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Smart Tack

Let’s talk Tack Rooms!……………They’ve been in the rear of the trailer, they’ve been in the front of the trailer and they’ve even been in the middle of the trailer. There are so many ways to accomplish tack space and it’s all about the function and convenience to the individual. Combining all of the great features of the aforementioned tack areas, Hart Trailers has brought you the most practical and highly functional tack ever! Welcome, the Smart Tack! Imagine, if you could access all of your tack from the side of your trailer without ever having to climb into the trailer. That’s what you can do with a Smart Tack. Rather than stacking the saddles on an upright saddle tree we have them placed so that anyone can reach them from the ground…..even the smallest cowgirl or cowboy! Saddles…blankets and pads….. bridles…halters… and bell boots……all at arms reach from the ground. And, it’s easily organized to fit your individual preference regardless of what tack you haul with you. Make it your own! This is only half of the benefits of the Smart Tack. On the opposite side of the tack room we have the equally organized dressing room. This is no ordinary dressing room. It comes complete with a footlocker, tons of hooks, clothes bar and an 18” wide x 8’-0” long tray. The opportunities here are endless…….there are so many ways you can use this great space, you’ll enjoy loading this trailer with all of your gear. Finally, a place for everything! The Smart Tack can be incorporated into any of our Tradition Series trailers…….from a 2 horse to an 8 horse.


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T R A D I T I O N Series The TRADITION at Hart Trailers started in 1968 and for more than three generations now, the Hart family has pursued their original vision and goal of providing their customers with the very best horse trailer on the road. The TRADITION series of trailers are a result of that idea and that commitment! If absolute customization is your goal, the TRADITION is the perfect choice for you. The features and options on this model are only limited to your imagination, without compromising structure. The TRADITION series offer the option to change height, length and width and are available with hundreds of user friendly features. It truly is the most custom horse trailer on the market. We can design the trailer to fit your individual wants or needs.

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One of the greatest advantages of choosing a Hart trailer is the ability to combine options to design a trailer to fit your needs and lifestyle. HART is proud to accommodate the needs of the most discriminating horsemen and women. Whether you need an exrra brush tray or higly organized tack room, the design pros at HART can utilize hundreds of options to meet your trailer goals.


Smart Tack  

Take a look at our brand new innovative Hart Smart Tack! Designed with you in mind!

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