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New this year we are offering equipment from three leaders in irrigation. Why? Facilities have individual needs and preferences and we want to provide a choice. All the heads we offer have stainless steel risers and are highly suited for tennis court sprinkler systems. Here are a few notes that might help you make a selection: 1. Ascertain the pressure and volume of your water source and the size of your incoming line. Then utilize the chart on the next page to see what heads are an option. 2. The higher the model numbers the more water the head will put on the court and the further the throw radius. 3. The Rainbird Falcon Series has a different head for full circle (FC) and part circle (PC) rotation so you want to select the head that meets your needs. 4. HS means it is a high speed head. High speed heads turn more quickly than standard heads allowing them to distribute more water per watering cycle. Due to the faster rotating speed the distance they throw the water will be reduced. Still not sure what you need? Har-Tru consultants are available to answer your questions by phone at 1-877-4HARTRU. We also have consultants who will come to your facility and analyze your system and help you design a new one. Let us do the work!

1 X G.P.M. 2 X G.P.M.


30’ 30’-40’

1 X G.P.M. 2 X G.P.M. 3 X G.P.M. 4 X G.P.M.



1 X G.P.M. 2 X G.P.M. 3 X G.P.M.


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