente Stacy Daly Christian and Jackson Day Christina and Aaron Deems Bethany and Kevin Durkin, Trustee Chrystal Ellison Sloane and Eric* Finn Mary and William Ford Sussman Jackie and Lee Freund Jerri-Lynn, Trustee and Dan Galgano Jessica and David Gasch Alexandra Gittleman Janet and Barry Goldblatt Ilana and Jim Grady Francine and David Jaques Marlo and Eric Klein Linda and Donald Kluge Eileen Juico and William Knauer, Head of School Ronice, Trustee and Lenwood Latta Wendy and Jeffrey Lederer Meredith and Ian Levine

Lin and Tao Long Cynthia and Shawn Mallon Kimberley and Matthew Miller Michelle and Sung Pak Michelle and Courtney Providence Diane and David Quinn Samantha and Gerard Rocco Gisella and Reynaldo Roisenvit Jenny and Brian Rynott Sara and James Shyer Amy and Stephen Silverman Marie and Taylor Smelser Daphne Uviller and Sacha Spector Sonia Tanksley Laura and James Treseler Merel Van den Tol-Tans and Cefas Van den Tol Jessica Vicente Elisa and Skip Weinstock Allison Nied and Stewart Whitman Jennifer and Ian Winters Deborah and Russell Yankwitt Shujuan and Minggao Zheng

Donor Impact Report 2019–2020


10th Grade (Class of 2022) 66% Participation Kim and Jeff Abt Kristina and Tope Aiyegbo Holly and Neil Alexander Christina and Vincent Alexander Melissa and David Alpern Elizabeth and Paul Amerling Aliki and Phillip Anastos Yonat Assayag and Louis Arbetter Leslie and Mark Berni Mridu and Vikram Bhaskar Linda and Jack Cioffi Lisa and Thomas Cohn Jennifer Waterhouse-Cooper and Perry Cooper Sara and David Cremins Francesca and Ernesto D’Onofrio Alison and Evan Flamenbaum Mara and Garett Goldberg Kyra and David Grann

Christine and Kyle Groff Lydia, Trustee and Richard Hellinger Megan and Michael Hildebrandt Juliet and R. Edwin Howe Francine and David Jaques Amy and Jon Kass Jill and Marc Katzman Shan and Robert Kay Toby Lazarus and Allan Lichtenberg Mary Flaherty-Lovy and Westin Lovy Tracy McGhee Jamie and Eric Mohamad Valerie and Joshua Nelson Maria and Sandy Ogg, Trustee Jonathon Piper Nicole Piper Rebecca and Robert Rodriguez Amy Rosen Lynn Green and Marc Rosenthal Roxane Dornbusch and Spencer Rosman Mary Kaye and Kevin Ross

Parent Giving by grade total participation = 65% 6th Grade = 73% 7th Grade = 62% 8th Grade = 71% 9th Grade = 74% 10th Grade = 66% 11th Grade = 53% 12th Grade = 65%


Kelley and Michael Sanders Jeanette and David Sandor Stefanie Kalkut and Lanier Saperstein Elizabeth Ortiz-Schwartz and Clifford Schwartz Gail and Peter Sestito Lynn and Robert Siegel Rachel and Jeffrey Silva Ellen and Steven Spiro Kathleen, Trustee and Jeremy Treat Maureen and Michael Verdeschi Melissa and Stuart Welburn Lin and Zhidong Xu

11th Grade (Class of 2021) 53% Participation Ime and Salam Abdul-Wahab Amy and Neil Abramson Julie and David August Patricia McKeogh and William Bandon Odette and Densley Blake Maria and Tysen Canevari Treena and John Chirico Junko Iwamizu and Timothy Cornell Bethany and Kevin Durkin, Trustee Anna and Theodore Epstein Andi and Steven Fern Coral Fernandes John Fernandes Jodi and Daniel Glucksman Mara and Garett Goldberg Ilana and Jim Grady Karen and Allan Grauer Lydia, Trustee and Richard Hellinger Lisa Levinger and Nelson Louie Noelle and Blaine Marder Laurie and Michael McKenna Deedee and Sean McKenna Wendy and Tom McLean Beth and Phil Moyles Maria and Sandy Ogg, Trustee Karen and George O’Hanlon Jennifer and Ari Perkins Paula and Thierry Pradines Deborah and David Robicheau Gisella and Reynaldo Roisenvit Sara and James Shyer Abby and Marc Siegel Madeline and Scott Simon Lynda and Richard Stewart Laura and James Treseler Desiree Velasquez Melissa and Cliff Wallach, Trustee Sherry Levin Wallach Jiong Ye and Li Xu

Current Parents

12th Grade (Class of 2020) 65% Participation The class of 2020 continued the 19-year tradition of senior families making a parting gift to the School at graduation. This year’s gift was allocated to the renovation of the Weil House & Barn Complex (see page 28) a project that we have begun, to reimagine the entrance to campus. We are grateful to the Class of 2020 for their generosity in helping us to make such meaningful progress toward our goal on this important initiative. Margaret and Greg Anastas Kate and David Anderson Jeanie and John Baumgartner Pamela and Ross Buchmueller Sharon and Jeffrey Cammisa Cassandra Campbell

Stephanie and Michael Casper Jamie and Barry Cohen Jill Ostrager-Cohen and Bruce Cohen James C. Daly, Jr. Corrinne and Joseph DiVestea Dawn Eletto Patricia and David Freeman Jerri-Lynn, Trustee and Dan Galgano Kimberly Gilman and Jeffrey Gelfand Virginia and Arthur Gerry Miharu and John Gill Iris and Jonathan Glass Beth and Jeff Goodman Melissa and Steven Gross Debbie and William Hoch Amy and Edward Hogan Irene Horowitz Sam Horowitz Elizabeth and Robert Husted Michelle Jaffee Jill and John Lombardi

Christina and Joseph Lunny Emily and Torsten Marshall Christin Martinez Deslyn and Anthony Martirano Shelly-Ann McLaren Mary Kaye and Kevin Ross Michael Sakin Lisanne Elkins and Mark Seldes Nancy and Peter Shapiro Andrew Shore Dana Shore Abby and Marc Siegel Courtney and Charles Spada Judith and Derval Thomas Tara Thorne Kelsey, Trustee and James Turcotte Margo Hotston and Jeffrey Wacksman Ann Dennison and Brian Walsh Lara and Dan Ward Patty and Russ Wolff

Donor Impact Report 2019–2020


Annual Fund

Alumni Christopher Abrenica ’89 Michael H. Adair ’51 Raymond G. Anderson ’74 William Auer ’64 Geoffrey Blum ’69 Sean Borsey ’88 Philip C. Bowers ’70, Trustee Stephen B. Burbank ’60 Timothy Carpenter, Jr. ’09 Lara W. Casano ’95 Pieter A. Catlow ’73 Daniel K. Chapman’73, Trustee William Chatfield ’53 Erica Cheyne ’14 Sam Chumsky ’18 John W. Crawford ’56 C. George Dandrow, Jr. ’50 Samantha Danziger ’16 Norman W. Davis ’41 Christopher M. Dawe ’78 Jonathan M. DePalma ’01 Peter S. Duncan ’65 « C. Dary Dunham, Jr. ’56 Carrie Devenyi Effinger ’90 Peter Ehrlich, Jr. ’70 Philip A. Eifert ’73 John French III ’47 James R. Fuller ’52 Sandy Gabel ’61 Colin Glascott ’19 Campbell L. Graham ’54 Kent C. Guernsey ’73 Nicholas Hertz ’04 Douglas P. Hirsh ’61 Andrew Jamieson ’09 Greg Janos ’98 Britton Jones ’72 Gregory Jurschak ’06 Jabea Kisob ’13 Jeremy Kosbob ’01 Greg Kriser ’65 Norbert Lachmann ’47 Rossiter Langhorne ’52 John Loeb, Jr. ’44 Dana Lombardi ’10 Joseph Lombardi ’08 John A. Luke, Jr. ’63 Richard I. Mack ’91 18

John MacKenty ’42 Julia Mallon ’18 Duncan Marshall, Jr. ’63 Stephanie Jones McCaine ’87 William McCormick ’61 Thomas A. McGraw, Jr. ’67 Ira Mendleson III ’57 Eugene H. Morrison, Jr. ’68 Andrew Most ’98 « Harold N. Muntner ’06 Francis W. Murray III ’42 Matthew J. M. Norman ’04 John Ogilvie, Jr. ’51 Elton Parks ’72 Gregoire Presseau ’98 David Robertson ’67 William Rosenbaum ’59 Carl A. Rubenstein ’73 Sanford B. Scott ’75 William F. Spalding, Jr. ’61

« Russell C. Stamm ’94 Natasha Stein ’14 « Albert Stickney III ’59 Timothy Stone ’77 Robert Sullivan, Jr. ’77 Megan Taylor ’09 « Peter S. Terris ’53 KC Testwuide ’11 Lute Thompson ’37 Charles Titterton ’55 Frank Valenta, Jr. ’60 Dean Vallas ’66 Robert Van Marx ’42 Paul Velardi ’73

David Wagstaff III ’51 Lindsey Walker ’05 Sandy Weil ’76 Michael H. West ’58 Spencer Wiesner ’09 David Williams ’67 Christopher Wise ’62 John E. Wise, Jr. ’17 Nicole Wright ’05 Jeffrey M. Yates ’63 « Richard Yates, Jr. ’61

Impact Story

Erica Cheyne ’14 Erica joined the Harvey community in 2010 as a ninth grader. She was always very engaged on campus as an athlete, as a participant in productions of the performing arts, and as a member of the community service club. The teachers credit her as someone who engaged others, so it is no surprise that Erica has become an integral part of the alumni community. When asked, Erica jumped in and joined the alumni executive council in 2019. She quickly played an active role — including participating in a panel of young alumni addressing 9th and 10th graders in the spring of 2019 as part of the Scintilla program. Erica helped to train students as part of the Development Intern Program, which was created this year. Erica provided training for this new group of juniors to help them understand the importance of connecting with alums and to teach them how to ask alums to make a gift to the Annual Fund. Together, she and this group of young Harvey students raised $2,500 and learned some great lessons. In early April, during the COVID-19 quarantine, Erica also hosted a Harvey alumni Zoom event with other young alums. The group stayed online for more than five hours, laughing and reminiscing. She also brought together a group of alums to participate in the Harvey with Heart Spring Benefit, encouraging several to join her in making a donation to the school. Erica, thanks for having an impact.

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Donors of 10+ years

Annual Fund

Faculty/staff Current Faculty/Staff Effie Afentoulides Christina and Vinny Alexander Denis Arnautovic Amy Baxter John Bellucci Irma Bloom Lesley Boltz Sally Breckenridge Brendan Byrne Ellen Christian-Reid Michelle Christie-Kelly and Chris Kelly Timothy Cornell « Susie Danziger Michelle Davies « Chris DelCampo John DePalma ’01 Gary Dunn Jessica Falcon

Douglas Farshtey Michael Fink Lori and Scott Fowler Karen Grazia Robert Griffin Marcie Hajem « Susan Harris Jay Hill Virginia Holmes « Katelynn Jagodzinski Gregory Janos ’98 William Knauer « Philip Lazzaro Rosana Lindoro Alexandra Lindquist Joanne Lombardi Dianne Mahony Stephanie Jones McCaine ’87 Jillian McCoy Stephanie Metz Danielle Meyer Austin Morgan

« Michelle Morris Maureen Moser « Melanie Noblit-Gambino « Dale and Bruce Osborne Christine Romanowicz Judy and Rich Ryerson Jeanne Schumacher Samuel Schursky Jim Skrip Megan Taylor ’09 Jessica Vicente Elisabeth Visintainer Madelon Visintainer « John Wahlers Jeannine Young Melissa Zeffer

Former Faculty/Staff David Brouwer Carly Feinberg Byrne J.M. Hoge Caswell Christopher M. Dawe ’78 Tom Dodd Peter S. Duncan ’65 Audree B. Farrington Barry Fenstermacher Nancy Adams and Mervin Fry Charles Jay Gaspar Amanda K. Hufnagel Jan deGreeff Jacobi Sherry and Steven LaRue Jennifer Feighery Lazzaro Frank M. Perrine Jeanne Puchir Ronald Romanowicz Robert Schmidt Molly Whittaker Richard Wyland

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Annual Fund

Past Parents Camille and Anthony Aiello Suzanne and Philip Bowers ’70, Trustee Sally Breckenridge Laurel and David Brouwer Teddy Cameron Mary Lou Cassone « Hilary and Neil Chavkin Barbara Bennett and Howard Chumsky Wendy and Paul Class Andrea Capalbo and John Colangelo Hilleary and James Coleman « Susie and Bob Danziger « Tracey and Michael Davies Andrea DePalma Nancy and Dan Dodderidge « Helene and Joseph Dooley « Charlesanna and Bill Ecker « Lisa and Mark Ellis Debbie Finkel Karen and Mitchell Fleiss Jocelyn and Alan Forman Jill and Jonathan Frey Sandy Gabel ’61 « Janet and Elbridge Gerry « Deirdre, Trustee and James Glascott Pamela and Lawrence Graham « Christine and Kyle Groff Susan and William Hassett Amy and Howard Katz Charles Krasne, Trustee 20

Elicia Weinstein and Barry Krosser Sherry and Steven LaRue Jeanette and Jeffrey Lasdon, Emeritus Donna and Maury* Leone, Emeritus « Vivien and Todd Levy Alexandra Lindquist and Douglas Greenwood Joanne and Joseph Lombardi « Marcia Mack Dianne and Alan Mahony Rosalie Maiden Jane and Arthur Margolin Maureen and Patrick McManus Peggy and Daniel R. Miller Connie and Vic Mizzaro Evette and Emmett Murtha Jackie and Stephen Norman « Deborah and Jeremiah O’Brien « Marcy and Reinhardt Olsen Dale and Bruce Osborne Richard Pape Jane, Trustee and Rick Petty Maulene and Leslie Pitterson Katharine and Joseph Plummer, Trustee Fujiko and Robert Presseau Jeanne and Robert Puchir « Sandra Mayer and James Roberts Paul and Maxine Rosenberg Judith and Richard Ryerson Andrea and Angelo Santiago *Deceased |

Bob Fiorio and Alison Savitch

« Caroline and Patrick Saxton « Alice and David Schiff Joanna and Kenneth Schulman Jeanne Schumacher Wendy and Jeffrey Schwartz Elizabeth and Wallace Schwartz, Trustees Lisa Beck and Mitchell Seider Catherine and Paul Shaffer Leslie and Brian Smith Jeannie and Lou Sorell Olivia and Roberto Soto « Karen Scappaticci and Howard Steinberg Robert Sullivan, Jr. ’77 Hatsumi and Ken Suyama « Andrea Tessler, Trustee and Michael Scarsella Nina and James Trister « Mary and Francis Valentine Deborah and John Van Steen Elisabeth and Paul Visintainer Eileen, Trustee and Jay Walker Beryl Weaver Terry Ann and Sandy Weil ’76 « Vanessa Williams and James Skrip Kim and Eric Wise, Trustee

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Annual Fund

grandparents & Friends of Harvey Grandparents Susan and Harvey Bazaar Marilyn Colon Santiago Margaret and Daniel Cremins Kathy Epstein Gayle and Mel Gerstein Vivian Groccia Yvonne Isley Norma and William Jaques Eileen and Jose Juico Marcia and Paul Kalkut Peggy and Ed Kavounas Mary Knauer Charles Krasne Gail and Robert Lederer Patricia Leffler Carol and Thomas Nied Marcia and Tom Richards Charles Rodriguez Bette Sue and Lawrence Rosenthal Marie Scarsella Julia and Andy Shoup Henry and Bonnie Shyer Evelyn and Fred Simon Penelope Stevens David Wagstaff III ’51 Jacqueline and Arthur Walker

Friends of Harvey Anonymous Alan and Barbara Aronson Bedford-Katonah Hockey Association Hannah Danziger James Evarts Frostine Katchis Ed Kelly Sandy MacDonald Steve and Kate McCurdy Richard Riegel Frank Serpe Kyle Stevens Anne Sweazey

Impact Story

Charles Krasne In 1984, as The Harvey School was securing its position as a middle and upper school and graduating more students each year, it was a fraction of the size that it is today. Against that backdrop, Charles Krasne joined the Harvey Board of Trustees while his son, Thatcher ’86, was a student. In 1986, Barry Fenstermacher became Harvey’s head and joined Board chair, Ray Kuntz, and Charles Krasne in crafting Harvey’s future. These three helped change the trajectory of the school, and without the generosity of Charles, we doubt that the Harvey we know today would exist. In the early years, Mr. Krasne ensured the school’s survival through his generous gifts. He then turned his attention to the school’s many building projects. Mr. Krasne’s help and guidance were felt in our skating rink major renovation in 1995 and the construction of the McMahon Cottage. Then there was the renovation and expansion of the science building, converting it to classrooms and labs, as a home for the Middle School, and the addition of the Walker Center for the Arts and the Fenstermacher Athletic Center. Although the overall well-being of the school was always central in Mr. Krasne’s mind, it was technology and the role it would play for our students at Harvey that were truly in his heart. The Krasne Project was an early effort to support faculty use of technology as a pedagogic device while most schools were using computers for accounting or teaching BASIC programming. This initiative eventually grew into The Krasne Technology Fund in 2012. The fund supports innovation in academic departments that laid the foundation for Harvey’s recent ability to offer a quality, real-time distance learning curriculum during the COVID-19 school closure. From 3-D printers, to the first Maker’s Space, new computers, and a more advanced WiFi system, Mr. Krasne’s help was steady. When robotics came on the scene at Harvey in 2014, Mr. Krasne’s curiosity and interest was piqued again. The school was moving into an area that took him back to his own boyhood when he enjoyed tinkering with mechanical things. With the support of Mr. Krasne, the program has grown with our students going on to win state, national, and international competitions. To imagine our school without Mr. Krasne’s support is difficult. His strategic help has strengthened our school’s finances and facilities and provided leading-edge technology for our faculty. Even more important, he has helped to encourage curiosity and engagement among our students. We thank Mr. Krasne for sharing his family — son Thatcher ’86, grandchildren Lily ’19, Chloe ’21, and Hudson ’24, with Harvey. For being one of the first and most significant impact donors, we salute you. What a difference you have made!

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Impact Story

Dale and Bruce Osborne Dale and Bruce have been members of the Harvey community since 1976, longer than any other faculty members. They have lived on campus since 1989, where they have raised their two children, Erika ’09 and Bradley ’07, as well as managed every aspect of Evarts Rink since 1985. To say they are part of the fabric of the history of The Harvey School would be a huge understatement. The ways that Dale and Bruce have had an impact on our community are countless. Together they run the rink, providing a sheet of ice that can’t be beat, but, more important, they treat each person who walks through the door like family. When we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the rink in 2019, the turnout for the events and outpouring of affection was unprecedented. A large number of alums shared how much of an impact Bruce and Dale had on them and remembered Bruce as one of their most influential teachers. Bruce never misses an alumni get-together. Whether it is Homecoming, the annual NYC reception, or a young alum visiting at the holidays, he is there to share a memory, provide a connection, and enjoy a conversation. In addition to the Osbornes’ many contributions, Bruce was a recipient of the Norton Cup, had the yearbook dedicated to him, and has been a faculty chair of the Annual Fund for many years. His efforts over the years have enabled us to reach inspiring levels of participation among the faculty. Whether as a fellow faculty/staff member, a parent, a teacher, or a coach, Bruce, along with Dale, has made an impact that can be felt across the campus.

Other Giving

Rink 50

In late February, just before the world as we know it came spinning to a close, more than 75 people joined together to close out the celebration for the Evarts Rink 50th anniversary. The evening included a slideshow of photos, a beautiful cake, champagne, and an array of heartwarming speeches honoring Dale and Bruce Osborne and the entire rink staff.

We are grateful to the generous group of donors who made a gift in honor of the rink so that we can continue to offer one of the best sheets of ice and home for skaters young and old in the New York area. 22

Beth and Raymond Baer Bedford-Katonah Hockey Association Jamie and Barry Cohen Philip A. Eifert ’73 James Evarts Frostine Katchis Sandy MacDonald

Maureen and Patrick McManus Deborah and Jeremiah O’Brien Richard Riegel Laurel Schliftman Frank Serpe Kyle Stevens Terry Ann and Sandy Weil ’76

All About

Endowment A school endowment is a pool of funds which is invested for the purpose of generating consistent interest income for the institution. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of our Investment Committee, our endowment, including the Ronald Duncan Trust, has grown to more than $6 million, with the majority of funds dedicated to financial aid and faculty professional development. This year we had donors to several key funds, including the Rose Baldwin Reading Center, which reached its fundraising goal thanks to the generosity of our alumni community and led by Rose’s sons. In addition, we established the Maury A. Leone Scholarship Fund to honor the memory of former trustee Maury Leone. To discuss how individual interests can match a need at Harvey, please contact Susie Danziger at

The Rose Baldwin Reading Center Recent donors: E. Richard Ahlborn ’55 Raymond G. Anderson ’74 Howard L. Baldwin ’56 Ian Baldwin, Jr. ’53 Michael Baldwin ’54 Philip W. Baldwin ’62 Geoffrey Blum ’69 Sally Breckenridge Dennis A. Dilmaghani ’62 George Eysymontt, Jr. ’53 Sandy Gabel ’61 Douglas P. Hirsh ’61 Richard Ledes ’71 John A. Luke, Jr. ’63 Alden W. Mauck ’72 William McCormick ’61 Anthony Milne ’56 Gregory Morton ’64 Joshua Morton ’59 Seth Morton II ’57 John Pflieger ’74 Carey Rodd ’62 T. Rowe Price Foundation Robert West ’60 James Wood ’41

Dennis Dilmaghani ’62 Photography Fund This fund was established by Dennis Dilmaghani ’62, who has been a longtime supporter of Harvey and was a member of the Alumni Executive Council. His strong interest in supporting the arts, specifically photography, led him to subsidize this fund. Recent donor: Michael S. Alexander ’66

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The Barry W. Fenstermacher Fund for Financial Aid

Maury A. Leone Scholarship Fund

This fund honors Barry Fenstermacher’s 30 years of service and the school’s centennial. The trustees established a fund enabling qualifying students to attend The Harvey School. To date, the fund has received more than $1 million in gifts. Thank you to those who donated during this past year.

This fund was established in 2020 in honor of Maury Leone, former trustee, past parent, and long-time friend of Harvey, who passed away in May 2020. The fund was established to provide financial support to a student who embodies the spirit and zest for Harvey that Maury did (see page 12 for more information on Maury and his family).

Recent donors: Anheuser Busch Lara Casano ’95 and Sean Gilligan Lee Dickinson ’04 Carol Rubin Kahn Jennifer and Kevin McMorrow Gary Meller ’64 Laurel Elkind Meredith ’88 John Newman ’66 William B. Roberts ’51 Andrew Shore Madeline and Scott Simon Albert Stickney III ’59

Recent donors: Effie and Lefteri Afentoulides Susan and Bart Blatt Lynne and Ralph Boccuzzi Sharon and Lawrence Chasin Kathleen Delfino Jeannie Im and John Deragon Jeffrey Fink Generoso Electric Judy and Donald Gruhn Jody and Steven Hirsch Karen and Philip Hoffman Christopher Hofmann Janover LLC

Donna and Maury* Leone, Emeritus Bonnie Maslin Eileen and Gerard McGuirk Eileen and Aaron Michel Neal Milch Neuberger Berman Theresa Pellegrino Simon Laura Prichard and Frederic Stark Audrey Kurtzman and George Sula Lynn Variano Puro and Nicholas Puro Nancy Warec

The John P. McMahon Fund for New Teachers This fund was established upon John McMahon’s death in honor of his 39 years of teaching at Harvey. These funds support and mentor new teachers. Recent donors: Stephen Jones ’88 John Leeds ’75 Timothy Stone ’77

Impact Story

Dennis Dilmaghani ’62 Dennis has been a generous supporter of The Harvey School for many years. He made his first gift to the school when he was in his twenties and has been a consistent and generous donor since then. As president of his family business in its 98th year, a real estate developer-investor, and trustee of a charitable foundation, Dennis has always understood the importance of giving back. He has supported the school in many ways during the years, as a member of the Alumni Executive Council, a cochair of the school’s centennial celebration, a volunteer, and one who has always made Harvey a philanthropic priority. An avid photographer in his spare time, Dennis contributed to Harvey’s endowment to establish a Photography Fund for supplementing programs in the photographic and film arts. One of the most significant gifts that Dennis made to the Harvey community was to sponsor the annual alumni networking event in NYC established in 2007. The spring event, a much-anticipated tradition for our entire alumni community, is an opportunity for professional networking among a wide range of alums with varying careers. Dennis began underwriting the reception because he felt strongly that our alums should not have to pay to attend. He believed that more alumni would participate, especially those who would benefit most from the opportunities it could present, if it were free. In recent years, Dennis has turned his philanthropic priorities toward sustainability and the environment, and we look forward to one day being able to share our program plans with him. In the meantime, he is a valued member of the Head’s Council, sharing his time, his wisdom from his life experiences, and his expertise in business matters. Dennis believes the discipline instilled in him at Harvey in those early years by teachers John Shea, Leverett Smith, and Rosie Baldwin (and others) helped him more than he realized at the time and will for years to come. Thank you, Dennis, for making such a profound impact on our community!



All About Endowment David M. Muntner Tech Theater Fund

Endowment breakdown

This fund was established in memory of David M. Muntner, husband of Sally Breckenridge, Director of Alumni Relations, and father of Harold ’06. This fund supports an annual award given at graduation to an outstanding technical theatre student. This year’s recipient is Allison Glass ’20. Thank you to those donors who made a gift in honor of Sally Breckenridge on her retirement this year.



Faculty Endowment Funds


Recent donors: Effie and Lefteri Afentoulides Michael S. Alexander ’66 Lara Casano ’95 and Sean Gilligan Pieter A. Catlow ’73 Ellen Christian-Reid Susie and Bob Danziger Philip A. Eifert ’73 Karen and Tony Grazia Laura Prichard and Frederic Stark Jessica Vicente

Endowment for Financial Aid


General Endowment Funds





Endowment growth

$6,000,000 $5,500,000 $5,000,000


$4,500,000 $4,000,000



$3,500,000 $3,000,000


$2,500,000 $2,000,000 $1,500,000 $1,000,000


$500,000 $0

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The Harvey School

planned gifts These gifts include bequests, charitable trusts, life insurance, real estate, or other tangible property. Depending on the donor’s circumstances, a planned gift may not only greatly benefit The Harvey School but also may provide significant tax advantages for the donor and his or her family. Herbert Carter Legacy Society

Charitable Trusts

All who have made provisions in their will for The Harvey School will be included in this list going forward. These generous bequests provide financial security and ensure the long-term health of the school.

These are two popular ways to invest in The Harvey School’s future:

Society Members Laurance Baschkin ’77 Pieter A. Catlow ’73 Hitomi and Daniel K. Chapman ’73, Trustee John G. Davis ’50 Peter S. Duncan ’65 Ronald W. Duncan Rowena and Barry Fenstermacher, Emeritus John French III ’47 Paul Hollos ’52 Gene S. Lasdon Jeanette and Jeffrey Lasdon, Emeritus Patrick O. Peterkin ’78 Linda and Gerald Pollack Dawn Stuttig Christopher Wise ’62 Bequests can take many forms, including a specific dollar amount or a portion of what remains of an estate after obligations to others are fulfilled. Donors may receive generous tax reductions for themselves and their heirs by naming The Harvey School as a beneficiary of an estate or trust. Unrestricted bequests are particularly welcomed since they provide flexibility to the school’s trustees to use the gift in whatever way is needed most. We recognize, however, that many donors have specific interests that they want to encourage and support. Gifts for specific purposes should be described as broadly as possible. For example, a donor may want to leave a gift restricted for scholarships, faculty support, or a particular program. The donor’s attorney or estate planner as well as a Harvey School representative should be consulted to accommodate individual circumstances.




Charitable remainder trusts place assets in trust for the benefit of the school, while a fixed percentage of the trust or annuity is paid out to the donor, a family member, or other beneficiary. The donor may choose to have income paid for the life of a beneficiary or for a certain number of years. At the end of this time, these assets are transferred to The Harvey School. Charitable lead trusts are established by transferring cash or other assets to a trustee, who invests the amount transferred and pays income to Harvey for a period designated by the donor. When the trust terminates, the principal is transferred to a donor’s children or grandchildren at what may be significant gift and estate tax savings.

For further information, please contact: Susie Danziger, Director of Development or (914) 232-3161 ext. 111


In Kind We are grateful to our donors who give to us in special and unique ways. Their thoughtfulness, in addition to our entire community’s generosity, underscores Harvey’s ethos. This list also includes all those who donated an item to the Harvey with Heart silent or live auction.

Denis Arnautovic Allstate Katonah Insurance Agency/Phil Eifert ’73 John Bellucci Jessica Bottalico Breathe Fitness /Leslie Berni Trish and Michael Breede Bronxville Jewelers Pamela and Ross Buchmueller Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts Carmines Restaurant Charles Department Store Wendy and Paul Class Lisa and Tom Cohn Terry Columbus and Robert Grossman Elissa and Jean-Paul Conoscente Christian Coscio The Cremins Family Susie and Bob Danziger Corrinne and Joseph DiVestea Bethany and Kevin, Trustee Durkin Elite Island Resorts Elite Test Prep/Phil Gillen Lisa Ellis Melanie Noblit-Gambino Margo Hotston and Jeff Wacksman Joey Hunter and Family Igor M Salon Greg Janos

Amy and Jonathan Kass Chris Kelly Dorothy and Cliff Lanier La Petite Occasions Wendy and Jeffrey Lederer Jillian McCoy DeLaune Michel Minskoff Theater Austin Morgan Naples Florida Getaway Pamela Pham Paula and Thierry Pradines Rick Price Diane and David Quinn Chef Lee Robinson Rosie’s Bistro Mary Kaye and Kevin Ross David and Jeanette Sandor Shari and Corey Schneider Catherine and Paul Shaffer Elizabeth and Wallace Schwartz, Trustees Jeanne Schumacher Lynda and Rick Stewart Andrea Tessler, Trustee and Michael Scarsella John Wahlers Eileen, Trustee and Jay Walker West Lane Inn Stewart Whitman and Allison Nied Zack Wright

Impact Story

Jared Peraglia ’18 Jared is a rising junior at New York University, studying journalism and film. He joined Harvey in sixth grade where he discovered a deep passion for media, research, and literature. During his high school years, Jared founded a media company and began filming, editing, and producing all of the school’s marketing and development videos. The gift of time that Jared has given to Harvey has been invaluable. His talent as a communicator and storyteller matches that of many professionals twice his age. He is one of the early creative minds behind the I Am Harvey campaign, and he continues to shoot and edit films for Harvey today. His most recent contribution was the film that was shown at the annual benefit’s Harvey with Heart celebration. His film, which magically captured the quiet of our empty halls and juxtaposed that with the energy and learning that was happening on Zoom, helped the school raise more than $235,000.

Donor Impact Report 2019–2020


Weil House &

Barn Complex As we imagine The Harvey School in the future, the most striking change will be the welcome center that we are planning for the entrance to campus. The historic Weil House and Barn will be renovated and restored to their original beauty, and a new building will be constructed to connect the two. The Class of 2020 elected to direct their senior class gift toward the project. Their gift, combined with that of the board and alumni community, has helped us move closer to our goal. The list of donors below includes those who pledged their support between July 2019 and June 2020. We would particularly like to recognize the generosity of Frank and Denie Weil, who made a leadership gift to the project. The Weils’ gift holds particular meaning as it is a signal of their support for the renovation project and the school, which resides on the property that once was Frank’s childhood home. Thank you to all of our donors.

Margaret and Greg Anastas Kate and David Anderson Jeanie and John Baumgartner Pamela and Ross Buchmueller Lucinda Weil Bunnen Sharon and Jeffrey Cammisa Cassandra Campbell Lara Casano ’95 and Sean Gilligan Hitomi and Daniel K. Chapman ’73, Trustee Jill Ostrager-Cohen and Bruce Cohen James C. Daly, Jr. Vincent V. DeSomma III ’77 Corrinne and Joseph DiVestea Philip A. Eifert ’73 Dawn Eletto Jerri-Lynn, Trustee and Dan Galgano Virginia and Arthur Gerry Miharu and John Gill Deirdre, Trustee and James Glascott Iris and Jonathan Glass Melissa and Steven Gross Amy and Edward Hogan Elizabeth and Robert Husted Eileen Juico and William Knauer, Head of School Kavita and Pradeep Kumar Vivien and Todd Levy Jill and John Lombardi Emily and Torsten Marshall Christin Martinez Deslyn and Anthony Martirano Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company Shelly-Ann McLaren 28

Laurel Elkind Meredith ’88 Beth and Phil Moyles Patrick O. Peterkin ’78 Michael Sakin Elizabeth and Wallace Schwartz, Trustees Lisanne Elkins and Mark Seldes Dana Shore Pamela Hakim Small ’84 and David Small Elisa and Robert Smalley Robert Sullivan, Jr. ’77 Andrea Tessler, Trustee and Michael Scarsella Judith and Derval Thomas

Tara Thorne Kathleen, Trustee and Jeremy Treat US Bancorp Foundation Margo Hotston and Jeffrey Wacksman Eileen, Trustee and Jay Walker Lara and Dan Ward Frank A. Weil ’44, Emeritus Patty and Russ Wolff

Message from the

Parent Association On behalf of the Parent Association, I would like to thank everyone for making the 2019–2020 school year a wonderful success. Often it is adversity that brings out the best in us. With the incredible support of the Harvey administration, faculty, and staff, the Parent Association (PA) was able to raise significant funds that are critical to supporting the programs and curriculum enhancements that are the hallmarks of an innovative Harvey education. Dedicated parent volunteers attended and participated in many PA initiatives throughout the year, including our annual Homecoming Farmers’ Market and Barbecue, monthly faculty appreciation breakfasts, the much-anticipated holiday luncheon, and many, many more community events. As we adjusted to the COVID-19 pandemic and cancelled our annual fundraising gala, we embraced a Zoom event with the

Harvey with Heart theme. There was nearly 100% participation from our generous parent body. We were overwhelmed by the support and love that we felt from the entire community, which generated more than $320,000 for the Annual Fund. I think what was most inspiring to me, though, was the way our entire parent body, led by the class parents, embraced Zoom as a way to share our collective hopes, dreams, and fears during the spring term. I was so grateful for all the effort by this dedicated team. Thank you again to everyone who attended and participated this past year. We are grateful to you for your time, talents, and commitment to The Harvey School. Warmly, Lydia Hellinger, PA President

Donor Impact Report 2019–2020


The Harvey Parent Association is a special community within the Harvey community where friendships are forged and parents are able to come together to make a difference in the lives of their children, our faculty, and our school. We would not be who we are or where we are without this group of tireless, dedicated parents. Parent Association Executive Committee 2019–2020 President: Lydia Hellinger Treasurer: Wendy McLean Secretary: Linda Cioffi PA Facebook Administrator: Cynthia Mallon Middle School Liaison: Leslie Berni Upper School Athletic Booster: Francine Jaques Middle School Athletic Booster: Ashley Foote Arts Booster: Wendy McLean, Chair; Patricia McKeogh, Cochair Holiday Luncheon: Corrinne DiVestea and Melissa Gross Upper School Teacher Appreciation Breakfast: Paula Pradines, Chair; Diane Quinn, Cochair Middle School Teacher Appreciation Breakfast: Trish Breede, Chair; Richard Sullivan, Cochair PA Harvey Presents: Lydia Hellinger, Chair Homecoming: Lydia Hellinger, Chair

Class Parents 2019–2020 6th Grade: Christine Cappelletti and Sorin Klares 7th Grade: Ilana Grady and Leslye Oquendo-Thomas 8th Grade: Meghan Bazaar, Jennifer Cunningham, and Marta Noriega 9th Grade: Cynthia Mallon and Merel van den Tol-Tans 10th Grade: Francesca D’Onofrio and Lynn Siegel 11th Grade: Maria Ogg and Abby Siegel 12th Grade: Jerri-Lynn Galgano and Corrinne DiVestea 12th Grade Parent Committee: Kim Gilman, Kelsey Turcotte, Melissa Gross

Parent Ambassadors 2019–2020 Beth Baer Andrea Birch Leslie Berni Lisa Cohn Kevin Durkin, Trustee Chrystal Ellison Heather Friedman Kim Gilman Melissa Gross Veronika Haber Juliet Howe Elizabeth Husted Gillian Jackson Liz Jones Amy Kass Heather Katzin Lisanne Kheirolomoom Linda Kluge


Ronice Latta, Trustee Toby Lazarus Lisa Leviniger Cyndi Mallon Stephanie Jones McCaine ’87 Leslye Oquendo-Thomas Jenny Rynott, Head Ambassador Jeanette Sandor Gail Sestito Lynn Siegel Amy Silverman Richard Sullivan Judith Thomas Laura Treseler Daphne Uviller Dawanna Veneable Jessica Vicente Sherry Wallach

Impact Story

Joi Isley-Collins As a new parent at Harvey this year, Joi Isley-Collins joined our community, with an infectious smile and a level of enthusiasm that is unparalleled! Although her son Jordan, a new sixth grader found his place at Harvey early on, Joi was not sure where she would fit in as a busy, working single mom. Despite her work schedule, she was eager to get involved and to support our community, making calls and sending emails to encourage fellow parents to make their gifts to the Annual Fund. And because she enjoys organizing events, she also helped with the Harvey with Heart Benefit. This year the seventh grade is very lucky to have her as a Class Parent. Joi’s affection for Harvey and desire to deepen her connection is palpable, and her esprit de corps is an example to us all. They surely had Joi in mind when they coined the phrase: “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” Joi never says “no.” She takes vacation time from work to show up for morning meetings or to make calls in the afternoon on behalf of the Annual Fund. She’s been a fixture on campus at every Middle School soccer game and every School event. She knows that volunteering and her positive engagement with our Harvey community have made a difference not only in Jordan’s education but also in every Harvey student’s experience. Through her efforts to connect with other parents, to encourage others to demonstrate their enthusiasm for the School, her impact on this community is immeasurable. We appreciate and look forward to many more years of the joy and spirit that Joi brings to Harvey.

Parent Association Benefit

harvey with heart The Heart and Soul of Harvey was on display May 2 for Harvey with Heart, our first ever virtual Parent Association benefit. Led by senior parent and benefit chair, Melissa Gross, who worked with a passionate group of volunteers, the Parent Association delivered an evening beyond our wildest dreams. The entire community is deeply indebted to this enthusiastic group, who, through their ingenuity, creativity, and resilience, were able to provide a moment for all of us to come together and demonstrate the love we have for our school, our community, and our teachers. Our collective generosity produced a total of $320,000 that was directed to the Annual Fund in support of our teachers.

Benefit Committee Chair: Melissa Gross Marketing: Diane Quinn, Chair Jerri-Lynn Galgano, Trustee Lisanne Kheirlomoom Toby Lazarus Wendy Lederer Maria Ogg Auction: Kelsey Turcotte, Trustee, Chair Linda Cioffi, Cochair Trish Breede Wendy Class Sloane Finn Linda Kluge Samantha Rocco

Decor: Margo Hotston, Chair Melissa Alpern Leslie Berni Vallerie Calloway Elissa Conoscente Mary Flaherty Kim Gilman Janet Goldblatt Veronika Haber Juliet Howe Joi Isley-Collins Fran Jaques Sorin Klares Dana Shore Sponsorship: Sherry Wallach, Chair David Sandor Jeanette Sandor

2020 Auction Sponsors and Underwriters We are equally as indebted to our sponsors and underwriters without whom we couldn’t possibly have reached the heights that we did May 2. Air Professional Associates, LLC Aliki and Phillip Anastos Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Julie and David August Amy Baxter Belmont Land Design, LLC/ Robert Sullivan, Jr. ’77 Andrea and Spencer Birch Blackacre Title Agency/ Jerri-Lynn, Trustee and Dan Galgano Odette and Densley Blake Trish and Michael Breede Carly Feinberg Byrne and Brendan Byrne Susan Clelland Lisa and Thomas Cohn Sara and David Cremins Danziger & Markhoff, LLP Susie and Bob Danziger Francesca and Ernesto D’Onofrio Rowena and Barry Fenstermacher, Emeritus Coral Fernandes John Fernandes

John French III ’47 Karen and Allan Grauer Lydia, Trustee and Richard Hellinger Nicholas Hertz ’04 Douglas P. Hirsh ’61 Linda Holden-Bryant Yvonne Isley Andrew Jamieson ’09 Dani and Tarquin Katis Sue and Edward Kelly, Trustee Linda and Donald Kluge Lin and Tao Long Laurie and Michael McKenna Michelle Morris Maria and Sandy Ogg, Trustee Karen and George O’Hanlon Katharine and Joseph Plummer, Trustee Diane and David Quinn Lynn Green and Marc Rosenthal Elizabeth and Wallace Schwartz, Trustees Lisa Beck and Mitchell Seider Christy Uhrowczik Eileen, Trustee and Jay Walker

Donor Impact Report 2019–2020


Our School

leadership Administration William J. Knauer, Head of School Vincent Alexander, Chair of Performing Arts Brendan Byrne, Head of Middle School Susie Danziger, Director of Development Gary Dunn, Dean of Upper School Students Ray Lacen, Director of Athletics Philip Lazzaro, Head of Upper School Alexandra Lindquist, Director of International Programs Dianne Mahony, Dean of Upper School Academics Stephanie Jones McCaine ’87, Assoc. Director of Admissions & DEI Chair William Mena, Director of Admissions Stephanie Metz, Middle School Dean of Students Jim Skrip, Director of Finance and Operations Elisabeth Visintainer, Asst. Head of Upper School

Board of Trustees Eileen Walker, Chair Philip Bowers ’70, Vice Chair Kevin Durkin Jerri-Lynn Galgano, Secretary Deirdre Glascott Lydia Hellinger Jonathan Kass Edward W. Kelly William Knauer, President Charles A. Krasne, Vice Chair Raymond G. Kuntz Ronice Latta Wendy Lederer Sandy Ogg Joseph Plummer Elizabeth Schwartz Wallace Schwartz Andrea Tessler, Treasurer Kathleen Treat Kelsey Turcotte Lindsey Walker ’05 Cliff Wallach Jennifer Waterhouse-Cooper J. Eric Wise


Frank A. Weil ’44, Emeritus Daniel K. Chapman ’73, Emeritus Alice DeSomma, Emerita Barry W. Fenstermacher, Emeritus Jeffrey Lasdon, Emeritus Jane Petty, Emerita

Alumni and Development Susie Danziger, Director of Development Effie Afentoulides, Parent Programs, Events & Operations Ellen Christian-Reid, Director of Annual Fund Karen Grazia, Director of Communications Greg Janos, Alumni and Communications Assoc., Teacher, & Coach Jess Vicente, Young Alumni Assoc. & Asst. Director of Admissions

Alumni Executive Council Lara Casano ’95, President, Alumni Association Pieter Catlow ’73 Erica Cheyne ’14 George Dallas ’64 Philip A. Eifert ’73 Alexander P. McKown ’57 Laurel Meredith ’88 Greg Presseau ’98 Seth Morton ’57 Brian Ryerson ’05 Lindsey Walker ’05 Susie Danziger, Director of Development

Head’s Council Maury Leone*, Emeritus Tracey Davies Bruce L. Dennis Dennis Dilmaghani ’62 Lori Garbin John Hughes ’68 Richard Ledes ’71 Vivien Levy Lucy Lopez Dave Raneri ’69 David Silk Vanessa Williams

Development Committee Elizabeth Schwartz, Trustee and Chair of Development Committee Philip Bowers ’70, Vice Chair of the Board Kevin Durkin, Trustee and Annual Fund Cochair Philip A. Eifert ’73, Alumni Executive Council Jerri-Lynn Galgano, Trustee and Annual Fund Cochair Deirdre Glascott, Trustee Melissa Gross, Benefit Committee Chair Lydia Hellinger, Trustee Jonathan Kass Stephanie King Jamie Shyer Andrea Tessler, Trustee Kathleen Treat, Trustee Kelsey Turcotte, Trustee Eileen Walker, Chair of the Board Cliff Wallach, Trustee Vanessa Williams J. Eric Wise, Trustee Ex Officio: Sally Breckenridge, Director of Alumni Relations Ellen Christian-Reid, Director of Annual Fund Susie Danziger, Director of Development William J. Knauer, Head of School Please note: All list lists above, except for the Development Committee, are applicable to the 2020–2021 year. The Harvey School Donor Impact Report is produced by the Alumni and Development Office. It lists all gifts received between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020. Every effort has been made to ensure that these listings are accurate and complete. If your name appears incorrectly, please accept our apologies, and notify Susie Danziger at (914) 232-3161, ext. 111 or Design by Good Design LLC


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