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Hartley Bernstein – Bernstein Cherney LLP

Bernstein Cherney LLP is a boutique New York City law firm with extensive experience in corporate law.

Overview • Bernstein Cherney LLP is a boutique New York City law firm with extensive experience in corporate law, civil litigation and real estate matters. • The firm counsels its clients on a broad range of business-related and corporate matters, including, securities issues, mergers and acquisitions, broker-dealer regulation, commercial transactions, real estate matters. • We have extensive experience in the negotiation of construction documents as well as agreements with architects and engineers. • Our law firm provides legal services to companies in a wide variety of fields, including the financial services industry, advertising/marketing and internet publishing.


ď ą Hartley T. Bernstein Hartley T. Bernstein is a corporate and securities attorney and civil litigator with a specialty in business transactions and civil litigation. As corporate counsel, Mr. Bernstein has represented both private and public companies in connection with various corporate issues, including governance, mergers/acquisitions and employee compensation agreements.

ď ą Debra Cherney Debra Cherney represents corporate clients and individuals in connection with all aspects of corporate, commercial and real estate transactions. Ms. Cherney represents a diverse group of clients on a broad range of corporate and transactional matters.

Our Areas Of Practice

ď ą LITIGATION Since 1980, Hartley Bernstein has earned a distinguished reputation as an advocate for individuals and companies in securities arbitrations before FINRA and the New York Stock Exchange. His expertise includes investor claims, employment disputes, and intra-industry matters.

ď ą REAL-ESTATE MATTERS We counsel our real estate clients on a variety of matters relating to the acquisition of properties, major and minor renovations and rehabilitations, related financing, and applicable regulations.

Hartley Bernstein's’ Social Presence

Contact Us Bernstein Cherney LLP 767 Third Avenue, 30th Floor, New York, New York 10017 Tel: 212-381-9684 Cell: 917-656-4550 Fax: 646-304-9535

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