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Media Homework

Name ∗ Harvey Scott

GCSE RESULTS ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗

Media – B English Literature – A English Language – B Philosophy – A Science – B Additional Science – C Maths – D ICT – D Drama – D History - A

Hobbies I have many hobbies that are mostly to do with electronics . For example my favourite hobby is playing video games which is something I’ve done since I was about 3 so it has a lot of nostaglia to me. I also enjoy computer programming despite it being extremely obtuse and difficult to learn but it’s worth it to be able to create things on a computer like games or apps. Finally, I like to write short non-fiction articles such as reviews about video games and TV shows.

Media Interests ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗

Video Games TV Films Music Technology Journalism

Print Media What newspapers do you read/dip into and why? ∗ I sometimes take a look at The Sun so I can hang my head in shame at what passes for “News” these days.

What Magazines Do You Read And Why?

∗ I read gaming magazines in order to get news about video games. I like these magazines because they give details about games that I am looking forward to. My favourite gaming magazine is the Official Nintendo Magazine because Nintendo make consistently amazing games. I buy these magazines on a monthly basis as I have a great interest in video games and they are also not expensive and guarantee an interesting read.

What Are Your Favourite Genres Of Music? My favourite genres of music are metal, rock and orchestral all for a different variety of reasons. I like metal and rock because they are interesting genres with a lot of variety and sounds. I like orchestral music because it is very calming and powerful when in tandem with other forms of media such as films or video games which I find can create a massive impact on a story’s impact and merits. .

Do You Belong To A Band, If So What Is Your Role? ∗ Nope

Do you access your music on the internet? ∗ Yes, most of my music is stored on iTunes which is a music service ran by Apple.

What Is Your Opinion Of Illegal Downloading Of Music Off Internet Sites ∗ It is wrong as it damages the people who make the music and is technically stealing which is against the law. It isn’t right for people to just expect to get services people worked hard to make, for free just because they are cheap. If they really enjoyed the music then they would want to support the musician rather than damage them,

Explain How The Music Industry Might Influence Your Dress, Attitudes Or Aspirations? ∗ Music can set certain trends that people who listen to the music are expected to follow. For example in Metal, People typically wear dark clothing in order to fit in. Music can be seen as a glamorous lifestyle which may cause some people to aspire towards being a musician. Your attitude towards people who don’t like music that you do may become more unfriendly as music is seen as a strong indicator of personality.

Describe Your Favourite Video Game Bioshock Infinite My Favourite Video game is a game called Bioshock Infinite which was released on March 26th 2013 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms. Bioshock Infinite is set in a city floating in the sky called Columbia which was built by the order of an extremely religious man called Zachary Hale Comstock. Comstock believed that America was the greatest nation in the world and that all foreigners were inferior in the eyes of god. However, this view changed after Columbia was revealed to contain an extreme amount of firepower which caused the American Government to order Columbia to be destroyed. Comstock decided that America had lost its way and declared Columbia to be the greatest city in the world before segregating from America and disappearing into the clouds. Throughout the game, you play as a disgraced Pinkerton detective named Booker DeWitt who has accumulated a massive gambling debt during a depression that occurred as a result of his actions at the Native American massacre, Wounded Knee. In order to wipe away his debt, Booker must travel to Columbia in order to rescue a girl named Elizabeth and bring her to New York. Booker however carries a mark on his hand which is seen in Columbia as being the mark of the man who will bring down the city. Booker is caught and must fight his way to Elizabeth and escape with her to New York. One of the main reasons that Bioshock Infinite is my favourite video game is because of the way the story is presented to you through the living breathing world that the game has created. Instead of massive scene with exposition aplenty the game likes to present mature themes and ideas to you through the gameplay and the world which I think is a much better of telling a story than just dialogue as you feel more immersed in the http:// story and world and come to care for the characters I also like the perfect marriage of gameplay and story and also the gameplay and story when seen as different elements hold up strong on their own, especially the story which is one of the greatest tales ever told in a video game or maybe even any piece of media.

More Bioshock

Explain How Video Games May Have A Negative Effect On Attitudes To Gender And Attitudes To The Solution Of Conflict

∗ Some video games are very regressive in their portrayal of woman, even recently. / This can be seen as damaging to peoples views on gender equality. However video games can seen as making significant strides towards gender equality as seen in the proliferation of games with female protagonists and strong female leads. There are many examples such as Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth, Silent Hill’s Heather, American Mcgee’s Alice’ Alice and Resident Evil’ Jill Valentine who can be seen as a massive improvement over characters like Metal Gear Solid’s Quiet and any character from a fighting game. In general, it is obvious that massive improvements can be seen in regards to females in video games and attitudes towards them since the 90’s ∗ Some silly people believe that video games can cause people to become violent and cause murders. These people probably don’t understand what they are talking about and are using video games as a scapegoat because not many older people understand them and are easy to blame for bad parenting so we won’t talk about them since violence even more disturbing than violence in video games can be observed in films, books and literally all forms of media. ∗

∗ The Development of new technologies has greatly increased my understanding of the world as any fact that I want to know can be found on the internet rather than having to look through books and ask people so an infinite amount of knowledge of knowledge is now accessible to nearly everyone on the planet. Thanks to new technologies it is now extremely easy to discover new media texts due to services such as search engines and Video On demand.

What Are Your Favourite Television Channels And Why? ∗ My Favourite TV Channels are BBC3 and Sky1 since they are literally the only channels that I ever watch anymore. They feature quality programmes that I very much enjoy at reasonable times. Examples of shows that are featured on BBC3 are shows like Family Guy, American Dad, The Mighty Boosh, Russell Howard’s Good News and Total Wipeout. Meanwhile Sky1 has The Simpsons and Futurama.

What Is Your Favourite Television Genre And Why? ∗ Cartoons are my favourite television genre because they remind me of my childhood. They are also quite easy and relaxing to watch which is useful during times of stress such as exam time. Cartoons are also very colourful, imaginative and creative which are all elements that I enjoy in TV shows rather than just bland or realistic shows that aren’t very creative or interesting due to the idea of realistic situations being popular which I dislike. A few examples of good cartoons on television would be shows like Adventure Time, Death Note, Futurama and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Which Television Programmes Do You Consider Memorable? ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗

Death Note The Walking Dead Adventure Time Game Of Thrones Pushing Daisies

What Is Your Favourite Genre Of Film? ∗ Fantasy films because the films usually have a strong sense of adventure and wonder that usually isn’t found in other genres. An example of a good fantasy film is Howl’s Moving Castle which crafts a beautiful and believable world which is also impossible and fantastical. It also has a great story which is unpredictable and full of magical creatures. Another example of a great fantasy series is The Lord Of The Rings which also creates a magical world that is so well crafted it could be real but still so fantastical that it couldn’t possible exist due to its plethora of mythical creatures.

Identify 3 Films Which You Find Outstanding ∗ 1: Howl’s Moving Castle is a film by the animation company Studio Ghibli which has a beautiful art style and especially strong story. ∗ 2: The Nightmare Before Christmas is a film by Tim Burton about a skeleton who becomes bored of Halloween and tries to bring Christmas to the Halloween world ∗ 3: The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of A Ring is an epic adventure which creates a believable epic world with interesting characters.

How Do You Prefer To Consume Films? ∗ My favourite method of watching films would be at home on a either a games console or a PC. This is because these methods are a lot cheaper and more convenient than going to the cinema or buying a DVD since I don’t pay for the Netflix in my house. I also enjoy watching films on a games console called a Wii U because its controller has a screen in it that adds a level of portability to the experience which is very convenient.

Which Is Your Favourite Cinema? ∗ My favourite cinema is the Odeon at the waterfront because my friend gets a deal from his phone to get tickets half price so we go see films for about ÂŁ4 . It also is a very comfortable to sit in and the screens are of a very high quality.

Do You Prefer To Watch Films Alone Or In A Group? ∗ I personally prefer to watch films alone because when I am in a group, I tend to become distracted and miss the finer details of the films such as camera angles and plot details. I also prefer to watch films alone because I like to watch films in bed in my room which is a bit odd when with a group of friends.

Have You Ever Contributed To The Construction Of A Media Production ∗ Using my knowledge in computer programming, I develop, write, produce and pretty much singlehandily create small video games using a relatively simple engine called RPGmaker Vxace which is used to create 2D sprite based games. I also studied media GCSE meaning that I created both a magazine and a design for a video games which were based on metal music and survival horror respectively. Since these products were not group tasks I developed both projects by myself and with the help of Mr Seal.

Identify Any Media Text That Has Most Offended You ∗ The TV shows that I feel have offended me are Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Only Way Is Essex. The reason I feel offended by these programmes is the shocking lack of quality, thought, care, talent and any redeeming qualities in these shows. They are literally just a camera in a room full of chatting idiots who offer nothing of any value to society, art, TV or anything. The popularity of these shows also make me lose faith in TV and humanity as a whole

In Contrast, Identify The Most Interesting Or Exciting Or Innovative Media Text You Have Seen Or Heard. ∗ To The Moon and Bioshock Infinite are two pieces of media that I find to be the most creative and interesting pieces of media. To The Moon is creative and interesting because of the emotional story it tells with such a simple art style that you wouldn’t believe it could be so powerful just by looking at it. Bioshock Infinite on the other hand, creates a very interesting world through Columbia and its storyline that is very effective at keeping you hooked. Both these pieces of art are extremely innovative in their respective strengths and both have very interesting stories for widely different reasons.

To The Moon

Can I Identify Any Media Text Or Episode From A Media Text That Has Altered Your Attitude To Something? ∗ The anime Death Note is very effective at making you question whether or not your morals are correct and whether or not the law is just because of the themes presented in the story. In summary, A genius called Light finds a notebook which kills the person whose name is written in it. Light uses this to kill people who he feels are unjust. At certain points in the story there are times when the way the ideas and characters are presented that you start to doubt whether or not Light is evil for what he does and the story fits these ideas very well as it is something that obviously could never happen but deal with very real and important ideas so the events can still resonate with people rather than something that is just completely ridiculous.

If You Were Asked To Construct A Media Text Which Medium Would You Choose And What Message Would You Wish To Communicate ∗ The medium that I would choose would be video games as it is something that I understand very well and have a lot of experience in so I would understand the elements that would make it successful and could produce something of actual worth due to my experience and understanding of the medium. The message that I would probably want to send out is about how most mediums are becoming stale and uncreative with people becoming popular without any kind of talent or merit simply because most people these days can’t discern what is good and what is popular. We can see examples of this in all mediums. With music we have bland factory pop. TV has extremely poor quality reality TV shows that don’t have any relevance to peoples lives such as Keeping Up The Kardashians. In Films we have American actions films with foreign foes and romantic comedies. Finally, video games suffer from annualised franchises that has very little change or were even worth it in the first place such as Call Of Duty and FIFA. We also suffer from a lack of innovation and an over indulgence for First Person Shooters set in a war such as Call Of Duty, Medal Of Honour, Battlefield, Arma, The Darkest Day, Titanfall, Halo, Crysis, Farcry, Doom, Killzone, Resistance and Counter Strike.

Why Have You Chosen Media Studies As An Option ∗ I chose media because it is something that plays a huge role in my role as I spend most of time playing games or watching films so It seemed like a appriopiate subject to take. I also have a lot of experience with media due to my interest so I felt like I would be quite good at the subject and would enjoy it. I also enjoy doing films and using cameras.

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