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Harvey Angling

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Salmon flies tied and photographed by Mark Harrison




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fly tying

Dear Customer

Welcome to the first Harvey Angling catalogue. The business was established in 1991 by Cliff Harvey, following his redundancy from the upholstery trade. A keen angler from childhood, Cliff has travelled all over the UK and Ireland both leisure and competition fishing. Three times National Champion, with 20 Welsh Senior Caps, 2 of which as captain, he is indeed a very experienced and knowledgeable angler. He was a first port of call for any angling related advice. Cliff coached the Welsh Youth Team for 25 years, happily sharing his knowledge with youngsters. He also wrote for Trout Fisherman Magazine for many years on where to fish and methods on local reservoirs and rivers. The business has run fly tying classes for 16 years teaching fly dressing from basic techniques through to advanced patterns. Classes are always fully attended by youth and adults alike, all learning and sharing skills together. The family are now in to their third generation of competitive anglers with Gareth’s son (Cliff’s grandson) Dylan just coming out of the Welsh Youth and looking to trial for the senior teams. Cliff has now fully retired and the business is now in the capable hands of his son Gareth and daughter in-law Paula. As a keen fly tyer myself, I appreciate the frustrations in sourcing quality materials at reasonable prices without being overcharged delivery ‘on top’. As a result of this, orders over £10.00 that can be sent by Royal Mail have ‘free delivery’. We have 40 packed pages of products at competitive prices. If there is something you can’t find, please visit our website or drop us a line. Our shop is constantly sourcing different fly tying materials and new products arrive on a weekly basis. Harvey Angling has invested heavily in technology to provide an up to date (real time stock quantities) of products via our website. So if you see items available on line, they will be ready for immediate shipping. If items are out of stock, you can request an email when new stock arrives, alternatively, simply drop us a line. Gareth & Paula Harvey Harvey Angling is proud to sponsor: 2013 Welsh River Team 2013 Welsh Youth Lakes Team 2013 Welsh Senior Spring Lakes Team 2013 Welsh Senior Autumn Team XXXXXX - team tbc Harvey Angling Unit 7, Albion Ind. Est. Cilfynydd Pontypridd CF37 4NF

Order line: 01443 400799 Website:

fly tying BUG-BOND

Multi-purpose fly tying UV cure resin with the viscosity of a “runny honey” Bug Bond Original is the “go to” material for the general fly tyer. If you’ve never experienced light cured acrylics before, then this material should be the top of your shopping list… from shell backs or surf candies to buzzers. Bug Bond Original: £14.99 Bug Bond Lite: £14.99 Bug Bond Tipkit: £4.25 Bug Bond Torch: £3.99

C&F Magnetic Hook Pallet Series

Magnetic bases hold hooks in place. Two types of foam configurations to match hook sizes. Two pallets fit into a standard VHS video sleeve. One pallet supplied. Standard hooks: £14.00 Midge hooks: £14.00

Fly Tying Clips

Napthalene Crystals

Naphthalene Crystals used to deter moths from your fly tying materials 100 grms bag: £2.20

Veniard Prepared Fly Tyers Wax

Prepared wax £1.20

Bead Dispenser

Cone Head – Bullet Heads

Gold plated heads for streamers and saltwater flies available in packets of 25 Ex small: £1.93 £1.93 Small: Medium: £2.11 £2.38 Large:

Flybox Fly Tying Mat Miniscule glow in the dark seed shaped beads designed specifically for cadis pupa patterns. Packets of 20 in Phophor Lime or Chartreuse 20 per pkt: £2.40

Lureflash feather weld clear flexible lacquer for repairing splits in feathers such as Jungle cock without marking when folded for patterns such as roof wing sedges,or keeping wings together on standard wets and dry flies. Bottle: £3.99

Tubeworx Cones

These vibrant and eye-catching cones have been designed to work with the Tubeworx Fly Tying System. Small, medium and large. 20 cones per pkt. Black, silver, gold, red, chartreuse, orange: £2.95 Rainbow and camouflage: £4.25

Tubeworx Flow Cones

20 beads of 4 sizes in a handy to use shot dispenser Gold, Silver or Copper £6.92

Small clips for holding flies whilst waiting for varnish to dry. 5 per pkt: £2.99

Lureflash Feather Weld

New fluorescent painted bead chain eyes. Brilliant for tying hot eyes onto your favourite lure patterns. Flu lime, Flu chartreuse, Flu Orange and flu pink. All in standard and micro. 24 per pkt: £2.50

Flybox Brass Hotheads

Firefly Caddis Beads

New from FlyBox the fly tying mat. Made out of industrial grade rubber the Fly-Mat features 3mm cut cylinder grooves on it’s surface which gives a superb non-slip surface for your vice - but moreover, also prevents materials from slipping and rolling on your workbench due to the rubberised grippy feel. A4 Mat: £10.95 A3 Mat: £14.95

Flybox Bead Chain Eyes

Designed to give your flies a visible target - these brass hotheads can be used on anything from from trout lures to nymphs. Whirt, Blood red,Flu pink, Flu Lime, Chartreuse and orange. 3.2mm size. 20 per pkt: £2.50

Gold, Silver and Copper Beads

Precision made solid beads, drilled with a tapered hole to help with threading hook Gold, Silver and copper colours. Sizes are 2xsmall(2.3mm dia), 1xsmall(2.8mm dia), small (3.3mm dia), medium (3.8mm dia), Large (4.6mm dia). Small: £1.50 Medium: £1.76 £1.94 Large:

Hanak Tungsten Beads

Tubeworx has helped develop a type of cone that will fit over fine 1.8mm inner tubing. These special Flow Cones add very little weight to the tube, but help to impart movement into materials on Scandinavian styled tubes. Black, silver, gold, red, orange, chartreuse. 6mm, 8mm, 10 mm 20 per pkt: £3.95

Soft and flexible and in four super fluorescent colours. Colours: Fl Green, Fl Yellow, Fl Orange. Sizes- 4mm or 3mm 20 per pkt: £1.50

Firefly Lumi Beads

Suspender Balls

Just like Hotheads but luminous. Deadly for sea trout flies. 4mm size. 15 per pkt: £2.00

Specially selected polystyrene balls for Suspender Buzzers. Large packet of mixed sizes. Mixed packet: £1.20

T. 01443 400766

Soft genetic Hen Capes, well dyed, ideal for traditional wets, half capes. Black, Grizzle golden brown, Grizzle dyed natural brown, Grizzle golden olive, Grizzle red, Grizzle doctor blue, Grizzle yellow. £9.50

Harvey Angling Rooster Brama Capes

Rooster Brama Capes dyed. Hot orange, yellow, Flu chartreuse, Silver doctor blue, Kingfisher blue. £19.99

Indian Cock Capes

C&F Marco Polo Gear Case

Heavy duty beige cordura case. Designed specifically to carry marco polo fly tying system. Storage spaces for feathers, threads, tinsels etc. An absolute must for the travelling fly tyer. £85.00

Indian Cock Capes are necks from Indian Domestic Fowl, the feathers are fairly stiff and vary in length. Red game, medium red/ brown, dark red/brown, ginger, whites, honey, black(dyed) cree, coch-y-bhonddu, white/blackbadger and ginger/black. £2.75 each, Buy 4 capes for £10.00

Metz Cock Capes

Chinese Cock Capes

Firefly Hothead Beads Hanak Tungsten Diamond beads are faceted and slotted, which help to add extra attraction to your fly, and provide extra weight. The faceted bead gives a ‘disco ball’ effect, and reflects light in different directions, copper, silver, black nickel and gold. Sizes : 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm. £5.40

Harvey Angling Grizzle Hen Half Capes

Dyed yellow, Olive, Golden olive, Fluro Orange, Doctor blue, red, claret, green, black, hot orange, flu yellow. £8.95

Harvey Angling Grizzle Hen Capes

Soft genetic Hen Capes, well dyed, ideal for traditional wets. Black, Grizzle golden brown, Grizzle dyed natural brown, Grizzle golden olive, Grizzle red, Grizzle doctor blue, Grizzle yellow. £18.00

T. 01443 400766

Metz have been one of the market leaders for genetic capes for over 20 years. The quality of the hackles is exceptional. Metz Grade 1, have very small consistent fiber length’s making the capes excellent for small dry flies. Silver badger, black, brown, cream, dun, ginger, grizzle, dun. Grade #1: £62.00 Grade #2: £48.99 Grade #3: £39.99 Grade #3, Half: £19.99

Metz Cock Magnum

Whiting Capes


Metz Magnum Saddles, ideal for larger flies and salmon / sea trout patterns. Badger, Dyed Black, Dyed Golden, Dyed Sunburst, Dyed Red Grade #2: £24.99

Metz Cock Saddles

Natural colours: grizzle, white, brown, barred dark ginger, light ginger, med ginger, silver badger, golden badger, dun grizzle. Dyed colours: light dun, med dun, black, grizzly dyed olive. Bronze Grade: £62.50 Bronze Grade Half: £29.99

Whiting Bronze Grade Midge Rooster Saddles

Metz Cock Saddles available in either grade #1 or grade #2 Dyed Metz capes are dyed by ourselves. Brown, Lt. Blue Dun, Cree, Grizzle, Barred variant, Ginger, Cream, Black, Grizzle, Silver Badger, Medium Dun, Cree, Barred Variant, Cree dyed Picric. Grade# 1: £29.99 Grade #2 : £26.99 £14.00 Grade #2 Half :

Metz Cock Saddles Microbarb

Dyed Dark Dun Half Saddle, Medium Ginger Half Saddle, Golden Badger Half Saddle, White Dyed Golden Olive Half Saddle , Black Half Saddle, Barred Medium Ginger Half Saddle. Half Saddle: £36.00

Whiting Fly Tyers Variety Pack

Whiting farms fly tying variety pack of assorted feathers. £15.50

Metz Microbarb Saddles have smaller hackle fibers for smaller flies. Grizzle, Ginger, Cream, Dyed Sunburst Grade #1: £44.99 Grade #2: £33.99

Metz Hen Capes

Metz Hen capes are arguably the best value genetic hen capes available. Grizzle, Cream, Furnace, Natural Black, Dun, Grizzle Dyed Chartreuse, Ginger/ Brown, Dyed Dark Claret, Dyed Sunburst, Dyed Golden Olive, Grizzle Dyed Blue, Grizzle Dyed Kingfisher Blue, Dyed Black. Grade #1: £21.99

Whiting Pro Grade Rooster Capes

Grizzly Dyed Dark Olive, Grizzly Dyed Medium Dun, Dun Grizzly, Dyed Black, Brown. £37.50

Whiting Pro Grade Rooster Saddles

Half Saddles: White Dyed Dark Olive , White Dyed Coachman Brown, Golden Badger, Natural Dun, Furnace , Black. £23.00

Fybox Mosaic Dubbing

Metz Hen Saddles

Metz Cock Magnum

Metz Magnum Capes have slightly larger fibers making them suitable for Salmon and larger Trout patterns. Badger, Chartreuse, Olive, Cream, Blue and Black. Grade #2: £33.99

Metz hen saddles available in grade #1 or grade #2 Black, Cream, Dun, Furnace, Ginger/brown, Grizzle, Grizzle Dyed Chartreuse Grade #1: £15.99 Grade #2: £11.99

100% Seals Fur blended with metallic flash, excellent for adding a touch of sparkle into your dry flies. Available in a choice of 7 colours. Bibio Black, Claret Bibio, Olive/Gold, Black Uv, Fiery brown/red, Hot Red, Original Mix Mosaic. £3.00

Frankie McPhillips CDC Dubbing Box

12 Colours of shredded CDC in a dispenser box. Designed specifically for dry fly patterns, this CDC dubbing offers an exceptional addition to the fly tyers armoury. It is unbelievably light, physically, and will alight the fly like the piece of feather down it is! Assorted Box £29.99

Frankie Mc Phillips Traditional Irish Dubbing

Dubbing boxes that have been specially blended by Frankie Mcphillips, these traditional Irish Colours have been authenticated by E.J. Malone. These easy to dub blends come in beautiful natural colours that are subtle and will cover a wide variety of patterns Box 1 Contains: 1. Light Olive 2. Medium Olive 3. Sooty Olive (Erne) 4. Dark Sooty Olive 5. Golden Olive 6. Golden Bumble Olive 7. Dirty Olive 8. Donegal Olive 9. Green Olive 10. Brown Olive 11. Fiery Brown 12. Dark Fiery Brown Box 2 Contains: 13. Light Claret 14. Medium Claret 15. Dark Claret 16. Black Claret 17. Ballinderry Black 18. Cow Dung 19. Donegal Blue 20. Hot Orange 21. Bright Yellow 22. Yellow 23. Red 24. Black Box 3 Contains: 25. Insect Green 26. Dark Green 27. Bright Green 28. Green Highlander 29. Melvin Gosling 30. Melvin Olive 31. Yellow Mayfly 32. Natural Mayfly 33. Corrib Mayfly 34. Green Drake 35. Lake Olive (1) 36. Lake Olive (2) Box 4 Contains: 37. Purple Shrimp 38. Magenta 39. Bright Red 40. Orange 41. Orange Olive 42. Burnt Orange 43. Malone’s Fiery Brown 44. Ballinderry Brown 45. Ballinderry Olive 46. Yellow Dabbler 47. Grey 48. Dark Sedge Brown £18.49

Fly Tying Funky Easy Dub Box

The easiest dry fly and emerger dubbing available today. A 100% natural product that floats well and is lovely and soft as well as being fine.8 colours in box are: Black, Caddis Tan, Pale Olive, Dark Dun, Yellow, Olive, Chestnut Brown, Light Dun. £9.99

Funky Peacock Dubbing Box

This is a really cool dubbing, Take one base colour and then add other coloured fibres to create a superb Peacock dubbing that adds a different look to your flies. Try on Diawl Bach’s instead of peacock herl. 8 colours per box: Damsel Olive, Claret, Black, Caddis Green, Dun Grey, Olive, Copper, Shrimp Pink Box £9.99

Funky Wiggle Bug Dubbing Box

fly tying Harvey Angling Seals Fur Dubbing Box

Dubbing dispenser box with 10 assorted colours: Black, Natural, Dark Olive, Claret, Red, Orange, Yellow, Firey Brown, Picric and Olive Box: £6.99

Harvey Angling Soft Hair Dubbing

Dubbing dispenser box soft hair blend, 10 assorted colours: Golden Olive, Orange, Red, Dark Dun, Dun, Dark Olive, Medium Olive, Light Olive, Claret, Pink Box: £6.99

SLF Hair Dub

Glister Seals Fur Dubbing

Veniard Dyes for feather and fur 15 gram pots Green Olive, Fiery Brown, Olive Dun, Brown Olive, Golden Olive, Purple, Black, Blue, Lt.Blue, Kingfisher Blue, Dark Blue, Iron Blue, Blue Dun, Grey, Scarlet/Bright Red, Fluoro Red, Light Claret, Dark Claret, Magenta, Purple, Fluoro Orange, Hot Orange, Bright Yellow, Fluoro Yellow, Fluoro Green, Bright Green, Dark Green, Insect Green, Green Highlander, Dark Olive, Dark Brown, Cinnamon, Ginger, Summer Duck, Coral, Peach, Sunburst Yellow, Crimson, Chartreuse, Medium Olive, Yellow. Per tub: £4.05

Veniard Venpol

Specially produced for preparing feather/furs for dyeing. Concentrated use sparingly. Per Bottle: £3.55

Booby Eyes

Originally mixed by Davy Wooton this superb selection of natural hare blended with SLF has a huge range of uses. Box: £15.79

Veniard Cub Genuine Seals Fur Dispenser Box Ultra fine rubber legs of 2 colours mixed in to this dubbing to create movement and extra buggyness. 8 superb colours per box: Hares Ear Grey, Claret, Shrimp Pink, Damsel Green, Caddis Green, Dun Grey, Caddis Tan and Burnt Orange. Box £9.99

Veniard Dyes

Our own blend of cub seals fur dyed and blended with glister flash. Choice of colours, 1 gram packets. Black Viva, Black Bronze, Dark Claret Bronze, Fiery Claret, Red Glister, Electric Red, Olive Steel, Medium Olive, Pumpkin Melon, Hot Yellow, Yellow lime. Pkt: £1.60 Box: £8.99

Amherst Pheasant Heads

Amherst Pheasant Heads, complete heads in a choice of colours. Dyed Red, Dyed Yellow, Dyed Orange, Dyed Purple, Dyed Lime, Dyed Green, Dyed Blue, £5.99

Bulk Bronze Mallard

Cut from the finest quality ethafoam. Available in white, orange, yellow or black. Small 5mm: £2.30 £2.40 Medium 8mm: Large: £2.50

Packed in packets of 4 grams (approx 100 feathers). Bronze Mallard available in natural or dyed colours: Black, Claret, Orange, Picric and Olive, Natural, Crimson and Sunburst. £7.00

Damsel Eyes

Cock Pheasant Tails

Create perfect damsel type flies every time with these handcrafted pairs of eyes. Each packet contains 15 pairs of eyes. Olive, Black, Red. Small or Large. £1.15

Epoxy Eyes A permanently waterproofed extra fine material that makes really tight bodies. Box 1 Brown, Blue Dun, Blue Winged Olive, Amber, Light Cahill, Hendrickson Pink, Pale Evening Dun, Olive, Adams Gray, Brown Olive, Mahogany & Black. Box 2 Blue Winged Olive, Golden Olive, Fl. Chartreuse, Sulphur Orange, Pale Yellow, Pale Morning Dun, Tan, Cinnamon Caddis, Gray Olive, Brown Olive, Dark Tan & Rusty Brown. Box 1 - £13.25 Box 2 - £13.25

Originally designed for American Saltwater Flies, these smaller sizes are excellent for Nymph Eyes and Nobbler Type Streamers. Dumbbell-shaped and finished in shiny Silver or Black. Small: £2.40 Medium: £2.70 Large: £3.20


Flybox Goose Biots

Crow wings for fly tying available as whole wings Whole wings £2.90

Cul De Canard (CDC)

Cul De Canard feathers for fly tying. Available in: Natural grey, Dyed Golden Olive, Dyed Pale Olive, Dyed Dirty Yellow, Dyed Olive Dun, Dyed Dun, White, Dyed Black, Claret. 4 gram bulk bags (approx 400 feathers): £7.50 Natural Grey Super Select £2.12

Daddie Knotted Legs

Flybox goose biots in a choice of mix colours. Toxic yellow, Flu sunburst flame, Flu chartreuse, Flu sunburst, Flu red, Flu diamond white aka springwater blue, Flu sunburst yellow, Flu pink. £2.50

Superb self adhesive eyes, hand made in epoxy for a really lifelike effect.Available in three sizes in Silver/Black or Red/Black. 3mm, 5mm, 7mm £3.35

Cock Pheasant tails either natural or dyed colours. Please note that the pheasant tails will be cut in half to assist with posting. Dyed Red, Dyed Claret, Dyed Black, Dyed Olive, Dyed Orange, Natural, Per feather: 60p Complete Pheasant Tail: £3.99

Colour Extracted Dyed Pheasant Centre Tails

Veniard colour extracted Cock Pheasant tails, these have been bleached then dyed Buff, Yellow, Flu Yellow, Orange, Flu Orange, Red, Fiery Brown, Claret, Med Olive, Golden Olive, Olive , Heron Per pair: £1.15 Mixed pkt. of colours £3.10

Goose Biots

Ibis Subs

Marabou Feathers

Blue, black, dark brown, medium olive, red, orange, yellow, white, mixed colours, mixed flu colours. £1.49

Dyed turkey coquille £1.45

Veniard Dyed Marabou feathers in a choice of colours. These Veniard marabou packets are very high quality and very evenly dyed. Used for making wings and tails when fly tying. Veniard Marabou is known for it’s consistent length and quality. 15 per, pkt., Hot orange, green, black, light olive, olive,, coral, brown, peach, sunburst, chartreuse, bleached white, flu.yellow,, dk.olive. £1.40

Dyed teal blue, dyed black, dyed dark brown, dyed olive, dyed orange, dyed yellow, dyed red, bleached white. £1.81

Complete Tail: Centre tails per Pair: Red spears:

£7.25 £4.10 £2.49

Indian Hen Capes

Goose Shoulder Stiffs

Golden Pheasant


Indian Hen Capes have softer hackles making the best suited to traditional wet patterns. Light red, med. red, dark red, ginger, white, black dyed, black natural, choch-y-bhonddu, ginger-black/ greenwells, badger, furnace, dyed chartreuse, dyed yellow, grizzle, greenwells, dyed olive. £2.75 each, Buy 4 capes for £10.00


Duck quills dyed white or other colours. Sold in packs of 10. Bleached White, Dyed Red, Dyed Black, Dyed Cinnamon, Dyed Yellow, Dyed Orange, Dyed Olive, Dyed Purple, Dyed Teal Blue, Dyed Insect Green, Dyed Green, Dyed Fiery Brown £2.19

Complete Veniard Golden Pheasant Body Skin available as either natural or dyed colours: Natural, Black, Orange, Red, Purple, Yellow and green. Natural: £4.70 £5.95 Dyed:

Golden Pheasant Head

English Partidge

£35.76 £3.50 £1.90

Guinea Fowl Loose Feathers

Guineau Fowl feathers loose in a choice of dyed colours: Dyed blue, dyed green, dyed red, dyed burnt orange, dyed purple, dyed brown, dyed yellow. £1.75

T. 01443 400766

Whole wings: Whole grey scalp:

Golden Pheasant Tippet Collar

£2.99 £3.00 60p

Hopper Legs

Veniard tippet Collar, natural or dyed hot orange, red or purple. Natural: £5.33 Dyed: £3.49

T. 01443 400766

Per pair:


Polish Stripped Peacock Quills

Quality stripped peacock quills from Polish Quills. Available in packets of 25 pieces, colours: Natural; Olive; Golden Olive; Orange; Yellow; Red; Pink, Brown; Crimson; Ginger, Fluo Yellow and Green. £3.00

Short Loose Cock Hackles (Bright Colours)

£3.00 £4.40

Jay wings and blue hackles

Hen pheasant tail fibers with a single knot, ideal for hopper legs. Black, natural, claret. £1.99

Ostrich herl in natural or dyed colours £2.08 Mixed Packet: £2.26

Peacock Body and Neck Feathers

Jay wings and loose wing hackles, ideal for wings. Also available as dyed picric Natural wings: £4.99 Wings dyed picric £5.30 Wing hackles, per.10: £4.35

Gold Body and Blue Neck Feathers Gold body pkt.10: £2.25 £2.25 Blue neck pkt.10:


Peacock Eyes

Golden pheasant complete head £8.50 Grade #1: Grade #2: £5.95 Hen ringneck pheasant Whole wings: Complete tails: Centre tails

Peacock Sword Tails


Hen Pheasant

Complete Skin with wings £23.99 and tail: Brown back hackles, 1 grm: £2.35 Striped shoulder feathers, £2.60 1 gms: Grey neck hackles dyed olive 1 gm: £2.90 Grey neck hackles dyed yellow 1 gm: £2.90 Grey neck hackles 1 gm – natural: £2.75 Grey Flank 2 gms: £2.60 Plain Cinnamon brown tails, pkt.10: £1.80 Plain speckle centre tails, pkt.10: £2.80 Complete tails: £2.50 Whole wings: £2.69 Complete skin dyed yellow: £23.99

£3.99 £3.08

Ostrich Herl Whole wings: Complete body skin with wing and tails: Selected centre tails pkt.10: Body plumage:

Pre-knotted daddy legs for fly tying. Packed in packets of 50 legs. £2.35


Whole wings: Underwing hackles:

Golden pheasant body skin

Duck Quills

Veniard seals fur dubbing box, choice of box 1 or box 2 Box £16.20

Wapsi Superfine Dubbing

Nymph and Streamer Eyes

Whole wings: Whole tail:

£3.20 £3.35

Mandarin Duck

Whole skin:

Veniard quality peacock eyes natural or dyed. Natural, dyed black, dyed orange, dyed green, dyed red, dyed magenta, dyed ginger, £1.77

Peacock Herl


Peacock herl packed in natural or dyed colours. Black, Green, Magenta and Natural £1.77

Short cock hackles - loose in packets 1gms. White, bleaches white, grey, iron blue, blue dun, kingfisher blue, light blue, teal blue, purple, dyed red, brt.yellow, insect green, green highlander, hot orange, light claret,,, flu.yellow, £1.99

Short Loose Cock Hackles (Dark Colours)

Short loose cock hackles, dark colours - 2 gram bags. Crimson, dk. olive, dk. green, bright green, dk.claret, golden olive, lt.olive, brown olive, dark brown, fiery brown, game, medium olive black, magenta, ginger/buff. £1.99


Whole wings:


Fly Tying

fly tying

Starling Skin and Wings

Extra Fine Vernille Chenille

Starling wings and body skin for fly tying Whole wings: £2.35 Complete skin: £5.49 A super quality Fine Suede Chenille. Approx1mm in diameter. Half the size of normal Suede Chenille. 4.5mts per packet Fl. Green, Fl. Yellow, Yellow, White, Dk.Olive, Olive, Red, Claret, Brown, Black. £1.40

Teal Duck

Whole wings £2.50 Complete skin with tails and wings: £25.99 Flank mixed sizes – 2 gm.: £2.80

Glo Brite Fluoro Floss 100 yd Spool

Magic glass

This extra soft plastic material is half round in cross section enabling the tyer to produce realistic flat or segmented translucent bodies.1.4 mtr per pkt. Clear, Black, Red, Yellow, shrimp pink, Orange, Brown, Green, Lt.Olive, Claret, Med. Olive, Dl.Olive, Flu Chartreuse, Flu Orange. £1.35

Peacock Herl Brush


Complete skin:



Woodcock wings in pairs Whole wings per pair: Body plumage, 2 gms pkt:

£3.25 £2.19

The original fluro range. Devised by Tom Saville. This offers a selection of colours that covers any application. 100 yard spools. No.1 – Neon Magenta, No.2 – Pink, No.3 – Crimson, No.4 – Scarlet. No.5 – Fire Orange, No.6 – Hot Orange, No.7 – Orange, No.8 – Amber, No.9 – Chrome Yellow, No.10 – Yellow, No.11 – Phosphor Yellow, No.12 – Lime Green, No.13 – Green, No.14 – Blue, No.15 – Purple, No.16 – white. £1.60

Glo Brite Fluorescent Multi-Yarn

Body stretch

A highly stretchable body medium. Excellent for nymph bodies and shell backs. Available in Black, Clear, Brown, Olive, Pink, Cinnamon, Yellow, Fl Yellow, Red, Purple and Orange. £1.85

Easy Dub Microchenille

Rayon Chenille

8 yards per spool. No.1 – Neon Magenta, No.2 – Pink, No.3 – Crimson, No.4 – Scarlet. No.5 – Fire Orange, No.6 – Hot Orange, No.7 – Orange, No.8 – Amber, No.9 – Chrome Yellow, No.10 – Yellow, No.11 – Phosphor Yellow, No.12 – Lime Green, No.13 – Green, No.14 – Blue, No.15 – Purple, No.16 – white. 99p

A really bright suede chenille. Available in all 16 colours of the Glo Bright range. £1.40

A thin soft tubing that is excellent for translucent bodies. Subtle variations can be obtained by inserting any flashbou type material or coloured wire into the tube before tying. Available in nine colours: Grey, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Lime, Olive, Red, Clear, Black. 2.7 mtr packets. Standard 1mm, Micro 0.6mm. £1.99

Flybox Gel Core Fritz

Gel Core Fritz is a revolutionary new fritz purpose designed for flytying - not some second rate material from the textile trade. The material is all professionally dyed using state of the art pressure dyeing machines which are computer controlled to ensure 100% colour consistency and intensity. Flu. Yellow, Flu. Orange, Flu. Pink, Flu. Coral, Flu. Chartreuse, Flu. Intense Pink, Black, Flu. Sunburst Orange, Flu Coral, Powder, Mystic Olive, Flu. Sunburst. 15mm and 10mm. £3.00

Flybox Gold Holographic Straggle 2mtr packets. White, Beige, Black, Brt. yellow, Orange, Red, Claret, Pink, Blue, Green, Olive, Brown, Tan. Individual Colours: £1.19 Mixed pkt. £2.19

Soft Twisted Dubbing

Glo Brite Suede Chenille This fantastic material is the easy way to produce a fine dubbed body effect. The colours can be blended by twisting two or more different shades together. 1.5 metre per packet. Blue Dun, Orange, Cinnamon, Red, Rust, Med. Olive, Chartreuse, Grey, Dk. Olive, Iron Blue, Black, Claret, Yellow, Brown, Lt. Olive, Dk. Brown. £2.10

Real Peacock herl intertwined with a copper wire base to give strength and versatility to what is sometimes regarded as a very delicate but essential fly-tying material. Excellent for deep searching nymph patterns. £2.20

Ultra Lace Tubing

Hares ear blended on a thread. Super buggy nymph bodies with no effort. Black, Blue Dun, Dk.Brown, Golden Olive, Natural, Olive. £1.99

6mm fine straggle with holographic fibers. Ideal for a variety of applications including underbodies on lures such as Humungus, sparkler bodies and even throats on nymphs. Silver, Flu. Chartreuse, Flu. Pink, Olive, Black, Intense Lime, Flu Ginger. £3.00

6mm fine straggle with gold holographic fibres. Ideal for a variety of applications including underbodies on lures such as Humungus, sparkler bodies and even throats on nymphs. Gold, Flu. Chartreuse, Olive, Black, Intense Lime, Flu Pink, Flu Ginger. £3.00

Flybox Medium Crystal Hackle

The long awaited new UV Crystal Hackle. Developed to maintain the same properties as original medium crystal hackle but now with added UV flash. Flu Orange, Flu. Yellow, Flu. Pink, Olive, Polar White, Black, Intense Lime, Flu Coral. £3.00

Lureflash Mosaic Fritz

Russian natural black - long hair, Russian dyed black - long hair and Fox squirrel tails dyed black. £4.85

Mixed Bucktails

Bucktails available as a whole tail or half tail. Available in natural white or dyed colours. Whole bucktails are very generous in their size offering fly tiers with a generous selection of long fibers to tie with. The fibers are very versatile and uses include winged material for streamers and dry flies. Half Tail: £2.89 Whole Tail: £4.43 £3.85 Mixed Pieces:

Calf Body Hair

Deer Hair

Deer hair available in either natural, natural dyed or bleached and dyed. Also available as picric dyed. Natural Roe £1.80, Bleached Off White £4.00, Bleached and Dyed Yellow £4.00, Bleached and Dyed Orange £4.00, Bleached and Dyed Chartreuse £4.00, Natural Dyed Red £2.70, Natural Dyed Olive £2.70, Natural Dyed Black £2.70, Coastal Deer Hair Natural £3.00, Natural Dyed Picric £3.50

2 meter plus packs. Sporadic Fritz, Micro Fritz. £1.99

Veniard Dyed arctic fox fur available in dyed: pure white, red, orange, blue, green, black or brown 3X long is specially selected the longest hair for big flies. Pure White, Dyed Red, Dyed Orange, Dyed Blue, Dyed Green, Dyed Black, dyed Brown, Dyed Yellow, Dyed Sunburst, Dyed Chartreuse. Standard: £3.40 3X Long: £4.10

This lovely soft natural hair is great for all hair flies. White, Black, Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple, Chartreuse, Natural tan, Natural Brown, Green Highlander, Olive, Magenta, Electric Blue, Insect Green, Blue. £3.50

T. 01443 400766

Goat Hair

Mole Skins

Substitute Seals Fur

Long mountain goat hair on skin. Dyed White, Dyed Red, Dyed Yellow, Dyed Orange, Dyed Black, Dyed Blue, Individual Colours: £3.49 Mixed Colours: £3.89

Mole skins, natural of dyed colours. Dyed Black, Dyed Olive, Dyed Claret, Dyed Green, Dyed Blue, Dyed Brown Dyed Picric: £3.50 Natural Skin: £2.59 Dyed Colours: £3.20

Grey Squirrel Skin

Moose Main Hair

A natural hair specially selected by us for its Seal like qualities. Black, Blue Dun, Brown Olive, Chartreuse, Claret, Dk. Brown, Fiery Brown, Flu. Green, Flu. Orange, Flu. Red, Flu. Yellow, Ginger, Golden Olive, Green Highlander, Grey, Light Claret, Light Olive, Natural Seal, Olive. £1.10

Veniard Barred Zonker Strips

Elk Hair Tanned

£3.30 Grey squirrel skins, no tail, choice of natural or dyed. Whole Skin: £11.90 Whole skin dyed picric: £12.50

Natural Gold £2.89

Musk Rat Fur

Grey Squirrel Tails

Fox Squirrel Skin

The soft blue under fur of this animal is ideal for dubbing for dry patterns. £1.40

Pine Squirrel Skin Whole Skin

Arctic Runner Fur Crystal Hackle is a 10mm single sided synthetic which is designed for tying cutting edge trout flies - though it can also be used in Salmon/Pike Flytying. Each pack contains a generous 3 meters of material! Flu. Yellow, Flu. Orange, Flu. Pink, Flu. Coral, Flu. Chartreuse, Flu. Intense Pink, Black, Flu. Sunburst Orange, Flu Coral, Powder, Mystic Olive, Flu. Sunburst. £3.00

Black Squirrel Tails

Flybox U.V Crystal Hackle

Arctic Fox Tail

Suede Chenille

4mtr packets of suede chenille. Black, Brown, Red, Flu. White, Med. Olive, Orange, Yellow. Individual Colours: £1.15 Mixed Colour pkt. £3.49

Flybox Silver Holographic Straggle

Calf body hair for fly tying available on the skin in natural white. Natural white. £2.99


Fox Squirrel Tails

Calf Tails

Calf tails for fly tying available in whole tails as white or dyed or tail pieces available in packets of 6 popular colours. White Whole Tail, Dyed Black, Dyed Orange, Dyed Yellow, Dyed Blue, Dyed Green, Dyed Red, Dyed Tan, Dyed Grey, Dyed Purple. £4.30 Mixed Colour pkt. £5.99

Hare Fox Squirrel tails natural or bleached and dyed. Bleached and Dyed Red, Bleached and Dyed Yellow, Bleached and Dyed Orange, Bleached and Dyed Blue, Bleached and Dyed Green, Bleached and Dyed Olive, Bleached and Dyed Buff Dyed Black: £3.30 Large Barred: £2.44 Bleached Dyed: £6.78

Genuine Cub Seals Fur

Deer Belly Hair

Deer hair belly for fly tying. Available in: Pure White, Dyed Red, Dyed Orange, Dyed Yellow and Dyed Chartreuse, Dyed Green, Dyed Black, Dyed Pink, Dyed Claret, Dyed blue, Dyed Sunburst. £2.99

T. 01443 400766

Natural grey squirrel tails in a choice of natural or dyed colours. Dyed Yellow, Dyed Orange, Dyed Blue, Dyed Green, Dyed Olive, Dyed Purple, Dyed Magenta, Dyed Claret, Dyed Brown Natural Tail: £2.40 Dyed Tails: £2.70

Excellent dubbing material for bodies of modern and traditional wet flies. Seals fur has been used for tying over many years, available as natural or dyed colours. All seals fur is from cub seals. 1 gram packets. Natural, Dyed Black, Dyed Dark Claret, Dyed Dark Olive, Dyed Claret, Dyed Red, Dyed Orange, Dyed Yellow, Dyed Fiery Brown, Dyed Olive, Dyed Very Dark Claret, Dyed Picric. £1.20

Pine squirrel skin only (no tail) Whole skin : £12.20

Pine Squirrel Tails

Pine squirrel tail small barred. £2.20

Rabbit Veniard Dyed and Natural Hares Mask, choice of dyed Olive, Red, Yellow, Orange, Fiery Brown and Picric. Dyed Masks: £3.20 Natural Fur Approx. 4x4: £1.80 Ears pair natural: £1.50 Mask natural: £2.85

Mink strips

Available is patches as natural, tanned or dyed picric. Natural Fur Approx. 4x4: £1.70 Tanned white fur: £1.80 Tanned black fur: £1.80 Natural fur dyed picric quarter skin: £3.50

Various colours with Black Olive and Brown Barring. Black barred chartreuse, Black barred chinchilla, Black barred golden variant, Black barred hot orange, Black barred red, Black barred white, Black barred light tan, Black barred yellow, Brown barred olive, Olive barred white, Olive barred light olive. £3.59

Zonker Strips Rabbit

Pre-cut approx 3 linear feet. Natural, Dyed White, Dyed Black, Dyed Olive, Dyed Chartreuse, Dyed Yellow, Dyed Brown, Dyed Fl. Pink, Dyed Fl. Orange, Dyed Red, Dyed Purple. £2.75

Fulling Mill Living Hook

York bend, straight eye, 3x extra long, curved down shank, bronzed. Featuring a special York bend, makes it an ideal hook for many different types of nymph, larvae and dry fly. This hook is especially good at tying klinkhammer style dry flies and nymph patterns like sedge pupa and stonefly imitations. 50 pieces per, pkt. Size 12 – 50 pieces, Size 14 – 50 pieces, Size 16 – 50 pieces, Size 18 – 50 pieces. £4.95

Hanak H 100 Bl Fly Hooks

Stoat Tails

Mink Strips in natural white, natural brown, natural grey or black. £2.64

Natural whole tail £3.16

Fine wire, perfect bend, Extra long needle point, Barbless. Size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16, size 18 . 25 pieces: £4.20

Fly Tying Hanak H 130 Bl Hooks

Dry fly. Straight, fine wire, Bent-in point, Extra long needle point, Black nickel finish. Size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16, size 18 , Size 20. 25 pieces: £4.20

fly tying Hanak H 330 Bl Hooks

Original Czech nymph, Shrimp, Caddis Pupa, Buzzer. Straight, Extra long needle point. Size 10, size 12, size 14. 25 pieces: £4.20

Hanak H 400 Bl Hooks

Hanak H200 Bl Hooks

Still Water & Wet Flies, Straight, Heavy Wire, Standard Shank, Extra Long Needle Point. Size 8, Size 10, Size 12, Size 14. 25 pieces: £4.20

Hanak H 260 BL Saltwater & Wet Fly Hooks

Straight, Heavy Wire, Extra Short Shank, Extra Long Needle Point. Size 8, size 10, size 12 , size 14, size 16. 25 pieces: £4.20

Hanak H 300 Bl Hooks

Original Chech Nymph, Shrimp, Caddis Pupa, Buzzer Hook. Straight, Extra Long needle point. Medium Wire. Size 10, size 12 , size 14, size 16. 25 pieces: £4.20

Hanak H310 Bl Hooks

Buzzer heavy wire, straight, extra long needle point, barbless. Size 8, size 10, size 12. 25 pieces: £4.20

Heavy wire hook suitable for grub patterns and bugs that require a little weight. The hooks have a continuous bend. 1 x short slight reverse, down eye. These hooks are very strong ad very popular amongst competition anglers. Ideal hook for grub / bug patterns, the Kamasan B110 will get your flies down quickly in the water. Size 10, size 12, size 14. Per 100: £7.00

Kamasan B160 Short Shank Hooks Straight Heavy wire Extra long needle point Barbless. Size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16. 25 pieces: £4.20

Hanak 450Bl Special Jig Hooks

Hanak H230 Hooks

Stillwater & Wet fly. Straight, Medium wire, Bent-in point, Extra long needle point, Black nickel finish. Size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16. 25 pieces: £4.20

Kamasan B110 Hooks

Bent in point, Medium Wire, Needle Point. Size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16. 25 pieces: £4.20

Hanak H 500 Bl Hooks

All round. Bent-in point, short shank, straight eye. Extra long needle point. Size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16. 25 pieces: £4.20

Short shank hooks. Turned down eye, bronzed 3x short shank. Suitable for wet patterns, the Kamasan B160 hooks will provide a wider gape. Size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14. Per 100: £7.00

Kamasan B100 Grub Hooks

Turned down eye, forged bend, medium wire, bronzed. Suitable for grub patterns, slightly lighter hook than the heavy weight 110. Size 10, size 12, size 14. Per 100: £7.00

Turned down eye, bronzed, ex strong wire, 2x. Long shank. Size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14. Per 100: £9.99

Kamasan 270 Trout Doubles

Turned down eye, bronzed 3xstrong. Size 6, size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14. Per 10: £4.95

Kamasan 280 L/w Salmon Doubles

Kamasan B405 Round Bend Hooks

Forged, turned down eye, bronzed, ex short shank. Size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16. Per 100: £7.00

Kamasan B420 Sedge Hooks

Special loop bend, high carbon light wire, sight-up eye, ideal for sedge imitations. Size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16. Per 100: £7.00

Kamasan B440 Round Bend Dry Fly Hooks

Fulling Mill 35000 Heavyweight Champ Barbless Hooks

Size 10 and 12 Per 50:


Fulling Mill 35005 Heavyweight Champ Black Nickel

Hends Bl 200 Wet Fly Barbless Round Bend

Wet Fly , Barbless . Round bend 2 X Strong Black Nickel Size 8, 10, 12 & 14. Per 25: £2.99

Made of medium weight wire making it ideal for wet flies you wish to fish sub-surface or high in the water. The B170 size 10 is within the international hook size rules. Thus allowing anglers fishing to international rules with the largest hook possible. Size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16. Per 100: £7.00

Kamasan B175 Hooks

Heavy weight hook made of very heavy strong wire. The hook is 1X long has a turn down eye, sproat bend and a needle point with whisker barb. The B175 size 10 is within the international hook size rules. Thus allowing anglers fishing to international rules with the largest hook possible. Size 6, size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16. Per 100: £7.00

Kamasan B180 L/W Salmon Single Hooks

Tapered looped turned up eye, black japanned Traditional tapered turn up eye, sproat bend 1 x Heavy wire, Black finish. Size 4, size 6, size 8, size 10, size 12. Per 25: £4.80

Hends Bl 700 Barbless Hooks

Streamer , long Nymph Barbless. Standard forged wire Size 6, 10, 12 & 14 Qty 25: £2.99

Salmon Fly Brooch Pins

Hends Bl 300 Wet Fly Barbless New improved design. Small size only. Approx 1/0. Sold individually. Used for tying traditional salmon flies to be worn as a brooch. One size 1/0: £1.70

Heavyweight Champ Barbless Black Nickel . Sproat bend , D/E , 3 X strong , Claw point. Size 10 & 12 Per 50: £5.95

Wet fly , Barbless . Forged standard nickel wire Size 10, 12, 14 & 16 Per 25: £2.99

Fulling Mill 35020 Grab Gape Barbless

Hends Bl 400 Barbless Hooks

Kamasan B170 Hooks

Hanak H550 Bl Hooks

Allround, bent in point, long shank, straight eye, extra long needle point, medium wire, Black Nickel. Size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16. 25 pieces: £4.20

Kamasan B200 Deepwater Nymph Hooks

Kamasan B280 L/W Doubles Slamon, Turned up eye, forged, black japanned. Size 4, size 6, size 8, size 10, size 12. Per 10: £6.50

Kamasan B380 Salmon Treble Hooks

Turned up eye, long shank, black japanned. Size 4, size 6, size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16. Per 10: £7.60

Kamasan B400 Round Bend Hooks

Forged, turned down eye, bronzed, standard shank. Size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16. Per 100: £7.00

Kamasan B401 Round Bend Hooks

Fine wire, turn down eye with KAMASAN unique Whisker Barb. Size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16. Per 100: £7.00

Forged turned up eye, bronzed, ex short shank. Size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16. Per 100: £7.00

Kamasan B800 Round Wire Hooks

Forged, turned down eye, bronzed, 4x long shank. Size 4, size 6, size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14. Per 100: £7.00

Kamasan B990 Tube Fly Treble Hooks

Treble hooks - round bend, oblong ring eye, extra strong wire, bronzed. Size 2, size 4, size 6, size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14. Per 10: £5.95

Fulling Mill 31270 Living Larva Hooks

York bend , straight , 3 X long, curved down shank , Bronzed. Size 14 Per 50: £5.95

T. 01443 400766

Dry fly Barbless . standard forged wire Size 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18 Per 25: £2.99

Fulling Mill 35045 Barbless Jig Hooks

Hends Bl 454 Barbless Dry Fly Hooks

Jig Force Barbless Black Nickel . 50 degree eye , 2 X Heavy , Claw point. Size 12, 14 & 16 Qty 50: £5.95

Fulling Mill 35060 Czech Nymph Barbless

Curved Bend , D/E , Standard shank , forged , claw point Size 10, 12, 14 & 16 Qty 50: £5.95

Hends Bl 120 Barbless Jig Hook

Barbless with round bend and standard wire. Black Nickel in boxes of 25. Size 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16 Per 25: £2.99

T. 01443 400766

Dry fly Hooks , Barbless with forged wire and standard bent in point. Black Nickel Size 10, 12, 14 & 16 Qty 25: £2.99

Hends Bl 500 Barbless Hooks

Shrimp pupae Barbless Forged Reversed and fine wire. Size 10, 12, 14 & 16 Qty 25: £2.99

Tiemco Hooks TMC 2488

Dry Fly, D/E, 1XW, XF wire, Barbless, black. The razor point and barbless design ensure quick penetration and a secure hold. A versatile design that can be incorporated into dries, soft hackle flies, CDC flies and emergers with ease. Size 13, size 15, size 17, size 19, size 20. Per 20: £3.65

Tiemco Hooks TMC102y

Tiemco Hooks TMC 200r

D/E, 2X wide, 2X short, Fine wire, Bronze. Curved fine wire good for shrimp, caddis and other emergers. 2X short and 2X wide for secure hooking. Size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16, size 18, size 20, size 22, size 24. Per 20: £3.65

Straight eye, 2X Heavy, 3X Short, Forged, SPR point, Barbless, Bronze. 2X heavy for maximum strength. Truly versatile design, perfect for big fish on small nymphs, strong enough for steelhead. Size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16, size 18. Per 20: £3.65

Tiemco Hooks TMC100sp-bl

D/E, 0X-1X Heavy, 1.5X wide, forged, SPS point, Barbless, Bronze. Heavier wire than the TMC100. With its longer super point, this barbless model ensures the same holding ability as the standard barbed TMC100. Size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16, size 18, size 20. Per 20: £5.25

Tiemco Hooks TMC100

S/E, 3XL, standard wire, semi drop point, forged, bronze. Straight eye hook with gradually sloped bend to better imitate insects. Point is semi dropped for better penetration and hold. Size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16, size 18, size 20. Per 20: £3.65

Tiemco Hooks TMC 206bl

BL 510 shrimp hooks forged 1x strong reversed Size 8, 10, 12 & 14 Qty 25: £2.99

Dry Fly, 1XF, wide gape, forged, black. Designed for the ‘quick take’ strikes of Japanese native trout, now the standard hook for tying parachute-style patterns. The point has moved back slightly for more secure hooking. Size 13, size 15, size 17, size 19, size 21. Per 20: £3.65

These hooks are recognized as the correct shape for tying full dressed salmon flies, also perfect for Spey and Steelhead patterns. 1/0 ONLY 10 hooks per packet Per 10: £2.95

Veniard Paramount Fly Tying Kit

2XS, 1XF, Curved shank, Barbless, black. Excellent choice for caddis pupa, floating nymphs, parachutes, shrimps, and many other patterns. Size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16, size 18. Per 20: £3.65

Tiemco Hooks TMC212y

D/E, 4XS, 5XW, Forged Black Nickel. NEW. Special curved shank with very wide gape, perfect for parachute styles and surface emergers, with guaranteed superior hooking power. Size 11, size 13, size 15, size 17, size 19, size 21. Per 20: £3.65

Tiemco Hooks TMC2457

Hends Bl 510 Barbless Hooks Dry Fly, D/E, 1XF, wide gape, forged, bronze. Tiemco’s standard dry fly hook. The slightly wider gape and increased wire strength in smaller sizes makes this their most popular all-purpose hook for dry fly work. Size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16, size 18, size 20, size 22, size 24. Per 20: £3.65

S/E, 3XW, 2XS, XF, curved, bronze. Newly designed curved short shank with straight eye for wider gape. Useful for a wide variety of small patterns. Size 12, size 14, size 16, size 18, size 20. Per 20: £3.65

Veniard TG Salmon Hooks

Tiemco Hooks 2487

Tiemco Hooks 2499sp-bl Sproat Bend , D/E , Wide Gape , 3 X short , Claw point. Zize 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16 Qty 50: £5.95

Tiemco Hooks TMC103bl

D/E, 2XW, 2XS, 2XH, bronze. Same design as TMC2487 but 2X heavy for strength. Exceptional for heavy buzzers, nymphs, glo-bugs and eggs. Size 6, size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16, size 18. Per 20: £3.65

This kit contains an enormous range of materials, tools, hooks and a good quality lever operated vice, enabling the user to tie flies for all types of fish. Packed into a smart ‘Clyde’ wooden fly-tying cabinet. Contents include Marabou - Cell Foam - Hare Mask Seal fur subs - SLF - Suspender Balls - Booby eyes - Peacock herl - Mixed Ostrich - Spike Guard - Mallard wings - Hen Pheasant wings Black Squirrel tail - Guinea Fowl blue - Assorted Beads - CDC - Teal flank - Cock capes - Cactus chenille colours Krystal flash - Magic glass Golden Pheasant No2 head - Deer hairElk hair Holo tinsel - Cellire Noi. Varnish - Hooks Partridge Brown back - Goose Biots - Suede chenille - Thin Skin - Small Bronze mallard - Stiff antron - Mixed Squirrel tail - Small Mylar Pearl Fly bodies - French Partridge nat. Uni Flexx 6/o Uni thread - Pearl braid -Uni 2 tone tinsel Uni Floss - Lead wire - Gold and silver wire - Glo brite floss - Cock pheasant tails natural and olive - Glo brite Multiyarn - Instruction booklet/ trout - Wax - Pearl Mylar tinsel Tool kit - Vice No 12 lever action Premium kit box - Clyde box £129.99 Paramount Kit

Fly Tying

fly tying

Veniard Premium Fly Tying Kit

Colour Glow Mylar Piping

Enough materials for 1000’s of flies.... This new kit addresses both the traditional and newer trends in fly tying with a plethora of materials, there is enough in this kit to satisfy the keen beginner and established tyer alike. It is ideal for any level of experience, in all areas of the craft. There is a heavy emphasis on new materials such as Glister, Cactus & Krystal. The hooks supplied cover a variety of types of prime quality. There is a basic set of tools, but no vice, this item being a matter of personal choice. Ordered upon request. Premium Kit £54.99

Luminous Mylar piping. Charge it up and it carries on glowing, 1 metre packets. White small, red small, lime green small, yellow small, orange small, white medium, red medium, lime green medium, yellow medium, orange medium. Small: £1.70 Medium: £2.25

Adhesive Lead Foil

Fine gauge lead foil on an adhesive backing, easily cut with scissors or scalpel for creative shaping of lead underbodies. Per sheet £1.80

Flat Lead

Fine lead strip approximatly 0.15mm thick. Due to its thin qualities it is ideal for building smooth profiled underbodies on nymphs etc... Extra fine at 1mm wide, standard at 2mm wide £1.80

French Partridge Complete Skin

With Wings and Tail £19.00

Aero Dry Wing

Amherst Pheasant Skin

No.1 Amherst pheasant complete head or tippet feathers in a range of different size packets. Small, medium or large. Complete Head, Large Tippet, Skin without Head, Centre Tail Piece 10cm long, Complete Tail, Medium Tippet, Small Tippet. Complete Head: £5.90 Large Tippet: £1.99 £13.50 Skin without Head: Centre Tail Piece 10cm long: £7.50 Complete Tail: £33.00 £1.99 Medium Tippet: Small Tippet: £1.99

Cock Ringneck Pheasant


3.2mm Pink, 3.2mm Tan, 3.2mm Orange, 3.2mm Yellow, 3.2mm Olive, 3.2mm Blue, 3.2mm White, 3.2mm Black. £2.35

Maraflash synthetic material for fly tying. Royal Blue, Bronze, Copper, Black, Aqua, Red/ Scarlet, Rainbow, Purple, Dark Pink, Pearl/Red, MultiMidnight, Moonlight Standard, Moonlight Fine, Pearl, Pearl/ Blue, Fluorescent Yellow, Gold, Green, Lime Green, Luminous, Fluorescent Pink Light, Silver, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink Dark. £1.69

Gliss N Glow

Turrall Gliss N Glow. Cherise, Chartreuse, Electric Blue, Gold, Mother Of Pearl, Mother Of Pearl Pink, Olive, Silver. £3.65

Iridescent Pearl Mylar A very realistic fish scale effect. Pearl small, pearl medium, pearl large. Small £1.35 Medium £1.65 Large £1.80

Foam Cylinders

This new hollow, polypropylene wing material is lighter than water (specific gravity:0.68), and it never absorbs water. Each fiber has 3 hollow chambers which really makes it buoyant! This is an ideal winging material that is also useful for bodies. Jon swears this is the best material of its kind on the market. Fl. Green, Fl.Yellow, Fl. Orange, Fl. Pink, Black, Fl. White, Dark Dun, Med. Dun, Golden Olive, Insect Green, Cinnamon. £7.05

Antron Body Yarn

Glow Bug Egg Yarn

Soft fluffy yarn produced for egg pattern. Orange, Fl. Chartreuse, Fl. Pink, Fl. Fuchsia, Lt. Pink, Yellow. £2.10

Hanked Lite Brite

Blue, Chartreuse, Gold, Peacock, Red, Silver. £1.71 Black, White, Orange, Olive, Yellow, Green, Orange, Claret, Grey, Fl. Yellow, Fl. Lime, Fl. Red, Fl. Orange, Fl. Pink, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Lime, Peach. £1.25

Barr Flex

Strands of Lite Brite. These highly reflective strands make a superb addition to any wing or make an excellent wing on their own. Also known as Angel Hair. Gold, Pearl Blue, Copper, Pearl/ Green Flash, Silver, Holographic Silver, Polar Pearl, Fire Fox Peacock, Bright Yellow, Purple Haze, Orange, Hot lime, Ruby Red, Pearl Green-N-Olive. £3.15

Holographic Flash The traditional way to weight a fly, choice of bulk (50g spools) or standard spools. Extra fine (0.40mm) 50g spool, Medium (0.60mm) 50g spool, Extra fine (0.40mm) Small Reel, Medium (0.60mm) Small Reel. Small Reels: £1.40 50g Spools: £4.85

Cock Pheasant Knotted Tail on Quill

Cock pheasant Knotted tail on quill dyed Claret Orange, Red, Dyed claret, dyed orange, dyed red, dyed black, natural. £3.99

Oliver Edwards required specific shades for his Fly Tyers Master class. This cube contains all 30 for River, Stillwater & Stream.30 colours. £19.97


Lead Wire

Cock Ringneck Pheasant skin available as: Complete skin with wings and tail, whole wings, wing quills in packets of 10, short green back hackles, long brown rump hackles, brown neck hackles, golden side hackles and shoulder church window hackles. Complete Skin with Wings and Tail, Whole Wings per Pair, Wing Quills Pkt 10, Short Green Back Hackles 2gms, Long Brown Rump 2gms, Brown Neck 2gms, Golden Sides 2gms, Shoulder – Church Windows 2gms. Complete Skin with Wings £17.60 and Tail: Whole Wings per Pair: £2.99 Wing Quills Pkt 10: £2.11 Short Green Back Hackles 2gms: £1.32 Long Brown Rump 2gms: £1.32 Brown Neck 2gms: £1.32 Golden Sides 2gms: £1.32 Shoulder – Church Windows 2gms: £1.32

Masterclass Slf Dispenser

Ideal material for making that perfect profiled buzzer pupae. This oval finished material along with its natural sheen creates an irresistible natural look to the fly. Black, Caddis Green, Dark Olive, Olive, Orange, Red, White. £2.25

Blue, Chartreuse, Gold, Pink, Red, Silver. £2.34

Lite Brite Dubbing

Slf Dubbing

Slf in a choice of 48 colours, excellent quality dubbing known as Synthetic Living Fibre. Widely used for bodies where the colour range is almost infinite. No.1 Bright Green, No.2 Green Highlander, No.3 Insect Green, No.4 Dark Green, No.5 Medium Olive, No.6 Dark Olive, No.7 Green Olive, No.8 Light Olive, No.9 Olive dun, No.10 Golden Olive, No.11 Brown Olive, No.12 Dark Claret, No.13 Fiery Claret, No.14 Light Claret, No.15 Hot Orange, No.16 Fiery Orange, No.17 Crimson, No.18 Fiery Red, No.19 Fiery Yellow, No.20 Yellow, No.21 Light Blue, No.22 Kingfisher Blue, No.23 Dark Blue, No.24 Teal Blue, No.25 Magenta, No.26 Purple, No.27 Violet, No.28 Gray, No.29 Iron Gray, No.30 Blue Dun, No.31 Dark Gray Dun, No.32 Summer Duck, No.33 Gold, No.34 Brassy Gold, No.35 fiery Brown, No.36 Dark Brown, No.37 Rust Brown, No.38 Cinnamon, No.39 Beige, No.40 Ginger, No.41 Black, No.42 White, No.43 Fl. Yellow, No.44 Fl. Red, No.45 Fl. Orange, No.46 Fl. Lime Green, No.47 Fl. Pink, No.48 Fl. Natural Seal. £2.25

3/0 Big fly Tying Thread

Plastazote Foam Block

High density foam blocks, ideal for detached bodies, boobie eyes, posts etc... White, Red, Black, Yellow, Orange, Green, Olive, Purple, Hot Pink. £1.70

Polypropylene Floating Yarn

Five fiery fluorescent colours, Ideal as a tying thread or for use as hot spots on dry flies or nymphs. Orange/Red, Phosphor Yellow, Green, Orange. £1.40

Hends Body Quills

Body Quills is great and very popular material for tying flies. The multicolor design is unique in the fact that one fiber can bring in absolutely perfect little body flies. All 22m 24yds - Flu Yellow Bq99, Chartreuse Bq96, Flu Orange Bq94, Flu Pink Bq41, Brown Beige Bq04, Light Olive Bq39, Dark Olive Bq35, Light Yellow Olive Bq34, Dark Brown Bq33, Olive Dark Brown Bq32, Black Bq30, Rusty Bq22, Green Bq20, Pink Bq19, Violet Bq17, Grey Bq15, Steel Bq14, Grey Beige Bq13, March Brown Bq12, Light Olive Brown Bq11, Brown Bq10, Red Bq8, Yellow Bq6, Ochre Bq3. £1.95

Hends Body QuillsMulticolor

Designed specifically for large saltwater, pike flies and other tying applications that require a very strong easily handled thread. It will untwist easily for flat thread use. Fire Orange, Black, Orange, Olive, Yellow, White, Pink, Chartreuse. £2.50

6/0 & 8/0 Uni Thread 200 Yards

Centipede Legs

Barred rubber legs in 2 really fine sizes. These will add extra movement to any type of pattern. Available in Mini approx. 0.2mm & Small approx 0.4mm. Speckled tan, Speckled yellow, Speckled red, Speckled white, Speckled olive, Speckled brown. £2.99

Cobweb Superglo Fluorescent Tying Thread 6/0

Multicolour Body Quills is great and very popular material for tying flies. the multicolour design is unique in the fact that one fiber can bring in absolutely perfect little body flies. Orange Tip/Dark Brown Body Bq53, Yellow Tip/ Brown Body Bq56, Beige Tip/ Grey Body Bq65, Pink Tip/Grey Body Bq69, Lt. Olive Tip/Dk. Olive Body Bq70, Yellow Olive Tip/Brown body Bq89, Beige Tip/ Brown Body Bq90, Bq294. £1.95

Kevlar Tying Thread A pearlised tinsel that’s fine enough to be dubbed. ALSO AVAILABLE HANKED FOR WINGS. River Green, Minnow Blue, Dark Olive, Gold, Pearl Blue Flash, Black, Copper, Pearl Green Flash, Pearl Green Olive, Silver, Burgundy, Holographic Silver, Polar Blue, Fire Fox Peacock, Brite Yellow, Salmon Pink, Rainbow, Purple Haze, Ocean Blue, Peach, Sand Shrimp, Ruby Red, Golden Olive, Orange, Hot Lime. £3.16

Very popular. Used for sight stumps, wings or tails. Grey Dun, Brown, Yellow, Black, White. £1.10

Veniard Closed Cell Foam

Used to create bodies, beetles and other detached floating bodies. White, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Damsel Blue, Black, Brown. £1.35

T. 01443 400766

200 yard spools - Pre waxed unithread in a large range of colours. Uni-Thread 6/0 is suitable for standard flies, the thread is strong and pre waxed. Uni Thread is available in a large range of colours. Black, Red, Pink, Olive, White, Wine, tan, Yellow, Grey, Dk. Brown, Orange, Chartreuse, Lt. Blue, Green, Fire Orange, Rusty Brown, Purple, Olive Dun, Lt. Olive, Lt. Cahill. 6/0: £2.10 8/0: £2.10

T. 01443 400766

Ultra strong thread, its prime use is in the spinning and stacking of dear hair, ideal for large muddlers, bombers and other clipped deer hair patterns. Used by many of the leading fly tyers in the uk 50yd spools. Black, Brown, Olive, Green, Red, Yellow. £2.80

Microbrite Dubbing Thread

These dubbing threads are created via a unique flocking process, applying synthetic metallic dubbing onto a twisted thread base. The result is a vibrant sparkling chenille with many applications, from small trout flies up to salmon patterns. With full control of the dubbing process as an integral part of their construction, these ropes will allow neat bodies, a previously difficult process with this type of dubbing material. It comes in two distinct types: +2mm diameter and Ex-Fine-1mm diameter. Available Colours: Peacock, Silver, Black, Gold, Gold/ Black, Olive, Grey, Brown, Orange, Rusty Brown, Pearl, Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Multi-Colour £2.97

Pearsall’s Gossamer Fine Tying Silk

Pearsall’s Gossamer tying silk (fine) The original silk threads for use when dressing traditional and classic salmon and trout flies. This silk is available in only one length: 45yrd spools. 1.White, 2,Straw, 3.Primrose, 5.Lemon Yellow, 6.Amber, 6aGold, 8.Purple, 9.Black, 9a.Grey, 11.Gold Yellow, 11a.Scarlet, 12.Cardinal, 15.Dk. Claret, 16.Olive, 17.Brown, 18.Green, 19.Hot Orange, 20.Lt. Olive, 191.Claret. £2.75

Pearsall’s Marabou Floss Body Silk

Traditional floss for Sea Trout and smaller Salmon Fly, used for generations by traditional anglers, the Pearsall’s Marabou Floss is the ideal choice for the traditional fly dresser. A fine body floss. The floss is multi strand and small pieces (approx. 6 inches and shorter) can easily be broken down in to fewer strands for tying smoother bodies or dressing smaller flies. Each spool of Pearsall’s Marabou has 8 Meter of floss. 1.White, 5. Lemon Yellow, 6.Amber, 9.Black, 11a.Scarlet, 12.Cardinal, 16.Olive Green, 15.Dk.Claret, 17.Brown, 18.Green, 19.Hot Orange, 20.Lt. Olive, 191.Claret. £2.99

Pearsall’s Stout Tying Floss

The Pearsall’s Stout Floss is traditional flies for the traditional Sear Trout and Salmon Fly dresser. Usually used as a body material. Original 1 dram spools. Colours: 51 Highland Green, 84 Olive Green, 53 Hot Orange, 151 Primrose Yellow, 158 Silver, 166 Red, 178 Black, 184 Royal Blue, 191 Claret and 202a Brown £3.60

Utc Ice Blue Pearl

Flashback pearl tinsel with a Blue UV iridescence. Available in Small, Medium and Large £1.50

Utc Mirage

Uni Floss

Utc mirage tinsel - colour: opal. Available in Small, Medium and Large £1.99 A super quality single strand floss. A blend of nylon and rayon, it is strong and shiny. 15 yds. Colours: Black, Olive, Royal Blue, Wine, Brown, Burnt Orange, Red, Gold, Bright Yellow, White, Purple and Emerald Green £1.15

Uni Thread Trico 17/0 200yds

Designed for those tiers working with hooks smaller than size 20. This extra fine polyester thrad is amazingly strong for its diameter. Perfect for all micro patterns. 50 yds. Available in translucent white £1.25

Utc Thread 70 & 140 Denier

A slightly thicker lightly waxed thread that’s very strong. Also lies flat when tied in. Colours: White, Black, Red, Yellow, Dark Brown, Olive, Fl Orange, Fl Fire Orange, Fl Chartreuse, Fl White, Fl Green, Fl Pink and Fl Shell Pink £1.70

C&F - 2-in-1 Whip Finisher

Uni Nylon

This is a genuinely strong unwaxed thread, available in two weights, 70 dennier - very fine, and 210 dennier - medium. This untwisted yarn is ideal for tying situations where build up would be a problem. 200 yds. Colours: White and Black £2.10

Utc Gsp Fly Tying Thread

Looking for some extremly strong fly tying thread? Then UTC GSP is the thread for you. The UTC GSP is 100 Denier Fly Tying Thread for big flies and spinning deer hair. Also suitable for tying the Egg Fly. The thread tyes flat with no bulk. Approximate breaking strength is 8lb. Colours White and Black £4.20

Polished stainless steel arms, knurled non-slip grip and smooth rotary mechanism. Magnet on end is useful for picking up hooks. Available in Standard Size or Small. £22.00

C&F - 3 In 1 Bobbin Kit

Can hold 3 different threads at one time. Perfect for travel tying. £15.00

C&F - 3-in-1 Half Hitcher

Angled needle for delicate work. half hitch tool. £18.00

Fly Tying C&F Hair Stacker Ss Size

A mini size hair stacker for precision work on flies like comparaduns and elk hair caddis. Precision machined from Aluminium with an elastomer rubber base to muffle and protect. Supplied with hair comb. Ss Size £25.00

fly tying C&F - Evolution Tying Tweezers

Ergonomic design allows easy use with bobbin holder. Precision blades for delicate work. £35.00

C&F - Fish Eye

C&F - 2-in-1 Hair Stacker

Curved stainless still blades. Length 90mm. Comfortable finger holes. £32.00

C&F -spare Bobbin Threader

Bobbin Threader Spare threaders. Pack of 3. £7.00 What does the fish see? Excellent for checking balance, buoyancy and silhouette. £30.00

Double tube design adjusts to the amount of hair. Comes with hair comb. £30.00

C&F - Tying Scissors

C&F 3-in-1 Dubbing Brush

C&F - Hackle Pliers Angled needle for delicate work Half hitch tool on other end Stainless dubbing brush £22.00

C&F - Bobbin Holder Elastomer rubber grip. Plier head has a slight flare at the nose to minimize risk of cutting hackles. £18.00

C&F - Bobbin Ring

Helps perform ‘hands free’ precision fly tying. Lightweight head mounted, flip- up magnifier. One size fits all with head strap adjustment. Supplied with choice of x2.0, x2.5 & x 3.0 pop-in magnification lenses. £60.00

Fly Wheel Lightweight rotary fly drier with micro slit foam. Collapsible for easy transport/storage. Runs on 3AA batteries (not included) £45.00

C&F - Dubbing Twister Plus

Free-angle hackle plier with smooth movements for faster winding without twisiting hackles. Elastomer rubber damper absorbs shocks and retains optimum tension on materials. £30.00

C&F Saltwater/salmon Size Bobbin Holder

C&F - Rotary Twister Plus

Suitable for tying streamers, nymphs, emergers and directhackled flies. Unique core clip adds more character to the dubbing brush. £16.00

Quality dubbing twister with large size ball bearing to create dubbing loops neatly and quickly. Thumbwheel spinner. £25.00

Eumer Tubefly Tying Pin

These new specially designed pins are the simple answer to tying tube flies. Available in small Medium and large to suit all sizes of tubing. Small: £8.30 Medium: £8.40 Large: £8.50

Streamworks Adjustable 5 inch Scissors, razor edge. Surgical grade, serrated, razor sharp edges are adjustable insuring proper cutting tension. Ideal for cutting coarse materials like deer hair and synthetics. Extra long 5” straight blade aids in cutting large amounts of material, necessary for larger fly patterns. £14.99

Streamworks Arrow Point Curved 4.5 Inch Scissors

Fly Tying Clips And Block

Small oak block with fly tying clips to hold your flies while they dry. Sold complete with 10 clips. £6.99

Loon Outdoors Head Finishing System

Arrow point, curved surgical grade edges have micro serrations for trimming and cutting fine materials. Arrow points allow for very close cropping of hackles, wings and other materials. Great for fine tuning the head of a fly. Curved points make contouring fly bodies and wings quick and easy. £11.99

Streamworks Brass Bobbin Threader

Water based head cement. £6.50

A Long-reach version of C&F’s benchmark CFT60 Bobbin holder. Featuring a 38mm reach and weighing in at 19grams for improved vision and increased tension control. The black neck tube lets you easily tell this bobbin holder apart from the standard one on the bench. £32.00

Stonefo Revolving Hackle Plier

Small revolving hackle pliers from Stonefo. £5.25

Threads all types of bobbins quickly and easily. The hexagonal shape prevents the tool from rolling off the fly tying bench. The back end of the threader doubles as a half hitch tool. £4.99

Streamworks Brass Bodkin/half Hitch Tool

Stonfo Elite Hackle Plier Designed for Saltwater and Specimen Fly tyers. The SW model bobbin holder has increased weight to hold in place bulky materials and features a thread tension adjustment via the side-brake. Surely the ultimate tool for this job. £35.00

Streamworks Ceramic Bobbin Holder

Streamworks Spring Action Scissors 4.5 Inch

A great little hackle plier with an push and grip style plier. £6.99

Veniard Hair Stacker

Tubeworx Outer Tubing

Veniard Type B Slipstream Tubes (heavy Plastic)

Veniard Hair Stacker used for stacking hair for wings etc... One Size £2.70

C&F Long Reach Bobbin, Standard Tube

C&F - Rotary Hackle Pliers

Clear rings to keep spooled materials from unwinding. Three sizes to fit all spool sizes. Perfectly balanced handling. £5.00

Streamworks Adjustable Tension Scissors

Fly tying scissors One Size 90 cm £1.99

C&F Fly Wheel

C&F - Mega View Optimum bobbin weight (17g) helps keep tension on material during tying. Teflon coated bobbin arms. Clever micro slit foam design in bobbin nose to retain constant thread tension. Complete with bobbin threader. Available in midge or standard size. £27.00

Economy Scissors

Ceramic sleeve in the bobbin tube prevents line grooves.No more tearing and breaking of thread. Delrin feet provide smooth rotation for the thread spool. Short neck makes this great for tying small flies. 3 Inch or 4 Inch £11.99

Streamworks Fine Point Straight Scissors

Surgical grade,fine pointed scissors are procision ground and sharpened to cut cleanly and closely. 3.5 Inches. £14.99

Streamworks Hackle Pliers Non-slip

T. 01443 400766

Streamworks Whip Finisher

Veniard Spigot Bobbin Threader

Veniard Spigot Bobbin threader for threading bobbin holders. One Size £1.99

Veniard Varnish Applicator Bottle

Ergonomically designed for easy handling. Swivel tubed handle rotates smoothly, allowing for quick and easy tie-off of thread. Standard length suits most hook sizes. £5.99

Veniard applicator bottle for varnish One Size £2.70

High quality spring loaded hackle pliers with non slip rubber pads grip hackles securely. Will not cut or break hackles. £4.99

Streamworks Hair Stacker Mediumbrass

Heavy flared base prevents tipping. Padding reduces noise and scratching of fine surfaces. Polished barrels ensure quick and complete stacking of all types of hair. £12.99



T. 01443 400766

These outer tubes come in a large variety of colours, including solid colours, luminescent colours, fluorescent colours and glittered tubes. Each tubes is 200mm long. 10 tubes per packet. Black, Clear, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Sunburst, Blue, White, Silver, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Chartreuse, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Yellow, Luminescent Clear, Luminescent Green, Luminescent Chartreuse, Glitter Silver, Glitter Gold, Glitter Multi, Glitter Green, Glitter Blue/ silver, Glitter Red/silver, Glitter Fluorescent Orange/gold, Glitter Fluorescent Chartreuse/gold and Glitter Purple/silver £3.95

Veniard Ceramic Bobbin Holder

Specially produced for us, this top quality bobbin holder with a full length ceramic tube at an unbelievable price. £6.99

Scandinavian Style Fluorescent Tubing

Veniard Gold Loop Arrow Point 3.5 Inch Scissors

Veniard Gold loop arrow point scissors. 3.5 inch arrow point scissors GLAP. Super fine and super sharp scissors. Gold 3.5inch £7.75

Veniard Gold Loop 4 Inch Universal Scissors

Still very sharp but more robust than the arrow points £8.25

Fluorescent plastic tubing used in conjunction with different weights and colours of tungsten cone heads have changed the look of modern tube flies. Each packet contains 5 x 200 mm Coloured outer tubing and 5 x 200mm clear stiff liner. Fl Yellow and Clear £2.99

Tubeworx Inner Tubing

These inner tubes come in a large variety of colours, including solid colours, lumonescent colours, fluorescent colours and glittered tubes. Each tubes is 200mm long. 10 tubes per packet. Black, Clear, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Red and Fluorescent Chartreuse £3.95

A stouter plastic tube with lining and a cavity in the tail to take the eye of a treble. 10 tubes per packet. 1/2 : £1.45 3/4 : £1.55 1: £1.64 1 1/4 : £1.75 1 1/2 : £1.85 1 3/4 : £1.95 2: £2.05

Veniard Type C Slipstream Tubes (aluminium)

Tubeworx Universal Fly Tying System

Veniard Waste Bag

This is a very handy supplementary bit of kit, for all your waste bits, attaches to the vice stem. One Size £8.95

Streamworks Scissors Ergonomic shape provides precision control of the needle point. Brass body is hexagonal and will not roll off your fly tying bench. The handle doubles as a convenient half hitch tool providing quick tie off of the fly. £4.99

Surgical grade cutting blades are spring loaded for quick and easy cutting. The razor sharp blades are always open, ready for use. Extra fine points aid in tying midge patterns and doing finish work around the head of a fly. £11.99

The Tubeworx Universal Fly Tying System is ideal for those who tie tube flies, whether you are just beginning or a full professional. Each kit includes; A selection of different colour inner tubes, A selection of different colour outer tubes, A selection of different size and colour brass cones, A selection of different size and colour brass tubes and a tube fly needle to tie on. The advanced kit includes extra tungsten cones, tubes and bottle tubes. The Pro kit includes all of the above along with materials typically used on tube flies, such as Nayat hair, Arctic Fox, Boar Bristles, and Cashmere goat - all of which are high quality furs from Foxy-Tails. £19.95  Starter Kit: Advanced Kit: £29.95 Pro Kit: £39.95

Veniard Type A Slipstream Tubes (plastic)

An intermediate weight plastic lined aluminium tube. 10 tubes per packet. 1/2 : £1.59 £1.69 3/4 : 1: £1.80 £1.90 1 1/4 : 1 1/2 : £2.00 £2.10 1 3/4 : 2: £2.20

Veniard Type D Slipstream Tubes (copper)

A heavy weight plastic lined copper tubes for deep/fast water. 10 tubes per packet. 1/2 : £2.15 3/4 : £2.30 £2.45 1: 1 1/4 : £2.75 1 1/2 : £2.90 1 3/4 : £3.00 2: £3.20 2 1/2 : £3.45

Funky Fly Tying Tungsten Beads

A  light weight plastic tube with moulded ends which prevent he dressing from slipping off. 10 tubes per packet. 1/2 : £1.25 3/4 : £1.30 1: £1.40 1 1/4 : £1.50 1 1/2 : £1.60 1 3/4 : £1.70 2: £1.80

Funky fly tying tungsten beads in a range of sizes and colours. 20 beads per packet, available in 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm and 3.5mm. Silver, Gold, Copper, Hot Pink, Pale Pink, Hot Orange, Hot Red and Black. 20 beads: £4.00

Fly Tying Veniard Tungsten Beads

fly tying Veniards Cellire Varnish

Solid Gold And Silver Wire

Anvil Atlas Vice

Budget Vice

Snowbee Waldron Vice

Veniard Vice Starter Kit

Abu Garcia Fish Smoker

Basic budget vice, Black £8.99 Heavy slotted tungsten beads, with perfect shape, available in 2.8mm, 3.3mm, 3.8mm and 4.6mm. Gold, Silver and Gunmetal 2.8mm: £2.53 3.3mm: £2.71 3.8mm: £3.00 4.6mm: £4.65

Veniard cellire varnish. Head cement for fly tying. Clear, Red and Black. Clear: £1.70 Red & Black £1.99

Copper Wire

Uni-coloured Soft Copper Wire

Flybox Rock Hard U.V Varnish Fly tying copper wire on spools available in 0.125mm and 0.40mm Fine (0.125mm) Reel , Very Heavy (0.40mm) Reel £1.30 New UV boosted Rock HARD varnish - great for coating buzzers. At times, UV coated flies can be deadly! Bottle: £3.99

Flybox Micro Wire

Flybox Rock Hard Varnish

This is a wateproof acrylic varnish which sets extremely hard and with a crystal clear finish. Perfect for heads and buzzer bodies. Bottle: £3.00

Micro Wire is an ultra low diameter copper wire (0.09mm) approx 15% thinner than the lowest diameter wires on the market, yet remarkably strong. Gold , Silver, Copper, Black Nickel, Red, Green, Chartreuse, Pink, Orange, Ice Blue, Black, Brown, Cranberry and Olive £2.50

This extremley popular tinsel is now available in a full range of colours and sizes. Tinsel bodies and ribs come alive with this amazing material. Silver, Gold, Red, Green, Black, Blue, Fuchsia, Purple, Chartreuse, Copper and Olive, size small or medium £2.10

Used for thinning down cellire and cleaning brushes. Bottle: £1.75

These extra soft easy to work wires comes in two diameters fine at 0.20mm and medium at 0.30mm Red Fine, Green Fine, Natural Copper Fine, Gold Fine, Orange Fine, Red Fine, Green Medum, Red Medium, Gold Medum, Natural Copper Medium, Orange Medium, Red/green Small No 16, Rusty Brown, Red, Carteuse, Fire Orange, Wine, Lt Olive, Olive Dun and Lt Olive £2.20

Utc Ultra Wire

This is a soft non tarnishing copper wire available in various colours Copper Brown, Tan, Wine, Red, Green, Olive, Amber, Golden Olive, Black, White, Hot Yellow, Hot Orange, Chatreuse, Silver, Fl Yellow, Fl Orange, Gold and Blue Bright Colours: £2.80 Ordinary Colours: £1.80

No. 14 Gold (0.50mm) , No. 15 Gold (0.55mm) , No. 16 Gold (0.80mm) , No.17 Gold (0.90mm), No. 14 Silver (0.50mm) , No. 15 Silver (0.55mm) , No. 16 Silver (0.80mm) , No.17 Silver (0.90mm) , £2.70

C&F’s philosophy is to create tools that fit the human hand and of a quality that gives pride of ownership. This bench vise combines the highest quality basic function with evolutionary design features. We are proud to present the “Reference” Supplied with Bobbin Hanger, Centring shaft, Material clip & CFT180. It has a unique link arm system that changes the level of the jaw without altering the angle. Parachute Tool (CFT200): £30.00 Magnetic Dust Pocket (CFT 190): £40.00 Sight Plate (CFT50): £40.00 Vice: £505.00

Danica Innovation Vice

Morsetto Flylab Vice Pedestal

A sturdy pedestal base provides a good platform for tying wherever you can find a space. The quality of these Italian made Vices is quite obvious at a glance. More importantly though, the performance in use also matches this. Tested around the UK during the past year, we are now pleased to present the Morsetto Vice Range. The FLYLAB model features full head-angle adjustment, 360 degree rotation of the hook when held. Hook sizes 22 - 2/0. £94.99

Morsetto Flytec Rotary Vice Pedestal

High quality in-line (true rotary) 360 degree Vice. The Morsetto Flytec Vice features a Stainless Steel shaft with two precision ball bearings, adjustable rotary tension with locking mechanism. 3 interchangeable hardened steel jaws, bobbin cradle, centering gauge, material clip and allen key. Mounted on a broad pedestal base. £159.99

The Snowbee-Waldron Vice offers the advanced fly tier faultless engineering precision coupled with a silky smooth operation. Its appeal is its simplicity. Superbly CNC engineered to tolerances of less than 0.01mm using 303 grade Stainless Steel, aluminium and CR12 tool steel for the jaws, hardened to Rockwell C 58.The main head axle runs on two sealed stainless steel ball-race bearings. Tension for the 360 degree rotating head is by means of a tension screw at the rear, operating on two delrin washers. Vice: £250.00 Sight Board & Bobbin Cradle: £54.00

Stonfo Flylab 516 Lever Vice

A very well know vice, the Anvil Apex is used the world over by fly tying enthusiasts. The vice has a blasted finish making it look very attractive. The entire vice is made from stainless steel, the jaws are hardened. The Anvil Apex is a once in a life time purchase. This will become your only fly tying vice. Bobbin cradle sold separately. Bobbin Cradle: £16.99 Vice: £87.50

Basic fly tying tool kit to get you started Contains: Vice, Scissors, Bodkin, Hackle pliers, Thread bobbin, Bobbin threader. Whip finisher £15.99

Vice Eagle II

A brand new addition to the Morsetto line-up, the Lever vice combines the proven design features from Flylab models, with additional options. Featuring Headangle adjustment and a lockable  360 degree rotation, the Lever vice is supplied with both a sturdy pedestal base and a machined  C-Clamp (fits upto 50mm surfaces). There are three sets of interchangeable jaws supplied as standard to cover hook sizes 26 – 6/0. Material clip included. £139.99

T. 01443 400766

Airflo Leader Storage Wallet

Super quality sauvage leather folder. Ring attaches to zinger clip. Chamois leather type liners are more efficient than amadou. Fly Dryer: £15.00 Replacement Liner: £4.50

Benecchi - Leather Leader Straightener

Kelly Kettle Airflo’s blue mesh line/leader wallet is perfect for storing you shooting heads, leaders, sink-tips, and Spey (poly) leaders. This zippered wallet has seven compartments for storing a variety of heads. The wallet measures 4.5” X 4.5” and has a zip to secure the leaders. There are 7 compartments to hold leaders. £3.99

Hardened steel jaws. Adjustable Jaw angle. Extra wide table clamp. Heavy duty brass moving parts £29.99

This Flagship product comprises all the extra features and accessories found throughout the Morsetto range. The locking lever easily secures any hook. The full rotary head runs on a stainless steel shaft with two precision ball bearings. It features 360 degree rotation with a convenient stop at 180 degrees. Supplied complete with 3 interchangeable Case Hardened Steel Jaws, Bobbin rest, centering gauge, spring material clip, Pedestal base and C-Clamp. £183.99

Adjustable Jaw angle. Extra wide table clamp. Heavy duty brass moving parts £23.99

Vice Super II

Veniard No 12 Standard Lever Vice

Morsetto Lever Vice

The Danica Innovation Vice is the perfect 360 vice on a budget. The Danica vice includes features which are only found on high end vices costing hundreds of pounds. Based on the 360 principal of fly vice rotations, it makes it easier and faster to tie professional looking flies yet still retains all the features of traditional vices. The Danica Innovation Vice is a truly revolutionary vice, produced from composite with tempered steel jaws, perfect for holding hooks between 2/0 to 24s. £59.99

The Abu Smoker has sold millions worldwide and these are the very best. Smoked fish is the best way of eating your catch. Supplied complete with instructions, these smokers originate from Sweden and are manufactured to the highest standards. Small Silver: £54.99

450 grammes approx 1lb of smoke dust enough for roughly 50 charges 450g 1lb Approx 50 Charges. £4.99

Benecchi - Fly Dryer

Super quality leather holder. High quality rubber pads. Brass clip attaches to vest or shirt. This is a quality produce from Benecchi. £15.00

Airflo Light Do Strike Indicator

C&F Net Holder

Airflo Light-Do is moldable, reusable and buoyant just like Airflo Float-Do, but Airflo Light-Do emits its own light! Ideal as a bite indicator for dusk, Airflo Light-Do absorbs the light as it is going dark and carries on emitting that light into darkness. It can also be recharged with a torch. May even be used as an attractor on deeply fished flies! £2.99

Ideal for large/heavy nets. Fix the screw cap onto your D-ring. Install stainless suspension clip with cable ties. Curl cord lanyard included. £9.50

Vice Lever Sprung

Anvil Apex Vice

Oval Tinsel

Veniard Unitit Thinners

Arguably the most desired vice available, used by both professional and amateur fly tyers, the Anvil Atlas. Products by Anvil Industries, a company based in the USA, the largest private label manufacturer of professional cutlery, scissors and shears. With a total of three cutlery plants currently active. Anvil are extremely proud of their dedication to American products and the highly skilled craftsmen producing their products. £139.99

C&F Ultimate Reference Vice

Holographic Tinsel

Loon Hard Head Fly Finish

A polyurethane based formula for building colourful, glossy heads and bodies, a great alternative to epoxy. Dries in one hour. Supplied with applicator. Clear, Black, Red, Orange and Yellow Bottle: £5.99

No.25 Solid Gold Wire 0.185mm ( New Large , No.26 Solid Gold Wire 0.155mm , No.27 Solid Gold Wire 0.125mm , No.25 Solid Silver Wire 0.185mm , No.26 Solid Silver Wire 0.155mm , No.27 Solid Silver Wire 0.125mm £1.23

Smoke Dust

A well constructed rotating, lever operated vice in the intermediate price range that will take hooks of all sizes, from the smallest trout to larger salmon. Finished in heavy chrome £10.49

Tapered jaws to handle flies from size 4 to 22. Adjustable jaw angle. Machined brass working parts £19.99

ViceSuper A

Veniard Rotary Vice

A full rotary vice made by Veniard. £31.99

T. 01443 400766

Superb beginners or lightweight travel vice Hardened jaws to hold a variety of hook sizes Single lever action £8.99

Available in Aluminum or Stainless Steel, the original camping kettles make boiling water fast and easy for Car Camping, fishermen, trekkers, Scouts, survival kits, family picnics and people working in the outdoors. Using only naturally occurring fuels such as sticks, Pine cones, Birch bark, dry grass, etc. our portable outdoor camping kettles boil water in just 3 - 5 minutes for tea, coffee, rehydrating food, bathing, cooking, etc.....irrespective of weather conditions The most reliable ultra-fast camping kettle for the outdoors! Kelly Kettles for Camping, Picnics, Scouts, Fishing, etc. NO Batteries, NO Gas - FREE FUEL! Works with any fuel: sticks, dry grass, bark, pine cones, even dry animal dung! In Stainless Steel or Aluminum. No open fire (the fire is contained within the kettle & fire base).Lightweight, compact, durable & works in extreme weather. Excellent customer service. Camping Equipment For Wilderness Survival, Emergency Preparedness or Disaster Kits. Carbon neutral green camping. No travel restrictions (planes etc.) 4 sizes available (1.7ltr / 1.5ltr / 1.1ltr / 0.57ltr) Boil water & cook at the same time! 2yr anti-leak warranty Trekker - 0.5 litre capacity, Scout 1.3 litre capacity, Base Camp 1.6 litre capacity £35.95 Trekker Aluminium: Scout Aluminium: £38.50 Base Camp Aluminium: £39.95 Trekker Kelly Stainless: £45.95 Scout Kelly Stainless: £47.95 Base Camp Stainless: £49.95 Small Cook Set : £13.95 Large Cook Set : £15.50 Pot Supports (fits All) : £5.00 Stainless Mug : £5.00

C&F 2-in-1 Retractor

Amadou Patch

This very rare fungus has been used for over a century to dry saturated flies without damaging the hackle. Perfect for CDC patterns or any dry fly that needs reviving. Comes in a smart leather holder with ’D’ Ring for easy attachment to a pin on reel (not supplied) £12.49

Holds two small tools on polyeurathane coils. Attaches to vests or shirts with pin bar. Each coil extends to 5inches. Fishing tools attach with split ring. £11.00

C&F 3-In-1 Fishing Water Thermometer

Aquasure Wader Repair

The industry standard for maximum strength repairs to neoprene and breathable fabrics. Flexible urethane formula waterproof seals and protects against abrasion. NO BRUSH £6.25

Fishing Thermometer Centigrade and Fahrenheit readings. Split ring attachment to zinger. Lightweight and waterproof. Indentations to wrap waste tippet prior to disposal at home. Magnetic lost fly catcher recovers flies from grass. Measures 2.5inch long. £18.00

miscellaneous C&F 3-In-1 Nail Knot Pipe And Line Needle

miscellaneous C&F Ruby Cell Fly Dryer

C&F Shooting Head Dispenser

Loon Aquel Fly Floatant

Fishing Hook Eye Threader

Non Lead Sinking Putty

Rio Nippers

Snip fly leaders quickly and precisely with these Rio Nippers £10.99 For connecting leaders directly to fly lines. Needle located in pipe shaft. Magnet on end of pipe picks up hooks and flies. Needle useful for cleaning hook eyes. Split ring for zinger attachment. £10.00

Hi-Tech fly dryer. Microporous polyurethane liner for high water absorption. Polypropylene case with spring clip to attach to D ring. £12.00

C&F Flex Pin On Reel

Dry Fly Silicone Mucilin

C&F 3-In-1 Tweezers Kit

Combines Fly Handling Tweezers, a hook eye cleaner, and three interchangeable fly threaders (ultra-midge, midge and standard) which clip between the tweezers jaws. Use with threader fly boxes. £14.00

High quality ABS plastic and steel zinger. Long reach 18inch kevlar cord to locking tool clip. Powerful magnet will hold up to three flies for drying Attaches to vest or shirt with locking pin. £12.00

C&F Fly Protector

Lightweight fly holder pins to vest of shirt. Polypropylene cover protects flies. Ripple foam storage for standard flies. Easy open and close. Side ventilation dries out wet flies. Measures 3.5inch by 2.5inch. Weight 0.5oz S-size Micro Slit Foam: £12.00

C&F Line Pallet

C&F Magnetic Car Rod Stand

Magnetic Car Rod Stand-High density foam with three fishing rod holder recesses. Magnetic backing attaches to car panels. Perfect for holding rods safely while tackling up or lunching. £13.00

C&F Magnetic Landing Net Releaser

Liquid silicone mucilin in hourglass bottle. Place fly in the top section of the bottle and turn up side down, the fly is then completly immersed in the liquid. £1.99

Mucilin Floatant

C&F Lanyard

Easy to use accessory lanyard with shock cord length adjustment. Two inside and six external locking tool snaps will not tangle or intertwine. Includes a plastic holder to store tippet spools. Designed to hold all C&F accessory tools. £22.00

High quality, lightweight and compact storage for your shooting heads. This twin holder runs on a bearing, hold one side and wind the other eliminating twist. £28.00

A Floating Line tray using High density C&F foam with smooth tapered cones to catch running line. (Cones are removable for storage) The tray is designed for use in and out of the water. It secures around the leg and at two points to waders/ belt. All are quick release for ease and safety when wading. CFA300 19” x 12” 10 Cones: £50.00 CFA310  23” x 17” 16 cones: £60.00

C&F Premium Line Clipper

Your fly will float dry and long, with little or no slick on calm water. Odour masking pheromones hide human scent. Loon’s bestselling product £4.99

Loon Henrys Sinket

Coats wet flies & nymphs with a wetting agent that makes them sink quickly £4.99

Loon Lochsa Premium Fly Floatant All Around Dry Fly Floatant

Makes light work of threading the smallest hooks. Clips onto a pocket or has ring for zinger attachment. Injection moulded ABS plastic. Measures 3.5inch long. £10.99

Flycast Wrist Support

This Airflo Cast Aid features a soft neoprene wrist support, guaranteed to help your casting by eliminating wrist break £9.99

Frogs Fanny is the uniquely effective treatment to keep all CDC and dry flies afloat cast after cast, day after day. With the built-in brush, simply work this amazing powder into the fly and relish the satisfaction of greater fishing success. Frogs Fanny also works wonders on nymphs. It simulates the air bubble around an emerger and gives your fly that flashy-fleshy look that fish find irresistible. Make Frogs Fanny one of your indispensable streamside tools for fly fishing. £8.49

Gink Fly Floatant Dressing

Loon Outdoors Top Ride

Dries out saturated flies AND coats them with a floatant. Place fly and leader tip into the container and shake. Excels with larger flies and leaves no slick on the water £6.50

Lureflash Fly Patch

Gelert Pocket Handwarmer

Lureflash clip on fly patch approx 2 1/2 by 3 1/’2 inches £3.99

Solid silicone mucilin £1.49

Frogs Fanny

Loon Outdoors Deep Soft Weight Non-toxic tungsten putty sinks your leader fast. Can be rolled into shape and applied to your leader when warm. Hardens in cold water £4.99

Loon Lochsa is floatant gel that even works on CDC. The gel provides maximum floatation without being seen at all. Silicon based floatant does not melt in the heat or harden when cold. £7.99

Loon Outdoor Caddy

Ideal to keep you warm in all outdoor activities Includes one fuel stick.. Red: £5.99 £2.99 Box 12 Fuel Sticks:

Lureflash Seamless Rings

Highest quality Nipper. Very resistant to corrosion and with super hard (SUS420J) hardened stainless blades. A concealed hook eye cleaning pin is fitted together with a nonslip elastomer grip. Black: £15.00 Silver: £15.00

Dry fly dressing , rub a small amount of Gink onto you dry fly before getting wet. Gink melts at skin temperature and wont cake small hackles like silicones. Floats dry flies for hours. £5.99

Ron thompson R.T. Fieldgear line stripping tray wwith built in fly patch and measure in pocket. £12.99

Salmon/steelhead Polyleaders

The 10’ salmon/steelhead polyleaders provide complete depth control which is so often essential for salmon/steelhead fishing. Floating leaders work well when fishing bombers, slow and fast sink leaders are perfect for avoiding drag with a floating line and the extra super fast sinking leader gets the fly deep quickly.10 Foot Clear Hover, 5 Foot Fast Sinking, 5 Foot Super Fast Sinking, 10 Foot Clear Hover: £5.00 5 Foot Fast Sinking: £3.40 5 Foot Super Fast Sinking: £3.40

Ketchum Release Lureflash stainless steal seamless rings size 2mm x 10 rings £1.99

Holds one standard Loon container (Top Ride type). Nylon webbing with elastic retainer strap. Clips to ‘D’ ring. Medium: £5.99 £5.99 Small:

Eze-lap Hook Sharpener

Remove fly hook without netting or handling the fish. 6inch moulded carbon shaft, with non slip rubberised handle. Delrin safety clip for attachment to zinger. Small, Medium, Large £15.99

Loon Outdoor Strike II

Worlds best hook sharpener. Grit diamond hone, with groove for point sharpening. Pen top clips onto a pocket. Measures 3.5inch long. £7.99

Extra buoyant strike out for heavy nymphs & strong turbulent currents, available in Orange or Yellow. 30cm, 1/4” diameter. Yellow or Orange. £3.99

T. 01443 400766

The StreamWorks® patented, high quality stainless steel combo tool, with unique Power Jaws™ de-barbs hooks, crimps split shot and provides the gripping power of pliers, eliminating the need to carry two tools. 5 Inch Black Forceps, 5 Inch Gold Forceps, £13.99

Streamworks Ultimate Nipper

Hardened stainless steel edge stays sharp for reliable cutting built-in magnet holds flies during tippet replacement. Eye cleaner quickly cleans hook eyes. File for hooks £12.99

Vision Carabine Zinger

Lureflash Soft Touch Bass Bag

Airflo V Tube Float Tube

Hydrodynamic V-shaped hull helps buoyancy, stability and aids tracking. High-back design for extra support and comfort. Roomy armrest storage with additional reel pockets, gear pockets, fly patches. Lash tabs and D-rings for attaching gear and bass bags. Quick-release stripping apron. Lightweight design for easy transportation £99.99

Vision Nippers

Small compact cushion with carrying handle and Velcro straps to fix to the boat bench £15.99

Comfort Zone Deluxe Boat Seat High quality Germas Steel. Precision cutting edge plus Ultra sharp needle for cleaning hook eyes.Eyelet for zinger attachment. £11.99

Neoprene Queen Wetsuit and wader repairs in 10 minutes. 30g tube. £6.99

Lureflash soft touch bass bag with zip closure and lanyard. Green 21 Inches By 20 Inches £5.29

T. 01443 400766

Very attractive priest with wooden handle and turned brass head, ideal gift. £5.99

High quality retractor. Attaches to clothing with safety locking clip. Nylon coated stainless steel wire with 24” reach. £6.99

Vision Roto Zinger

Stream Works Scissors Forceps

Magnetic net release for connecting wading net to back of waistcoat. £5.99

Wooden Handled Priest with Brass Head

A patented, stainless steel combo tool with serrated scissors and unique lateral Power Jaws™, that provides the clamping power of pliers, eliminating the need to carry two tools. Power Jaws™ de-barbs large and small hooks, crimps split shot and other items. Hardened, micro serrated scissors cut braided and gel-spun lines cleanly and quickly. 5.5” stainless steel forceps Platinum Black £17.99

Tightlines Direct Deluxe Boat Seat

Based on the best selling original boat seat the new DeLuxe TLD Boat Seat version features an innovative new swivel attachment for quick and easy mounting on boat boards. The belt and ratchet mechanism of the DeLuxe TLD Boat Seat takes seconds to attach, avoiding the need to spend time fiddling with and tightening nuts. Once attached, this new mechanism is solid and immovable. £129.99

Tightlines Direct Standard Boat Seat

Airflo Comfort Zone Boat Cushion

Stormsure Neoprene Queen Wetsuit And Wader Repair

Magnetic Net Release Attach to jacket or vest D ring with spring loaded clip. Attach to net frame with two ratchet tie-straps provided. Landing / Fishing Net secured with powerful magnets and released with firm tug. Self seeking magnets ensure easy net return. Curl cord attaches to vest hem and net. Stretches 21inch for ease of movement. £25.00

Ron Thompson Line Tray

Streamworks Forceps

Rotates 360 degree. High quality retractor. Attaches to clothing with pin mount. Nylon coated stainless steel wire with 24” reach £4.99

Vision Spec Spring

Latex grabbers grip the arms. Spring-cord keeps glasses close to head and out of way when not in use. Assorted colours. £6.95

The Airflo Comfort Zone Deluxe boat seat is quite simply the best boat seat - bar none. Quality, luxury padded cushions and essential back support guarantee you the most pleasurable and relaxing day you will ever experience whilst on the water - no other boat seat can offer this level of comfort. Folding to under 3ft in length, the Airflo Deluxe Comfort Zone boat seat will easily fit into call car boots, making it so easy to transport. Made using a super strong telescopic aluminium frame, this top of the range boat seat is more capable of taking the strain no matter how large the load or how rough the conditions.  Designed to be set up or broken down with ease, the Deluxe Comfort Zone seat will get you fishing in seconds and just as importantly allow you to exit the boat quickly and efficiently at the end of a hard days fishing £149.99

The TLD Boat Seat has a unique rotatable design, aiding the angler to cover fish quickly which can prove invaluable when fish are feeding on the surface. The Padded back and seat of the TLD Boat Seat provides excellent support and comfort for the day’s boat fishing. The TLD Boat Seat will clamp to all boats, elevating the angler high above the water. For convenient handling and transportation, the TLD Boat Seat folds down to half its extended size. Gludy Lake fishery has used these seats for years, and they have proved to be a very well made product that lasts. £99.99

Airflo Aquatec Fly Boxes

Finally a great waterproof fly box that won’t break the bank, this high impact lightweight plastic fly box is fitted with a special gasket that will protect your flies from rain or the occasional dunking. Each box has slotted foam for great hold and easy organisation of your favourite patterns. Medium: £8.99 Large: £9.99 Large Swing: £11.99 Large Slot Foam: £9.99

miscellaneous Clear Fly Boxes

Slitted foam fly boxes with clear lids that allow you to see your flies without having to open the box. Waterproof. Small: 240 Flies 125 X 93 X 40mm £5.50 Madium: 288 Flies 150 X 92 X 43mm £6.50 Large: 486 Flies 187 X 105 X 40mm £7.50

Greys Gs Fly Box

CLOTHING Mclean Hinged Ejector Landing Net

Fixed frame wading net with hinged handle. Folds for complete carrying. Easily operated with one hand. Stainless steel belt clip, or attach with Rose Creek net release. Net diameter 19inch and 22inch deep. 18inch handle with non-slip rubber grip. Overall length 37inch. Knotless mesh. Net 16 In Wide 22 In Long. £64.99

Mclean Hinged Handle Wading Net

Mclean Telescopic Hinged Handle Weight Tri-net

A folding arm triangular net with optional scabbard. Telescopic handle with rubber grip and built-in weighing scales to 141b. Folds into scabbard, with belt attachment. Clip will attach to D ring. Handle extends from 21 inches to 33 inches. Triangular net is 21 inches wide and 20 inches deep. Overall extended length 49 inches. Knotless mesh. £89.99

Mclean-folding Ejector Tri-landing Net

Fixed frame net for deep wading with weighing scales to 6.5lb. Net opening 17.5inch by 12inch deep. Net depth 27inch. Handle length 8inch. Overall length 25.5inch. French clip for attachment to D rings or attach with Rose Creek Net Release/ C&F Magnetic Net Release. Knotless mesh. £59.99

Mclean Folding Head Landing Net With Telescopic Handle

Fixed frame wading net with hinged handle. Folds for compact carrying. Easily operated with one hand. Stainless steel belt clip, or attach with Rose Creek Net Release. Net diameter 19 inches and net depth 22 inches. 18 inch handle with non slip rubber grip. a Overall length 37 inches. Knotless mesh. Large 22 In X 18.5 In: £42.99 Small 19 In X 15.5 In: £39.99

Press the button and the spring loaded handle immediately extends from 20 to 30 inches. Folding triangular net with optional carrying scabbard. Triangular net is 19 inches wide and 20 inches deep. Overall extended length is 47inches. Handle with rubber grip. Knotless mesh netting. Bronze aluminium construction £69.99

Mclean Scabbard For Tri-landing Nets

Pan Wooden Net

23 inch long rip-stop nylon scabbard. With belt loop attachment. For weight or ejector tri-nets. £13.99

Mclean Telescopic Hinged Handle Weight Net

Available in two sizes 16 inch head or 20 inch head and also in two head shapes, circular or D shaped. Telescopic handle. Locking head mechanism. Knotless mesh netting. Belt clip. Non-slip handle grip. 18inch D, 50inch Overall Length: £54.99 21inch D, 62inch Overall Length : £59.99 16inch Round, 52inch Overall Length : £54.99 20inch Round, 64inch Overall Length : £59.99

Small game net with easy locking flip mechanism. Classic lightweight folding nets. £19.99

Abu Trout Flip Net

Fixed frame with hinged handle Telescopic handle with rubber grip. Weighing scales to 14lbs. Easily operated with one hand. Handle extends from 24 inches to 46 inches. Attach with Rose Creek Net Release. Net opening 19.5 inches by 17.5 inches, net depth 27 inches. Overall length 54 inches Knotless mesh. £89.99

Small pan wooden landing net with eye for magnetic net release, ideal for wading small rivers or streams. The overall length (including the handle) is 60cm, the opening of the net is: 37cm X 26cm £12.99

Wychwood Boatman Landing Net

Specially designed for lockstyle fishing in which the net is positioned across the gunwales. 22” diameter frame, specially shaped to allow fish to be drawn over a good surface area of net from a variety of angles. Stiff, knotless large diameter mesh reduces the problem of the other two flies in a team hanging up while a fish is being unhooked. The aluminium handle is weighted to prevent the net sliding along or lifting off the gunwales. The handle extends from 42” to 70” £49.99

Airflo Bullet Shades

Our comprehensive range of sunglasses are available in a choice of modern wraparound styles with two lens options. Our preferred lens for all-round conditions is the sandstone whilst the smoke lens is beneficial in brighter conditions. Superb optical quality at unbelievable prices. Sandstone Lens: £14.99 Smoke Lens: £14.99

Sprinter Polarized Glasses Small game net with easy locking flip mechanism. Classic lightweight folding nets. Knotless mesh and button release. 17x19 2ft Handle Black, £19.99

Daiwa Aqua Dry Nets

Greys GS fly box free swinging slotted foam middle leaf. Medium Grey: £7.99

Mclean - Short Handle Weight Landing Net

Abu Knottless Flip Game Landing Net

Polarized fishing glasses with a choice of Grey / Tan lenses £12.99

Stalker Polarised Sunglasses The new Wilderness AquaDry nets offer a variety of outstanding features including a new water repellent mesh. This makes them ideal for faster drying and are less absorbent to fish slime etc. The net itself is also secured inside the frame arms giving added protection to the mesh. Tn3 60cm net, Tele/ Collapsible: £27.99 Tn2 50cm net, Tele/Collapsible 118-170cm: £24.99 Tn1 40cm net, Tele/Collapsible 110-160cm: £22.99

Stalker wrap around polarised fishing sunglasses with yellow lenses £12.50

Predator Polarised Sunglasses

Airflo Bifocal Glasses Red/gold, Blue/purple £12.50

Striker Polarized Glasses The stunning new range of polarized fishing glasses have been designed to meet the needs of the game angler in a multitude of differing light conditions. The new range of Airflo Bi-Focal offers superb optical quality and a comprehensive selection of styles to suit any individual. +150 Magnification: £29.99 +200 Magnification: £29.99 +250 Magnification: £29.99

Polarized fishing glasses with small glare blocking side shield. Amber Lens, Yellow Lens, Brown Lens, Grey Lens, £12.50

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit for our full selection of products

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Airflo Delta 3/4 Jacket With Free Fleece And Over Trousers

Airflo Delta ¾ Jacket has to represent the best value jacket on the market today, waterproof, windproof and breathable, the hi-tec membrane prevents water getting through while allowing perspiration to be transported away from your body, guaranteeing you stay dry and comfortable throughout the day. Packed with all the features that you would expect from a jacket costing twice the price. Sizes Medium to XX Large. Medium, Large, XLarge, 2XLarge,

Daiwa Wilderness 3/4 Wading Jacket

Wilderness 3/4 Length Jacket The field coat truly looks great and more than delivers in terms of function and comfort. With more durable fabric on the elbows and shoulders plus Velcro fasten able neoprene cuffs it is easy to see why. Apart from the four external pockets we also added one inside the storm flap to keep smaller items secure. Double spring zingers let you have quick access to your forceps or scissors.  Sizes Medium to XX Large. £59.99

Vision Keeper Jacket

This lightweight fully breathable jacket will withstand the worst weather. Trilaminate, breathable membrane with lightweight ripstop outer and mesh inner lining makes this a serious waterproof jacket, whilst having the advantage of being able to roll-up into the back of your fly vest. Foul weather jacket for deep wading & float tubing. Available from X Small to XXX Large. £79.99

Greys Strata All Weather Jacket

Waterproof, lightweight and breathable jacket. Although designed particularly for boat anglers, this jacket will keep you warm and dry whenever you’re out and about. The jacket uses our uniqueThermatex 300 fibre filling to keep you warm even when relatively inactive. Climatex 5000 gives the angler greater protection in extreme conditions. Waterproof, lightweight, breathable and rigorously tested by our fishing experts. Thermatex 300 delivers excellent thermal protection without inhibiting breathability and fast transfer of moisture away from the body. Developed to work in tandem with ClimatexTM. Sizes Small to XXX Large.  £134.99

Greys Strata All Weather Wading Jacket

The result of rigorous testing by our expert team, the new Strata Wading Jacket is the perfect all-round fishing jacket - lightweight, ergonomically cut and including our specially design Flo-Guard cuffs to reduce the unpleasant trickle of water up your sleeve while casting. Climatex 5000 gives the angler greater protection in extreme conditions. Waterproof, Lightweight, breathable and rigorously tested by our fishing experts. Sizes Small to XXX Large.  £116.99

T. 01443 400766

Greys Strata All Weather Overtrousers

Designed to be worn with the All Weather Jacket or Wading Jacket, these trousers feature clever neoprene reinforcement to the seat and knees for boat angling. Cut high for warmth and protection in very bad weather; the braces are fully adjustable and removable. Highly durable and comfortable. Climatex 5000 - gives the angler greater protection in extreme conditions. Waterproof, lightweight, breathable and rigorously tested by our fishing experts. DWR Coating - hydrophobic outer coating actively pushes water away from the garment, which vastly improves waterproofing and breathability. Sizes Small to XXX Large. £98.99

Greys Strata Quilted Jacket

A quilted jacket filled with our unique Thermatex 300 filling to keep you warm on the chilliest of days. An essential in any winter wardrobe, this jacket will keep you warm while fishing or just out and about and has a rainproof coating to keep you dry in light rain. Rainproof - offers the angler protection in light weather conditions. Sizes Small to XXX Large. £44.99

Greys Strata Fishing Shirt

Lightweight quick drying technical fishing shirt with excellent UV protection Featuring button up sleeves, 2 zipped pockets and mesh ventilation. UVP 50+ - offers outstanding protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Whether you’re on the bank or on a boat - you’re covered. Back Vent - keep cool in humid conditions. Heat and moisture escape via a discreet meshed vent on the back of the shirt. Tooltab - clip or pin your zinger and other tool attachments to the discreet tab when you’re fishing. Easily remove when you’re not. Simple. Quality YKK Zips offer easy and smooth operation. Sizes Small to XXX Large.  £35.99

Greys Strata Windproof Fleece

A lightweight, silent, windproof fleece combining a super-soft, thermal boosting high-pile fleece with a breathable and wind blocking membrane bonded to a jersey backing which is comfortable against the skin. A highly versatile mid or top layer. Thermatex 300 delivers excellent thermal protection without inhibiting breathability and fast transfer of moisture away from the body. Developed to work in tandem with ClimatexTM. Windproof - the cooling effect of the wind is deflected using an air impermeable membrane bonded within two layers of brushed fleece. It’s comfortable against the skin and extremely warm. From small to XXX Large £62.99

To see our full range of clothing, please go to our website:

CLOTHING Greys Apollo Extreme Fleece Jacket

The Apollo Full Zip Fleece Jacket and the Apollo Fleece Smock are manufactured from a top quality non-pilling fleece for warmth and long lasting good looks. The two tone grey colour makes them attractive and they are easy to wear in any situation requiring warm gear. In addition, the jacket is fully nylon lined throughout for easy access and movement. The Full Zip Fleece Jacket features a single external chest pocket, two zipped hand warmer pockets and an inside zipped pocket. Sizes Medium to XXX Large. £49.99

Greys Apollo Extreme Hooded Fleece Smock

The Apollo Full Zip Fleece Jacket and the Apollo Fleece Smock are manufactured from a top quality non-pilling fleece for warmth and long lasting good looks. The two tone grey colour makes them attractive and they are easy to wear in any situation requiring warm gear. In addition, the jacket is fully nylon lined throughout for easy access and movement. Sizes Medium to XXX Large. £44.99

CLOTHING Camo Fur Hunting Hat

Airflo Outlander Mesh Vest

Fur lined Camo hunting trapper hat with clip close chin strap. £15.99

The excellent value fly fishing Outlander Mesh Vest from Airflo has plenty of pockets for all your tackle. Pockets range from medium to large and also vertical. There are vertical zip down fly trays and mesh pockets. Double form ‘D’ rings and also ‘D’ rings on the back. The Mesh Vest is supplied in one size, adjustable to fit all sizes. It has a stylish design and is both hard wearing and functional. One Size: £44.99

Camo Thinsulate Fleece Hat Camo Design Thinsulate Fleece Hat. £4.99

Airflo Outlander Vest Back Pack

Fladen Midge Hats

Fladen outdoors midge caps and hats with extra fine mesh and drawstring neck to exclude all midges. Green in colour. £3.99

An excellent vest / back pack for the price. High quality with plenty of pockets for all your tools. The vest is adjustable to fit all sizes. The back pack has 2 pockets (double) and an expanding pocket for all your larger items. There are also 3 ‘D’ rings on the back. The front has zip down fly trays, and vertical pockets on the left and right. There are mesh pockets on the inside and outside. The front has a total of 6 ‘D’ rings for zingers. These back pack / vests allow you to make a trip with all your required items and tools safely stored in the pockets. You can easily carry all your tippet materials, tools, fly boxes and even waterproofs in the larger back pockets. An excellent product at a very affordable price. One Size: £54.99

Gelert Bob Hat With Thinsulate Insulation

Gelert Bob Hat With Thinsulate Insulation. Black in colour. £3.99

Greys V Black and Olive Caps

Greys V Black and Olive caps. Available in Black or Olive. £8.99

Team Daiwa Hooded Zip Front Fleece Top Smart, functional and great wash after wash, these garments are ideal at the waterside or down the watering hole! Sizes Medium to XX Large. £24.99

Redington - Flats Hat

Fladen Universal Life Jackets

Oyster, polyester cotton. Long peak for sight fishing. Shoulder length sun flap. Shockcord size adjustment £19.00

Buoyancy aid 50newtons, suitable for adults 60kg and over. One Size: £27.99

Redington - Mesh Cap Green cotton stretch mesh. £12.50

Redington - Twill Cap Abu Neoprene 1/2 Finger Gloves

Navy twill fishing cap. Long peak for sight fishing. £10.00

Greys Strata Fly Vest

Medium, Large and X Large. £11.99

Keep all your fishing essentials secure and close to hand with the new rigorously tested Greys Strata Fly Vest. We’ve made the vest itself as light as possible, using highly durable and quick drying fabrics, and maximised flexible storage for unimpeded fishing. Clip or pin your zinger and other tool attachments to the discreet tab when you’re fishing. Easily remove when you’re not - simple. Crammed with pockets for carrying spools, fly boxes and a large rear pocket for a lightweight waterproof. Bottle holder and tippet leash provide quick access to frequently used accessories. Removable foam patch for drying and storage of flies in easy reach. Comes in S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL. £44.99

Redington Convertible Sun Blocker Cap Gelert Knitted Thinsulate Insulation Gloves

Gelert Knitted Gloves with Thinsulate Insulation. One Size, Black in colour. £3.50

Lineaeffe Neoprene Fold Back Finger Gloves

Lineaeffe Fold back finger neoprene gloves with velcro wrist bands and three velcro finger tabs. Medium, Large and X Large. £14.99

Thermal Mitten Combo

Thermal mitten combo, with spandex for comfort and fit. One Size, available in Black or Green Khaki. £4.99

Cadet Hunter Peak Camo Cap

Cadet Hunter Peaked Hat with camo print design and velcro adjustable rear strap. £5.99

100% dri-core nylon - lightweight, reduces glare on angler’s face and neck,UPF 30+ sun protection, snap-off back flap, dark under-visor £19.05

Ski Balaclava

Ski Balaclava. Olive in colour. £2.99

Hardwear Heated Socks

The Hardwear heated socks are the perfect addition for the winter angler or walker. With a discreet lightweight battery pack, heat can be emitted at the press of a button. When out walking or fishing the ground can be hard and cold, keeping your feet, hands and head warm is the ultimate in being able to spend the day on the bank. The Hardwear heated socks are comfortable and lightweight to keep your feet toast warm all day. Medium - size 5 to 8, Large size - 9 to 13. £11.99

Ron Thompson Neo Tough Neoprene Socks

Klobba Fly Waistcoat

Lureflash waistcoat from Klobba with 3 Large zip up front pockets, 1 small zip pocket and 2 Velcroed mesh pockets. Velcro straps and 5 D rings. 3 side utility pockets and 1 rear large expandable pocket with net D ring. One size fits all. One Size: £21.99

Ron Thompson neo tough neoprene socks are ideal for all kinds of outdoor use , made from thick neoprene giving excellent all round insulation , keeping your feet warm in the coldest conditions even if they get wet . With heavy duty stitching and elasticated hem. Black in colour. Sizes: 8 to 9, 9 to 10, 11 to 12. £14.99

T. 01443 400766

T. 01443 400766

Vision Love Handles

This practically designed bag got new colours and better materials. It is not only a traditional belt bag but you can also use it at chest height as it has an adjustable neck cord. There are two plastic clips that can be used to attach the bag onto our wader’s D-loops or to the front of our Aquapack. This bag is wide enough on the sides to give you support with a heavier load and keep it steady. There’s a D-ring in the neck cord to attach your landing net. Two large zippered front pockets, Large zippered mesh pocket in front, 2x built in retractors, YKK buckles and zippers, 2x plastic clips in front, 2x bottle mesh bags, 2x pliers pockets, D-ring for landing net on neck cord. One Size: £39.99

Vision Mega Bra

The big sister of the family got a new colour and new better materials. Suitable for all of us who appreciate volume, beauty and functionality. A cross-breed between a fly fishing vest, a chest pack and a small day pack. Mega Bra has six zipper pockets in front, two inside and one in the back. Additionally, it has five mesh pockets and one large expandable rear pocket roomy enough for example for your shell jacket and lunch. Mega Bra has two integrated zingers and five D-rings (one for attaching your landing net). It is easily adjustable for every size and a short front YKK zipper and a buckle secure it when needed. The inside material of the vest is a strong mesh enabling proper ventilation. This multi-purpose combo is easy to put on and extra padding in the back makes it comfortable to wear during long fishing days. One Size: £84.99

Vision Mini Bra

Small in size, but big enough for the day’s flies and accessories. We gave it new colours and better materials. The main compartment takes one big fly box and the smaller compartment accommodates a small box or plenty of tippets, leaders and other accessories. The front mesh pocket is handy for items, which have to be easily reachable. Neck and back straps can be removed if you prefer to hang it on your Aqua Day pack’s or wader’s D – rings. The Mini Bra can also be used on a wading belt. The neck padding has useful D – ring to hang the net. One Size: £29.99

Vision Mycket Bra

One of the biggest hits for several years running got new colours and materials. The Mycket Bra proved that the truly functional chest pack is very practical for most situations and is here to stay. The Mycket Bra chest pack has important features like easy use pockets positioned in the centre of the chest to maintain freedom of movement. The height of the pack can be adjusted according to your needs. Two large zippered front pockets, 3x Tippet pockets in front, large zippered mesh pocket in front, 4X Pockets for pin on reels, large zippered rear pocket, D-ring for landing net on back, YKK buckles and zippers, 2x D-rings in front One Size: £49.99

Wavehopper Life Jacket

The Airflo Wavehopper Life Vest Jacket is automatic with a manual back up. The Wavehopper vest inflates to 150 Newton’s within 3 seconds when submerged in water. The life jacket has been designed by anglers. There is a strong yet easy to release buckle to ensure the Wavehopper doesn’t accidentally open. The jacket is light and allows you to move easily. Made from dark green nylon fabric with webbing straps. Strong nylon fabric with adjustable webbing straps, automatic with a manual backup, 150 Newton’s, lightweight and easy to adjust. Life Jacket: £69.99 Replacement Cylinder: £19.99

CLOTHING Airflo Hardwear Breathable Chest Waders with Free Boots Breathable stocking foot waders from Airflo offering fantastic value. Made from 3 layers with reinforced knees and seams for ultimate water repulsion and durability. Highly Durable, 3 Layer Fabric, Inside Mesh Pocket, Integrated Gravel Guards, Shaped, Neoprene Feet, Wader Belt Included, Supplied with FREE Felt Soled boots. Size: Medium, Large, X Large, Xx Large £99.99

Leeda Neoprene Chest Waders

Made from 4mm high grade neoprene. Moulded quality PVC boot foot, with cleated sole. Deep chest pocket and hand warmer pockets. The Leeda Neoprene Chest Waders are made from 4mm high grade neoprene. The waders have a moulded quality PVC boot foot, with cleated sole. Deep chest pocket and hand warmer pockets. Leeda Neoprene Waders are an excellent wader for keeping warm in cold water conditions; these are excellent waders for a reasonable price. Size 8 to 11 £69.99

Vision Keeper Chest Waders with Free Boots

The Vision Keeper Waders has 4 layer fabric, taped neoprene “foot shaped” booties and built in gravel guards with elastic fitting around the boot collar. They are easily folded down and worn at waist height. There’s an internal mesh pocket with zipper closure for safe storage and they are supplied with an adjustable belt as standard. Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large and XX Large. Boots: Sizes 8 to 12 £149.99 FREE Vision Keeper Wading Boots worth £59.99 with every pair of waders

Vision Kura Stocking Foot Waders with Free Boots

The first member of the new ULTRA waders family. These new-era waders have been made with ultrasonic welding technology, which joins fabrics without any stich holes. This enables extremely light waders with durable non-bulky seams (although they are naturally taped inside just to make sure). On surface Kura ULTRA has one large pocket with YKK®’s water resistant AquaGuard zipper. With deep wading in mind we placed this zipper horizontally up high so you can still wade deep without filling this particular pocket. Sizes: X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX Large. Boots: Sizes 8 to 12 £269.99 FREE Vision Hopper Wading Boots worth £99.99 with every pair of waders.

Vision Sub Zero Stockingfoot Waders

State of the art 5mm thick neoprene fabric. Combines high stretch and light weight. Very warm and durable. Neoprene shoulder straps with Velcro adjustment. High back for deep wading and float tubing. Cut for easy, comfortable movement. Front hand warmer pockets. Double neoprene knee reinforcement. Internal neoprene gravel guards. Repair kit with fabric and tape. Sizes: Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large. £139.99

Vision Ikon Chest Waders with Free Boots

The new IKON waders are replacing the old Extremes with a big boost. They have been developed based on our legendary Extreme waders and have improved on all the attributes a wader can have. The 3/6 layer construction in F3.5 fabric offers you the most durability and comfort while wading. Stretchable belt, water resistant front pocket, built-in drying loops and specially designed feet and back take these waders to a new level of technology. Sizes: X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX Large. Boots: Sizes 8 to 12 £199.99 FREE Vision Hopper Wading Boots worth £99.99 with every pair of waders 

Daiwa Budget Thigh Waders

Daiwa budget priced nylon thigh wader with wellington boot. £29.99 Green in colour. Sizes 7 to 11.

CLOTHING Hardwear Felt Soled Wading Boots Hardwear Felt Soled Wading Boots from Airflo. Sizes: 9 to 12

Loon Outdoors UV Wader Repair

Waterside wader repair formula cures in seconds to keep you fishing. A wader repair formula which dries in the sun. Apply a thin film in and around the tear or puncture whilst in the shade. Then expose to direct sunlight for a few seconds to cure. Bonds permanently to wet or dry neoprene and the outer layers used in nylon or breathable waders. 1oz Tube. £6.00


Vision Hopper Wading Boots Felt Sole

Hopper wading boots are very light in weight and remind you more of the hiking shoes. They are made out of strong nylon material and re-enforced with rubber bumper. The boot opens up wide so it is very easy to put on and the nylon lace loops hold the laces while you tighten them up. High design with neoprene cushioning maximizes the comfort and support. Hoppers are available with full felt and Vibram Idrogrip rubber sole with tungsten studs. Very light hiking shoes type, Strong nylon with re-enforced rubber bumper, Easy to put on, Nylon lace loops, Neoprene cushioning for comfort and support. Sizes: 5 to 12 £99.99

Airflo aqua grip rubber composite sole with studs, which offers superb traction whilst wading on rock or walking over wet grass banks. Made from tough leather these boots are as durable as you can get without breaking the bank! Aqua grip studded sole, superb traction, Speed lock lacing system, awesome performance and durability, High ankle support and protection. Sizes: 7 to 12 £99.99

A bag of 20 hardened steel wading studs. Can be fixed into wading boots sole and heel with a screwdriver for additional grip. Bag of 20: £2.99

Vision - Folding Wading Staff

Can be carried on wader belt in 10 inch bag. Folds out instantly to full 59inches. Cork handle with 36inch cord. Six sections connected by elastic. £59.00

Our premium waders have been completely redesigned for 2013 using the very latest materials to provide even greater comfort and superior durability. The highly breathable, 3 layer Finetex material has been pressed into a great new design, providing even greater freedom of movement. High quality, award winning RIRI main zip provides unsurpassed reliability, combined with new features such as built in gravel guards and improved harness system. • Free Airtex Wading boots worth £99.99 • Highly durable 3 layer Finetex • Extremely breathable • Wader belt included • Easily converted to waist waders • Integrated gravel guards • Colour coded RIRI Storm and YYK zippers • Preformed neoprene feet with colour accent • Built in pockets to store tippet, etc. Sizes: Medium, Large, X Large and XX Large £229.99

Vision Keeper Felt Sole Boots

Vision Keeper is one of the lightest wading boots made yet the heavy duty EVA sole protects from the sharpest rocks. The upper is hard wearing Cordura with padding around the ankle. Heel and Toe are stabilised and protected. The full length tongue and Speed Lacing system provide a fast and secure fit. Features: Protective EVA midsole, Stabilised heel and toe cap, Speed lacing system, Cordura upper with padded ankle. Sizes: 5 to 12 £57.99

Vision Keeper Wading Rubber Sole Boots Keeper products benefit from Vision’s years of experience in the design and manufacture of high performance outerwear for Fly Fishing. Keeper is one of the lightest wading boots made yet the heavy duty EVA sole protects from the sharpest rocks. The upper is hard wearing Cordura with padding around the ankle. Heel and Toe are stabilised and protected. The full length tongue and Speed Lacing system provide a fast and secure fit. We recommend them for all but the most extreme conditions. Sizes: 5 to 12 £69.99

Vision Mako Wading Boots

Visions new Mako wading boots are a massive leap forward in performance, durability and comfort. The Mako are made of tough synthetic uppers that provide a great amount of support to your foot and ankle. The Mako boots have drain holes to quickly allow water to drain freely when leaving water. The soles are high quality felt to allow great grip whilst in and out of the water. Sizes: 5 to 12 £124.99

Rovex Lightweight Thermal Boots

The eva material used in these boots can give 2-3 times the life of pvc boots and at approx 365 grammes weighs on average 4 to 5 times less than an average pair of Wellington boots. Waterproof, cellular EVA keeps feet warm & moulds to your feet, removable washable liner, ultra light weight reduces fatigue, stays supple in the cold weather down to -30 degrees centigrade. The result is an amazingly lightweight boot (on average 35% lighter than normal boots) which not only keeps your feet warm but greatly reduces fatigue. Sizes: 9 to 11 £35.99

Vision Ikon Zip Waders

The new IKON waders are replacing the old Extremes with a big boost. They have been developed based on our legendary Extreme waders and have improved on all the attributes a wader can have. The 3/6 layer construction in F3.5 fabric offers you the most durability and comfort while wading. Stretchable belt, water resistant front pocket, built-in drying loops and specially designed feet and back take these waders to a new level of technology. Pick your favourite in standard, long, king or short, with or without a zip in front. Or then just stick with the guiding model, if you feel like hip deep is the deepest you want to wade! Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X Large and XX Large. £234.00

Airflo Airtex Waders

With all the great new design and material features as the Airtex Zip, but in a more traditional design without the zip. This extremely durable wader, has been improved for comfort and fit to make your time on the water even more enjoyable. The built in gravel guards help keep the leg slim and allows you to glide through water with reduced drag, making wading far less tiresome. • Free Delta Wading boots worth £59.99 • Highly durable 3 layer Finetex • Extremely breathable • Wader belt included • Easily converted to waist waders • Integrated gravel guards • Colour coded YYK pocket zipper • Large range of sizes • Preformed neoprene feet with colour accent Sizes: Medium, Medium King, Large, Large King, X Large and XX Large £179.99

T F Gear Matt Hayes X Tuff Boots

With these lightweight, waterproof boots, wet weather will never stop you getting out onto the bank. Offering a mid height ankle support, and reinforced construction the X-tuff take some beating for general fishing use. Very comfortable but very hardwearing the X-Tuff represent outstanding performance at an unbeatable price. Fitted to guarantee comfort wherever you wear them, 100% waterproof never get wet feet again, breathable - disperses sweat keeping you dry - essential when on long treks, superb all season protection, lined - keep warm all year, shock absorber soles - cover any distance in absolute comfort, tough and durable - these boots are built to last, ankle support to avoid injury. TFG X-Tuff Boots Sizes: 6 to 11 £39.99

T F Gear Super Tuff Boots Airflo X-stream Wading Boot

Replacement Wader Studs

Airflo Airtex Zip Waders

No nonsense boots, that are guaranteed to keep you warm and dry no matter when you fish. Built for comfort, built to last. Specially designed traction soles keep you walking over the wettest, muddiest most difficult banks. 100% waterproof, these boots will keep you dry season after season, while the thermal lining will ensure feet stay warm and comfortable in sub zero temperatures. Incredible value, 100% waterproof - never get wet feet again, tough, durable - these boots are built to last, comfortable - a pleasure to wear even when walking for miles. Sizes: 6 to 12 £34.99

T. 01443 400766

Vision Opas Waders

Do you like to wade deep? Do you find yourself floating down the river, with pockets full of water, wet mobile phones and car keys every now and then? Well we can’t help you with your habits but at least we can offer you a wader with a totally, fully and really waterproof pocket. The Opas wader’s main pocket is welded stitchlessly inside the wader and the entrance zipper is white YKK®’s fully waterproof zipper. A feature which you can’t find from other waders, yet. This pocket is big enough for your important items and even fly boxes. On surface we have two additional, roomy and water resistant pockets. These pockets have also waterproof, welded construction but their zippers are the YKK®’s water resistant AquaGuards. With deep wading in mind we placed these zippers horizontally so you can still wade very deep without filling these pockets. Sizes: Medium, Large, X Large & XX Large £359.99

Vision CDC Ultra

The first zipper model of the new ULTRA waders family. These new-era waders have been done with ultrasonic welding technology, which joins fabrics without any stich holes. This enables extremely light waders with durable non-bulky seams (although they are naturally taped inside just to make sure). CDC ULTRA is our top-of-the-line wader with our best Japanese made F4 - fabric™. These waders have no outside pockets, no integrated zingers and no other irrelevant features which will only increase the weight and slow down the drying. These zip model (equipped with extremely small and light YKK AquaSeal zipper) waders are especially suitable for those of us who value lightness and functionality for example when fishing in some remote destinations, regardless whether they require long hikes or red-eye flights. These waders have all the other well thought out features like curved NoSeam cut, matching colour belt and braces, D – loops, built-in gravel guards, drying loops, etc… Sizes: Medium, Large, X Large & XX Large £269.99

Airflo Airtex Wading Boot Felt Sole Airflo Airtex Waist Waders

Designed for those who like to get fishing quickly, our Airtex Waist Waders with their built in wading boots, complete with lace ups, will appeal to anglers heading for both still and running waters. Made from the same superior Finetex breathable material as our chest waders, this unique design offers great comfort and fit. With a high back and adjustable strap system, this wader offers great protection from the elements, something we are sure will prove to be very popular with boat anglers in 2013 • Highly durable 3 layer Finetex • Extremely breathable • Integrated boots with lacing for firm support • Wader belt & braces included • Side pockets for storage • Integrated ‘Boot Cut’ gravel guards • RIRI Fly zip. Sizes: 7 to 12 £99.99

T. 01443 400766

New for 2013, the Airtex wading boots with their good looks and stylish design are set to become a firm favourite with both river and Stillwater anglers. The sturdy construction is still deceptively light in weight, providing great support both in and out of the water. Available in both traditional felt sole and modern hi grip Vibram for sure footed wading whatever the conditions. • Fully Synthetics uppers • Protective rubberised outer for durability • Two sole options for grip in any conditions • Increased ankle padding for comfort • Metal lace eyelets • Easily studded with Airflo wader studs • Sizes 7-12 (felt), 8-12 (Vibram) Sizes: 8 to 12 £99.99

Airflo Delta Wading Boots

The new Delta wading boot are designed for performance, comfort and durability. The tough synthetic uppers provide great support both in and out of the water. With a choice of either felt or vibram soles to cover any terrain. Sizes: 7 to 11 £59.99



Greys GX900

A high specification, high quality reel, the GX900 is a serious competitor in all forms of fishing, from tackling small wild Trout in the Scottish Highlands with the #2/3/4, to taming those big, hard fighting Salmon on famous rivers around the world with the larger sizes, there’s a GX900 to accompany you on your next trip, wherever that may be. • Centralised twin Rulon disc drag • 6061 bar stock Aluminium construction • Tool less conversion from left to right hand wind • Large arbour design with captive spool release • Supplied with Neoprene Pouch Size Capacity (m) Weight (oz/g) #2/3/4 WF3 + 55m 4.8 / 137 #4/5/6 WF5 + 65m 5.3 / 148 #6/7/8 WF7 + 90m 5.6 / 159 #8/9/10 WF10 + 180m 7.4 / 209 #10/11/12 WF11+350m 7.8 / 221

Waterworks V-Series LT

Greys GX300

Diameter 84 / 3.32 93 / 3.67 100 / 3.95 109 / 4.27 117 / 4.59

Price (£) Spool Price £119.99 £49.99 £124.99 £54.99 £129.99 £59.99 £139.99 £64.99 £149.99 £69.99

Greys GX700

The stunning GX700, with its anodized aluminium frame construction and unique Greys Fly Line Identification System is set to become a new high standard for a cassette fly reels. Supplied complete with two additional spools, the GX700 allows the angler to organise their lines in a clear and sensible way - with the option of purchasing further low cost spools. The GX700 spools are also fully interchangeable with the GX500 reel of equivalent size. • Fully machined, anodized aluminium cage • 4/5/6 size and 6/7/8 size spools interchangeable with equivalent GX500 model • Unique pin identified registration system • Drag specific to Greys • ‘Easy Push’ cartridge spool release Size Capacity (m) Weight (oz/g) Diameter Price (£) Spool Price #4/5/6 WF5+90m / WF6+71m 5.96 / 179 3.750 / 95 £89.99 £12.99 #6/7/8 WF7+115m / WF8+90m 5.99 / 180 3.930 / 100 £99.99 £12.99

The GX300 reel is made from high-grade aluminium in a practical ported large arbour design, with a central twin Rulon disc drag, twin dog drive and tool-less left to right conversion. A great entry level reel, or a cost effective addition to your tackle collection. Available in 4/5/6 and 6/7/8 . • Narrow width, large arbour design for fast, level retrieve • Ported arbour design to reduce weight • Tri-grip handle design • Captive spool release mechanism • Counter balanced spool • Additional spools available • Need a cassette reel? Try the GX500 Size Capacity (m) Weight (oz/g) #4/5/6 WF5+70M / WF6+50m 5.96 / 169 #6/7/8 WF7+92m / WF8+83m 5.99 / 170

Diameter 3 5/8 / 91 3 5/8 / 91

Price (£) Spool Price £39.99 £17.99 £39.99 £17.99

Greys Streamlite

Although designed to complement the Streamflex rod range, the Streamlites team up with all the lightweight Greys’ rods to great effect. They are light but resilient. Well balanced but robust. Superb looking but practical with immaculate performance. It’s the ultra smooth wide-range, click-check system that delivers constant control that is he reel’s headline. Use the lightest of tippets in back to the wall situations with complete confidence. • Wide-ranging, click-check system gives faultless control. Protects even the lightest of tippets • Raised and bolted reel foot gives immense strength, important when fishing along difficult terrain • The gold and silver finish and soft touch handle complete the classic look of a performance reel • Not recommended for saltwater use Size Capacity (m) Weight (oz/g) #2/3 WF3+40 3.4 / 98 WF4+45 3.6 / 103 #3/4 #4/5 WF5+55 3.7 / 106

Waterworks ULA Force SL

Diameter 2.78 / 70.5 2.93 / 74.4 3.08 / 78.2

Price (£) Spool Price £119.99 £54.99 £124.99 £59.99 £129.99 £64.9

Greys G-Series

Greys GX500

A narrow width, large arbour design fly reel for fast, level retrieve, the GX500 also features a unique system of friction fit identification pins. The Line ID system allows you to clearly mark the spool with line size, density, sink profile and core type, so you can select the correct line at a glance. Ported arbour design and a superb Greys drag system makes this a tough but extremely light reel. 4/5/6 and 6/7/8 weights. Never Forget Your Lines Again The Line ID system is ideal for those competition and serious stillwater anglers who take upwards of 20 spools with different lines, but the GX700 and GX500 are also ideal for the more ‘every day’ angler who may only take a floating, sinking and intermediate line with them – the reels come with two spare spools and a carry case meaning you’re all set. And if you need even more spools, add to your collection for just £9.99. Better still, the GX700 spools are interchangeable with the GX500 of equivalent size, and vice versa. • Narrow width, large arbour design for fast, level retrieve • Ported arbour design to reduce weight • Tri-grip handle design • 4/5/6 size and 6/7/8 size spools interchangeable with the equivalent GX700 Reel • Captive spool release mechanism • Centralised twin Rulon disc drag system with twin dog drive • Tool free left to right conversion • Counter balanced spool Size Capacity (m) Weight (oz/g) Diameter Price (£) Spool Price #4/5/6 WF5+90m / WF6+71m 159 / 5.60 3.750 / 95 £49.99 £9.99 #6/7/8 DT6+95m / WF7+115m 164 / 5.78 3.930 / 100 £49.99 £9.99

We created the V-Series reel with just one thing in mind – total victory. And as the “form follows function” zealots we are, it all starts with the world’s smoothest, and now much larger and more powerful drag system. Delivering twice the torque of our previous salt water design, the Waterworks conical drag generates no stick-slip even at the line-snapping rates required by blue water anglers. To support this kind of torque, a new, much stiffer frame was created — one that transmits extreme loads with a simple, efficient and graceful structure. Other innovative features include an integrated foot/frame which, while stronger than a traditional fastened-on foot, also raises the centre of mass of the reel, improving casting ease and accuracy. Models V10 and V12 have machined-from-solid, modular stainless stripping arms and ergonomic, self lubricating no-slip handles while the tandem roller clutch transmits higher torque and provides redundancy. All models feature our fully sealed, zero maintenance drag components and proprietary Hard AloxTM finish. • Ultra large arbour format • Patented uprated hi-torque conical drag • Dual clutch roller bearing • Aerospace aluminium + 17-4 stainless structure • Smooth progressive torque to 20lb. • Type III finish Hard Alox™ • Near zero start up inertia • Made in U.S.A. • Limited lifetime warranty Model Line Dia. inch. Capacity line+yds/lbs weight (oz) Price (£) Spool Price LT Reel 5 #4/5 3.3” WF4+100/20 3.5 525.00 260.00 LT Reel 6 #5/6 3.5” WF6+100/20 3.8 575.00 280.00 LT Reel 7 #7/8 3.8” WF7+150/20 5.1 650.00 310.00 LT Reel 8 #8 4.10” WF8+220/20 7.3 725.00 360.00 LT Reel 10 #10 4.50” WF10+220/30 10.1 775.00 390.00 LT Reel 12 #12 4.70” WF12+175/30 10.7 799.00 410.00

On the one hand, this is a very high quality, entry level reel that a beginner will use with confidence and probably keep throughout his life. On the other hand, this is a good looking, efficient, superbly light reel which teams up with any of the Greys’ range of shorter river rods where balance and delicacy are essential. The three / four weight reel works perfectly with the lighter G-Series or Streamflex rods. • Made of lightweight, die-cast aluminium for strength and durability • The click and pawl drag system of the 3.6 weight model makes it a great reel to balance lighter rods. The higher line sizes feature a more powerful disc drag system. • Easy to change spools • Not recommended for saltwater use Model Capacity (m) Weight (oz/g) Diameter Price (£) Spool Price G-Series Reel G1 WF4 + 75 3.6 / 102 2.67 / 6.8 £29.99 £12.99 G-Series Reel G2 WF6 + 80 5 / 141 3.07 / 7.8 £29.99 £14.99 G-Series Reel G3 WF7 + 175 5.6 / 160 3.34 / 8.5 £29.99 £16.99

T. 01443 400766

Force SL represents the world’s lightest full-drag true large arbour reel. With the same dimensions as its’ predecessor, the frame and spool of the new Force SL (Super-Light) have evolved into a combination of subtle space frame and complex CNC carved cross sections making the SL more rigid, more rugged and yet, as the name implies, even lighter. The V-Series style integrated foot/frame raises the centre of mass making casting smoother while the high-grip drag knob makes fine-tuning the world’s smoothest drag system even easier. The F2 SL can pick up line quickly, store it without coiling, provide a consistent drag torque and still weigh in at an incredible 2.95 oz. • Ultra large arbour format • Patented hi-torque conical drag system • Aerospace aluminium + 17.4 stainless titanium / structure • Near zero start up inertia • Type III ultra hard ceramic finish • Worlds lightest light arbour disc reel • Made in U.S.A. • Limited Lifetime Warranty Model Dia. inch. Capacity line+yds/lbs weight (oz) Price (£) Spool Price 2.0 SL 3.25” WF4+75/20 2.95 £399.00 £170.00 2.0 XSL 3.25” WF6+100/20 2.90 £409.00 £180.00 3.0 SL 3.50” WF7+100/20 3.35 £429.00 £190.00 3.0 XSL 3.50” WF8+150/20 3.30 £439.00 £200.00

Waterworks Litespeed II

This season Litespeed reels adopt the ergonomic and structural improvements introduced on the 2011 Anniversary Series Litespeed. The spool profile has been flattened slightly and the handle moved outboard to keep knuckles away from moving parts; the drag knob has been redesigned for better grip. As with our other premium reels, pocket milling the spool face and integrating the counterbalance increases strength and stiffness without adding weight. The Litespeed II Hard Alox™ comes in a close second to a corresponding Force reel in terms of retrieve rate and weight, and each shares our patented maintenancefree, super smooth conical drag. • True large arbour format • Patented conical drag system (uprated on 4.0) • Near zero start up inertia • Type III ultra hard finish Hard Alox™ • Aerospace aluminium + 17-14/303 stainless structure • X model spools interchange with standard models • Limited lifetime warranty • Made in the U.S.A Model Dia. inch. Capacity line+yds/lbs weight (oz) Price (£) Spool Price 1.0 3.00” WF3+50/20 3.45 £279.00 £125.00 1.5 3.25” WF4+100/20 3.45 £289.00 £130.00 2.0 3.50” WF6+100/20 3.70 £299.00 £135.00 3.0 3.75” WF7+150/20 4.70 £329.00 £150.00 3.0X 3.75” WF8+225/20 4.70 £339.00 £155.00 3.5 4.00” WF9+200/20 5.40 £349.00 £160.00 3.5X 4.00” WF9 or Spey 250/30 5.30 £359.00 £165.00 4.0 4.50” WF10 or Spey 250/30 8.05 £399.00 £175.00

Waterworks Velocity II

Velocity has always represented value for money: a large arbour, lightweight but durable reel with excellent drag performance; all at an affordable price. Three years ago we were able to offer our Hard Alox finish, previously reserved for our highest-priced reels, as an added-value feature to Velocity. Now with the introduction of Velocity Nickel we give you the choice of yet another first in our range at this price: ported arbour to quicken line drying and produce the lightest Velocity ever. The Velocity Nickel is finished in the same beautiful type 2 anodize that we use on Guru, and is further accented with our trademark burnt-orange anodized drag cassette. You now have a choice at the same price: Velocity Hard Alox for an incredibly tough finish, or the lighter and brighter Velocity Nickel. • True Large arbour format • Aerospace aluminium structure • Choice of Type III Hard Alox™or Type II Anodized finish • Near zero start up inertia • Patented Conical drag (uprated in V4.0) • X model spools interchange with standard models. • Limited lifetime Warranty • Made in U.S.A. Model Dia. inch. Capacity line+yds/lbs weight (oz) Price (£) Spool Price 1.5 3.15” WF4+100/20 4.00 £229.00 £110.00 2.0 3.30” WF6+100/20 4.20 £249.00 £115.00 3.0 3.63” WF7+150/20 5.10 £259.00 £120.00 3.0X 3.63” WF8+225/20 6.10 £269.00 £125.00 3.5 3.85” WF9+200/20 5.90 £289.00 £130.00 3.5X 3.85” WF9+250/20 5.90 £299.00 £135.00 4.0 4.25” WF10 Spey + 250/30 7.10 £329.00 £140.00

Waterworks - Lamson Arguably the market leader in Fly reel design and innovation. Not quite your typical fly fishing company, Lamson (C1 Design Group) has taken the design of fly reels back to the drawing board and undertook a complete re-think to develop their entire range of reels. Manufactured in the USA, supplied with warranty that is valid for the lifetime of the original purchaser of this reel against any defect in material or workmanship.

T. 01443 400766

reels Waterworks Lamson Guru

The Guru model is, perhaps surprisingly, our lowest priced fully machined barstock reel. It shares the same overall diameters and arbor diameters as the new Velocity and so is also a true large arbor reel. The signature arm-style element combined with open spokes maximizes structural strength and minimizes weight. The design of Guru is both sexy and distinctive. Once again, at the heart of Guru lies our patented conical drag assembly, offering braking performance far beyond it’s price. Anodized in clear type 2 finish to achieve a bright metallic silver. • True large arbour format • Patented conical drag system • Very low start up inertia • Aerospace aluminium + 17-14/303 stainless structure • Type II anodized finish • Limited lifetime Warranty • Made in U.S.A Model Dia. inch. Capacity line+yds/lbs weight (oz) Price (£) Spool Price 1.5 3.15” WF4+100/20 4.70 £189.00 £80.00 2.0 3.30” WF6+100/20 4.90 £199.00 £90.00 3.0 3.63” WF7+150/20 5.50 £219.00 £100.00 3.5 3.75” WF9+200/20 6.20 £239.00 £115.00 4.0 4.25” WF10+250/30 7.30 £259.00 £125.00

REELS Airflo Delta Graphite Fly Reel

Vision Cdc Fly Reel

Who says an ultra light reel cannot be durable and stable? Our new CDC is as light as a feather even with a full rim and mid-arbour design. The super smooth cork brake allows you to adjust it so silkily that you can play with even the thinnest tippets. The drag adjustment is on the handle side The mid-arbour spool gives you extra line capacity. CDC is the reel for hard-core trout fisherman. Available with luxury matt silver triple anodized surface or in gold. • Ultra lightweight reels • Smooth cork brake • Drag adjustment on handle side • Mid arbor spool for extra capacity • Soft polyurethane handle for maximum grip wet and dry

Large arbour design with water and heat resistant cage, ambidextrous design. Large drag adjustment dial. Fully sealed drag suitable for sea fishing. Quick release spool. Comes with 2 spare spools. Reel 4/6: £29.99 Reel 6/8: £29.99 Spare Spools: £9.99

Airflo Switch Fly Reel

Line Weight Diameter Capacity #3/4 89g 75mm WF4 + 50m 20lb #5/6 99g 85mm WF6 + 91m 20lb #7/8 109g 91mm WF8 + 91m 20lb

The Airflo Switch Cassette Fly Reel offers quality and durability at an exceptionally affordable price. The reel has the same high specifications and drag system as the Switch Super Lite reel only having a lightweight Die-cast frame. Airflo’s Switch Cassette reel is sold with 4 spools and a bag to hold all the spools and reel. Features: • Stunning Looks • V Spool Capacity • Lightweight Die-Cast cage • Bomb Proof Drag system • Complete with 4 spools • Custom protective reel case 4/6 Reel: £44.99 7/9 Reel: £54.99 £6.99 Spare Spool - Black: Spare Spool - Silver: £6.99

Vision Deep Reel

The Vision Deep Reels have a deeper arbour providing more capacity for fly lines. The Vision Deep also has a smooth, reliable disc break which is easily adjusted and very accurate. The reels are lightweigh but still strong due to the latest die-cast materials and techniques. The Deep Reel has a non reflective matte finish. The spools are quick release. Available in sizes 5/6 and 7/8 in black or white Vision Deep Reels are available in either black, grey or white. The Deep Reel sizes are 5/6 or 7/8. The 5/6 reel is capable of holding 50 metres of 20lb baking, the Vision Deep 7/8 is able to hold 100 metres of 20lb backing • Excellent disc brake system • Deep arbour to accommodate extra line capacity • Easy and quick release spools

Leeda Intrepid Regular Fly Reel

Lamson Konic II

Konic delivers smart design and high performance in Lamson’s most affordable reel. The same, super-smooth, fully sealed conical drag system and stainless roller clutch used in our more expensive reels are matched with machined components and pressure cast ALDC12 aluminium alloy spool and frame. Konic is anodized then finished with a 100% solid polyurethane coating to resist gouging and abrasion. Affordable reels just got a whole lot better. • Pressure Cast ALDC12 Aluminium • Solid polyurethane coating • Skim cut on CNC machines • Very low start up inertia • Patented conical drag system • Large arbour format • Aluminium + stainless structure • Limited lifetime Warranty Model Dia. inch. Capacity line+yds/lbs weight (oz) Price (£) Spool Price 1.5 3.1” WF4+100/20 4.4 £129.00 £55.00 2.0 3.4” WF6+100/20 4.7 £139.00 £60.00 3.5 3.7” WF8+200/20 6.1 £149.00 £65.00 4.0 3.9” WF10+240/30 6.8 £159.00 £70.00

The new intrepid large arbor (regular) graphite fly fishing reel for 2006 This is a fantastic budget reel made from graphite. Intrepid Regular Fly Reel Gralphite frame and spool Large arbor reel for reduced line memory and faster retrieve Offset disc drag Audible check mechanism. Size 7/8 Reel Only: £9.99 Reel With WF7 Floating Line: £19.99 Reel With WF8 Floating Line: £19.99 Reel With WF7 Sinking Line: £19.99 Reel With WF8 Sinking Line: £19.99

Line #5/6 #7/8 #9/10 #11/13

Save your money for fishing trips. Get yourself a reel that’s only low factor is the price. There are tens of thousands of Komas in action today. The die cast semi machined reel is dressed with a smooth drag, using three brake discs in size 11. By combining the body of 67 to the spool of 78 you’ll be able to mix and balance your gear as you wish. Hey, it works the other way around too! • Semi-machined aluminium reel • Easy change right/left wind • Smooth disc brake with large brake effect • Soft polyurethane handle • Available in black and champagne colours Capacity Colour Price(£) Spool Price(£) Line Weight Diameter #5/6 177g 91mm WF6F + 60m 20lb Black £54.99 £24.99 #5/6 177g 91mm WF6F + 60m 20lb Champagne £74.99 £24.99 #6/7 188g 97mm WF7F + 90m 20lb Black £54.99 £24.99 #6/7 188g 97mm WF7F + 90m 20lb Champagne £74.99 £24.99 #7/8 188g 97mm WF8F + 150m 30lb Black £74.99 £24.99 #7/8 188g 97mm WF8F + 150m 30lb Champagne £74.99 £24.99

Vision Nite Reel

Weight Diameter Capacity 162g 86mm WF6 + 100m 20lb 178g 93mm WF8 + 150m 20lb 265g 106mm Slide Spey 10/11 + 183m 30lb 294g 120mm Slide Spey 10/11 + 250m 30lb

Price(£) Spool Price(£) £49.99 £19.99 £49.99 £19.99 £59.99 £24.99 £64.99 £24.99

The Hi-tech brother of our proven GT reel, Nite offers a larger arbour for fast retrieve without the usual increase in weight. Precision machined from bar stock aluminium, with a silky-smooth disc drag and superior XLA style captive spool release. Stunning, gunmetal anodised finish.  

Vision Koma Kassette

The Vision Koma Kassette is a large arbour and has the XLA based drag system. The reel is light in weight and the spool has a generous line capacity. The Koma Kassette is a true large arbour reel with a cassette system allowing the spare spools to be sold at a fraction of the price of the reel. The drag system is what you would expect from any Vision reel, smooth, powerfull and easily adjustable. The reel is a light aluminium structure and is supplied with a case and 3 spools. The Koma Kassette is available in both black and champagne finish. An excellent reel at an excellent cost.

Leeda Profil With 2 Spare Spools Profil fly reels. Mid arbour cassette system. Stylish Aluminium body. Ultra smooth disk drag. 2 spare spools. Converts from LH to RH drag Size 7/8 Black and Size 5/6 Black £29.99

Line Weight Diameter #7/8 188g 97mm

Airflo Classic Cassette Fly Reel

Featuring an aluminium lightweight cage, with an ultra smooth disc drag. Extremly easy to change cassette system. Complete with four high impact clear cassettes made from polycarbonate. Low cost additional spools for an ever growing range of lines. The Airflo Classic Cassette Reel complete with 4 spools is the excellent budget option. Available in two sizes: Classic Cassette 4/6 and Classic Cassette 7/9, complete with a free reel case. Features: • Lightweight Tough Aluminium Cage • Reel Case Holds Reel And Spare Spools • Complete With 3 Spare Spools • Ultra Smooth Disc Drag Reel 4/6 : £39.99 Reel 7/9 : £44.99 Spare Spools: £6.99

Vision Koma Reel Price(£) Spool Price(£) £259.99 £159.99 £259.99 £159.99 £29.99 £159.99

Capacity WF7F + 150m 20lb

Line Weight Diameter 126g 75mm #4/5 #5/6 162g 91mm #7/8 179g 97mm #9/11 202g 107mm

Capacity WF5 + 100m 20lb WF6F + 60m 20lb WF8F + 120m 30lb WF11F + 270m 30lb

Price(£) Spool Price(£) £99.99 £49.99 £99.99 £49.99 £99.99 £49.99 £114.99 £59.99

Price(£) Spool Price(£) £49.99 £4.99

Vision Koma Plus Reel

Leeda Intrepid Fly Reel and Line for £12.50 with Shakespear Rod ++ LIMITED STOCKS ++ T. 01443 400766

The Vision Koma Reel has become one of Vision’s benchmark products. The Koma reel has set very high standards for performance, weight and design for full metal reels at budget prices. The Koma Plus is built on the Koma skeleton but has increased components and upgraded parts. This has taken the Koma Plus to a whole new level. As you would expect from Vision, the finish on the Koma Plus is durable and elegant. The spools from the original Koma 5/6 and 7/8 will also fit the new Koma Plus. Koma Plus reels are Semi-machined aluminium reel Reels have easy change right/left wind Smooth disc brake with large brake effect Soft polyurethane handle for excellent grip. Line Weight Diameter Capacity #5/6 177g 91mm WF6F + 60m 20lb #7/8 188g 97mm WF8F + 150m 30lb

T. 01443 400766

Price(£) Spool Price(£) £89.99 £29.99 £89.99 £29.99

Vision Xla Hard Reel

Once you get one it will be your fishing buddy for the rest of your life. These reels are a combination of an idiot (and water)-proof drag system, lightweight top quality materials and a fast spool changing system. This year they’ve got a new, super hard anodized surface on them. The new design also has two-tone grey colour, curved spool legs and added capacity on the 6/7 and the 9/10 sizes Line Weight Diameter #6/7 169g 96mm #8/9 169g 96mm #9/10 239g 107mm #11 244g 107mm

Capacity WF7F + 90m 20lb WF8F + 150m 20lb WF10F + 200m 30lb WF11F + 270m 30lb

Price(£) Spool Price(£) £299.99 £129.99 £299.99 £129.99 £329.99 £139.99 £329.99 £139.99



Sonik Sk4 Fly Reel

SONIK fly reels - precision engineered to provide many years of smooth, trouble free operation. When you get hit by the fish of a lifetime, you will be glad you chose SONIK. Tried and tested to ensure peak performance and reliability at all times.   • Performance led, value driven. • Ideal match for SONIK sk3 or sk4 fly rods • Precision machined from lightweight, high grade bar stock aluminium • High gloss hard anodised finish for durability and good looks • Easy push button central spool release • Large arbour spool for minimum line memory, quick line retrieval and low start-up inertia • Extra smooth and powerful disc drag for maximum control of running fish • Extra fine brake adjustment for maximum tippet protection • Large knurled, central drag knob for easy and secure grip • Silent retrieve with subtle click for line out • Easy change from left to right  Weight Price(£)  Code Item Rating Capacity SK4R56 170g £74.99 sk4 Fly Reel #5/6 WF5+55m SK4R78 sk4 Fly Reel #7/8 WF7+75m 180g £84.99

Sonik Sk Lite Fly Reel

Specifically designed as supremely lightweight click check fly reels, precision machined from bar stock aluminium to provide perfect match with shorter trout rods up to nine feet in length. With an easy push button spool release, these little beauties are the ideal choice when fishing small rivers or streams where lightness, balance and stealth are the order of the day. • Precision machined bar stock aluminium • Large arbour spool • Triple, high gloss adonising • Easy push button spool release • Exposed rim and subtle click check for line control • Super lightweight for correct balance on shorter rods • No need to change from left to right hand wind Code Item Rating Capacity Weight Price(£) Spool Price(£) #3/4 WF4+40m 90g £74.99 £41.99 SKLT010 sk Lite Fly Reel SKLT020 sk Lite Fly Reel #5/6 WF6+45m 100g £79.99 £44.99

Sonik Sk3 Cassette Fly Reel

The new Sonik SK3 Cassette Fly Reel comes complete with three spare spools and neoprene case, all for one price. Engineered to provide lasting performance and durability, the precision die cast alloy frame is finished in a smart gloss black finish with clear composite spools which are fully interchangeable for either left or right hand wind. The large arbour design increases the speed of line recovery and reduces line memory, whilst the smooth and powerful disc drag will cope with strong running fish with ease. An easy, push button spool release makes it easy to change lines quickly, a factor that can prove very important when competition fishing from a boat. • Supplied with 3 spare spools plus neoprene carry case. • Spools interchangeable for left or right hand wind. • Large arbour design for fast retrieve and minimum line memory. • Powerful disc drag. • Excellent value for money. Code Item Rating Set-up/Wind Capacity Weight Price(£) Spool Price(£) SK3CR78 sk3 Cassette Fly Reel 7/8 Left or Right WF7+75m 170g £54.99 £4.99

Sonik Xkr Fly Reel

A new top quality fly reel that performs as good as it looks. Precision engineered from highest grade bar stock aluminium which is then dual anodised in a stunning dark gun metal colour with gold highlights. Featuring a ‘V’-shaped spool to ensure even line lay; the reel is silky-smooth, ultradurable and has a powerful disc drag, capable of taming the strongest running fish. This can be widely adjusted by the large, knurled rear drag knob. Easily changed from left to right hand wind without the use of tools, the reel is available in three sizes - #3/4/5, #5/6/7 and #7/8/9, to cover most single-handed applications. • Precision machined from highest grade bar stock aluminium • Triple anodised in twin colours for striking good looks • ‘V’-shaped spool for even line lay. • Smooth, powerful disc drag. • Large, knurled central drag knob. • Easy change left to right hand wind with no tools. • Large arbour for minimum line memory, faster retrieval and low start up intertia. Reel Price(£) Spool Price(£) #3/4/5 £124.99 £62.50 #5/6/7 £129.99 £65.00 #7/8/9 £134.99 £67.50

Loop Classic Series Reels

Sonik SKS Fly Reel

New for 2013, the Sonik SKS fly reels are entry level price, but with a top quality look and specification. Strong, lightweight construction is complimented with a matt black paint finish, smooth, stable drag system and a large arbour, ‘V’ shaped spool for easy line lay, fast retrieval and minimum line memory. Available in three sizes, #3/4 #5/6 and #7/8, they make an ideal match with the SKS fly rods. • Lightweight, large arbour design. • Smooth, reliable disc drag. • Polished, matt-black die-cast aluminium • Available in three sizes, #3/4,#5/6 and #7/8. frame and spool. • Ideal entry level or kit reel. Code Item Rating (wt) Price(£) Spool Price(£) SKSRE010 SKS Fly Reel #3/4 £39.99 £19.99 SKSRE020 SKS Fly Reel #5/6 £44.99 £22.50 SKSRE030 SKS Fly Reel #7/8 £49.99 £24.99

Loop Opti Series Fly Reel

V-shaped spool for better and easier line retrieve. Inset handle and bigger diameter for faster retrieve. A drag system that goes from silky-smooth to trainstopper. • Designed in Sweden and built with specifically designed components crafted in Sweden. • Housing and spool machined from one piece aircraft aluminium. • Components in stainless steel and anodised aluminium. • Waterproof and salt tolerant. • Power Matrix Drag System. Axial function employing dual plates. New, unique braking material from Carbon Matrix precision machined to a tolerance of ± 0,02 mm. Extreme temperature and pressure tolerant. • Simple, quick spool-change. • Easy-grip progressive brake knob. 44mm 56mm 70mm 86mm 68mm 58mm

Classic looks with the ultra-modern Power Matrix Drag System. A completely waterproof drag system with a pronounced click sound. Completely corrosion resistant and benefits from a new ergonomic handle design with integrated leader retainer on the counterbalance. NOTE! All models now with ventilated sideplates. • Designed in Sweden and built with specifically designed components crafted in Sweden. • Housing and spool machined from one piece aircraft aluminum. • Waterproof and salt tolerant. • Components in stainless steel and anodised aluminium. and pressure tolerant (model 46 with • All screws secured with Loc-Tite. adjustable click drag). • Power Matrix Drag System. Axial • Easy-grip progressive brake knob. function employing dual plates. New, • Classic click independent of braking unique braking material from Carbon system. Matrix precision machined to a tolerance • Precisely counterbalanced. of ± 0,02 mm. Extreme temperature • Available as left- or right hand-wind. Reel Model Item No. Capacity yd/lb Arbour Dia Outer Dia. Inner Width Weight Price (£) 46 CR4-6 WF5+120/20 27mm 83mm 21mm 192g £395.00 58 CR5-8 WF7+230/20 27mm 90mm 29mm 218g £404.00 79 CR7-9 WF8F+200/30 33mm 95mm 60mm 338g £467.00 811 CR8-11 WF10F+220/30 33mm 100mm 65mm 345g £566.00 1013 CR10-13 WF12F+350/30 33mm 105mm 65mm 360g £584.00

• V-shaped spool. • Precisely counterbalanced. • Available as left- or right hand-wind.

85mm 102mm 115mm 131mm 131mm 126mm

20mm 20mm 25mm 25mm 32mm 38mm

120g 135g 205g 216g 257g 428g

£314.00 £169.00 £332.00 £169.00 £368.00 £189.00 £395.00 £219.00 £413.00 £239.00 £476.00 £239.00

Loop Evotec G4 Series Fly Reels

Equipped with an ergonomically designed, non-friction winding handle, which prevents the fly line from getting entangled on it. The Power Matrix drag system is smooth and strong. A real workhorse. Now black anodized. • Designed in Sweden and built with specifically designed components crafted in Sweden. • Housing and spool machined from one piece aircraft aluminium. • Components in stainless steel and anodised aluminium. • Waterproof and salt tolerant. • Power Matrix Drag System. Axial function employing dual plates. New, unique braking material from Carbon Matrix precision machined to a tolerance of ± 0,02 mm. Extreme temperature and pressure tolerant. • Simple, quick spool-change. • Outgoing click (not available on FW). • Easy-grip progressive brake knob. • Precisely counterbalanced. • Weighted overrun prevention. • Available as left- or right hand-wind. Reel Model Item No. Capacity yd/lb Arbour Dia Outer Dia. Inner Width FW 3/5 G4B-FW3-5 WF4+170/20 55mm 87mm 27.5mm FW 4/6 G4B-FW4-6 WF5+200/20 50mm 87mm 27.5mm FW 5/7 G4B-FW5-7 WF6+230/20 47mm 87mm 27.5mm LW 5/8 G4B-LW5-8 WF7+220/20 69mm 97mm 35.5mm LW 6/8 G4B-LW6-8 WF7+250/20 61mm 97mm 35.5mm LW 7/9 G4B-LW7-9 WF8+250/20 53mm 97mm 35.5mm HD 8/10 G4B-HD8-10 WF9+200/30 70mm 111mm 35.5mm HD 9/13 G4B-HD9-13 WF11+220/30 59mm 111mm 35.5mm

Weight 138g 140g 140g 180g 225g 225g 247g 247g

Price (£) Spool Price(£) £242.00 £129.00 £242.00 £129.00 £241.00 £129.00 £269.00 £145.00 £278.00 £145.00 £287.00 £145.00 £314.00 £149.00 £323.00 £159.00

T. 01443 400766

Completely waterproof diecast reel with the same Power Matrix Drag System as in our other machined reels. As with our Opti series of reels, the handle is positioned more towards the center of the spool, which allows faster line retrieve and more room when hand palming is desired. • The counter balance incorporates a leader holder. • The drag knob has been reset, so it does not catch your fly line while making a cast. • Spool designed with a V-Shape for optimal fly line spooling. • Conical shaped rubber handle that allows fly line to easily slip off and not get tangled in. • Workhorse design that will not let you down in the heat of the battle, regardless of your catch.

Renfors reel is just as at home with an old cane rod as it is with a top-of-the-line modern carbon rod. Its antique grey matt finish together with a large number of towards the outer rim widening holes will give it a classical outlook. When you pull the line out of the reel, loud clicking sound will bring back lots of memories at least for the older anglers. But do not let the outlook or the sound fool you. Inside is a first-class brake package well capable of stopping that-fish-of-a-lifetime in due time. This reel has truly a winning combination of old-age looks and modern technology. Salmon, seatrout and steelhead around the world, beware, Vision Renfors reels have arrived. • Classic outlook • Antique grey color • Brass parts • Japan made custom one way bearing • Hand finished two tone hard anodizing • Precision machined bar stock high-grade aluminium • Smooth and strong Carbon / stainless steel disc brake • Classical looking wooden handle • Available in two sizes Renfors 3 (#7-9) and Renfors 4 (#9-11) Line # Diameter Volume Capacity Price(£) #7/8 96mm 134cm3 Slide Spey 8/9 + 183m 30lb dacron £269.99 108mm 194cm3 Slide Spey 9/11 + 183m 30lb dacron £269.99 #9/11 • Designed in Sweden and built with specifically designed components crafted in Sweden. • Available as left- or right hand wind.

Reel Model Item No. Capacity yd/lb Arbour Dia Outer Dia. Inner Width Weight 3/6 light LOOPML3-6 WF5+100/20 47mm 85mm 28mm 31g 6/9 LOOPM6-9 WF7+160/30 56mm 98mm 39mm 260g 9/12 LOOPM9-12 WF10+230/30 64mm 114mm 39mm 295g

Price (£) Spool Price (£) £161.00 £49.00 £170.00 £55.00 £179.99 £59.00

Loop Xact Fly Reels

The Xact is the improved version of Evotec CLW. Made from composite, except the reel foot, handle and drag knob, that is aluminium. This reel is simply made for tough conditions. • Water- and heat-resistant casing and brake system. • Functions equally well wet or dry, warm or cold, under light or heavy drag pressure. • Form and friction stable brake discs in metal/ teflon (model 25) and metal/ carbon (models 58 and 812). • Reel frame and spool in corrosion proof composite. • Large brake adjustment dial. • Wide braking range (min/max 330°). • Simple spool change. • Available as left- or right hand-wind. Reel Model Item No. XACT 26 XACT2-6 XACT 58 XACT5-8 XACT 812 XACT8-12

Capacity yd/lb Arbour Dia Outer Dia. Inner Width Weight WF5 + 120/20 53mm 84mm 48mm 138g WF7 + 180/20 61mm 96mm 49mm 167g WF10F+290/30 61mm 112mm 50mm 191g

T. 01443 400766

The Airtec LA reel is CNC machined from the highest grade bar stock aluminium to perfectly match today’s lightweight rods. The strategically placed porting on the spool reduces the weight of the reel without losing any of the inherent strength, so whether your salmon fishing on the Spey or casting to small Brown trout on your local stream there’s and Airtec to fit the bill. Size Price(£) Spool Price(£) 4/5 £49.99 £24.99 £54.99 £27.99 5/6 7/9 £59.99 £29.99 9/11 £69.99 £34.99 10/12 £79.99 £39.99

Vision Renfors Reel

Loop Multi Series Fly Reels

Reel Model Item No. Capacity yd/lb Arbour Dia Outer Dia. Inner Width Weight Price (£) Spool Price (£)

Creek OCRB WF3+140/20 Dryfly ODFB WF5+190/20 Runner ORUB WF7+150/30 Speedrunner OSPB WF8+185/30 Megaloop OMLB WF10 + 250/50 Big OBGB WF12 + 350/50

Airflo Airtec Fly Reels

Price (£) Spool Price (£) £67.00 £35.00 £71.00 £39.00 £80.00 £44.00

Vision Tank Fly Reel

A great salmon reel doesn’t have to be as light as a feather. On the contrary, in most of the situations you want to have some weight in your reel. When used with a long double hand rod, a reel is not just a line storage or a brake provider in your fishing set, but also very much a balancing element. In a world of big brute fish and rocky slippery river banks, a salmon reel has to be able to take a quite a lot of beating and punishment unlike its trout class cousins used on small streams. To make absolutely sure that the new reel would not need any modifications in the near future, the brake design was copied almost completely from our highly popular and proven GT reel. The outlook of the reel follows closely classical salmon reel design principles with only few holes on the handle side of the reel to provide some amount of ventilation for fly line and backing after long fishing hours. We wanted to have a full rim for the reel in order to fully eliminate those unfortunate occasions when a thin running line gets jammed between the frame and the spool. The classical color of the reel is an outcome of anodizing the used high quality aluminum. The final touch in our quest for old-school atmosphere comes in the form of absolute kick ass brake sound - it just can’t get better than this. When we were thinking how to name the newborn, words like durability, weight, solid metal surfaces, strong machinery and loud noise were flying around. After a bit of a brainstorming, name Tank overrun easily all the other candidates. Tank is available in two different sizes: Tank 3 for #7-9 and Tank 4 for #9-11. Available in March 2013. • The brake is based on our proven GT reel • A classic old-school outlook • Solid and durable • Anodized aluminum • Full rim • Mid-arbor spool Tank 3 : £161.99 Tank 3 Spool : £79.99 Tank 4 : £161.99 Tank 4 Spool : £79.99

LINES/TIPPETS Airflo 40+ Forty Plus Expert Distance

There’s always someone who wants to cast even further – for those guys we developed Forty Plus Expert – it’s like the Forty Plus…just longer! By increasing the head length, whilst maintaining the same head weight the whole cast is smoother, allowing expert casters to carry more line in the loop and with a little effort, send a fly to the next county. The use of Power Core helps reduce energy loss and smoothes out wobbles that ultra high line speed can put into regular ‘stretchy’ lines. Ridge running lines reduce tangles and improve shootability. Floating Line WF 6, 7, 8, 9 Slow Intermediate WF 7, 8, 9 Fast Intermediate WF 7, 8, 9 Di3 WF 7, 8, 9 Di5 WF 7, 8, 9 Di7 WF 7, 8, 9 £34.99

Airflo 40+ Forty Plus Extreme Distance

Ask any fly fisher what element of their fishing they’d most like to improve and most would say they’d like to cast further - Enter the Forty Plus. With its easy loading 35’ head and low diameter running line, you’ll soon be reaching for the horizon. Enhanced with Ridged running line, an addition that makes the line cast even further than you ever imagined possible.  Power Core as standard and you’ll need it to help set hooks at the increased distance you’ll be fishing! Doubles as an excellent switch casting line in confined spaces. Floating Line WF 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Slow Intermediate WF 6, 7, 8, 9 Fast Intermediate WF 7, 8, 9 Di3 WF 7, 8, 9 Di5 WF 7, 8, 9 Di7 WF 7, 8, 9 £34.99

Cortland 444 Classic Sylk Fly Line

A real delight to use particularly with slower actioned and traditional fly rods. Mustard in colour. Floating Weight Forward 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Floating Double Tapers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 £34.50

LINES/TIPPETS Airflo Ridge Clear

Looking for the ultimate in stealth fly lines, then look no further. Having a line that totally blends in with its surroundings, Airflo’s range of Ridged Clear fly lines are the ultimate when it comes to tricky fish in clear water conditions. The lines low optical density is very close to that of water, so just like fluorocarbon tippet, these lines are almost invisible to fish. All lines are 35yds long and you’ll need it with the additional line speed that you can generate with the ultra slick Ridge coating – the ridges almost disappear when the line lands on the water – the reduced friction, combined with the original Delta taper allows for easy loading at short range and hero casts when you need them. Floating line WF 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9. Fast Intermediate WF 56, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 Slow Intermediate WF 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 £34.99

Airflo Sixth Sense With Power Core

As true masters of sinking line technology, remember Airflo are the guys who created density compensation, low stretch cores and a standardised sink rate system. What experts say: Airflo Sales Director Gareth Jones and Welsh International Team Member Reducing the stretch level in the Airflo Sixth Sense fly line’s gives a huge advantage in terms of casting performance. The less stretch in the line’s core, the less energy is lost during the cast, ask any tournament caster. Working with a new production process and core material has allowed Airflo to produce a line with around 6% stretch as opposed to the normal 20%+ whilst maintaining almost zero memory. This minimal stretch level gives great bite detection and improved hook penetration even at Floating WF 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 Mini Clear Tip WF 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 Slow Glass - Sink Rate of 0.5 inches per second, WF 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 Mid Glass - Sink Rate of 1.5 inches per second, WF 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 Fast Glass -Sink Rate of 1.5 inches per second, WF 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 Di3 - sink rate of 3 inches per second - WF 3/4, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 Di5 - sink rate of 5 inches per second - WF 3/4, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 Di7 - sink rate of 7 inches per second - WF 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 Di8 - sink rate of 8 inches per second - WF 3/4, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 £34.99

Sixth Sense Competitor (40yrd, P/C, Hang Markers)

Airflo competitor 40 yard long line, low stretch sinking line. These fly lines have been designed with new power core technology, offering the best bite detection of any fly lines on the market today. The Airflo Competitor fly lines are ideally suited to the ‘Pulling’ technique, their unique sinking profile and weight densities offer an unseen fishing profile which is perfect for fishing the contours. Designed with two sinking densities, heavier density head than the running line, these lines feature an almost vertical retrieve path and a sinking angle of around 45 degree. For example, the Di5 line – this has a head length of 44feet in a sinking density of 5ips – Di5 – and the back of the line has a sinking density of 3ips – Di3. These two different densities allow the fly line to sink head first, causing an exaggerated sinking profile. This angle would be perfect for fishing close to the bottom of the bank, or fishing the contours from a boat. Also, the profile is ideal for fishing the hang at depth! The Di5/ Di3, Dark Blue/ Dark Green, WF 7/8, 8/9 The Di7/ Di5, Black/ Dark Blue, WF 7/8, 8/9 The Di8/ Di7, Black, WF 7/8, 8/9. £34.99

Sixth Sense Sweep Line

Based on the same technology as the incredible Sixth Sense flylines, Airflo have created a small range of flylines that sink in a U shape profile. With the recent popularity of the ‘washing line’ technique, we realised that creating a U shape retrieve path actually allows the fly to fish through a range of depths effectively, during a single cast. The Airflo Sweep Fly Lines follow this U sink path by increasing the sink speed of the belly section of the flyline to be faster than the tip and running line. The use of power core, reduces tangles significantly and helps sets the hooks despite the belly in the line, something that was always a problem with the old Hi-D type lines. Available in Di5 and Di7 belly sink rates, the tip of the Di5 sinks at 3.5” per sec and the Belly sinks at 5” per sec, on the Di7 version the tip sinks at 5” per sec and the belly sinks at 7” per second. All lines are 35yds long, you’ll need it! Washing Line - WF, 7, 8, 9, Ice Blue, Sink Rate 1.5 Di3 - WF 7, 8, 9, Sink Rate 3 inches per second Di5 - Grey WF 7, 8, 9, Sink Rate 5 inches per second Di7 - Black WF 7, 8, 9, Sink Rate 7 inches per second £34.99

Cortland Precision

Greys Grxi Fly Line

The GRXi Fly Line range is a versatile, all purpose range designed to excel in most conditions. As you’d expect with anything from the GRXi stable, these fly lines offer exceptional quality, yet retain realistic price levels. These lines will be big favourites for years to come. The durable coating offers slick casting and dirt repellent finish. The braided core offers memory-free use and improved bite detection. The floating model comes in a ‘peach’ colour. Subtle, yet visible at range. Floating Peach WF 5, 6, 7, 8, 9: £22.49 Spey Floating Peach WF 8, 9, 10: £37.99 Spey Int Kelly Green WF 8, 9, 10: £37.99 Clear Intermediate WF 7, 8, 9: £22.49 Spey Medium Sink (Dark Brown) WF 8, 9, 10: £37.99 Medium Sink (Brown) WF 6, 7, 8, 9: £22.49

Precision Ghost Tip - 5’/15’ (90’) The Precision Ghost Tip gives the angler additional length between the mint green fly line body and his fly. The clear type 2 tips are ideal for use with nymphs, in streams and in stillwater. The Ghost Tip could be the most perfect fly line ever developed for the line-shy trout, steelhead and salmon. 15ft Ghost Tip available in WF 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 5ft Ghost Tip available in WF 5, 6, 7, 8 £34.99

Cortland Precision Sub Surface

Denny Rickards - 7 foot clear camo intermediate sink tip. 7ft Tip WF 5, 6, 7 £34.99

Cortland 444 Classic Fly Line

Cortland 444 Floating WF + DT Before something can be called a “classic” it has to stand the test of time. The Cortland 444 Classic Peach has stood all the tests that generations of anglers have thrown at it and emerged as one of the finest fly lines of all time. Extremely supple in the hand, fast through the guides, high floating, and legendary for its durability. Precise tapers for ease of casting, turning over long fine leaders, or slapping down a #6 Woolly Bugger with ease. Cold water? No Problem! The 444 stays flexible in any water. Clear Camo Intermediate available in WF 5, 6, 7, 8 Peach Floating DT 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Peach Floating WF 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Intermediate Blue WF 5, 6, 7, 8 Sinking Type 3 line WF 6, 7, 8 £34.99

Cortland Fairplay Fly Lines

The Cortland Fairplay is an excellent mid-range line. The fairplay is available in wither double taper or weight forward. The sinking lines are type 3 (sinking at 3 inches per second). The lines are silky smooth and have a supple feel. The fairplay lines are great for accurate presentation. Double Taper Floating comes in white or orange. Weight forward floating comes in orange, and the weight forward sinking comes in brown. Floating Double Taper 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Floating Weight forward 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Sinking Weight Forwards 5, 6, 7,8 £19.99

Impulse Fly Lines

Impulse value fly lines, floating and sinking. Floating available in WF 6, 7, 8. Sinking available in WF6 £9.99

Precision Competition Nymph Fly Line

New line for 2012, The Cortland Competition Nymph line Engineered to help the nymph specialist create ultra-precise presentations and achieve the highest degree of strike detection, sensitivity, and accuracy. A perfect line for French, Spanish, Czech, and high-stick nymphing styles where the fly line is held off the water. The ultra thin, limp core and supple coating allow excellent “drape” over the rod tip, which increases sensitivity. Fine tip diameters and an elongated front taper allow light rigs to cast with pinpoint accuracy, and prevents the line from “bellying” and dragging the flies out of the drift on longer casts. The fine tip on the line eliminates the need for extra-long monofilament leaders, yet the complex taper provides enough energy to make accurate, longer casts and turn over multiple-fly rigs when conditions demand it. Get the maximum performance from your favourite 9-foot to 11-foot nymph rod by matching it with a Competition Nymph line to increase your productivity on the water. Ultra Fine Tip comes in AFTM 2-4 weight, Fine Tip comes in AFTM 3-5 weight. £36.00

Rio Gold Floating Fly Line

Greys G Series Fly Line

A range of floating lines to meet most still and running water challenges. An extremely high quality fly line with an amazingly keen price, G-Series lines are perfect for developing the emerging skills of the newcomer to fly-fishing. This line behaves and casts like lines costing much more, and with its braided core, low memory and hi-vis yellow colour is great for detecting even the slightest of takes. Floating line is yellow, available in WF 5, 6, 7, 8 £15.99

T. 01443 400766

New for 2012, the Rio Gold Line with MaxFloat tip. With a revolutionary design that allows for incredible loop stability at distance, a unique taper that allows a rod to load at close range and a positive front taper that delivers perfect presentation of flies between sizes #22 and #2 , the RIO Gold is the ultimate all-around, floating line for freshwater fly fishing. The long back taper is excellent for mending and for roll and spey casting and the running line and head are different colours, making it easy to find the line’s perfect loading point. Floating Moss/ Gold WF 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Floating Melon/ Grey WF 6, 7, 8 £49.99

T. 01443 400766

Rio Lake Hover Fly Line

RIO’s new Hover lake line has a sink rate almost half that of a standard intermediate, and is a fantastic line for anglers that want to fish just below the surface. The line is a great choice on windy days when you need to fish shallow, but don’t want the wind to affect the line, and for shallow bays, lake shores and fishing over the top of weed beds.  The subtle olive colour blends in beautifully and provides a stealthy approach for wary trout.  The ultra slow sink rate may occasionally result in the fly line floating, but with a couple of tugs to break the surface film, the line will sink super slowly and allow anglers to fish just under the surface – perfect for nymph and chironomid fishing, as well as for pulling lures without waking the fly. Slow Intermediate WF 6, 7, 8 £49.99

Rio Trout Lt Floating Fly Line

RIO’s latest trout fly line has been designed for the ultimate in performance for traditional trout fly fishing techniques. A long, delicate front taper ensures the softest of presentations, making the line perfect for fishing dry flies, spiders, emergers, small nymphs and chironomids, while an extended body gives the line stability at range and makes mending and roll casting easy. The weight distribution helps load a fly rod when fishing at short range or on smaller rivers and creeks, though it is manufactured precisely to the AFTMA standard and is ideal for all but the fastest of fly rods. The Trout LT is created with a supple braided multifilament core and features an extremely soft, memory-free AgentX coating which makes these high floating lines incredibly easy to lift quietly off the water and ensures that they are totally memory free. RIO XS Technology results in a very smooth and slick, dirt repelling finish, while the Super Floatation Technology ensures that the line tip doesn’t sink. Floating Camo/ Beige WF 3, 4, 5, 6 Floating Sage DT 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. £52.50

Rio Spey AFS Shooting Head Kit (floating Head)

RIO’s hugely successful AFS head system includes no less than 9 line options (plus 1 starter Kit) ensuring that you have just the right head available whatever the river throws up. Several of these options have been designed especially for UK rivers. AFS Heads assist the caster in loading the rod more easily, resulting in long, effortless casts while their long front taper ensures the softest presentation. Welded loops in all components make rigging with Powerflex core shooting line and balancing with Spey Versileaders faster and neater than ever. This package comprises of a floating AFS Shooting Head, a matching size of Powerflex core floating shooting line and a wallet with three different density VersiLeaders (floating, intermediate and fast sinking) in a simple kit that covers many fishing situations AFT7/8 37.5 ft 460 gr 30 grams AFT8/9 38.5 ft 520 gr 34 grams AFT9/10 39.5 ft 580 gr 38 grams AFT10/11 40.5 ft 640 gr 42 grams £109.99

Vision Vibe Fly Lines 65, 85 & 125

New for 2012, the Vision Vibe Fly Fishing Line, available in 6.5 metre, 8.5 metre head or 12.5 metre head. A very slick line with a supple coating which remains virtually memory free even in the coldest of conditions. The line has been manufactured with Teflon particles added to make sure the slickness never wears off. The very low stretch core helps you feel takes and also transfers casting energy far more efficiently than traditional cores. Vibe 65 WF 2/3, 3/4, 4/5 and 5/6 Vibe 85 WF 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 and 9/10 Vibe 125 WF 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 and 9/10 £59.99

Airflo Braided Mono Backing

A luxury fly line backing with a noknot connection to your fly line. Lays flat on reel, rot-proof. Fantastic value braided mono backing manufactured from normal high strength nylon mono. Lays flat on spool, seamless no-knot connection to fly line fantastic value. 80yds 20lbs: £6.99 80yds 30lbs: £6.99

Blackridge Braided Leader Loops

Blackridge braided leader loops – connects your tippet to your fly line. 3 per pack: £2.49

Greys Braided Leader Loops

Airflo Micro Poly Backing

Braided Loops available for Trout and Salmon 4 per pack: £2.99 Fly line backing serves two basic purposes. The first is to fill up your reel so that your fly line completes the filling of your reel to within, say, 1/8th inch of the spool capacity. The second is to still stay connected when a big fish strips of all your fly line! 100yds 30lb: £5.99 100yds 20lb: £5.99


Airflo Sightfree G3 Fluorocarbon

Airflo No Frills Backing

Airflo no frills fly line backing 100yd 18lb: £3.75

Blackridge Backing

Airflo’s 3rd generation sightfree flurocarbon. Very low diameter offering excellent breaking strain. Very popular line among competition and leisure anglers. G3 is 100% fluorocarbon, Airflo Sightfree G3 has very low visibility in water. Available in: 3lb, 4lb, 5lb, 6lb, 7lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 18lb, 20lb and 25lb 50 metre: £4.99 100 metre: £6.99

Sightfree Platinum

Blackridge Fly Lines

Ideal for the newcomer to the sport, Blackridge fly lines have durable coatings and tapers specifically chosen to enable easy casting with good presentation. The perfect match for Blackridge rods and reels. Floating lines (Fluorescent Yellow) available in WF 5, 6, 7 Intermediate lines (Grey) available in WF 5, 6, 7 £11.99

Available in hollow weave, tight weave, braided monofilament, or High Visibility, 20lbs. Hollow weave available in 100yds, 30lbs. Tight weave available in 50yds, 20lbs. Braided mono available in 50yds, 20lbs (black in colour). High Visibility (yellow in colour), 20lbs. 30lbs Hollow Weave 100 Yards: £6.60 20lbs Tight Weave 50 Yards: £4.95 20lbs Braided Mono Black 50 Yards: £5.99 20lbs High Vis. Yellow 50 Yards: £5.99

A new ultra low diameter Fluorocarbon from Airflo. Boasting amazing strength to diameter ratio this line also has a softer coating for improved turnover. Comes complete with a handy patented line cutter. Available in: 3lb, 4lb, 5lb, 6lb, 7lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 18lb, 20lb and 25lb 50 metre: £6.00 100 metre: £8.50

LINES/TIPPETS Drennan Sub Surface Green

A reliable fly leader material well known for it’s yellow spools. The Drennan Subsurface Green is a reliable leader. Excellent knot strength, the ever so subtle green colour of the nylon leader means it is a great subsurface fishing line.3lb, 4lb, 5lb, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb and 12lb 40 metre: £2.65

Fulling Mill Copolymer

100% Fluorocarbon, it’s slightly denser than water helping the line to sink below the surface where it is almost invisible. Outstanding knot strength, excellent behaviour, exceptional abrasion resistance and highly competitive pricing makes it the primary leader material choice for fly fishers everywhere 2.11 Lb 7x, 3.87 Lb 6x, 4.86 Lb 5x, 5.87 Lb 4x, 7.68 Lb 3x, 8.89 Lb 2x, 10.16 Lb 1x £3.95

Fulling Mill World Class Flurocarbon

RODS Grand Max Softplus

The Soft plus is 10% stronger again than the original Grand Max and is also a softer line making it suitable for both trout and specimen coarse fishing. 6.6lbs, 8.2lbs, 10.4lbs, 13.7lbs, 15.9lbs, 18.1lbs, 19.8lbs , 24.2lbs , 6.6lbs. 100m: £21.00 50m: £12.95 Buy any 2 100m spools for £18.00 per spool

Greys Gx Flurocarbon Tippet Material

With superb knot strength, low diameter and quick sink rate this Fluorocarbon tippet material has all the same attributes as its more expensive competitors, yet is one of the best value for money Fluorocarbons on the market. The 50m & 100m lengths are on the same inter-locking spools. Low Diameter. Good Sink Rate. High Knot Strength. Incredible value for money. Available on inter-locking spool in 50m & 100m lengths Low memory . 2.6lbs, 3.5lbs, 4.3lbs, 5.5lbs, 6.4lbs, 8.0lbs, 9.5lbs, 10.8lbs 50m £4.99 100m £9.99

Furled Leader Grayling

Airflo Delta Classic Fly Rods

The Delta Classic has now eclipsed the best selling Delta rods by far, winning best in test for an incredible 3rd year in a row !!!. Built on a slim lightweight blank which delivers unbeatable performance and durability in its price range. Finished in an stylish olive with high quality single leg chrome rings, lined stripper guide and custom cut reel seat with an olive. Comes complete with a protective codura rod tube. • Durable blank • Smooth middle to tip action • Single leg snakes • Cordura protective tube • Alignment dots for perfect fit Length AFTM Handle F.Butt Action 8’ 3/4 H/Wells No Mid - Tip 8’6 4/5 H/Wells No Mid - Tip 9’ 5/6 H/Wells No Mid - Tip 9’ 6/7 F/Wells Yes Mid - Tip 9’ 8/9 F/Wells Yes Mid - Tip 9’6 6/7 F/Wells Yes Mid - Tip 9’6 7/8 F/Wells Yes Mid - Tip 10’ 6/7 F/Wells Yes Mid - Tip 10’ 7/8 F/Wells Yes Mid - Tip 10’6 7/8 F/Wells Yes Mid - Tip 11’ 6/7 F/Wells Yes Mid - Tip 11’ 7/8 F/Wells Yes Mid - Tip 13’ 8/9 D/Hand N/A Mid - Tip 14’ 9/10 D/Hand N/A Mid - Tip 15’ 10/11 D/Hand N/A Mid - Tip

Hand made from braided nylon monofilament leader and tapered. The advantage of the tippet is mainly that they have no shape memory. Available in Grey or Transparent. Available in Grey or Transparent. Lengths 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft 3ft, 4ft, 5ft: £3.00 6 Ft: £3.50

Furled Leader Trout

Grand Max Riverge

Tapered leaders featuring a special profile level butt, steep taper and level tip. 9 Ft 6x 2lb, 9 Ft 5x 3lb, 9 Ft 4x 4lb, 9 Ft 3x 5lb, 9 Ft 2x 6lb, 9 Ft 1x 7lb, 9 Ft 0x 9lb, 12 Ft 6x 2lb, 12 Ft 5x 3lb, 12 Ft 4x 4lb, 12 Ft 3x 5lb, 12 Ft 2x 6lb, 12 Ft 1x 7lb, £2.45

Hand made from braided nylon monofilament leader and tapered. The advantage of the tippet is mainly that they have no shape memory. Available in Fluo Yellow and Transparent. Lengths 3ft, 4ft and 5ft £3.00

Hanak Competition Bi-colour Indicator Line

Furled Leader Czech Nymph Arguably the leading tippet material available, Grand Max is incredibly well manufactured and has an excellent diameter to weight ratio. Available in 100 or 30 yard spools. 2.4lbs, 3.5lbs, 4.75lbs, 6lbs, 7.5lbs, 9.5lbs, 12.5lbs, 14.5lbs, 16.5lbs, 18lbs, 22lbs and 24lbs 100yds: £21.00 30yds: £12.95 Buy any 2 100m spools for £18.00 per spool

Hand made from braided nylon monofilament leader and tapered. The advantage of the tippet is mainly that they have no shape memory. Available in Tricolour, Fluo Orange , Fluo Yellow and Orange / Yellow . Lengths: 1.5ft, 2ft, 3ft and 4ft £3.00

Ready made French Leader (long nymphing method) as used by French Anglers. Camouflage 350cm: £5.49 Camouflage 450cm: £5.49 Camouflage 900cm: £5.49 Fluo Yellow 900cm: £5.49 Fluo Orange 900cm: £5.49 Fluo Pink 900cm: £5.49

Weight Section Code Price(£) 3.39oz 4 F-ST-NANO-7634 £94.99 3.56oz 4 F-ST-NANO-8034 £94.99 3.63oz 4 F-ST-NANO-8045 £94.99 3.85oz 4 F-ST-NANO-9034 £94.99 3.92oz 4 F-ST-NANO-9045 £94.99 3.92oz 4 F-ST-NANO-9056 £94.99 4.15oz 4 F-ST-NANO-1034 £99.99 4.23oz 4 F-ST-NANO-1045 £99.99 4.30oz 4 F-ST-NANO-1056 £99.99

Airlite Nan-tec Fly Rods

Airflo have pulled out all the stops when redesigning the new Airlite Nantec series to incorporate high-tech Nano technology and we think you’ll agree these are simple stunning rods. The use of Nano technology increases the impact resistance of the blank immensely but also has added benefits like incredible lifting power and quicker tip recovery and even greater energy transfer for super smooth casting performance. So using all this technology Airflo had to finish the rods of with the highest quality fittings including single chromed leg snakes to reduce weight, High grade custom made reel seat and of cause it comes complete in its own cordura case. Features: • Single leg chrome rings • Cordura Travel tube • Lined stripper rings • High grade cork handle • Custom reel seat Length AFTM Reel Type Reel Type Action 9’ #6/7 F/WELLS YES TIP YES TIP 9’6 #6/7 F/WELLS 9’6 #7/8 F/WELLS YES TIP 10’ #6/7 F/WELLS YES TIP YES TIP 10’ #7/8 F/WELLS 10’ Comp Spec #8 F/WELLS YES TIP 13’ #8/9 D/HAND N/A TIP 14’ #9/10 D/HAND N/A TIP 15’ #10/11 D/HAND N/A TIP

Perfect for constructing Indicators, Diameter: 0.16mm 0.18mm 0.20mm 0.25mm, Strength: 5.5 Lb, 6.6 Lb, 7 Lb, 8.8 Lb, 9 Lb, 11 Lb, 13 Lb, 16 Lb, 20 Lb 20m: £8.50

Hends Camou French Leader

Price(£) £69.99 £62.99 £62.99 £62.99 £62.99 £72.99 £72.99 £81.99 £81.99 £81.99 £81.99 £81.99 £125.99 £129.99 £134.99

Airflo Streamtec Nan-tec Fly Rods

The natural evolution for Airflo’s ever popular Streamtec range was the addition of Nano Technology into the blank, making it lighter, stronger and even more responsive than previously possible. The Streamtec range of rods has a silky progressive action that works exceptionally well at short to mid range and due to the soft tip light tippets can be used without fear of being broken off. The 10’ models are particularly useful for either Czech or French nymphing techniques. So if it’s a river or steam rod your after there’s something in the Streamtec Nantec range for you.  • Cordura Travel tube • Single leg chrome rings • Lined stripper rings • High grade cork handle • Custom reel seat Length AFTM Handle F.Butt Action 7’6 #3/4 H/WELLS YES MID-TIP YES MID-TIP 8’ #3/4 H/WELLS 8’ #4/5 H/WELLS YES MID-TIP YES MID-TIP 9’ #3/4 H/WELLS 9’ #4/5 H/WELLS YES MID-TIP YES MID-TIP 9’ #5/6 H/WELLS 10’ #3/4 H/WELLS YES MID-TIP YES MID-TIP 10’ #4/5 H/WELLS 10’ #5/6 H/WELLS YES MID-TIP

Fulling Mill Tapered Leader World Class Fulling Mill is considered to be one of the market leading options for fly anglers. available in strengths from 2lb to 20lb3lb 100m, 4lb 100m, 5lb 100m, 6lb 100m, 7lb 100m, 8lb 100m, 10lb 100m, 12lb 100m, 15lb 100m. 3lb to 5lb £8.45 6lb to 8lb £9.45 10lb to 15lb £13.45

Weight Section Code 3.35oz 3 F-DELTAC-8034 3.60oz 3 F-DELTAC-8645 4.16oz 3 F-DELTAC-9056 4.41oz 3 F-DELTAC-9067 4.83oz 3 F-DELTAC-9089 4.62oz 3 F-DELTAC-9667 5.04oz 3 F-DELTAC-9678 5.01oz 3 F-DELTAC-1067 5.11oz 3 F-DELTAC-1078 5.40oz 3 F-DELTAC-10678 5.57oz 3 F-DELTAC-1167 6.07oz 3 F-DELTAC-1178 9.31oz 3 F-DELTAC-1389 9.45oz 3 F-DELTAC-14910 11.11oz 3 F-DELTAC-151011

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit for our full selection of products

T. 01443 400766

Weight Sections Code Price(£) 3.39oz 3 F-LITENANO-9067-3 £179.99 3.84oz 3 F-LITENANO-9667-3 £179.99 3.92oz 3 F-LITENANO-9678-3 £289.99 3.95oz 3 F-LITENANO-1067-3 £299.99 4.06oz 3 F-LITENANO-1078-3 £199.99 4.06oz 3 F-LITENANO-108-C £179.99 8.47oz 3 F-LITENANO-1389-3 £179.99 9.81oz 3 F-LITENANO-14910-3 £179.99 10.41oz 3 F-LITENANO-151011-3 £179.99

Airtec Nan-tec Fly Rods

The Airflo Airtec rods have been an enormous leap forward in rod blank technology. Utilizing the latest Nano technology which helps distributes the resin uniformly through the blank, this helps eliminate weak spots in the blank to create rods with significantly increased strength and improved impact resistance, without adding any significant weight to the blank to produce an incredibly durable rod at an incredible price. • Single leg chrome rings • Cordura Travel tube • Lined stripper rings • High grade cork handle • Custom reel seat Length AFTM Handle F.Butt Action 8’ #3/4 H/WELLS NO MID-TIP 8’6 #4/5 H/WELLS NO MID-TIP 9’ #5/6 H/WELLS NO MID-TIP 9’ #6/7 F/WELLS YES MID-TIP 9’6” #6/7 F/WELLS YES MID-TIP 9’6” #7/8 F/WELLS YES MID-TIP 10’ #6/7 F/WELLS YES MID-TIP 10’ #7/8 F/WELLS YES MID-TIP 10’ COMP SPEC #8 F/WELLS YES MID-TIP 10’6” #7/8 F/WELLS YES MID-TIP

T. 01443 400766

Weight Section Code Price(£) 2.46oz 3 F-AIRNANO-8034 £99.99 2.61oz 3 F-AIRNANO-8645 £99.99 3.17oz 3 F-AIRNANO-9056 £99.99 3.83oz 3 F-AIRNANO-9067 £99.99 4.01oz 3 F-AIRNANO-9667 £109.99 4.08oz 3 F-AIRNANO-9678 £109.99 4.36oz 3 F-AIRNANO-1067 £129.99 4.47oz 3 F-AIRNANO-1078 £129.99 4.68oz 3 F-AIRNANO-108-COMP £129.99 4.75oz 3 F-AIRNANO-10678 £129.99



Bluetooth Nan-tec Rods

Greys Gs2 Series Fly Rods

The original Bluetooth was our best selling Saltwater/Predator series of rods and now they are even better due to the utilization of Nano technology. The Bluetooth Nano fishing rods help you load deeper into the blank to access the real power stored within the blank which in turn helps you cast large flies required for saltwater and predator fishing. Once your quarry is hooked the Bluetooth NanTec provides incredible strength and lifting power needed to stop these serious fish. The easy to transport 4 piece blank is finished in an amazing electric blue fishing, high quality over sized stripping guide, hardened chrome guides and a high grade cork handle. • Award winning rods • Custom reel seat • Single leg hard chrome rings • Cordura Travel tube • Over sized lined stripper rings • High grade cork handle Length AFTM 9’ #8/9 9’ #10/11



Action Weight Section Code Price(£) TIP 4.68oz 4 F-BLUENANO-9089 £99.99 TIP 4.76oz 4 F-BLUENANO-901011 £99.99

Journeyman Nan-tec Fly Rods

In the past travel rods have been out of reach of most fly fishermens budget until Airflo introduced the Journeyman Nantec 7 piece travel rods. Integrating new Nano technology Airflo have been able to produce a lightweight travel rod with improved impact resistance and strength to keep you fishing on your travels. • 7 Piece construction • Custom reel seat • Single leg chrome rings • Cordura Travel tube • Lined stripper rings • High grade cork handle Length AFTM Code Price(£) 9’ 5/6 F-JOURNEY-9056 £99.99 9’ 8/9 F-JOURNEY-9089 £109.99 9’6 6/7 F-JOURNEY-9667 £109.99 10’ 7/8 F-JOURNEY-1078 £129.99 13’ 8/9 F-JOURNEY-1389 £199.99 15’ 10/11 F-JOURNEY-151011 £199.99

Two rods for the price of one, the new 40+ Nantec comes complete with two tip sections each with a different action. Tip D has a tip action that can generate high line speed for long effortless casts, whilst Tip A has a softer mid-tip action that produces a slightly slower more accurate cast ideal for covering rising fish. The 40+ feature Airflo’s unique Nano technology to give you a range of rods that exhibit unbelievable strength to weight ratios. Each rod is perfectly balanced to perform to its limit with Airflo’s 40+ series of flylines. All rods feature our unique Nano technology to give you a range of rods that exhibit incredible strength to weight ratios. Each rod is perfectly balanced to perform with our 40+ series of flylines. 

Action Weight Section Code Price(£) TIP 4.12oz 4 F-40+NANO-9678 £89.99 TIP 4.51oz 4 F-40+NANO-1078 £89.99 TIP 4.69oz 4 F-40+NANO-1089 £89.99

Greys Grxi + Fly Rods

Our best selling fly rod, the GRXi+ is a great value, great all-rounder. This rod punches above its weight compared to other rods in its class. The fast recovering blank is capable of very high line speeds and tight loops, making this a much loved rod. Great for beginners, those on a budget, or for adding an inexpensive additional rod to your kit. The rod handle has hard wearing Multi-Composite Cork at wear points. Saltwater models mean that the GRXi+ range can answer any questions asked, anywhere in the world. • Middle to tip action with fast recovery • Line-Up Marks for perfect section speed alignment • Saltwater Safe Double Nut Up-locking • Sectioned Cordura tube for travel and Reel Seat storage • Expanded Range to include Saltwater • Lazer Engraved handle logo Models in 9ft lengths with Full Wells • Single Line Ratings for precision handles matching with your line Model GRXi+ 6’ #3 GRXi+ 6’6 #4 GRXi+ 6’6 #5 GRXi+ 7’ #3 GRXi+ 7’6 #4 GRXi+ 8’ #4 GRXi+ 8’6 #5 GRXi+ 9’ #5 GRXi+ 9’ #6 GRXi+ 9’ #7 GRXi+ 9’ #8 GRXi+ 9’ #9 GRXi+ 9’ #10 GRXi+ 9’6 #6 GRXi+ 9’6 #7 GRXi+ 9’6 #8 GRXi+ 10’ #6 GRXi+ 10’ #7 GRXi+ 10’ #8 GRXi+ 11’ #7


Length (ft / m) 6’ / 1.83 6’6 / 1.98 6’6 / 1.98 7’ / 2.13 7’6 / 2.28 8’ / 2.44 8’6 / 2.59 9’ / 2.74 9’ / 2.74 9’ / 2.74 9’ / 2.74 9’ / 2.74 9’ / 2.74 9’6 / 2.89 9’6 / 2.89 9’6 / 2.89 10’ / 3.05 10’ / 3.05 10’ / 3.05 11’ / 3.35

Rating #3 #4 #5 #3 #4 #4 #5 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #6 #7 #8 #6 #7 #8 #7

Weight (oz / g) 2.99 / 85 3.17 / 90 3.42 / 97 3.60 / 102 3.81 / 108 3.95 / 112 4.51 / 128 4.66 / 132 5.04 / 143 5.19 / 147 4.69 / 133 4.87 / 138 4.90 / 139 4.94 / 140 5.08 / 144 5.22 / 148


Price(£) £89.99 £103.99 £112.99 £116.99 £125.99 £125.99 £125.99 £134.99 £134.99 £143.99 £129.99 £129.99 £129.99 £134.99 £134.99 £134.99



Price (£)


4 4 4 4 4

£530.00 £530.00 £539.00 £539.00 £557.00








4 4 4

£556.00 £556.00 £575.00


4 4 4 4

£665.00 £701.00 £755.00 £836.99

Loop Cross 1 Series Single Handed Fly Rods 4 Piece

Nano 40+ Plus Nan-tec Fly Rods

Length AFTM Handle F.Butt 9’6 #7/8 F/WELLS YES 10’ #7/8 F/WELLS YES 10’ #8/9 F/WELLS YES

Replacing the hugely popular and much loved Greys G-Series rods was never going to be easy. The new GS2 range however gives features associated with a rod of a much higher price. Saltwater safe reel seat, a new ‘AAA’ grade cork and Multi-Composite handle and Single Line ratings allow the user to get the most from this range. 4 Piece construction allows it to be easily transported, or tucked away in the boot of your car, while the new Lazer engraved handle logo and striking black finish make the new GS2 range look as good as they cast. • Saltwater safe Reel Seat • Supplied with PVC tube and Cloth Bag • Expanded Range to include Saltwater • Lazer Engraved logo on handle Models • Single Line Ratings • Section Line-Up Marks Model Code Length (ft / m) Rating Sections GS2 7’ #2 GS2ROD05 7’ / 2.13 #2 4 GS2 7’6 #3 GS2ROD10 7’6 / 2.28 #3 4 GS2 8’ #4 GS2ROD15 8’ / 2.44 #4 4 GS2 8’6 #5 GS2ROD20 8’6 / 2.59 #5 4 GS2 9’ #5 GS2ROD25 9’ / 2.74 #5 4 GS2 9’ #6 GS2ROD30 9’ / 2.74 #6 4 GS2 9’ #7 GS2ROD35 9’ / 2.74 #7 4 GS2 9’ #8 GS2ROD40 9’ / 2.74 #8 4 GS2 9’ #9 GS2ROD45 9’ / 2.74 #9 4 GS2 9’ #10 GS2ROD50 9’ / 2.74 #10 4 GS2 9’6 #6 GS2ROD55 9’6 / 2.89 #6 4 GS2 9’6 #7 GS2ROD60 9’6 / 2.89 #7 4 GS2 9’6 #8 GS2ROD65 9’6 / 2.89 #8 4 GS2 10 #6 GS2ROD70 10’ / 3.05 #6 4 GS2 10 #7 GS2ROD75 10’ / 3.05 #7 4 GS2 10’ #8 GS2ROD80 10’ / 3.05 #8 4

If the large arbor provided revolutionary function that made the fly reel exponentially better, you won’t believe the difference Cross S1 construction makes with fly rods. We could write an entire book on the adventure that has led to the Cross S1 series of fly rods. We could look up and write down all the available superlatives that are yet unused by other manufacturers (not many left nowadays), but the only way to truly describe what we mean is to hand one to you and let you test for yourself. If there has ever been a time in our history of development of high-performance fly fishing gear where Loop merited a “look” and a test from the fly fishing world, it is now. • Blank in aesthetic matte smoke finish. strong in Black Pearl finish. • High-grade cork handle with Cork mix • REC RSNX Recoil snake guides. Extra reinforcements. strong in Black Pearl finish. • Triangular 3-pin aluminum reel seat in • Delivered in matching Gun Metal Gun Metal finish. aluminum tube and cloth bag. • REC RSG Recoil stripping guides. Extra Model Item No. Length Line Curve SINGLE-HAND 4-PCS 386-4 MC/MF CRO386-4 8’6” #3 MC 490-4 MC/MF CRO490-4 9’0” #4 MC CRO590-4 9’0” #5 MC 590-4 MC/MF 690-4 MC/MF CRO690-4 9’0” #6 MC CRO796-4 9’6” #7 MC 796-4 MC/MF SWITCH 4-PCS 7107-4 MC/MF CROSW7107-4 10’7” #7 MC SINGLE-HAND 5-PCS 798-5 MC/MF CRO798-5 9’8” #7 MC SINGLE-HAND 4-PCS FLATSMAN (SALTWATER MODELS) 890-4 MC/MF CROF890-4 9’0” #8 MC 1090-4 MC/MF CROF1090-4 9’0” #10 MC CROF1290-4 9’0” #12 MC 1290-4 MC/MF DOUBLE-HAND 4-PCS 7120-4 MC/MF CRO7120-4 12’0” #7 MC 8130-4 MC/MF CRO8130-4 13’0” #8 MC 9140-4 MC/MF CRO9140-4 14’0” #9 MC CRO10150-4 15’0” #10 MC 10150-4 MC/MF

Loop Opti Peak Series 4 Piece

Sections 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Weight (oz / g) 25 / 78 26 / 82 27 / 86 28 / 80 29 / 89 30 / 95 31 / 98 32 / 107 33 / 108 34 / 131 35 / 128 36 / 132 37 / 133 38 / 125 39 / 127 40 / 129 41 / 133 42 / 142 43 / 146 44 / 153


Price(£) £99.99 £109.99 £109.99 £114.99 £119.99 £124.99 £129.99 £139.99 £139.99 £139.99 £149.99 £149.99 £159.99 £144.99 £144.99 £144.99 £149.99 £149.99 £149.99 £169.99

T. 01443 400766

The Opti Peak, with its length and sensitive tip, is the optimal choice for Czech Nymphing. It has also the backbone to handle big fish on a light line. • Triangular reel-seat with a permanent lock – easier to put the reel in place. Form follows function. • Small fightingbutt and optional counterweight for lightweight reels. • Durable snake-guides with double coating. • Rod model marked on each rod section. • Dot marks on ferrules for correct fit of each rod section. • Comes in cloth bag and pentagon shaped cordura tube. Model Item No. Length Line Tempo OPPE4110-4A 11’0” #4 MF 4110-4

Curve MC

Weight 121g

Pcs 4

Price (£) £341.00

Curve MC MC MC

Weight 259g 289g 321g

Pcs 5 5 5

Price (£) £521.00 £530.00 £539.00

Loop Opti Power Spey Series 5 Piece

After a year of testing sample after sample we are finally pleased to introduce the brand new Opti Power Spey. These rods work equally well with short heads (typical for Underhand and Skagit casting) or longer spey lines. The tip recovery is extremely precise and the butt power never gives up. The models feature our new patended Balanced reel seat, which is 50 % longer than traditional reel seats and allows the angler to choose position of the reel, balancing the rod against the weight of the line and the casting technique. • Balanced reel seat with adjustable reel • Dot marks on ferrules for correct fit of position. Form follows function. each rod section. • Durable snake-guides with double coating. • Comes in cloth bag and pentagon • Rod model marked on each rod section. shaped cordura tube. Model Item No. Length Line Tempo 9130-5 CLASS2-9130-5A 13’0” #9-10 MF+ 9140-5 CLASS2-9140-5A 14’0” #9-10 MF+ 10150-5 CLASS2-10150-5A 15’0” #10-11 MF+

T. 01443 400766



Loop Evotec Series X Grip Handle / Round Corkmix Handle

Made with our latest technology, Cross Weave, the Evotec series have a sweet, precise and wonderfully balanced action. Minimal vibrations and the possibilty to change tempo with ease is the fruit of our “Perfect Curve” philosophy. With a handle in epoxy-cork mix you also get the best grip available. Available with the revolutionary X-Grip handles to further increase stability and fine-tune the fishing experience. • Built with Cross Weave technology for • Rod model marked on each rod section. maximum durability. • Dot marks on ferrules for correct fit of • Available with optional hexagonal X-Grip each rod section. and traditional round handle in cork-mix. • Comes in cloth bag and pentagon • Durable chrome snake-guides with shaped cordura tube. double coating. Model Item No. Length Line Tempo 490-3 MF EVO490-3MF 9’0” #4 MF 590-4 M EVO590-4M 9’0” #5 M 590-3 MF EVO590-3MF 9’0” #5 MF 590-3 F EVO590-3F 9’0” #5 F 690-3 MF EVO690-3MF 9’0” #6 MF 690-3 F EVO690-3F 9’0” #6 F 696-4 MF EVO696-4MF 9’6” #6 MF 796-3 MF EVO796-3MF 9’6” #7 MF 8100-3 MF EVO8100-3MF 10’0” #8 MF

Sonik Sk4 Xtr Fly Rod


Weight 101g 107g 107g 113g 111g 110g 126g 127g 138g

Pcs 3 4 3 3 3 3 4 3 3

Price (£) £242.00 £251.00 £251.00 £269.10 £269.10 £269.10 £279.00 £279.00 £296.00

Loop Exact Double Hand Series 4 Piece

Made with our latest technology, Cross Weave, the Evotec series have a sweet, precise and wonderfully balanced action. Minimal vibrations and the possibilty to change tempo with ease is the fruit of our “Perfect Curve” philosophy. With a handle in epoxy-cork mix you also get the best grip available. • Built with Cross Weave technology for • Rod model marked on each rod section. maximum durability. • Dot marks on ferrules for correct fit of each • Quad-Grip handle in cork-mix. rod section. • Triangular reel-seat with a permanent lock – • Comes in cloth bag and pentagon shaped easier to put the reel in place. Form follows cordura tube. function. • The patended Balanced reel seat on • Durable chrome snake-guides with double models 9140 and 10150. coating. Model Item No. Length Line Tempo Curve 6126-4 MF EVO6126-4MF 12’6” #6 MF MC EVO7130-4MF 13’0” #7 MF MC 7130-4 MF 8120-4 MF EVO8120-4MF 12’0” #8 MF TC EVO8136-4MF 13’6” #8 MF MC 8136-4 MF 8136-4 F EVO8136-4F 13’6” #8 F MC EVO9140-4MF 14’0” #9 MF MC 9140-4 MF 9140-4 F EVO9140-4F 14’0” #9 F TC EVO10150-4MF 15’0” #10 MF MC 10150-4 MF 10150-4 F EVO10150-4F 15’0” #10 F TC

Description SK4XTR Fly Rod SK4XTR Fly Rod SK4XTR Fly Rod SK4XTR Fly Rod SK4XTR Fly Rod SK4XTR Fly Rod

Length ft (m) 9’ 9’ 6” 9’ 6” 10’ 10’ 11’

Rating (wt) #5/6 #6/7 #7/8 #6/7 #7/8 #7/8

Sections 4 4 4 4 4 4

Price(£) £119.99 £129.99 £129.99 £139.99 £139.99 £143.99

Ultra-high performance fly rods just took a new turn with the introduction of the new, fast action Sonik SK8 Series. Unashamedly quick, unbelievably light and well balanced, the smooth tip action will power your fly line in the tightest loop to present your fly with accuracy and precision. A unique blend of high modulus carbon fibre materials is carefully wrapped around the advance taper mandrels, to provide a focused range of 4 piece fly rods that stand up to any rods available at any price. With a low flash, ‘stealth’ matt grey blank, the butt section benefits from the addition of a 1K carbon weave for added power and durability. The logo area is highlighted with in metallic champagne gold, whilst the rod is supplied in a smart, charcoal grey cordura tube and cloth bag for protection when in transit.

Balanced Reel Seat - - - - - X X X X

Weight 272g 280g 255g 283g 297g 306g 328g 340g 358g

Pcs 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Price (£) £422.00 £431.00 £431.00 £440.00 £440.00 £467.00 £467.00 £485.00 £485.00




Price (£)


85g 90g 93g 103g 105g

4 4 4 4 4

£197.10 £197.10 £197.10 £206.10 £206.10


237g 242g 242g 279g 268g 277g

4 4 4 4 4 4

£269.00 £269.00 £269.00 £269.00 £287.00 £305.00

Sonik Sk Lite Fly Rod

An exceptional new range of light-line river fly rods ranging from 8’ #3 to 10’ #4, that will appeal to the most discerning fly angler. The ultra-lightweight blanks have smooth, middle to tip actions with a fast recovery and most importantly, provide great balance in the hand. With a subtle matt olive blank for stealth, complimented with matching tyings and copper tippings, the slim, half-wells cork handles are burl rosewood trimmed. When combined with the incredible detail of the mixed burl hardwood reel spacer and inscribed reel seat, the effect is striking and unique. • Four piece, high modulus carbon fibre hardwood trim. blanks. • Stunning mixed burl hardwood reel seat • Smooth, middle to tip action with a fast spacer. recovery. • Unique, inscribed reel seat skeleton. • Range covers dry fly, nymph, Czech and • Supplied in a custom matt olive PVC rod French nymphing techniques. tube. • AAA grade, slim cork handles with burl  Code Description Length ft (m) Rating (wt) SKLTFR010 SK Lite Fly Rod 8’ #3 SKLTFR020 SK Lite Fly Rod 8’ 6” #4 SKLTFR030 SK Lite Fly Rod 9’ #3 SKLTFR040 SK Lite Fly Rod 9’ #4 SKLTFR050 SK Lite Fly Rod 9’ #5 SKLTFR060 SK Lite Fly Rod 10’ #3 SKLTFR070 SK Lite Fly Rod 10’ #4


Sonik Sk8 Xtr Fly Rods

Loop Exact Double Hand Series 4 Piece

Our new Xact series has a smooth, deep, medium-fast action that is both forgiving and precise. This is no entry-level stick and represents a hell of a lot of rod for the money. All the technology, style and feeling at a realistic price. • Traditional shape handle in cork-mix. double coating. • Triangular reel-seat with a permanent • Rod model marked on each rod section. lock – easier to put the reel in place. • Dot marks on ferrules for correct fit of Form follows function. each rod section. • Durable chrome snake-guides with • Comes in cloth bag and cordura tube. Model Item No. Length Line Tempo SINGLE-HAND 4-PCS 490-4 MF XACT2-490-4MF 9’0” #4 MF 590-4 MF XACT2-590-4MF 9’0” #5 MF 690-4 MF XACT2-690-4MF 9’0” #6 MF 790-4 MF XACT2-790-4MF 9’0” #7 M 890-4 MF XACT2-890-4MF 9’0” #8 MF DOUBLE-HAND 4-PCS 6126-4 MF XACT2-6126-4MF 12’6” #6 MF 7130-4 MF XACT2-7130-4MF 13’0” #7 MF XACT2-8126-4MF 12’6” 8 MF 8126-4 MF 8136-4 MF XACT2-8136-4MF 13’6” #8 MF 9140-4 MF XACT2-9140-4MF 14’0” #9 MF 10150-4 MF XACT2-10150-4MF 15’0” #10 MF

The original SONIK SK4 fly rods won ‘Best in Test’ in Trout Fisherman magazine in a comparative review for 10’ #7/8 fly rods, due to their superb casting action and ability to handle the full range of fly line densities with ease. With the new SK4XT fly rods, we’ve taken the difficult step of improving the rod even further, by improving the overall balance and increasing the speed of response of the tip section. This translates to smooth, long distance casts with minimum effort, whilst maintaining incredible accuracy under a wide range of fishing conditions. • Four piece, medium fast, tip action blanks intermediates, hayfork tip ring. in stunning metallic green colour with • Attractive wood burl reel seat with bronze gold logo area. anodised reel fittings. • Extra distance with minimum effort, • Supplied with matching cloth bag and forgiving tip for playing fish. cordura tube. • SIC-lined stripper guides, single leg

Sections 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Price(£) £161.99 £161.99 £169.99 £169.99 £169.99 £179.99 £179.99

T. 01443 400766

Code SK8010 SK8020 SK8030 SK8040 SK8050 SK8060 SK8070 SK8080

Length 9’ (2.74) 9’ (2.74) 9’ (2.74) 9’ (2.74) 9’6 (2.90) 9’6 (2.90) 10’ (3.05) 10’ (3.05)

Rating #4 #5 #6 #8 #6 #7 #7 #8

Sections 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Weight (oz/g) 3.38oz / 95g 3.38oz / 95g 3.38oz / 95g 3.42oz / 97g 3.70oz / 105g 3.70oz / 105g 3.88oz / 110g 3.88oz / 110g

Colour ‘Stealth’ Matt Grey ‘Stealth’ Matt Grey ‘Stealth’ Matt Grey ‘Stealth’ Matt Grey ‘Stealth’ Matt Grey ‘Stealth’ Matt Grey ‘Stealth’ Matt Grey ‘Stealth’ Matt Grey

Price(£) £161.99 £161.99 £161.99 £161.99 £169.99 £169.99 £169.99 £169.99

Sonik Sks Fly Rods

These sleek new four piece rods have a performance and appearance that belies the price. With a sweet, middle to tip action, they are ideal for newcomers and experts alike. Available in five sizes from 7’ small river to 10’ lake or sea trout model, the range covers the full spectrum of popular lengths and line weights. Gloss black rod blanks are furnished with top quality cork handles, reel seats and guides to provide a range of fly rods that is hard to beat on any level. Not everyone can, or wants to spend huge amounts on a fly rod, and at the price of an SKS range, everyone can enjoy fishing with a quality rod. • Four piece, gloss black blanks with easy, snake intermediates hayfork tip ring. middle to tip action. • Carbon weave reel seat, hard chrome • Great value for money, ideal for a wide reel seat skeleton. range of casting styles. • Supplied in black cloth, partitioned bag. • SIC-lined stripper guides, double-leg Code SKSFR01 SKSFR02 SKSFR03 SKSFR04 SKSFR05

Length ft (m) 7’ (2.13) 8’ (2.44) 9’ (2.74) 9’ 6” (2.93) 10’ (3.05)

Rating #3/4 #3/4 #5/6 #7/8 #7/8

Sections 4 4 4 4 4

Colour Black Black Black Black Black

Weight (oz/g) 2.82oz / 80g 3.17oz / 90g 3.66oz / 104g 3.88oz / 110g 4.58oz / 130g

Price(£) £54.99 £59.99 £64.99 £69.99 £74.99

Shakespeare Agility Fly Rod

A comprehensive range of nine high performance technical fly rods that utilize cutting edge blank design and high specification components. The action of the blanks are medium / fast and combine excellent casting potential with a smooth playing action. These Shakespeare Agility Rods are excellent value and rival many fly rods twice their price. These rods are new for 2012, the Shakespeare Agility range of rods are great looking and extremely light weight. Very smooth action that loads the line easily whilst casting. They are fitted with a very attractive engraved reel seat. Blanks are very slim and guides are Zirconium Oxide. The 9ft 6in, 10ft and 11ft have removable fighting butts and full wells handles. Half wells handles on 8ft 6in and 9 ft rods. The Shakespeare Agility 11 foot makes an excellent rod for Irish Lough style fishing. • Slim Carbon Blank • Supplied in Cordura Tube • Zirconium Oxide Striper Guides (ZOG) • Satin matt blank finish • Stainless Steel single leg guides • AAA Cork Handle • Engraved Aluminum reel seat • Full Wells Handle on the 9ft6, 10ft, 11ft • Removable fighting butt on 9ft6, 10ft, 11ft • Half Wells Handle on the 8ft6 and 9ft Code 1270398 1270399 1270400 1270401 1270402 1270403 1270404 1270405 1270406


T. 01443 400766

Material Handle 30 ton AAA Cork 30 ton AAA Cork 30 ton AAA Cork 30 ton AAA Cork 30 ton AAA Cork 30 ton AAA Cork 30 ton AAA Cork 30 ton AAA Cork 30 ton AAA Cork

Guides Pieces Length ZOG + SLG 4 11ft ZOG + SLG 4 10ft ZOG + SLG 4 10ft ZOG + SLG 4 10ft ZOG + SLG 4 6ft 6in ZOG + SLG 4 6ft 6in ZOG + SLG 4 9ft ZOG + SLG 4 9ft ZOG + SLG 4 8ft 6in

Action Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast

Weight 359 g 158 g 257 g 145 g 149 g 144 g 235 g 107 g 102 g

Price(£) £64.99 £54.99 £54.99 £54.99 £52.99 £52.99 £49.99 £49.99 £44.99


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Shakespeare Agility Rise Fly Rods

This compact range of light line rods draws inspiration from traditional style fly rod designs. However we have utilized modern blank technologies to produce rods that not only look great but are extremely lightweight and provide a lovely smooth accurate action that is easy to load when casting at close range. • Slim Carbon Blank • Zirconium Oxide Striper Guides (ZOG) • Stainless Steel single leg guides • Wooden style reel seat • Supplied in Cordura Tube • Traditional finish • AAA Cork Handle • Slim Half Wells handle • Medium action for easier casting Code 1270407 1270408 1270409 1270410 1270411 1270412


Material 24 ton 30 ton 30 ton 30 ton 30 ton 30 ton

Handle AAA Cork AAA Cork AAA Cork AAA Cork AAA Cork AAA Cork


Pieces Length 4 6ft 4 7ft 4 7ft 6in 4 8ft 4 8ft 6in 4 9ft

Action Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium

Weight 66 g 72 g 78 g 80 g 83 g 93 g

Price(£) £39.99 £44.99 £49.99 £49.99 £49.99 £52.99

This range of fly rods provides amazing value and performance at the Sigma price point. They are all four piece and supplied in a quality cordura tube, features that are required in modern fly fishing but un-heard of at this price! The blanks are slim and lighweight and we have developed eight popular versions from a light 7ft brook rod up to an 10ft 8wt. • 4 pc rods • Lightweight carbon blank • Titanium Oxide Striper guides • Stainless steel single leg guides (SLG • AA quality cork • Half Wells on the 7ft, 8ft, 8ft 6 and 9ft • Full Wells on the 9ft6 and 10ft • Supplied in Cordura tube Name SIGMA 7ft0 FLY 3WT SIGMA 8ft6 FLY 5WT SIGMA 9ft FLY 5WT SIGMA 9ft FLY 6WT SIGMA 9ft6 FLY 7WT SIGMA 10ft FLY 7WT SIGMA 8ft FLY 4WT SIGMA 10ft FLY 8WT

Material 24 ton 24 ton 24 ton 24 ton 24 ton 24 ton 24 ton 24 ton

Handle AA Cork AA Cork AA Cork AA Cork AA Cork AA Cork AA Cork AA Cork



Sections Length 4 2.10 m 4 2.55 m 4 2.70 m 4 2.70 m 4 2.85 m 4 3.00 m 4 2.40 m 4 3.00 m

Action Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium

Weight 105 g 112 g 116 g 120 g 125 g 138 g 117 g 141 g

Price(£) £29.99 £29.99 £31.99 £32.99 £34.99 £36.99 £38.99 £38.99

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The Oracle Salmon fly rods have become our most famous and successful salmon rods ever! They are well respected within the market and have a fantastic reputation with anglers and gillies throughout the country. These new and improved Oracle XT rods are based on the famous ‘user friendly’ Oracle action. However we have adjusted the line rating on the shorter 12’ and 13’ rods and also improved the guide spacing and handle lengths in keeping with modern Spey casting techniques. With this in mind we have developed a new faster action 15’ version with our expert consultant Gary Scott. This version will provide a great option for those that prefer a crisper actioned blank. These rods still display fantastic value and this is improved even further as the rods are now supplied in a Cordura tube • Snake intermediates • Cushioned reel Seat • Supplied in Cordura tube Code Model Handle Guides Pieces Length Rating Action 1216341 ORACLE XT 12ft 8WT SALMON FLY Cork Lined stripper 4 12’ (3,60m) #8 Medium 1216342 ORACLE XT 13ft 9WT SALMON FLY Cork Lined stripper 4 13’ (3,90m) #9 Medium 1216343 ORACLE XT 14ft 9WT SALMON FLY Cork Lined stripper 4 14’ (4,20m) #9 Medium ORACLE XT 15ft 10WT SALMON FLY Cork Lined stripper 4 15’ (4,50m) #10 Medium 1216344 1222479 ORACLE XT 15ft 10WT Fast Fly Cork Lined stripper 4 15’ (4,50m) #10 Fast



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Shakespeare Oracle Salmon Fly Rods

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Shakespeare Sigma Fly Rods

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