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At Hart’s Home Services, we strive to provide the best products and services to our customers at affordable prices. Please contact us for all of your heating, cooling and electrical needs. We are happy to help with installation, maintenance and repairs.

Taking the Arctic out of Your Winter The CORNer

Simple Steps To Reduce Your Family’s Impact on the Environment

I am excited to announce to our E*Star Electric Residential Service Customers that we have added complete heating and air conditioning services in addition to the electrical services so many of you have come to experience. To better serve our customers we have joined the electrical and air conditioning services into a new brand named Hart's Home Services. Please be assured that we will continue to honor all existing warranties as we are still the same company, owner, employees, and as always, the same quality service that we have always provided. I hope you will embrace the name change and think of Hart's Home Services with all of your electrical, heating and air conditioning needs. And as always, feel free to drop by or call anytime. Best wishes, Joe Lambert

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Annual heating and air conditioning maintenance Many people wait until something is wrong before they feel that they can justify the cost of service and repairs. Problem is, by neglecting to have your furnace and air conditioner serviced regularly, you will pay more in the long run; more in energy bills, more in preventative repairs, and face replacements sooner from reduced equipment life. And, you will most likely experience equipment failure in the middle of the summer or winter, times of heavy use when you need your systems the most. Regular maintenance will catch small issues before they become large issues and prevent total system failure. Also, when your equipment is serviced annually and running at an optimal level you will have much lower utility bills. This is good for the environment and your pocketbook. Upgrade old, inefficient appliances Dishwashers, clothes washers, ovens, refrigerators, water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, and other major appliances can all run up energy costs quickly if they are not energy efficient or not running at peak performance. It is important to have your major appliances inspected regularly. If you are considering a renovation or upgrade, explore your options. Fix refrigerant leaks Refrigerant is expensive. The longer you put off fixing the leak, the more that’s evaporating (not to mention the harm to the environment). Continued on page 3

Taking the Arctic out of Your Winter Tell Your Friends About Homeowner News Or call us and we’ll provide them with a free subscription and give you and your friend $25 gift card!

Homeowner News is a quarterly publication of Hart’s Home Services. It is provided to our customers free of charge. We welcome your suggestions and ideas. Contact us at:

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Lower Temperatures More Over Night & When You’re Out Overnight, add an extra blanket and set the temperature back a couple of degrees to save more money. Of course, set the temperature back when no one’s home. Use Programmable Thermostats The problem with setting the thermostat back a couple of degrees is that it’s easy to forget. Using a programmable setback thermostat solves this problem. Plus, you can program the thermostat to restore the temperature just before you get out of bed and just before you get home. If you need a programmable setback thermostat installed, call us. Use the Sun Open the curtains and blinds of southern windows during the day to tap into the sun’s free heat. Upgrade Your HVAC System If you system is older than a high school student, it’s time to consider replacing it. We can improve your comfort and reduce your heating costs. Call now to see which energy tax credits may be available.

Tune Up Your HVAC Combustion furnaces and boilers require annual maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. Burners, for example, fall out of adjustment over the course of a heating season, wasting fuel. Heat pumps need maintenance twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, so they will perform optimally during the periods of greatest use. Beyond saving money, annual service is a safety issue for combustion heating systems. Thousands are needlessly poisoned by carbon monoxide every year from leaks and cracks in heat exchangers. Don’t risk your family’s safety or waste your money. If you haven’t already called us for annual heating system maintenance, do it now.

$49.00 HVAC System Tune-up (For New Service Partner Plan Members, Expires 4/1/2012)

$25 Off Home Sanitization Service (Includes Precision Tune-up & System Evaluation, Expires 4/1/2012)

Make Sure your home is prepared for this winter! Call us today to ensure your heating system is working at its full potential.


Simple Steps to Reduce Your Family’s Impact on the Environment (continued from page 1

Seal air infiltration into the home If your home is not sealed to today’s standards you could be spending 30% or more on your energy bill than necessary. Infiltration refers to airflow through gaps or cracks around windows, or in walls or flooring. Using caulk or other means to fill in the holes you can access will help to seal the building envelop so that less energy will be needed to maintain the temperature in your home. Having a home energy audit conducted will also give you more information about the most cost effective changes you can make to reduce costs. Seal ducts located outside of the building. If you have ducts that run through your garage, attic, basement, or crawlspaces they may be susceptible to extreme temperature deviations from the portion of the home where the temperature is regulated. Sealing and insulating these ducts will result in a reduction of energy consumption. Ceiling fans A ceiling fan can increase evaporation of perspiration from an individual and create the sensation of a cooler environment. Ceiling fans also cost much less to operate than your comfort system. This allows you to set the thermostat higher and still enjoy a comfortable environment. Be sure to turn the fan off when you leave the room. Motion detector light switches Are you tired of kids leaving the lights on and wasting money? Install motion activated light switches to automatically turn off lights and conserve en-

ergy. They are especially useful in rooms that have ceiling fans, as ceiling fans are only effective if there is someone present in the room to benefit from the air movement. CFLs Most people don’t pay a lot of attention to what kind of light bulbs they have in their home, as long they provide adequate lighting. What many don’t realize is that they are wasting money using conventional incandescent light bulbs. The light bulb with the spiral top is called a CLF or Compact Fluorescent Light bulb. The average life of a CFL is approximately 6-10 times that of an incandescent light bulb. Although CFLs are more expensive than compact fluorescent bulbs, they use less energy, providing a yearly savings of $40-60 or more. Outlet insulators It may be hard to believe, but if your outlet covers are not properly insulated, air could be entering your home around them. Use outlet insulators to help seal the space behind the outlet and lower your energy bills. Low flow showerheads Consumers worry that switching to a low flow showerhead will decrease their comfort in the shower. In reality, most people using a low flow shower head can’t tell the difference between it and a regular showerhead. Don’t do everything at once. Pick a few projects to tackle each year. By making just a few of these changes, you could be saving a great deal of money on utility payments. We can help you to prioritize. Hart’s Home Services is always ready to help with all of your heating and cooling needs.

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Not only that, if moisture enters and reacts with the refrigerant, vital components like the compressor can be damaged and you may end up replacing your entire unit. Even if a total replacement is not required, the efficiency of your unit can be greatly compromised.

We Clean Green! As we go about our daily lives in this modern world, we are faced with risks to our health, some which are simply unavoidable. Riding in cars, flying in planes, exposure to environmental pollutants and even physical contact with others can put our overall health in jeopardy. Even the indoor air in our homes can become polluted and can lead to health problems including respiratory ailments, irritation to the eyes, nose and throat, damage to the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system. We all spend a great deal of time indoors in our home. The good news is that we aren’t completely helpless and there is something that can be done about indoor air pollution. A few simple steps can improve the quality of your indoor air (IAQ). So what can you do to improve the quality of the air that you and your family and friends breathe?

SANITIZE YOUR HOME! The team at Hart’s Home Services is dedicated to providing our customers with the most effective and safest products available. We take the Precision Tune Up one step further by offering our Home Sanitization process. All the products used in our home sanitization process are Green X and Organic by nature, so they are safe not only for the technician applying them, but to your family and pets as well as the environment. Application is simple, taking less than an hour. Harmful contaminants are neutralized and one simple application will sanitize, deodorize, and kill most forms of mold, mildew, spores, allergens and bacteria in your home’s air conditioning system. Unpleasant odors will be eliminated on contact with no residual fragrance. The organic enzyme disperses throughout the system destroying and neutralizing all odor causing bacteria, including dirty sock syndrome. Not only are the odors eliminated, but the sources are destroyed. With one simple treatment, our customers enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that they have a clean environment for up to one year. Breathe easy and be healthy! Call (727) 209-3413 today and speak with one of our professionals about sanitizing your home!

Win a $100 Gift Card! Complete and return for a chance to win a $100 gift card. If you correctly answer the three questions below, we’ll enter you in a drawing for a $100 gift card. Second prize will be a $50 gift card. All entries must be received by 2/31/2012. Mail to: Hart’s Home Services, 10800 Johnson Blvd., Seminole, FL 33777

True/False It’s better to leave the heat on all day than to constantly turn it on and off when you leave the house. True/False You should keep all blinds and curtains in your house closed to give the house “extra insulation”. True/False Using a programmable thermostat can save you time and money.

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 Fund raising opportunities for your favorite charity or school  Heat/Cool system maintenance

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The CORNer Q. What do snowmen eat for breakfast? A. Frosted Flakes! Q. What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire? A. Frostbite! Q. Where does a snowman keep his money? A. In a snow bank! Q. How do snowmen travel? A. By icicle! Q. What do you call a snowman in the Summer? A. A puddle!

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NOTES: This is a consumer newsletter you can mail to your customers. While the newsletter deals with industry issues, it is not completely industry focused. It also focuses on items that will interest homeowners. And that’s the point of a newsletter. Make it something they look forward to receiving and will read because it contains items of interest and relevance to their lives. They do not care about your company. They care about themselves. A consumer newsletter is designed to keep your name top-of-the-mind when they think about air conditioning and heating. It’s designed to give them a warm and fuzzy feeling about your company. The featured article of this winter consumer newsletter is about what your customers can do to reduce their impact on the environment. It goes a long way toward reinforcing the values of your company. On the page 2, homeowners are encouraged to spread the word about your newsletter and to suggest others for a subscription. When they do, they and their friend are both promised a $10 gift certificate (with your company, of course). Anyone you add to your customer list from this method is an excellent prospect, thanks to the referral. You can find the gift certificate by searching the archives. Page 3 has a coupon for $25 off a Furnace Inspection.

On page 4 we have a $200 Gift Card promotion. It requires your customer to fill in the answers to 3 simple questions that can be found in the featured article. It also asks the customer to check off any products or services they might be interested in. Hold a drawing from all the entries and send the winner a $200 gift card (use a standard Visa/ MasterCard/Amex gift card). Send the second place winner a $100 card. You should review the list of products and services and consider modifying it, based on your product/service mix. You might also consider awarding a third prize, which could be a gift certificate with your company. The newsletter is designed to be printed on four 8.5x11 pages to enable you to print and copy at your office if you desire. A printer can easily use this format to create a single 11x17 folded newsletter. You might also want to stock the newsletters in your trucks to pass out to new customers on service calls.

Be sure the change the RED text to information about your company. You must change the following items (also change font colors to WHITE after making changes): PAGE 1 COMPANY NAME at top of page PAGE 2 CONTACT INFORMATION at bottom of page in gray box (change text color to black) PAGE 3 COMPANY NAME at top of page EXPIRATIONDATE on coupon LOGO on coupon PHONE NUMBER on coupon PAGE 4 RETURN ADDRESS INFORMATION COMPANY NAME in orange box in center of page (change text color to white) CONTACT INFORMATION on Gift Card Entry Form EXPIRATION DATE on Gift Card Entry Form

. This version contains all four pages. It is a very large file and will take some time to download. The file is zipped. Right click to save the file to your hard drive, open Windows Explorer and browse to the file's location, open the zipped folder, extract the file, open Publisher, click past the start up wizard, and then select File + Open from the menu bar and browse to the directory where you extracted the file. If you have problems downloading this file, send an email to or

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