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Trade & Exhibition Stand Information Pack Rebecca Czupun Events Assistant

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The Vintage Village Fair 2013 is a fresh and exciting event brought to you by Hartlepool Borough Council. The event is first and foremost a Vintage Village Market full of arts, crafts and trades that are a bit different to your usual groceries and DVD’s. Vintage Village Fair is a three day event which starts on Friday 19th July and ends on Sunday 21st July. The event is open 12pm to 6pm each day. Over the three days there will be a programme entertainment, including music, street theatre and Hartlepool Art Gallery will be showing the exhibition ‘Send Three and Four pence…’ The Rink Revival Ballroom Project a video installation by Artist Neil Armstrong, which is running from Saturday 6th July to Saturday 31st August 2013. We have 20 wooden huts available that will be used by traders to sell their beautiful merchandise. We would welcome traders whose products fit our vintage theme. We are looking for innovative, quirky, creative and high quality products that will give our visitors the wow factor. If your work or products fit the above criteria please outline this in your application.


We would also welcome traders who could give a live demonstration of the work they do. If you would like to demonstrate your process, please give us a short proposal of how you would deliver a live demonstration (please keep it short and sweet)

We would also welcome traders who could deliver a workshop with the public If you are interested then again please give us a short proposal of how you would deliver a workshop with the public (again please keep the proposal short and sweet)


Church Square, Hartlepool. The event will be set in the grounds of Church Square, exquisite and picturesque, it is home to some of the most beautiful buildings in Hartlepool, including Christ Church home of Hartlepool Art Gallery, and the Municipal Buildings now home to Cleveland College of Art and design. Located in the town centre, the event site is easy to get to and spacious which makes the event more attractive for traders as well as our acts and participants. Middleton Grange Shopping Centre is on the doorstep and the Hartlepool Transport Interchange is less than a minutes walk away. If all that wasn’t enough to ask for the event will be surrounded by vibrant bars and restaurants. What else could our visitors want?


70% of visitors to our previous events have spent over £10 per head

The majority of visitors to our events are loyal and attend every time an event is held however, we still attract new visitors every year

An exciting programme of entertainment is planned which will showcase the best in North East and national talent making for a great family day out

Media presence at the event site means that it will benefit from extensive press coverage

Cost effective way to market your brand or business.


Support you to nurture and grow your business! •

Hartlepool Enterprise Centre have a team of enterprise coaches who can give you expert help with producing a business plan and give you advice relating to any problems you’ve faced with your business so far.

By trading at Vintage Village Fair you will have the opportunity to networking with other traders and also local businesses Our regeneration team is working on a mentoring scheme with local traders in the town centre, this opportunity will be open to traders of the fair.

In regards to the event •

We are here and happy to help you! If you have any questions about the forms or process of your application then don't hesitate to give us a call.

Please make sure that you have provided copies of your Public Liability Insurance documentation and any relevant risk assessments.

Please also ensure that you have completed in full, all application elements. This includes: •

Submission Form

Application for Street Trading

Fire Risk Assessment

Remember, we want high quality trades and businesses on site, so please tell us lots about yourself and your craft with images if possible so that we can get a good understanding about you as a trader and your products 6

Before If we can help in anyway with the application process we will. Provide you with the details of someone who can answer any or all of your questions about the event and trading at it.

During We will provide you with: ♦ A wooden hut to showcase your products for £60 3 days (free to NUS Card holders). The dimensions are 8ft x 10ft which also contains a power source . Stall holders are free to decorate their units using temporary decoration to make them more attractive to potential shoppers. ♦ Trade space for you to locate your own business trailer (we only allow the highest quality trailers to trade on our site for this reason all applications should be accompanied by photographs of the actual trailer you will be bringing to the event). ♦ Waste disposal facilities. ♦ Street Trading Licence (only valid for Church Square during the event weekend). ♦ We can also help your business’ growth by involving you in networking opportunities with other traders event organisers and current shop owners. What you will need to provide: ♦ ♦ ♦

Tables Chairs Any decorative equipment


A little peek at where our stalls will be located...

Transport Interchange

Trader Stalls

Middleton Grange Shopping Centre


Terms and Conditions 1. Allocation of space is at the discretion of the HBC Events Officer 2. Traders/exhibitors fully indemnify Hartlepool Borough Council (HBC) against all proceedings, costs, claims, demands and/or liability howsoever arising, whether directly or indirectly, in connection with the trader’s/exhibitor’s use of the facilities and in particular (but without limiting the generality of the foregoing) indemnify HBC against any liability for injury to or death of any person and/or loss of or damage to any property howsoever caused, save where it is a direct result of the negligence of HBC, and must have Public Liability Insurance in the minimum sum of £5,000,000 3. Traders/exhibitors must supply HBC, with their booking form, a copy of their Public Liability Insurance and a risk assessment of their participation in Vintage Village Fair. Copies should also be available for inspection over the event weekend. 4. Traders/exhibitors must trade on all days of the Event 5. Stalls/exhibitions must be staffed at all times by the trader/exhibitor or their competent representative 6. Booking priority will be given to traders/exhibitors who purchase offered extras 7. HBC will not be responsible for any loss of or damage suffered to stock or personal property at any time during the period of the event. 8. HBC expects a high standard from participants. If in the opinion of the HBC Events Officer a stall or exhibition unit is unsatisfactory or incompatible with the aims of the event HBC reserves the right to require the exhibitor to close or remove such stall/exhibition unit 9. Payment of the fee is due no later than Monday 1st July 2013. HBC will invoice all traders/ exhibitors for the fee when confirmation is given that their application is successful. Strictly no cheques are to be sent along with the booking form. 10. Should the trader/exhibitor wish to withdraw their application they must do so in writing. This confirmation of withdrawal should be received by HBC no later than Monday 1st July 2013. At this point 50% of the fee will be refunded. If the trader/exhibitor fails to withdraw their application, in writing, by Monday 1st July 2013, no refund of the fee will be given and HBC has the right to allocate that traders/exhibitors space to another party. 11. The trader/exhibitor must ensure a suitable fire extinguisher, and any other equipment, as the Fire Authority deem necessary, is readily available on the stall/exhibition unit and at all times during The Vintage Village 2013 a person competent in the use of that equipment is at the stall/exhibition unit. 12. HBC reserves the rights of inspection by the Fire Prevention Officer/Fire Authority of all stalls/


Terms and Conditions exhibition units and further to order the use of such equipment or appliance to be discontinued should they appear to contravene fire and safety regulations and to close or remove the stall exhibition unit if appropriate fire prevention equipment is not readily available. 13. Traders/exhibitors must not at any time use microphones or amplified sound unless written approval is gained from HBC prior to the event. 14. Traders/exhibitors are not permitted to distribute leaflets, or any other promotional materials, anywhere within the event site, except on their own stalls, and they must not for this or any other purpose encroach upon the alleys or open spaces or do anything which may cause obstruction. Traders/exhibitors should not call out or solicit sales in a manner likely to cause annoyance to the public or any other trader/exhibitor. 15. Traders/exhibitors must comply with all relevant statues, regulations and bye-laws relating to their business which is conducted from the stall and the compliance with all of the local authority requirements. Stalls/ exhibitions must not contain anything that is hazardous, immoral, unethical, criminal, or contrary to prevailing Equality and Diversity legislation and regulations and Health and safety legislations and regulations. 16. Though there will be a security presence on site HBC will not provide security services for stall holders and HBC is not liable for any loss, damage or theft of traders property. 17. Traders and exhibitors must follow all guide lines set out in the ‘Traders/Exhibitors Handbook’. A copy of this will be sent out to all Traders/Exhibitors on conformation that their application has been successful. 18. Failure of any trader/exhibitor to abide by any of the foregoing terms and conditions shall result in a withdrawal of the consent to trade/exhibit and HBC may require immediate closure or removal of the stall and immediate removal of the trader/exhibitor and any of their equipment from the event site. 19.Traders must comply with all and any request, instruction or direction given by the Police, the Fire Authority, Trading Standards, Environmental Health, save where instructed otherwise by the Events Officer. 20. Traders can not assign, novate, subcontract or otherwise dispose of and right or obligation contained within these terms and conditions and the ‘Traders/Exhibitors Handbook’. 21. HBC does not guarantee that the event will take place in whole or in part and that in the event of cancellation or curtailment of the event HBC will be under no liability to pay any compensation for any actual or prospective loss or to refund in full or in part the agreed fee, save where the cancellation or curtailment is as direct result of the negligence of HBC.


Conditions of Street Trading License 1. Street Trading shall be conducted in such a manner as not to cause: Obstructions of the street or danger to persons using it. It should be noted by traders that the holding of a Street Trading Licence does not preclude the Highway Authority or the Police from taking action to remove any obstructions on the highways, Nuisance or annoyance (whether to persons using the street or otherwise). 2. Traders are prohibited from setting out their goods or advertising material in the surface of the carriageway or pavement 3. A Licence holder shall not trade within the vicinity of premises selling articles/goods of a similar nature 4. A Licence holder shall not trade in any street designated by the Council as a “Prohibited Street” 5. The granting of a “Licence” to trade within the area does not authorise the holder to trade in a “consent street”. A separate “street trading consent” must be obtained from the Council for such a purpose 6. A “Licence Disc” issued to the licence holder should be displayed at all times. The licence must be produced on demand to a Police Officer or to a duly Authorised Officer of the Council 7. The Licence holder shall clearly display his name, address and the licence number in the vicinity of the goods, which he is offering for sale 8. The Licence holder shall immediately notify the Council of any changes affecting the original licence 9. The Licence holder shall trade only in the goods authorised by the licence 10. The Licence shall be personal to the licence holder and shall not be transferred to any other person 11. The Licence holder shall attend in person at the position from which trading takes place for not less that 75% of the time on any day which trading is carried out and the licence holder shall, on responsible notice to do so, furnish the Council such information as may be specified by it to confirm his compliance with this condition 12. No person under the age of eighteen years shall be employed as an assistant 13. The Licence holder shall provide sufficient containers as may be necessary for the depositing of litter arising from his trade and ensure that the immediate vicinity of his van, barrow or other vehicle is kept free from litter at all time during which he is trading. All sites must be left free from litter and waste when trading has ceased


Conditions of Street Trading License 14. All street trading units must be equipped with safe and adequate lighting during the hours of darkness 15. All Licence holders must wear the Council licence badge, when street trading is taking place. A maximum of 2 assistants may also be approved by the Council. Licence badges for any assistants must be worn when street trading is taking place. Only approved consent holders and assistants may trade from the Licence site. No one other than the consent holder and approved assistants may trade from the site at any one time 16. No goods, other than those authorised in the licence, may be traded without prior written consent from the Council 17. The use of loud speakers, horns, flashing lights or any other instruments used to attract customers attention is forbidden in licence streets without the prior written consent of the Council 18. Licence holders have a duty of care in relation to their trading sites and adjacent areas and must not damage in any way, either wilfully or by negligence, any part of the consent street including paved areas, signs, fencing etc. 19. No hot food sales to be permitted during 0500 hours to 1800 hours without prior written approval from the Council 20. No hot food sales permitted between 1800 hours and 0500 hours in the area identified as attached or in any other area without prior written approval from the Council 21. Street Trading Licences may be temporarily suspended for any reasonable cause, at any time at the request of a Police Officer or Authorised Council Officer, who may require the consent holder to move from his trading position 22. This licence may be revoked by the Council at any time either following the breach of any of these conditions by the Licence holder or for any other reason 23. The Licence holder must provide the Council with proof of Public and Product Liability Insurance of a minimum sum of ÂŁ5,000,000 24. The Licence shall indemnify the Council from and against all loss, damage, costs, liabilities and claims whatsoever arising from its use and occupation of the land 25. The Licence shall agree to maintain the site to the same condition and state as it was at the commencement of the occupation


Please ensure that you have read, fully understood and agree with the Terms & Conditions before completing this form Trade Name Contact Name Address

Post Code Tel Email Web/Facebook/ YouTube Please give a description of your stall, business, goods to be traded

Please confirm what type of trade space you are applying for: Wooden Hut Trade Space Are you a student?

Trailer Trade Space (please state size). Yes (enclose confirmation)


Before you send you booking form back to us please check that you have completed the following Fully completed the booking form Made a copy of the booking form for your records Read, signed and enclosed a copy of the Terms & Conditions Enclosed a copy of your Public Liability Insurance and any Risk Assessments Enclosed photographs of your trailer (if you are applying for Trailer Trade Space) Enclosed certification that you are a student. I confirm that the information in this form is correct. I confirm that I would like to purchase trade/exhibition space at the stated price. If my application is successful please send my invoice with my confirmation letter. Signature:______________________________________________ Date: _________________________


For up to date information on Vintage Village Fair please visit‌ If you are interested in trading at Vintage Village Fair then please complete and return your booking for, along with all you supporting materials to: Rebecca Czupun Events Assistant Child and Adult Services Department Sir William Gray House Clarence Road Hartlepool TS24 8BT Tel: 01429 284 278


Trader pack - Vintage Village Fair - 2013  
Trader pack - Vintage Village Fair - 2013  

Join us at the first of the Church Square presents event this July.