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Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association Newsletter

Volume MMXIII, September Edition


A student-run organization at Harvard College exploring and celebrating aspects of Chinese culture, education, and politics




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HRCSA Executive Board

WELCOME BACK! On behalf of the Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association (HRCSA) Executive Board, welcome back to school! We hope that you have had an incredible summer and are ready for an exciting, fun-filled year ahead. In this September edition, please find a feature for our organization, “HRCSA at a Glance.” The feature is especially intended for our new freshmen members, but is open to everyone for a glimpse of our organization’s mission and programming throughout the year. Information on committees and freshman representatives follows on page 5 and page 6. Please make sure to mark your calendars and stop by our various events this month of September! We look forward to seeing you around campus.

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Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association Newsletter

Volume MMXIII, September Edition

A MESSAGE FROM YOUR PRESIDENTS Welcome to the new school year! September is an incredibly exciting month for us to see both new and familiar faces at our events. We are thrilled to announce that our Executive Board has been hard at work planning an ambitious amount of programming to further engage our community this fall. Whether you are newly interested in our organization or a long time member, we hope that you will join year. We are continuing the still us for an incredible year ahead. relatively young community This fall’s programming includes a dinners and speaker series revitalization of our committees and dinner initiatives, which in sib fams, two integral programs that addition to our larger social have engaged and expanded our gatherings have added more membership immensely in the last intimate settings for our

members to build community while fostering even deeper cultural awareness. We also turn to further building intercultural collaboration with student organizations both at Harvard College and beyond the College at our graduate schools and other university institutions. We see the potential for growth as enormous and are so excited to take up this potential during the upcoming year with all of you! Warm regards, Lynelle Chen and Eric Chung




Joining HRCSA as a member is as simple as registering on our mailing list HRCSA-Announce and attending our events.

All members are invited to join a committee, which allows members to learn how and to contribute to throwing events.

All members are invited to join sib fams, which involve fun activities, social outings, and peer advising in a close group.

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>> To join a sib fam, please visit


Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association Newsletter FEATURED ANNUAL EVENTS Banquet

Rush Hour

Volume MMXIII, September Edition

THE HARVARD-RADCLIFFE CHINESE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION AT A GLANCE The Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association (HRCSA) is one of the most active student organizations at Harvard College with over 500 active members and a general mailing list of over 1500 students. The organization hosts approximately 2-3 events every week during the school year, ranging from cultural study breaks and educational speaker series with professors discussing Chinese issues to social gatherings and intercollegiate outreach efforts. Major events and programming are led by the Executive Board, a team of 22 Officers who are elected to calendar year positions and plan the direction of the organization. They are supported by members within the five standing committees who actively help plan events. Events and programming focus on an overarching mission of fostering a stronger sense of community and encouraging cultural awareness and understanding across campus. The organization is all-inclusive and includes members from all kinds of backgrounds. Members can be involved in the organization at all levels: some participate as elected Officers in the Executive Board, others as representatives in one or more of the standing committees, and many more in the sib fam program.


Some of our notable annual events include the annual Chinese New Year Banquet (12-course meal celebration for 400 attendees), Rush Hour (campus wide party with 1200 attendees), Utopia (Boston boat party with 800 attendees), and Speaker Series Week (features four Harvard experts speaking on issues related to Chinese culture and heritage.

UPCOMING EVENTS CSA INFO SESSION Sunday, September 8 | 1:00PM - 2:00PM | Sever Hall 110 ASIA-RELATED EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES FAIR Monday, September 9 | 8:00PM - 10:00PM | Ticknor Lounge Speaker Series Week

FALL SOIREE Friday, September 13 | 7:30PM - 9:30PM | Fall Soiree | Ticknor Lounge COMMUNITY DINNERS Monday, September 9 to Friday, September 13 | Daily | Various Locations • Monday, September 9 | 5:30PM - 6:30PM | Adams Dining Hall • Tuesday, September 10 | 5:00PM - 7:00PM | Kirkland Dining Hall • Wednesday, September 11 | 5:30PM - 6:30PM | Quincy Dining Hall • Thursday, September 12 | 5:30PM - 6:30PM | Currier Dining Hall • Friday, September 13 | 5:00PM - 6:00PM | Dunster Dining Hall


Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association Newsletter

Volume MMXIII, September Edition

CULTURAL COMMITTEE Chairs: Sally Gee '16 ( James Ho '16 ( The Cultural Committee is responsible for fun, exciting events that showcase the diversity of Chinese culture. These events include art shows, movie screenings, food gatherings, and the annual Chinese New Year Banquet. The committee is especially proud of its regular study breaks that provide an assortment of Chinese dishes. One of the main priorities for the upcoming year is how the committee can extend the celebration of Chinese culture even further within the Harvard community.

EDUCATIONAL/POLITICAL COMMITTEE Chairs: Emmy Hu '16 ( Jen Liu '16 ( The Educational/Political Committee is responsible for organizing events that encourage awareness and understanding of Chinese issues. These events include monthly Speaker Series dinner events that bring in faculty members to discuss their work in a variety of fields (including Chinese archaeology, family lineages, health care, one-child policy in the past), movie screenings, and career workshops.

OUTREACH COMMITTEE Chairs: Gorick Ng '14 ( Charles Wong '16 ( The Outreach Committee is responsible for acting as a liaison with HRCSA alumni, other student organizations on campus, and student organizations outside of Harvard. The Committee works to establish friendly, mutually beneficial relationships with these individuals or groups to further pursue goals of the organization.


Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association Newsletter

Volume MMXIII, September Edition

PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE Chairs: Yuan Jiang '16 ( Roland Salatino '16 ( The Public Relations committee is in charge of the CSA brand and all of its interactions with the general community. Duties of the public relations committee include publicizing events, finding merchandising opportunities, managing the social media faces of the organization, and generally doing anything that helps promotes the organization’s image to the public.

Upcoming Events at a Glance Summer Opportunities Fair Tuesday, January 29, 2013 8:00PM to 10:00PM Ticknor Lounge Organized by: Ed/Pol Committee CSA General Meeting Friday, February 1, 2013 7:30PM to 8:00PM Ticknor Lounge

SOCIAL COMMITTEE Chairs: Justin Lo '14 ( Jeffrey Zhao '16 ( The Social Committee is responsible for the classy business of throwing some of the college's most well-known parties and mixers (think Rush Hour and Purgatory). Committee members will learn everything from the basics of serving refreshments and registering events to organizing logistics for mixers of over 100 guests and parties for over 1000 guests.

Organized by: Presidents

FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES Elections: Thursday, September 19, 2013 More details will be made available mid-September. Freshmen can run for Freshman Representative positions, which are full Executive Board positions for the fall semester. Elected candidates often have participated in many events, committees, and the sib fam program prior to running for Freshman Representative positions. These positions provide great training for the executive duties of HRCSA and all matters regarding event planning and logistics. Many freshman representatives move on to run for chair positions the following term. Presidents Lynelle Chen and Eric Chung were both freshman representatives.


Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association Newsletter

Volume MMXIII, September Edition



Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association Newsletter

Volume MMXIII, September Edition



Vice Presidents


Lynelle Chen Eric Chung

Eric Li Sandy Chan

Alice Zhao

Finance Chairs

Cultural Chairs

Ed/Pol Chairs

Social Chairs

Jim Chan Ned Lu

James Ho Sally Gee

Jen Liu Emmy Hu

Justin Lo Jeffrey Zhao

Outreach Chairs

Pub Chairs

IT Chairs

Senior Council Chairs

Charles Wong Gorick Ng

Yuan Jiang Roland Salatino

Michael Suo George Wu

Lydia Gaby Valerie Shen Eric Wang 7

HRCSA 2013 September Newsletter  

Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Student Association's Newsletter, Volume MMXIII, September Edition.

HRCSA 2013 September Newsletter  

Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Student Association's Newsletter, Volume MMXIII, September Edition.