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Hey, I’m Niall… Dear student, My name is Niall Harty, I’m 24 years old and I’m a proud Limerick man. I’m a recent BSc. Eng (Hons) graduate in Manufacturing Engineering Management. I am running for ITTSU President. My friends would describe me as very friendly, enthusiastic, commied and very approachable. I have many interests and hobbies which include rugby, MMA, music etc. I, like a lot of students, have had an impeccable student experience here at ITT. I account this to the great job done by previous SU members, both academically and socially. I have been through quite a lot in this Institute and I am well equipped to deal with anything. I am currently the Vice President/Education Officer and I have been an avid student activist for the past 6 years. I have been involved in student politics since I started in ITT and have been a Class Rep’ most of my way through college. I have always loved dealing in student affairs. As a student who received the maintenance grant, I truly understand the importance of it, as I would not be here today without it. I will continue to fight for your grant, and fight against fees. In times like this you need a strong leader who will take you forward next year and I believe I can be that person. I can guarantee 100% commitment, and I will pour my heart and soul into this position, I will be freely available to answer any question regarding my manifesto. Bye for now,

Niall Harty.


“Over my 6 years in Tralee I have shown commitment and passion, gained achievements, and I possess the experience to take you forward as your President in 2012/2013” • • • •

Class Rep 06/07, 07/08, 08/09, 10/11. ITTSU Entertainments Officer 08/09, 09/10. Fresher Buddy 2011. Senior Vice President/Education Officer 2011/12.


Commitment • Since 06 I have aended various Class Rep councils and JAWS meetings for the benefit of my class. • Since 06 I have been involved in numerous welfare campaigns. • Aended USI Southern Area Council 2010. • Aended USI National Congress 2011. • Represented the educational rights of students in IT Tralee at ITT Academic Council 11/12. • Represented students of IT Tralee nationally at USI National Council 11/12.

What will I do for you next year?

• Increased on-campus entertainments 08/09, 09/10. • Led the IT Tralee fees protest march 08 & 11. • Xmas day + RAG week (08/09, 09/10, 11/12) raised a considerable amount of money for charity. • Most amount of Class Representatives elected 11/12. • Complete overhaul of the Class Rep system 11/12. • Best and most comprehensive student Handbook/Diary to date11/12.

What will I do for you next year?


What will I do for you next year?

Friendly, Knowledgeable, Experienced.



• Support a new approach on cutbacks to student grants and the fight against third level fees • Student media internships • Complete overhaul of the website • Introduction of the SU crew to assist in all campaigns and union activity • Improved communication with students • Further development of SURF magazine

• Ensure beer promotion of welfare campaigns • Strong influence on mental health • Lobby towards beer STI facilities for students • Beer support for students affected by suicide • Run a SAFEtalk course for Class Reps



• Lobbying towards greater library opening hours • Fight for the educational rights of students in IT Tralee • Beer promotion of the grinds system • Grant information evening in the summer to explain new system • Further the work done on the Class Rep system

• Supporting a far more diverse range of entertainment for EVERYBODY • Introduce IT Tralee’s first ever ski trip • Freshers Fortnight!! • European mystery tour • Big increase in on-campus entertainment • Endeavor to get YOU the best possible student prices and discounts

Niall Harty ITTSU President Manifesto 2012/13  
Niall Harty ITTSU President Manifesto 2012/13  

Niall Harty ITTSU President Manifesto 2012/13