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Traveling Black

A Story of Race and Resistance Mia Bay

“Mia Bay is one of the outstanding historians of her generation… Traveling Black offers a powerful new vision of the long arc of protest against racial segregation in America.” —Annette Gordon-Reed, author of The Hemingses of Monticello “A stunning achievement that promises to transform our understanding of the character and importance of segregated travel.” —Raymond Arsenault, author of Freedom Riders Belknap Press 50 photos, 1 table 400 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674979963


A History, 1915–2015 Andy Horowitz ★A Publishers Weekly Best Nonfiction Book of the Year “Brilliant…If you want to read only one book to better understand why people in positions of power in government and industry do so little to address climate change, even with wildfires burning and ice caps melting and extinctions becoming a daily occurrence, this is the one.” —Scott W. Stern, Los Angeles Review of Books “The definitive portrait of the ‘causes and consequences’ of Hurricane Katrina.” —Publishers Weekly 28 photos, 2 maps 296 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674971714

Justice Deferred

Race and the Supreme Court Orville Vernon Burton • Armand Derfner The Supreme Court is usually seen as protector of our liberties: it ended segregation, was a guarantor of fair trials, and safeguarded free speech and the vote. But this narrative derives mostly from a short period, from the 1930s to the early 1970s. Before then, the Court spent a century largely ignoring or suppressing basic rights, while the fifty years since 1970 have witnessed a mostly accelerating retreat from racial justice. Justice Deferred is the first book that comprehensively charts the Court’s race jurisprudence. Belknap Press 35 photos 432 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674975644

The World of Plymouth Plantation Carla Gardina Pestana “Thanksgiving, Squanto, the Mayflower, and its compact— we all know the Pilgrims’ story, or we think we do. In this succinct, elegantly written book, Pestana introduces readers to the reality behind the myth.” —Eliga H. Gould, author of Among the Powers of the Earth “Illuminating…Adds depth to many founding legends of American culture…Pestana brings the early decades of the colony to rich and nuanced life.” —Publishers Weekly Belknap Press 18 photos, 3 maps 248 pp. $25.95 • £20.95 cloth 9780674238510


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New on Our Shelve s

Atomic Doctors

Conscience and Complicity at the Dawn of the Nuclear Age James L. Nolan, Jr.

“[A] powerful and readable book.” —Thomas E. Ricks, New York Times Book Review “Nolan plumbs deep questions about science and technology, medicine and war. Atomic Doctors is a special achievement—an important work of scholarship that is also a gripping and moving read.” —Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows and The Glass Cage Belknap Press 52 illus. 304 pp. $29.95 • £23.95 cloth 9780674248632

God in Gotham

The Miracle of Religion in Modern Manhattan Jon Butler “Are you there, God? It’s me, Manhattan…Butler…argues that far from being a Sodom on the Hudson, New York was a center of religious dynamism throughout the 20th century.” —Katrina Gulliver, Wall Street Journal “A must-read for anyone in search of the soul of America.” —Kevin M. Kruse, author of One Nation Under God “A masterwork by a master historian…God in Gotham should be an instant classic.” —Jonathan D. Sarna, author of American Judaism Belknap Press 42 photos 320 pp. $29.95 • £23.95 cloth 9780674045682

Tomorrow, the World

The Birth of U.S. Global Supremacy Stephen Wertheim

“A tour de force.” —Andrew J. Bacevich, The Nation “Stephen Wertheim isn’t only a great historian of American foreign policy. He uses history to offer a critique of American foreign policy that Americans desperately need now.” —Peter Beinart, author of The Icarus Syndrome Belknap Press 7 photos, 4 maps 272 pp. $29.95 • £23.95 cloth 9780674248663


An American City in Black and White William Sturkey ★ Zócalo Public Square Book Prize “Clear-eyed and meticulous…While depicting the terrors of Jim Crow, [Sturkey] also shows how Hattiesburg’s black residents, forced to forge their own communal institutions, laid the organizational groundwork for the civil rights movement of the ’50s and ’60s.” —New York Times Belknap Press 16 photos, 1 map, 1 table 456 pp. $21.95 • £17.95 paper 9780674248274

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New on Our Shelve s

The Cabinet

George Washington and the Creation of an American Institution Lindsay M. Chervinsky

“An indispensable guide to the creation of the cabinet. With her groundbreaking study, we can now have a much greater appreciation of this essential American institution, one of the major legacies of George Washington’s enlightened statecraft.” —Ron Chernow, author of Washington: A Life “Important and illuminating…an original angle of vision on the foundations and development of something we all take for granted: the president’s Cabinet.” —Jon Meacham, author of The Soul of America Belknap Press 11 photos 432 pp. $29.95 • £23.95 cloth 9780674986480

The Will of the People

The Revolutionary Birth of America T. H. Breen ★F inalist, Journal of the American Revolution Book of the Year

“The American Revolution was made not just on the battlefields, in the halls of power, or in the minds of intellectuals, T. H. Breen argues in this elegant and persuasive work. Communities of ordinary men and women—farmers, workers, and artisans who kept the revolutionary faith until victory over the British forces was achieved— were essential to the effort.” —Annette Gordon-Reed Belknap Press 272 pp. $16.95 • £13.95 paper 9780674251397

Under the Starry Flag

How a Band of Irish Americans Joined the Fenian Revolt and Sparked a Crisis over Citizenship Lucy E. Salyer ★M yrna F. Bernath Book Award

“A stunning accomplishment…As the Trump administration works to expatriate naturalized U.S. citizens, understanding the history of individual rights and state power at the heart of Under the Starry Flag could not be more important.” —Passport Belknap Press 20 photos 328 pp. $24.95 • £19.95 paper 9780674251441

Women’s War

Fighting and Surviving the American Civil War Stephanie McCurry

★ PEN Oakland–Josephine Miles Book Award “A stunning portrayal of a tragedy endured and survived by women.” —David W. Blight, author of Frederick Douglass “Readers expecting hoop-skirted ladies soothing fevered soldiers’ brows will not find them here…It explodes the fiction that men fight wars while women idle on the sidelines.” —Washington Post Belknap Press 8 photos 320 pp. $16.95 • £13.95 paper 9780674251403


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New on Our Shelve s

Justice Rising

Robert Kennedy’s America in Black and White Patricia Sullivan

“This is a groundbreaking book that reorients our understanding of a surprisingly underexplored aspect of Robert Kennedy’s life and career—race and civil rights—and sheds new light on race relations during a pivotal era of American history. Some readers, especially in our current racial moment, may be skeptical of Kennedy’s importance, but Patricia Sullivan delivers a nuanced and informative portrait of Kennedy as one of the central players in the evolving drama of ’60s-era race relations.” —Kenneth Mack, author of Representing the Race Belknap Press 34 photos 576 pp. $39.95 • £31.95 cloth 9780674737457

To Repair a Broken World

The Life of Henrietta Szold, Founder of Hadassah Dvora Hacohen Translated by Shmuel Sermoneta-Gertel Foreword by Ruth Bader Ginsburg Noted Israeli historian Dvora Hacohen captures the dramatic life of this remarkable woman. Long before anyone had heard of intersectionality, Henrietta Szold maintained that her many political commitments were inseparable. Based on letters and personal diaries, many previously unpublished, as well as thousands of archival documents scattered across three continents, To Repair a Broken World provides a wide-ranging portrait of a woman who devoted herself to helping the disadvantaged and building a future free of need. 50 photos 416 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674988095

Vera Rubin A Life

Jacqueline Mitton • Simon Mitton Foreword by Jocelyn Bell Burnell “In this enchanting and engaging biography, Jacqueline and Simon Mitton have captured Vera Rubin’s exceptional life, unconventional career trajectory, and enduring scientific legacy. Rubin was an inspiring astronomer and human being whom I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know early in my career. This celebration of her work and life is most welcome and timely.” —Priyamvada Natarajan, author of Mapping the Heavens Belknap Press 40 photos 320 pp. $29.95 • £23.95 cloth 9780674919198

Why They Marched

Untold Stories of the Women Who Fought for the Right to Vote Susan Ware

“An opportunity to celebrate a truly diverse cohort of first-wave feminist changemakers.” —Ms. “Demonstrates the steady advance of women’s suffrage while also complicating the standard portrait of it.” —New Yorker Belknap Press 31 photos 360 pp. $16.95 • £13.95 paper 9780674248298

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Racism in America

A Reader

Foreword by Annette Gordon-Reed Racism in America: A Reader is an invitation to understand anti-Black racism through the eyes of our most incisive commentators. This anthology is for all curious readers, teachers, and students who wish to discover for themselves the complex and rewarding intellectual work that has sustained our national conversation on race and will continue to guide us in future years. D OW N LOA D T H E B O O K F O R F R E E AT H U P. H A R V A R D . E D U / R A C I S M - I N - A M E R I C A


From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime Elizabeth Hinton ★A New York Times Notable Book 464 pp. $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674979826

The Injustice Never Leaves You Monica Muñoz Martinez ★L awrence W. Levine Award ★C aughey Western History Prize

Soul by Soul

Southern Horrors

Bound in Wedlock

Walter Johnson

Crystal N. Feimster

Tera W. Hunter

★F rederick Jackson Turner Award ★A very O. Craven Award

★W . E. B. Du Bois Book Prize

★L ittleton-Griswold Prize

336 pp. $24.00 • £19.95 paper 9780674061859

Belknap Press 416 pp. $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674237452

Violence over the Land

The Color of Money

320 pp. $30.00 • £24.95 paper 9780674005396

The Chinese Must Go Beth Lew-Williams ★R ay Allen Billington Prize ★E llis W. Hawley Prize 360 pp. $26.50 • £21.95 cloth 9780674976016

400 pp. $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674244825

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Mehrsa Baradaran

Ned Blackhawk ★F rederick Jackson Turner Award ★ J ohn C. Ewers Award 384 pp. $27.00 • £21.95 paper 9780674027206

★A World Economic Forum “Powerful, Memorable Books That Explore Racial Injustice in the U.S.” Selection, 2020 Belknap Press 384 pp. $17.95 • £14.95 paper 9780674237476

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New on Our Shelve s

The Idealist

Wendell Willkie’s Wartime Quest to Build One World Samuel Zipp

“If isolationist slogans such as ‘America First’ drive you to despair, The Idealist might be the book for you…Younger readers, dismayed by today’s various nationalisms, may be comforted to learn that isolationist and internationalist impulses—like so much else— are cyclical phenomena.” —Roger Lowenstein, Wall Street Journal “Exhilarating and timely…Makes the case for a return to Willkie’s thinking about interdependence and international cooperation… By a coincidence, Zipp’s book has appeared amid a global pandemic that has both highlighted the need to transcend nationalism and its intractability.” —Dexter Fergie, New Republic Belknap Press 29 photos in 24p b&w insert, 1 map 416 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674737518

Prisoners of the Empire Inside Japanese POW Camps Sarah Kovner “Forces readers to rethink the morality-tale version of cruel Japanese treatment of Allied POWs. Kovner is unflinching in presenting harsh treatment by Japanese prison commanders or guards and unsparing in her attention to racism on all sides. Above all, she is clear-eyed in explaining how confusion and ignorance, more than consistent policy, shaped this tragic episode in the fog of war.” —Andrew Gordon, author of A Modern History of Japan 15 photos, 1 illus., 2 maps, 2 tables 336 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674737617

God’s Law and Order

The Politics of Punishment in Evangelical America Aaron Griffith “Griffith connects the simultaneous rise of evangelicalism and mass incarceration, illuminating the way religious leaders played a central role in shoring up support for devastating punitive programs. Carefully researched and persuasively argued, Griffith’s rich history makes enormous contributions to our understanding of politics and culture in modern America.” — Elizabeth Hinton, author of From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime 15 photos 352 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674238787

The Next Shift

The Fall of Industry and the Rise of Health Care in Rust Belt America Gabriel Winant

“One of the most timely books of our era. The global pandemic has turned care workers into heroes while concealing the history that rendered them undervalued, underpaid, and precarious long before COVID struck.” —Robin D. G. Kelley, author of Freedom Dreams 8 photos, 4 illus., 6 maps, 12 tables 368 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674238091

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New on Our Shelve s

Not Made by Slaves

Ethical Capitalism in the Age of Abolition Bronwen Everill

“Impressive scholarship…[Readers] will be rewarded with greater understanding of historical developments that changed the relationship between consumers and producers in a global economy in ways that reverberate to this day.” —Marc M. Arkin, Wall Street Journal “A fascinating, well-written book about abolitionists’ efforts to construct an antislavery economic island in a global capitalism system shaped by slavery-generated profit.” —Edward E. Baptist, author of The Half Has Never Been Told 6 photos, 3 illus., 1 map 328 pp. $39.95 • £31.95 cloth 9780674240988

Our Dear-Bought Liberty

Democracy by Petition

320 pp. $45.00 • £36.95 cloth 9780674247239

560 pp. $49.95 • £39.95 cloth 9780674247499

Time for Things


The Age of Addiction

When Sorrow Comes

368 pp. $49.95 • £39.95 cloth 9780674979512

400 pp. $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674248267

Belknap Press 336 pp. $17.95 • £14.95 paper 9780674248229

368 pp. $45.00 • £36.95 cloth 9780674988194

Michael D. Breidenbach

Stephen D. Rosenberg

Rotary International and the Selling of American Capitalism

Daniel Carpenter

Tom Nicholas

8   harvard university press

Brendan Goff

320 pp. $45.00 • £36.95 cloth 9780674989795

David T. Courtwright

The Education Trap Cristina Viviana Groeger

384 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674249110

Melissa M. Matthes

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Politic al C onsiderations

Bring the War Home

The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America Kathleen Belew ★A Guardian Best Book of the Year

“A gripping study of white power…Explosive.” —New York Times “A much-needed and troubling revelation…The power of Belew’s book comes, in part, from the fact that it reveals a story about white-racist violence that we should all already know.” —The Nation “Superbly comprehensive…supplants all journalistic accounts of America’s resurgent white supremacism.” —Pankaj Mishra, The Guardian 11 photos 352 pp. $16.95 • £12.95 paper 9780674237698

Why Do We Still Have the Electoral College? Alexander Keyssar ★A New Statesman Book of the Year “America’s greatest historian of democracy now offers an extraordinary history of the most bizarre aspect of our representative democracy—the electoral college…This is a brilliant contribution to a critical current debate, just in time to help guide effective reform.” —Lawrence Lessig “Even specialists in political and constitutional history will encounter surprises…[It] deserve[s] a wide readership.” —Eric Foner, London Review of Books 1 illus., 11 tables 544 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674660151

The Rise of the Latino Vote A History

Benjamin Francis-Fallon ★A mérico Paredes Book Award “Shows how Latinx voters helped change not only the Democratic and Republican parties but also the egalitarian and internationalist politics of the American left…Francis-Fallon’s story of how Latinx voters and organizers helped shape a nationwide agenda is also telling for the present moment.” —Ed Morales, The Nation 15 photos, 5 tables 504 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674737440

The Rule of Five

Making Climate History at the Supreme Court Richard J. Lazarus

“In the tradition of A Civil Action, this book makes a compelling story of the court fight that paved the way for regulating the emissions now overheating the planet. It offers a poignant reminder of how far we’ve come—and how far we still must go.” —Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature “The gripping story of the most important environmental law case ever decided by the US Supreme Court.” —Scott Turow, author of Presumed Innocent Belknap Press 368 pp. $29.95 • £23.95 cloth 9780674238121

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Tacky’s Revolt

The Story of an Atlantic Slave War Vincent Brown ★F inalist, Cundill History Prize

“Brilliant…groundbreaking…Brown’s profound analysis and revolutionary vision of the Age of Slave War—from the too-often overlooked Tacky’s Revolt to the better-known Haitian Revolution—gives us an original view of the birth of modern freedom in the New World.” —Cornel West Belknap Press 24 illus., 12 maps 336 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674737570

No Property in Man

Slavery and Antislavery at the Nation’s Founding WITH A NEW PREFACE

Sean Wilentz ★A New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice ★A Foreign Affairs Best Book of the Year “Wilentz brings a lifetime of learning and a mastery of political history to this brilliant book.” —David W. Blight, author of Frederick Douglass The Nathan I. Huggins Lectures 368 pp. $18.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674241428

Accounting for Slavery Masters and Management Caitlin Rosenthal ★A Five Books Best Economics Book of the Year “The evolution of modern management is usually associated with good old-fashioned intelligence and ingenuity…But capitalism is not just about the free market; it was also built on the backs of slaves.” —Forbes 28 photos, 4 illus., 2 tables 320 pp. $18.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674241657

The Cigarette

City on a Hill

★A Smithsonian Best History Book of the Year

★A Financial Times Best Architecture and Design Book of the Year

Sarah Milov

400 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674241213

Alex Krieger

The Embattled Vote in America

The Enchantments of Mammon

336 pp. $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674244818

★A n Observer Book of the Week

Allan J. Lichtman

Belknap Press 816 pp. $39.95 • £31.95 cloth 9780674984615

Belknap Press 464 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674987999

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Eugene McCarraher

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The Condemnation of Blackness

Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America WITH A NEW PREFACE

Khalil Gibran Muhammad ★ J ohn Hope Franklin Prize ★A Moyers & Company Best Book of the Year “‘Black’ and ‘criminal’ are as wedded in America as ‘star’ and ‘spangled.’ Muhammad’s book traces these ideas to the late 19th century, when racist policies led to the disproportionate arrest and incarceration of blacks, igniting urban whites’ fears and bequeathing tenaciously racist stereotypes.” —Ibram X. Kendi, New York Times Book Review 7 photos, 5 illus. 416 pp. $15.95 • £12.95 paper 9780674238145

Policing the Open Road

How Cars Transformed American Freedom Sarah A. Seo ★L ittleton-Griswold Prize ★A Smithsonian Best History Book of the Year

“From traffic stops to parking tickets, Seo traces the history of cars alongside the history of crime and discovers that the two are inextricably linked.” —Smithsonian 24 photos, 2 tables 352 pp. $28.95 • £23.95 cloth 9780674980860


The Untold Story of the Panama Canal Marixa Lasso ★F riedrich Katz Prize in Latin American and Caribbean History

“A powerful and dramatic tale of lost histories that illuminates our understanding of Panama and its relationship to the United States.” —Julie Greene, University of Maryland 16 photos, 2 maps 352 pp. $35.00 • £28.95 cloth 9780674984448

Undocumented Lives

Civilizing Torture

The Dead March

The Hello Girls

★D avid Montgomery Award ★T heodore Saloutos Book Award

★F inalist, Pulitzer Prize in History ★F inalist, Silver Gavel Award

★D istinguished Book Award, Society for Military History ★R obert M. Utley Prize

400 pp. $17.95 • £14.95 paper 9780674237438

336 pp. $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674244832

Belknap Press 416 pp. $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674244702

512 pp. $22.95 • £18.95 paper 9780674244740

Ana Raquel Minian

W. Fitzhugh Brundage

800-405-1619 (US only)

Peter Guardino

Elizabeth Cobbs

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Clas sic Backlist

Saltwater Slavery

Race and Reunion

The Reaper’s Garden

The Black Atlantic

★F rederick Douglass Book Prize

★B ancroft Prize ★M erle Curti Award

288 pp. $25.00 • £20.95 paper 9780674030688

Belknap Press 528 pp. $33.00 • £26.95 paper 9780674008199

★ J ames A. Rawley Prize ★M erle Curti Award 368 pp. $25.00 • £20.95 paper 9780674057128

280 pp. $34.00 • £27.95 Not for sale in UK & British Commonwealth (except Canada) paper 9780674076068

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

To ’Joy My Freedom Tera W. Hunter

This Vast Southern Empire

River of Dark Dreams

★H . L. Mitchell Award ★L etitia Woods Brown Memorial Book Award

★ J ohn H. Dunning Prize ★S tuart L. Bernath Book Prize

★S HEAR Book Prize

336 pp. $31.00 • £24.95 paper 9780674893085

368 pp. $20.50 • £16.95 paper 9780674986770

Generations of Captivity

Black Rice

After Appomattox

★M elville J. Herskovits Award

★A Civil War Memory/ Civil War Monitor Best Book of the Year

Stephanie E. Smallwood

Harriet A. Jacobs

The John Harvard Library Belknap Press 496 pp. $22.50 • £18.95 paper 9780674035836

Many Thousands Gone Ira Berlin

★B ancroft Prize ★F rederick Douglass Book Prize Belknap Press 512 pp. $34.00 • £27.95 paper 9780674002111

David W. Blight

★A nisfield-Wolf Book Award Belknap Press 384 pp. $30.00 • £24.95 paper 9780674016248

Matthew Karp

Belknap Press 560 pp. $24.00 • £19.95 paper 9780674975385

Gregory P. Downs

256 pp. $31.50 • £25.95 paper 9780674008342

Paul Gilroy

Walter Johnson

Judith A. Carney

Ira Berlin

12   harvard university press

Vincent Brown

352 pp. $18.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674241626

800-405-1619 (US only)

Clas sic Backlist

Killing for Coal

Landscapes of Hope

★B ancroft Prize ★G eorge Perkins Marsh Prize

★F rederick Jackson Turner Award ★G eorge Perkins Marsh Prize

Thomas G. Andrews

408 pp. $24.00 • £19.95 paper 9780674046917

Brian McCammack

The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution Bernard Bailyn

Confederate Reckoning

Stephanie McCurry

★F inalist, Pulitzer Prize ★M erle Curti Award

★P ulitzer Prize

376 pp. $24.95 • £19.95 cloth 9780674976375

Belknap Press 432 pp. $24.00 • £19.95 paper 9780674975651

456 pp. $25.00 • £20.95 paper 9780674064218

A Nation under Our Feet

Facing East from Indian Country

A Misplaced Massacre

Salem Possessed

★ Pulitzer Prize in History

★F inalist, Pulitzer Prize in History

★F inalist, National Book Award

Belknap Press 624 pp. $32.00 • £25.95 paper 9780674017658

336 pp. $30.00 • £24.95 paper 9780674011175

★B ancroft Prize ★A very O. Craven Award

Huck’s Raft

Age of Fracture

The Accidental City

Birthing a Slave

★M erle Curti Award ★C arr P. Collins Award

★B ancroft Prize ★ J ohn G. Cawelti Award

★K emper and Leila Williams Prize

416 pp. $25.00 • £20.95 paper 9780674034921

Steven Hahn

Steven Mintz

Belknap Press 464 pp. $29.50 • £23.95 paper 9780674019980

Daniel K. Richter

Daniel T. Rodgers

Belknap Press 360 pp. $22.00 • £17.95 paper 9780674064362

800-405-1619 (US only)

Paul Boyer • Stephen Nissenbaum

Ari Kelman

384 pp. $21.00 • £16.95 paper 9780674503786

Lawrence N. Powell

256 pp. $31.50 • £25.95 paper 9780674785267

Marie Jenkins Schwartz

448 pp. $23.00 • £18.95 paper 9780674725904

harvard university press  13

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