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Question 4 Who would be the Audience for your Media Product? Harvey Scott

We felt that our age group would be 16-25 year olds because our thriller opening contains scenes of death and scenes of gambling, which are common conventions of the genre and would be avoid to avoid in making a film like this. We decided on this age group due to the ages of the actors in the film which range from 16-17. However, our film is very evocative of the thrillers of the 1940’s so we decided that ages 45+ would also be an appropriate age group for our film as they would feel nostalgic for the evocative elements of our thriller film. The character types may interest the younger generation such as 'Eve' because of all the brutal killing she does and how sleigh she is with the changing cards with the cheating. This is similar to other contemporary thriller protagonists such as Lisbeth from “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” or Thelma and Louise from “Thelma and Louise” which could be considered anti-heroes due to their illegal activities and violent acts.

In our thriller opening, we decided to go for a target audience of both genders by using the main female character for different appeal to both male and female audiences. For male audiences, Eve is an attractive character who gets a lot of screen time. This would be an interesting character and would be visually appealing as well. (This logic could also apply to lesbian or bisexual females but this was less important to us when we were planning our character due to the size of the audience) The protagonist would also appeal to female audiences because she breaks stereotypes of male characters holding dominance over female characters by taking the main role of the story and killing off all the male characters. Another small audience for our film would be working class men aged 25+ due to the costumes worn by the male characters as they all wear suits which is common attire in the work place. The demograph for the female characters costume would be 18-25yr olds because of the immaculate nature of our main character and the style and elegance that can be seen in her costume. This is similar to other famous thriller female characters such as GIlda or Jackie Brown. Our intended audience would be a fan of these kinds of films and our be interested in a thriller that tried to achieve the same effect. This helps our film to be familiar with our intended target audience

Another way in which our film appeals to our target audience is through the portrayal of ethnicity. The actors in the films are all white but while the male characters come from Britain, our female character is Austrian. This expands our target audience from being primarily White-British to also appealing to White-Austrians. As an independent studio based in Norwich, it was easiest for us to film in this area. The location of the scene where “Eve” is being followed by “Harry” is in the Norwich city and thus will be reconised by people who are living in that area. This would be an appealing factor that would attract a local audience to watching the full film. As the target audience of our film is British people, it was important to use locations that would be recognisable to British audiences as a British location, even if they had never been to that part of England before. To achieve this, we used an old cobbled street in the city that had a very British atmosphere that would appeal to our primarily British Audience. This kind of location would also appeal to people who are fans of films such as “This is England” or “Essex Boys” which both view their British locations as being very important to the plot and the atmosphere of the film. The old, weathered streets could be identified and watched by audiences that are interested in old heritage, although this is less likely than the location being appreciated for its British atmosphere.

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