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Hartley Bernstein Hartley Bernstein, the founder and publisher of

Mr. Hartley Bernstein has represented both private and public companies in connection with different corporate issues, including governance, employee compensation agreements and contractual matters as well.

Bernstein Cherney 767 Third Avenue 30th Floor, New York New York 10017 Tel: 212-381-9684

Hartley Todd Bernstein • Hartley Bernstein is a veteran. He has represented corporate clients in more than 100 cases. •

His team consists of lawyers with an extensive experience in state and federal courts.

Hartley has represented public and private companies. He has worked at the New York Stock Exchange.

He has an extensive experience in settling investor claims and employment disputes. His forte is his unabating concern for his clients’ interest throughout the duration of representation.

Bernstein Cherney LLP • Hartley Bernstein represents American and international companies in joint ventures, executive compensation, licenses, joint ventures, and other everyday business matters. •

Bernstein Cherney has a strong name in real estate services.

• It represents real estate management companies, investors, and property owners deal with residential and commercial real estate transactions.

• Their extensive experience in structuring and negotiations in complex real estate transactions makes them the ideal New York law firm for legal help in real estate.

Stock Patrol Hartley T. Bernstein is a corporate and securities attorney and civil litigator with a specialty in business transactions and civil litigation. seeks to provide information which will help investors better protect themselves. Hartley Bernstein, the founder and publisher of, is widely acknowledged as one of Wall Street’s leading watchdogs.

Advertise On Stock Patrol Stock Patrol is read each day by a highly motivated, upscale, inquisitive and active audience. Stock Patrol is truly one of a kind. Readers have referred to us as the “Ralph Nader� of the securities industry.

Target Audience Our articles appeal to well-educated, upper income, highly motivated investors and consumers. Our readers are active investors who seek detailed financial information.

Our articles appeal to risk-takers and speculators who are also inclined to purchase luxury and lifestyle items.

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