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HArvArd-WesTlAke scHOOl Financial Aid campaign


What did that scholarship mean? It meant real academic challenges and the making of life-long friendships. My mind was cracked wide open. For a young girl–who had a pretty flat, arid landscape–to experience this amazing community really did dimensionalize my world. - Ami Kramer Cohen ’81


mi Kramer Cohen ’81 sits on the Harvard-Westlake Alumni Association Board, has two children enrolled at HarvardWestlake, and recently decided to establish a named fund to provide financial assistance. She was Phi Beta Kappa at UC Berkeley, has her MBA and was a film executive at Columbia Pictures and DreamWorks. “I was the third of four children and my mom was raising us singlehandedly. Though we were all loved, there were no resources to give any of us children special attention. “I wanted to be a part of a community that would allow my dreams to become my reality. I was accepted at Westlake but the school did not have a scholarship for me. Even though I was capable and even though the school wanted me, I would not be able to go. Then, one came through.

“I dared to dream big.”

your impact. HOW YOU MAKE IT HAPPEn


adar Lewis ’95 (left) works at the Magic Johnson Foundation managing the scholarship program. Following his graduation from Harvard University, Kadar taught at the ICEF {Inner City Education Foundation} charter school in Crenshaw and helped build additional schools with Mike Piscal. “To attend Harvard-Westlake, I had to travel 10 miles across town …the wonderful teachers and administrators, an idyllic campus, the seemingly limitless extracurricular activities … it was an amazing time for me.” Kadar gave back to the school by working on student council, serving on the admissions committee, being part of a recordsetting track team and participating as much as possible. “Few private schools, let alone public ones, come close to matching what Harvard-Westlake offers year after year… I am certain that my choice of careers had everything to do with my personal experience … and the opportunities made possible by the generosity of other people.”


ichelle Lozano Villegas ’08 (right) notes that matriculating at Duke University was “a door that was opened because of Harvard-Westlake, that would have otherwise remained closed to me.” Besides her academic work and a chance to play basketball, Michelle also discovered her musical talent. “I was in concert orchestra. The music teachers let me borrow a cello, since I could not afford to buy one myself … and this would definitely not have happened if it weren’t for Harvard-Westlake.”

What Harvard-Westlake gave me was a bigger idea of what I could do. I want to do better – the reason why I work so hard -- especially for my family. But I also want to do better and work the way I do because I owe it to HarvardWestlake who did so much to invest in me. - Michelle LozanoVillegas ’08


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a look back

Springboarding off the strong, centurylong traditions of its predecessor schools, Harvard-Westlake is still a young and growing school, probing challenging new frontiers of teaching, learning and educational achievement.

1904: Westlake School for Girls is founded

1781:City of Los Angeles is founded 1900: Harvard School is founded

1900 1914: Saint Saviour’s Chapel is dedicated

Financial Aid is one of the top priorities at Harvard-Westlake. Currently 274 students, 18% of the student body, receive aid with an average grant of $24,000. The school is looking to secure funding that will support 300 students each year in the form of scholar endowed funds and student assistance funds.


ax Mednik ’02 (left) was class valedictorian. His parents emigrated from Russia, bootstrapping their way in Los Angeles and were very happy their talented son was able to attend Harvard-Westlake. As Max states, “I met some of my best friends who then went onto college at Stanford with me and then became my partners in my start-ups [Max is currently running a hedge fund] … and it all started in 7th grade at Harvard-Westlake.” As talented as Max was in math and science (“I had incredible teachers like Mr. Marsden and Mr. Feulner”) it was the discovery of his creative and artistic side when he got involved with theatrical


kir Gutierrez ’91 (right) lives in new York with his wife, Michelle, and their two children. An equity product manager for SIG Susquehanna Financial Group, Akir resolved to “pay back” for the financial assistance he received. Besides his own generous gifts, he agreed to speak at the Scholar Endowed Funds dinner in 2011. He recounted when he was sent to detention for fighting, John Amato, in a heart to heart conversation, advised him “not to change yourself, but take away the excuses for people not to see you.”

Your impact on me is still being written. Your legacy is farther than you could even imagine. And I want to thank you for that opportunity.

- Akir Gutierrez ’91

Akir continued, “I am resilient, flexible, incredibly driven. All these characteristics were polished and amplified by Harvard-Westlake. They prepared me for life. I could never have been at Harvard-Westlake if it weren’t for the altruistic generosity of donors like you.

1983: Sally Ride ’68, the nation’s first female astronaut, carries the Westlake school banner into space aboard the space shuttle Challenger

1927: Westlake relocates campus to Faring Road location 1937: Harvard relocates campus to Coldwater Canyon

1950 1987: Thomas C. Hudnut is appointed headmaster of Harvard School. He now serves as President of Harvard-Westlake



of students receIve aId

lighting with Mr. Walch -- the caliber of the equipment, the team-building and project management skills he learned working on productions – that was invaluable. “When I graduated at Stanford in the top 1% of engineering students, the university allowed me to invite a high school teacher to join me at graduation. I had Mr. Walch come because I never felt constrained at Harvard-Westlake or heard people telling me ‘no.’ The school supports students who want to do things out of


the ordinary and encourages students to explore possibilities. not only was I able to get to a more advanced level of academics, but I was able to pursue particular interests and skills I had – and this is why Harvard-Westlake is a very special place.”

e give to the HarvardWestlake Financial Aid scholar endowed fund because we believe every child should have the right to a quality education. Harvard-Westlake is a world-class institution and we are committed to help everyone share in this rarified education.These children are the future; if we don’t help educate them to be our leaders, then our country will continue to fall behind the rest of the world.

...because I never felt constrained at HarvardWestlake or heard people telling me ‘no.’ The school supports students who want to do things out of the ordinary and encourages students to explore possibilities. - Max Mednik ’02

Meeting these brilliant and motivated students each year at the Scholar-Endowed Dinner is the most powerful event at HarvardWestlake. Indeed, these kids are inspiring to every one of us.

- Alexandra Seros & Walter Ulloa P’10 (right, pictured with her son, Bruno ’10)

1992: First graduating class of HarvardWestlake

2000 1988: First named scholar endowed fund (the Stellar Family Fund) and the first named Student Assistance Fund (the George Page Student Assistance Fund) are established

1994: First Summer Enrichment Program student graduates from Harvard-Westlake


s a long-time faculty member and a Harvard-Westlake parent, I recognize the importance of our financial aid program. My three children, Laura (a graduate of Yale and now at Yale Law), Catherine (now at Princeton), and Andrew (currently at Yale) each benefited from its generosity. During their time at Harvard-Westlake, my kids were given myriad opportunities, all thanks to the crucial support of financial aid. I am proud to say that our financial aid program grants its recipients access to every resource they could possibly need. Over the last twenty years, financial aid students have traveled to a host of Spanish-speaking countries. Additionally, they’ve traveled to China, Japan, Russia, and France. Without financial aid, these students would never have the opportunity to explore these foreign

As a community, we owe a debt to the financial aid system. These students make incredible contributions to Harvard-Westlake and beyond.

- Javier Zaragoza (below, left) P’06 ’08 ’10

worlds. Their high school experience would have been immeasurably different. But it’s not just the students that benefit. As a community, we owe a debt to the financial aid system. These students make incredible contributions to Harvard-Westlake and beyond. They are future leaders; kids that make the school and its community proud. Harvard-Westlake’s financial aid program has developed so many fortunate students. For that, I say Bravo!

2005: Harvard-Westlake Alumni Association Scholar Endowed fund crosses $2 million level of support


2006: Jeanne Huybrechts is appointed Head of HarvardWestlake School

2007: During the school year, the recession hits. Emergency aid to families which is normally provided to five to six families each year rises to 36 families (a 600% increase). It rises to 37 the following year


hirty years ago, Bill Davis ‘57, my classmate John Zaro, and I initiated the Alumni Scholarship to say thank you for the incredible gifts we received from our school. Twenty years ago, Leanne and I started the Segal Endowed Fund in appreciation to the faculty and staff of Harvard-Westlake School for all of the gifts they provide to our students.

Underlying both of these efforts is the understanding that financial aid provides the opportunity for many students to attend the school and these students are a vital part of the fabric that makes HarvardWestlake so exceptional.

- Michael Segal ’ 75, (right) P’05 ’07 ’11,Trustee

ways O to give

ur financial aid program has two components: scholar endowed funds and student assistance funds.

The scholar endowed funds specifically provide for tuition remission. Tuition for the 2012-13 school year is $31,350. The threshold to establish a named scholar endowed fund is $500,000. The school knows that tuition reduction is not sufficient to level the playing field, and therefore its aid package includes funds to provide for all school-related costs for student receiving tuition remission. This additional assistance is provided by the student assistance funds. These student assistance funds guarantee students from widely diverse economic backgrounds can all share in the richness of the HarvardWestlake experience. The threshold to establish a named student assistance fund is $100,000.

contact us

If you would like to establish a scholar endowed fund or student assistance fund, please contact Jim Pattison at or 310.288.3341.

2008: Harvard‐Westlake is the only school in the nation to have alumni who are Olympic athletic medalists at the Beijing Summer Games (Dara Torres ’85, Peter Hudnut ’99) and Olympic Academic medalists (Josh Oreman ’09, Jonathan Lee ’08, Rebecca Jacobs ‘09)


2010: End of The Opportunity of a Lifetime campaign with 14 new Scholar Endowed funds and eight new Student Assistance funds established, representing over $10 million of new commitments for financial aid

Tuition at $5,000 Tuition at $10,000 Tuition at $20,000 Tuition at $30,000

1985 1993 2004 2012

Total financial aid exceeds $7.5 million


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