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The bicycle is the most efficient form of human transportation. It can combat climate change, ease urban congestion and build human fitness. It brings us together, yet allows us to escape. And it takes us places we would never see any other way. The more you ride, the healthier you’ll be. And the less you drive, the healthier our planet will be. Pretty good payback for a little pedaling.

we believe in bikes

For years the height of women’s bike design was a sloped top tube and pink paint job. In 1999 Trek changed that with Women’s Specific Design. WSD considers the bike as a complete system, from frame geometry and gearing to the many touchpoints and accessories that determine the fit and feel of your ride.

women’s specific design

Speed Concept 2.5 WSD 99999 | 2011 Wind-cheating women’s specific bike for serious or aspiring triathletes.

Trek Lush 159999 | 2012 Singletrack smoothing women’s specific

orig 2089 99

Fully adjustable with a custom fit just for you. Plus, it sports washable fit pads. orig 6499

$10 OFF

Velvety smooth women’s specific frame is a great value road bike.

orig 2259 99

orig 959 99

Affinity RL 8999 | Bontrager WSD Saddle High-tech road saddle with Zone Density padding in all the right places. orig 119 99

$30 OFF

2011 Trek Lexa S

full suspension with low standover.

$460 OFF

$660 OFF

$1090 OFF

Quantum 5499 | Bontrager WSD Helmet

49999 |

Deva 6999 | WTB Womens Saddle

Firm and supportive shell with smooth curves for maneuverability. orig 89

Aurora 6799 | CamelBak Womens Specific Hydration Pack

Ultra-convenient 70oz pack.


$20 OFF Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees /// 3

road bikes trek project one

The all new 2013 Trek Madone is the first bike to give you the speed of an aerodynamic frame without adding weight or giving a harsh ride. The secret is Trek’s revolutionary KVF (Kammtail Virtual Foil) tube shape that minimizes drag using a truncated airfoil shape. The highly engineered tube shapes ensure the bike accelerates instantly, handles brilliantly and rides comfortably. The Madone is designed as a complete system with tip to tail integration including integrated front and rear brakes. Every carbon piece, from front derailleur mount to water bottle bosses, is molded into the frame, eliminating redundant material and reducing weight. With the all-new Trek Madone you get aerodynamics, weight, technology, performance, ride feel…you get the absolute best of everything in one flawless package.

Don’t settle for anyone else’s bike. Create your very own with Project One, Trek’s custom bike program. Customize, personalize, sensationalize, the choice is yours. Just select the model, paint scheme, and components you desire, and we’ll build your dream bike. 4 /// Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees

starting at

Trek Madone 6 & 7 399999 | 2013 Series Project One Bikes

Don’t settle for anyone else’s bike. Create your very own with Project One.

Trek Madone 2.1 129999 | 2013 Featuring Kammtail tubing to give you a edge against the wind. orig 1429 99

$130 off

Did you know?

starting at

Trek Domane 6 Series 399999 | 2013 Domane 6 Series is the perfect balance of speed, stability, and comfort.

Trek Domane 5.9 399999 | 2013 Ultegra DI2 drivetrain provides world-class shifting precision. orig 5149 99

We have exclusive access to limited edition Trek show bikes, high-end bikes displayed at trade shows around the world. Including brand new frames that were made for the 2012 Tour de France but were never used. Visit our website for details or ask about our current inventory during your next visit.

$1150 OFF

2013 trek domane

Domane 2.0 129999 | 2013 Trek’s race-winning IsoSpeed technology in an efficient aluminum frame. orig 1429 99

Trek Domane 5.2 299999 | 2013 Race-all-day geometry gives you edge

over the competition with great handling. orig 3679 99

$130 OFF

$680 OFF

2013 Domane Redefines Performance Smooth + Fast

Trek Madone 5.9 399999 | 2013 Madone 5.9 is an Ultegra DI2 equipped

race-ready rocket with an aero advantage. orig 5039 99

$1040 OFF

Trek Madone 5.9 349999 | 2012 Feel the balance of power and finesse aboard the Ultegra DI2 equipped Madone 5.9. orig 4939 99



Long days and rough roads are no match for the Domane. The bike starts with a more natural body position for most riders, adds a little stability for confident handling and then rocks the whole race bike establishment with it’s IsoSpeed technology, that actually allows the seat tube to pivot as the bike hits a bump. Domane makes the most of every pedal stroke. The Power Transfer Construction stiffens the frame to transfer your pedaling power directly to the road.

Trek Madone 5.2 299999 | 2013 Trek’s Madone 5 Series is a feature-packed,

race-ready platform with an aero advantage. orig 3569 99

$570 OFF

Trek Madone 5.2 269999 | 2012 Watch the miles fly by on Trek’s amazingly well balanced Madone 5.2. orig 3569 99 gives the Domane 5 out of 5 stars. “The feeling of being isolated from shocks with no adverse effect on pedaling action or steering deflection was uncanny, and the Domane was as fast uphill or on the flat as any superbike we’ve ridden.”

$870 OFF Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees /// 5

Cannondale Supersix 999999 | 2013 Evo Dura Ace Di2

Experience scalpel-like steering and shifting with a smooth ride and sleek looks. orig 11649 99

$1650 OFF

Cannondale Supersix 349999 | 2012 Ultegra Di2 Watch as your pedaling and steering input turn into speed and control. orig 4999 99

$1500 OFF

Cannondale Supersix 599999 | 2012 Evo Dura Ace Di2 Cannondale’s SuperSix EVO DI2 brings a whole new meaning to the word fast. orig 9999 99

$4000 OFF

Cannondale Caad 10 299999 | 2013 Ultegra Di2

Cannondale’s superior aluminum frame, the CAAD10 featuring Ultegra DI2. orig 4099 99

$1100 OFF

Cannondale Supersix 399999 | 2013 Sm Evo Red Cannondale’s ultra-light SuperSix EVO Red Racing is built for one thing – speed. orig 4449 99

$450 OFF

Cannondale Synapse 149999 | 2012 Carbon 4 Rival Womens

The efficiency of a road bike with a slightly more upright riding position for comfort. orig 2789 99

$1290 OFF

Nutrition Tip Experiment with the different types of foods or sports nutrition products that work best before, during and after intense training sessions. The body responds to calories consumed differently when the intensity of exercise increases, so it is important to begin to learn what your body likes and can digest easily in different training circumstances.

Cannondale 999999 | 2013 Slice RS Red

Slice RS is pure unadulterated FAST. A machine that’s as comfortable as it is aero. orig 10999 99

$1000 OFF

Cannondale Synapse 299999 | 2013 Carbon 3 Ultegra The lightweight, vibration-damping carbon frame & fork will make your rides more fun. orig 3349 99

$350 OFF

Join us June 23 and September 22 for our annual wine rides, featuring quiet, rural roads, between Northern Willamette Valley wineries. The rides are approximately 30-35 miles of rolling terrain with fun activities, catered lunch and wine tasting. All proceeds are donated to the Oregon Chapter of the Children’s Heart Foundation. Learn more at

6 /// Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees

You Deserve a Proper Fit


Trek Speed Concept 9 500000 | 2013 Series Project One Bikes

Trek Speed Concept 9.5 579999 | 2013 Unprecedented integration of brakes,

Don’t step up to the start line after all of your hours of training and all of your specialty gear without a proper bike fit in your arsenal. You’ll be more aero, more comfortable and more rested for the run.

cabling, electronics, and storage.

Real-world wins confirm wind tunnel predictions: 9 Series is the fastest bike on the planet.

orig 6089 00

$290 OFF

trek speed concept

Trek Speed Concept 7.0 259999 | 2013 Trek’s Speed Concept 7.0 takes your speed to a new level and your PRs to new lows.

Speed Concept 2.5 99999 | 2011 Trek’s Speed Concept 2.5 is your secret weapon in the battle against time.

orig 2729 99

orig 2089 99

$130 OFF

$1090 OFF

indoor trainers

33999 | CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer

Achieve distinct resistance changes without reaching for a lever.

5999 | CycleOps Trainer Mat

Protect your floors and carpets from bike grime and trainer wear.

27999 |

CycleOps Magneto Trainer

An innovative and adjustable training tool to keep you ready to ride.

2599 | CycleOps Trainer Block

3 levels of elevation to lift your front wheel to level your bike or simulate hills.

15999 | CycleOps Wind Trainer

Vortex blade design generates progressive resistance.

14999 | CycleOps Trainer Kit

Includes 2 climbing blocks, sweat guard, trainer tire & 3 DVDs.

Speed Concept is the fastest collection of triathlon bikes on the planet. The revolutionary design pairs a groundbreaking aero shape with the cleanest integration of brakes, cables, and electronics ever seen on a bicycle. Speed Concept gives you every advantage the wind tunnel can deliver. Trek engineers measured average yaw over several of the biggest Ironman courses to determine the most prevalent crosswind conditions and built the ideal frame for speed. A comfortable rider in an efficient position can put the most power to the pedals. And in triathlon, a comfortable ride leads to a faster, more comfortable run. The Speed Concept is designed with the greatest size range and adjustability of any tri bike, to give you the best fit. For the fastest rides, the fastest runs, and the fastest overall results. Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees /// 7

mountain bikes fuel ex platform

Trek Fuel EX 9.9 499999 | 2012 Shred singletrack like it’s your job? It’s time to check out Trek’s Fuel EX 9.9. orig 9339 99

$4340 OFF

Fuel EX sets the bar for mountain bike versatility–bringing race-day tech to all-day adventure. With 130mm of efficient travel, it can tackle any trail without sacrificing its light, nimble character. The patented ABP (Active Braking Pivot) keeps the suspension from stiffening up when braking and DRCV (Dual Rate Control Valve) technology for smooth, predictable control on all types of terrain.

Trek Fuel EX 9 259999 | 2012 Trek’s aluminum frame is done right with balanced geometry, and excellent stiffness. orig 4039 99

$1440 OFF 8 /// Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees

Trek Fuel EX 9.8 349999 | 2012 Fuel your fiery desire for trail domination on Trek’s Fuel EX 9.8. orig 5199 99

$1700 OFF

Trek Fuel EX 5 139999 | 2012 Step up your trail skills with Trek’s Fuel EX 5.

orig 1869 99

$470 OFF

Cannondale 499999 | 2013 Scalpel 29er Carbon 2

Unstoppable 29er momentum with the quickness and agility of a 26er.

Cannondale 319999 | 2013 Scalpel 29er 3

This sharp-handling, dual suspension 29er effortlessly dissects anything you throw at it.

orig 5549 99

orig 3549 99

$350 OFF

$550 OFF

Cannondale Jekyll 4 199999 | 2012 Jekyll is the most versatile bike, thanks to

its 90-150mm on-the-fly adjustable travel.

Cannondale Scalpel 3 249999 | 2012 Aluminum value in a dual suspension 29er. orig 4099 99

$1600 OFF


Cannondale F29 2 219999 | 2013 Ultralight, ultra-stiff frame, SPEED SAVE micro-suspension technology and 29er Race Geometry.

orig 2999 99

orig 2449 99

$1000 OFF

$250 OFF

You want to be fast. You want to be smooth. You want to roll that section of technical trail that keeps defeating you. Having good bike-handling skills, good fitness and trail confidence will make it a much better experience. Cannondale Trail 29er 5 77999 | 2013 Trail 29er proves that riders don’t have to spend a ton to get truly exceptional performance.

47999 |

2013 Trek 3500 Disc

Trek’s 3500 Disc is a quality mountain bike ready for every adventure.

Cannondale Trail 7 54999 | 2013 Frame weights & technology that rivals the

World Cup race circuit just a few years back.

36999 |

2013 Trek 820

One of the best ways to improve is to hit the trails with riders who are better than you. Not only will this help you to push yourself a little harder, but it will help you learn some of the riding habits of people who have been doing it longer. Watch how they position their bodies when going up or downhill. Watch how they handle rough, rocky sections. These valuable skills can easily be picked up when riding with other riders. Ask us about group rides and we’ll help hook you up with some friendly local riders who can help.

Trek’s 820 is a great all-around mountain bike with in-town utility at a sweet price.

Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees /// 9

179999 |

2013 Trek Superfly AL

29er hardtail with amazing handling. orig 1979 99

$180 OFF

Trek Cali S WSD 92999 | 2013 Jump head first into the big-wheeled world

Trek Mamba 92999 | 2013 Bike Radar’s 2012 pick for best mountain

of 29ers aboard Trek’s Cali S WSD.

bike under $1000.

orig 1019 99

orig 1019 99

$90 OFF

$90 OFF

two niner Two niners hold many advantages. A bigger wheel holds momentum better, so you maintain your speed through the corners and over rough terrain. A decreased angle of attack means bigger wheels make obstacles seem smaller. On a 29er, your center of gravity is lower relative to the axles for a more stable feeling as you sit deeper in the cockpit. A 29" tire has a longer contact patch which improves climbing and cornering ability.

Trek Marlin Single Speed 44999 | 2012 The Marlin Single Speed is great for the

Trek Wahoo 56999 | 2013 Wahoo is what you’ll shout after you carve a

trails and street.

long stretch of singletrack on this hardtail.

orig 679 99

orig 629 99

$230 OFF

2999 | Bontrager Rhythm Plus Grips

Various Colors

1749 | Bontrager Torque 4nm Wrench orig 20 99

$60 OFF

26999 |

Kronolog Remote Seatpost On-the-fly adjustability

3499 | Bontrager Rollbar 12 Multitool orig 39 99

36999 |

Reverb Seatpost On-the-fly adjustability

1999 | Bontrager Rollbar 8 Multitool orig 2499

$5 OFF 10 /// Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees

Trek Superfly 100 Pro SL 859999 | 2013 The OCLV carbon frame is incredibly light

and stiff, resulting in a bike that weighs less than most hardtails. orig 9029 99

$430 OFF

Trek Superfly 100 SL 369999 | 2013 214999 | For more speed on the race course and on your local trails, Trek makes the Superfly 100 SL. orig 3889 99

$190 OFF

2013 Trek Superfly 100 AL

Down for racing and capable out on real trails. orig 2559 99

$410 OFF

full suspension

Trek Superfly 100

Trek Superfly 100 259999 | 2012 Trek’s all-carbon Superfly 100 is the

This is the ultimate 29er full suspension race bike. You’ll go faster and finish higher than you’ve ever done before. Featuring G2 Geometry for better handling and ABP (Active Braking Pivot) for better control.

ultimate 29er, with 100mm of front and rear travel at a feathery hardtail weight. orig 4359 99

$1760 OFF

Benefits of Full-Suspension When your wheels are in contact with the ground you are in control of your bike. Whether you are climbing, slowing down or blasting through a rough section of trail — full-suspension can help. Trek Rumblefish Elite 289999 | 2013 Big wheels with big travel equals big fun. Welcome to Trek’s Rumblefish Elite. orig 3049 99

$150 OFF

Trek Rumblefish 234999 | 2013 120mm of travel put this bike solidly into the rock-eating, technically proficient, go-all-day trail-bike category. orig 2469 99

$120 OFF

Trek Rumblefish

Trek Rumblefish Pro 409999 | 2013 Stable, quick and efficient whether climbing,

A do-it-all full suspension 29er trail bike, Rumblefish is the perfect next step whether you’re a 29er fan looking to tackle more technical terrain, or a 26” trail rider ready to trade up to bigger wheels.

Your ride can be more fun, you can clean more complex sections of trail and you can ride more safely. There are many types of full-suspension bikes, each tuned to offer a particular ride quality or handle better in different conditions. Our expert team can help you identify your best choices and get you out on a test ride. If you’ve never tried a full-suspension bike before, or you want to experience how far mountain bike technology has come, ask about upcoming demo events.

bombing downhill or braking hard. orig 4299 99

$200 OFF Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees /// 11

107999 |

2013 Trek 8.5 DS

The one bike for commuting & general riding.

66999 |

orig 1189 99

$110 OFF

2013 Trek 8.3 DS

Streets and paths, suburbs and woods; return to the simple joys of cycling with Trek’s 8.3 DS.

Neko WSD 55999 | 2013 This go-anywhere machine is road-bike fast, hybrid-bike capable and fun everywhere.

the right bike

Trek 7.7 FX 184999 | 2013 Unparalleled versatility that rockets along

99999 |

roads, cruises on bike paths & hits dirt trails.

Fast and comfortable, you get the best of both worlds with Trek’s 7.5 FX!

orig 2039 99

orig 1099 99

$100 OFF

$190 OFF

The wonderful thing about bikes today is that there is a style to suit every type of rider. Chances are you know what excites you or what you are looking to gain from riding — in a sense that’s all you need to know. You can come to us and let us help you navigate your choices. We’ll help you make the best choice for your needs and budget, that’s our job. And if you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase bring it back within 30 days and we’ll replace it for you with a bike that is even better.

54999 |

2013 Trek 7.2 FX Men’s and Women’s

Trek Shift 1 45999 | 2013 Stable and confident aluminum frame with upright position.

12 /// Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees

2013 Trek 7.5 FX

65999 |

2013 Trek Skye SL

65999 |

2013 Trek Shift 3

Trek’s lightweight, aluminum frame with a velvety-smooth, 80mm-travel suspension fork.

The Shift is the answer to people who think that riding may not be an option for them.

Pedal Assist Electric Bikes Ride+ is a bicycle with a motor and battery. It provides a boost to your own pedal power, so you can ride farther, faster, and with less effort. Fly up hills. Scoff at the wind. Haul a heavy load. Take the long way home. And do it all without breaking a sweat, thanks to the smooth, exhilarating power of electric assist. Unbelievably fun, undeniably practical. In-Stock 129999 | All Trek Pedal Assist Bikes

Trek Ride+ bikes are the best electric-assist models on the market, with quick, predictable, easy-to-control power and a long-lasting removable battery that recharges at any household outlet.

Boost your own pedal power, so you can ride farther, faster, and with less effort. orig up to 2599 99

up to $1300 OFF

Trek Verve 1 43999 | 2013 Trek’s Verve lets you experience adventures

bikes for all ages

65999 |

right from your door.

2013 Trek Verve 3

Easy-pedaling bike with a suspension fork to smooth your ride.

kids bikes

Trek MT 220 38999 | 2013 Trek’s Mt. Track 220 is a sturdy ride well

equipped to please both parents and child.

Trek MT 60 29999 | 2013 Adapts as your child grows thanks to an

adjustable stem and Trek’s clever Dialed crank. orig 329 99

$30 OFF

17999 |

2013 Trek Kickster

The next generation learns their balance way faster than with training wheels.

Jet 20 & Mystic 20 18999 | 2013 Comes with powerful hand and coaster brakes, a pad set and chainguard, too. orig 209 99

Sizing a Kids Bike Unlike adult bikes, children’s bikes are nearly exclusively sized by the wheel diameter. Sizes range from 12 to 24 inches in diameter. The most common sizes are: 12" - Suitable for ages 2-3 16" - Suitable for ages 4-6 20" - Suitable for ages 5-8 24" - Suitable for ages 9-up Trek Kickster The Kickster is a balance bike, a stepping stone to a pedal-powered kid’s cycle. Its durable design and Dialed component set can take on all the knocks a toddler can dish out.

$20 OFF Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees /// 13

cycling apparel available brands If you’re looking for the best brands in cycling at the best prices then look no further. We have a huge selection of brands and styles for every type of rider — and don’t forget about our Price Match Guarantee so you can shop locally and always be sure to get the best price. Bontrager

Fox Racing






Pearl Izumi



We’re constantly looking for the best brands and the best deals. Be sure to join our email and follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

Izumi 3499 | Pearl Attack Jersey

Izumi 2499 | Pearl Quest Jersey

orig 69 99

orig 49 99


50% OFF

Izumi 4999 | Pearl Womens Attack Short orig 79 99

$30 off 14 /// Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees


50% OFF

Izumi 1499 | Pearl Attack Glove Black

orig 25 99

$11 off

Izumi 3999 | Pearl Quest Short Black

orig 49 99

$10 off

Izumi 17 99 | Pearl Select Gel Black Womens Gloves orig 29 99

$12 off

Bontrager Guarantee

Radioshack 2999 | 2012 Nissan Trek Jersey

5499 | Bontrager Race Jersey Various Colors

9999 | Bontrager Co-Op Jersey

Ride it and love it. If not, we’ll take it back. It’s that simple. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your Bontrager products, return the item - along with the original sales receipt - within 30 days of purchase date for exchange or store credit.

Black or White

orig 6499

orig 99 99

$10 off

$70 off

layering basics

Radioshack 4999 | 2012 Nissan Trek

6499 |

Bib Shorts

Bontrager Race Short

Men’s & Women’s

Black or White

$10 off

$100 off


Bib Short

orig 7499

orig 149 99

8999 | Capo Modena

10999 | Bontrager Co-Op

Modena 8999 | Capo Donna Womens

11999 |


Various colors

Various Colors

Capo Bacio Womens Jersey Various Colors

Layering your clothing is a tried-and-true way to ensure your comfort while riding. Each layer has a function and allows you to make quick adjustments based on your activity level and changes in the weather. The Base Layer regulates your temperature by moving perspiration away from your skin. The Insulating Layer helps you retain heat by trapping air close to your body.

139 | 99

Capo Modena Bib Short

119 | 99

Capo Modena Donna Womens Short

99 |

99 Capo Serie A Jersey

The Outer Layer or shell protects you from wind, rain or snow.

Various Colors

Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees /// 15

helmets & eyewear A good helmet is essential for a safe and enjoyable cycling experience. Helmets have gotten safer, better fitting and more stylish over the years. Don’t forget to replace your helmet every 5 years or after a crash.

17999 | Bontrager Oracle Helmet

9999 | Bontrager Circuit Helmet

5499 | Bontrager Quantum Helmet orig 6499

14999 |

POC Trabec Helmet

17999 |

POC Trabec Race Helmet

Quality eyewear can enhance your ride whether you are on a sunny stretch of road or dodging branches on your favorite trail. Your eyes will be protected from wind and obstacles and you’ll see your surrounding with more clarity.

17999 | Spy Screw


9499 | Spy Rivet

24999 |

POC Trabec Mips Helmet

Giro Aeon Helmet

17999 |

Giro Atmos Helmet

5999 | Tifosi Dolomite

6999 | Tifosi Seek Fc

6999 | Tifosi Podium S

2699 | Uvex Flash

3999 |

4999 | Serfas Force 5



25499 |



Serfas Kamber Glasses



bicycles for humanity A bike can change a life in a poor country. Yet for millions of people worldwide a new bicycle is financially out of reach. Meanwhile, millions of perfectly good bicycles are unused in the Western world. Donate your used bike at one of our stores and we’ll ensure that it finds a new home in Africa where it will provide mobility for health care, water and employment to those who desperately need it. Learn more about this program at

16 /// Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees

cycling accessories

2699 | Kryponite Kryptoflex

Combo Lock

4499 | Kryponite Series 2 ATB Lock

2999 | Innovation Tire Wallet Deluxe

3499 | Bontrager 3999 | Bontrager Air Support HP Turbo Charger Pro Mini Pump


orig 4499

orig 49 99

$10 off

$10 off

9999 | Camelbak M.U.L.E 100 Hydration Pack

8499 | Camelbak Lobo

2013 New design

Hydration Pack

1499 | Bontrager Race Lite

2013 New design


4499 | Lezyne Pressure

Drive Mini Pump

orig 19 99

$5 off

6999 | Lezyne Classic Floor Drive Pump

car racks

19999 | Yakima Sparetime Car Rack

Bones 16999 | Saris 3-Bike Car Rack

2 or 4 bike versions available

Double 21999 | Yakima Down Ace 2 Car Rack

Crashpad 8999 | Yakima Car Rack

43999 |

Freedom 19999 | Saris 2-Bike Car Rack

Porter 24999 | Saris 4-Bike Car Rack

Yakima Hold Up 2 Car Rack

2 or 4 bike versions available

Bones RS 29999 | Saris Car Rack

2 or 4 bike versions available orig 229 99

$30 off 18 /// Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees

2 or 4 bike versions available


medium or large $89

• Load your bike hassle free on your tailgate • High density foam and ballistic nylon construction protect your truck and bikes • Medium and Large sizes to fit all common pickups • Heavy duty foam conforms easily to most tailgate shapes and provides superior fit


2” or 1.25”


• NEW Side-to-side adjustability that reduces bike to bike interference • StrongArm™ design enables you to load your bike quickly whether it’s a 20” wheel or a 29’er • Zero contact with the bike frame. Accommodates carbon road bikes as well as disc brakes, thru axles and full suspension bikes. • Tilts down with bikes loaded for rear of vehicle access • Comes with fully integrated security. Locks bike to rack and rack to vehicle (SKS LOCK CORES included). • Carries 2 bikes out of the box, or 4 bikes with optional HoldUp +2

@yakimaracks Yakima is a registered trademark of Yakima Products, Inc

wheels & tires

Aeolus 249999 | Bontrager D3 3 Wheels

Aeolus 249999 | Bontrager D3 5 Wheels

orig 2699 99

49999 |

orig 2699 99

$200 off

orig 999 99

50% off

$200 off

Race X Lite 99999 | Bontrager Tubeless Wheels

Bontrager Race X Lite Wheels

Cosmic Carbone 199999 | Mavic SLE Wheels

99999 |

Mavic Crossmax 29er SLR 6-Bolt Wheels We will happily match prices

R3 4999 | Bontrager 700x23 Tires Various colors orig 69 99

$20 off

Race 69 99 | Bontrager XR4 5499 | Bontrager X Lite Hardcase Team Issue 700x23 Tires Black or Red orig 6499

$10 off

TRL 26x2.2 or 2.35 Tires

29er version available

XR1 6999 | Bontrager Team Issue TRL 26x2.0 or 2.20 Tires

29er version available

5499 |

GP4000 S 700x23/25 Tires orig 7499

$20 off

Tubeless ready Lightweight Tubeless Solution for Mountain & Road Bontrager Tubeless Ready (TLR) technology provides all the performance advantages of a tubeless system without the usual weight penalty. It’s a better way to go tubeless. Instead of building a heavy butyl liner into the tire, Bontrager Tubeless Ready tires work in conjunction with a thin, glycol-based sealant to achieve the same air-tight, bead-torim interface as standard tubeless tires without the added weight. In fact, Bontrager’s Tubeless Ready system is as much as 100g lighter per tire than standard tubeless tires. That’s nearly half a pound of rotational weight savings. Now available for mountain bikes AND road bikes. 20 /// Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees

Electronics Enhance Your Ride Experience Whether you are looking to train harder, ride longer or simply share your experience with your family - we have a solution available to help you get the most our of your ride.

11999 | Bontrager Node 2.1 Computer orig 139 99

$20 off

3999 | Bontrager Trip 4W Computer

5999 | Bontrager Node 1.1 Computer

4999 | Bontrager Trip 5W Computer

$10 off

$10 off

3499 | Bontrager Trip 2

29999 | GoPro Hero3 Silver

810 49999 | Garmin Non-Bundle

39999 | GoPro Hero3 Black


riding with gps

orig 59 99

orig 69 99


orig 49 99

$10 off

510 32999 | Garmin Non-Bundle Bundle available for 39999

1499 | Niterider Ultrafazer 3.0 Light

orig 29 99

50% off

Bundle available for 69999

11999 | Niterider Lumina 650


5499 |


Bontrager Ion 2/Flare 3 Light Set

orig 139 99

orig 6499

$20 off

$10 off

GPS enables you to take your riding to a whole new level. If you are training for an event, then you can track and upload all of your data so you can build your ideal fitness. Or make your rides more social, by sharing your ride data with friends and family with sites like Strava. At a minimum you get an advanced cycling computer that let’s you look back over details of your rides to relive the memories. Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees /// 21

E S U O H E R A W ! n i a g ea c n o re e h s ei

E L A S Por

st o m d's n a l t

al s g in e xcit

od o w ly hol e only! r sto


F e at

l i r p

5 1 11so e ta i l

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s&d r U o h gs aV i n on | i s t Y a r oc esso od l c o c W a Y d hol l t U r e nly $499.99 | a e e F e Us FF | o e x lit r e ho 0% O ager rac s a 5 W t r Y Bont Wheelse ller .99 a d 9 a g 9 ets, o 9 r y $4 .9 helm l , BiK e F n s F o e O o g s 6% OFF | FUel ex 9 30% ialiZed sh sories aV i n 4 K c s s e e e P r c t e s c 99 a 2012 on BiKes B i K 99 $24. res & y i d l t n e B o . ar F Ur F| 99


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BiKe gallerY WarehoUse onlY | next to our hollywood location at 5329 ne sandy Blvd

cycling shoes Bontrager Guarantee

27999 |

Bontrager RXXXL Road Shoes

25999 |

$45 off

Bontrager Race DLX Road Shoes

17999 |

Bontrager RL Road Shoes

orig 28499

orig 32499

12999 |

Bontrager RXL Road Shoes $25 off

12999 |

Bontrager RL Mountain Shoes

Ride it and love it. If not, we’ll take it back. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your Bontrager products, return the item - along with the original sales receipt - within 30 days of purchase date for exchange or store credit.

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8999 | Bontrager Race Mountain Shoes

orig 149 99

$20 off

8499 | Bontrager SSR WSD

14999 |

Multisport Shoes

Giro Privateer Shoes

14999 |

Giro Apeckx Shoes

Bicycles are a clean and simple solution to many of the world’s complex problems. We appreciate the benefits that bicycles provide for health, the environment, recreation and sport. Perhaps most importantly we feel that bicycles are fun; and we like fun. Did you know? > 40% of all trips are made within two miles of home, a simple trip by bike.

19999 |

Shimano R170 Shoes

14999 |

Shimano M162 Shoes

11999 |

Shimano R088 Shoes

> Three hours of bicycling per week can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%. > Each car commuter spends an average of 50 hours a year stuck in traffic. > You can park 14 bikes in the same space you can park one car.

11999 |

Shimano M088 Shoes

11999 |

Shimano WM62 Shoes

9999 | Shimano WR35 Shoes Ask about our price match and satisfaction guarantees /// 23

Bike Gallery 5253 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97213 6 convenient LOCATIONS in and around Portland.

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Downtown 1001 SW 10th Ave Portland, OR (503) 222-3821

Woodstock 4235 SE Woodstock Blvd Portland, OR (503) 774-3531

Clackamas NEW! 9347 SE 82nd Ave Happy Valley, OR (503) 254-2663

Hollywood 5329 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR (503) 281-9800

Lake Oswego 200 B Ave Lake Oswego, OR (503) 636-1600

Beaverton 12345 SW Canyon Rd Beaverton, OR (503) 641-2580

Offers good while supplies last. Pricing, promotions and availability may vary by location and online and are subject to change without notice. Listed sale prices include all applicable manufacturer rebates and discounts, offers cannot be combined and select offers may expire without notice. Not all offers apply to special orders. Descriptive, typographic and photographic errors are subject to correction and we shall have no liability for such errors.


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standard tube or waterbottle No Purchase Necessary

Name: Email: coupon code springcat131 good through 05/31/2013




Have it all - comfort, stability & performance!

Customer information must be completed to qualify for offer. Coupon must be present at time of purchase. One coupon per person. Cannot be applied to previous purchases or combined with other offers. Represents no actual cash value. Some restrictions apply. See store for details.

DOMANE MODELS starting at only

Any one item


Not valid on items already on sale

Name: Email: coupon code springcat132 good through 05/31/2013


Customer information must be completed to qualify for offer. Coupon must be present at time of purchase. One coupon per person. Cannot be applied to previous purchases or combined with other offers. Represents no actual cash value. Some restrictions apply. See store for details.

in free accessories with any bike purchase over $999

Name: Email: coupon code springcat133 good through 05/31/2013

Customer information must be completed to qualify for offer. Coupon must be present at time of purchase. One coupon per person. Cannot be applied to previous purchases or combined with other offers. Represents no actual cash value. Some restrictions apply. See store for details.

Shopping Made Easy Best Brands We’re famous for being the USA’s Best place to get Trek and Bontrager, but we’re also your Best Choice for brands like: Cannondale, Mavic, Pearl Izumi, Easton, Zipp, Giro, Castelli and many more. Best People All of our team members are friendly and knowledgeable cycling enthusiasts. And, they are trained and empowered to make you happy.

Ride in comfort without sacrificing performance. Trek’s Domane 2.3 features Trek’s race-winning IsoSpeed technology and balanced endurance geometry for a comfortable and confident ride. The efficient aluminum frame and road-smoothing lightweight carbon fork let you dance up the climbs and enjoy all your favorite roads even more. You’ll love the fine components, too, from the precision-shifting Shimano 105 drivetrain with compact crankset for easier climbing, and powerful Shimano 105 brakes, to the 2013 Domane 2.3 ONLY $1,749.99 choice Bontrager wheels, tires, bar/stem, seatpost and seat! regularly $1,929.99 Best Prices A great price is part of great service, so we sell at the lowest price around and back it up with 30-day price protection. We match local or internet prices with a WE’LL MATCH THE PRICE GUARANTEE. We even help you shop around, just ask. (See store or website for details.) Best Extras • 30 day Test Ride (Free exchange for 30 days) • 6 Months of Free Service on New Bikes • Redshield Extended Protection Plans • We take Trade-Ins


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Bike Gallery Spring Catalog 2013  

Spring catalog from Bike Gallery in Portland, OR.

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