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Lindsey Waters ‘14

Margaret Nietfeld ‘15

Bryan Padilla‘15

Heidi Hurst ‘15

Meredith Baker ‘13






Sara Lytle ‘13

Miranda Beltzer ‘13

Courtland Kelly ‘13

Rekha Auguste-Nelson ‘13

Jeanie Nguyen ‘14






Carina Fish ‘13

Arleen Chien ‘14

Ashleigh Cote ‘15

Anthony Staccone ‘13

Avery Williamson ‘14







Sarah MacVicar ‘13

Kathy Lee ‘14

Melissa Naidoo ‘13

Julie Yen ‘14






Grace Gee ‘15

Ishani Premaratne ‘15

Caroline Cuse ‘13

Stella Fiorenzoli ‘15

Celena Tyler ‘14




Alan Montelongo ‘14

Megan Miles ‘13

Rena Mei ‘13

29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44454647 48 4950 51 5253 54 5556





























Photos: All photos were student submissions to the Harvard College International Photo Contest, with the exception of #7, Cameroon, by Alvise Forcellini ( (Creative Commons). To learn more about the annual International Photo Contest, and to submit entries for consideration, visit


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