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September 10th, 2018 6

Alaska Yukon South News Objectives of Key Club Key Club is an international organization that uses service to the community and the prospective schools as a way to foster student leadership, build character and instill lifelong commitment. Alaska is part of the Pacific Northwest District, which includes Washington, Oregon, and Canada. Alaska is divided into two divisions, Alaska Yukon North (AYN) and Alaska Yukon South (AYS). AYN’s division includes Fairbanks and the surrounding schools. AYS is Anchorage, Eagle River, Wasilla, Palmer and Kodiak. AYN currently has one active school (North Pole High School). AYS currently has 12 active schools.

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Divisional Goals

AFSP Anchorage Walk....…...……..6

The Goals of Alaska Yukon South are: 1) Promote and Strengthen Connections Between Clubs Through Group Service Projects 2) Promote the District Project– the Thirst Project 3) Grow Club Membership and Achieve Higher Attendance 4) Host Divisional Rally and Service Events For All Schools and Members to Attend 5) Charter New Clubs Across Alaska

Divisional Membership Goal…....2 PNWOF…..……………..………………...3 Personal Invitations .…….………….4 Calendar…..……………………………….5

Public Lands Day……………..………..7 LTG Letter……………………..…….…..8

MGRC Membership Growth Goal

Upcoming Dates and Dues




PNWOF Release from District Treasurer Andy He


Personal Invitations The Membership Growth and Club Retention Committee of the PNW District Board has provided amazing resources for clubs to use to grow their membership count. One such resource, that deserves particular recognition is the Personal Invitation. The Personal Invitation, (as seen below), is an incredibly simple, yet effective tool for bringing new members to club meetings and events. As our school year, and regular school meetings have just started again, it is very important that we start our year with a strong membership. The best way to attract someone to a Key Club meeting is letting them know that they are personally invited and welcomed to attend and participate. Invitations can be handed out by anyone, club advisors, officers, and members can all freely use the below invitation templates to grow their clubs. It is advisable that each invitation be made more specific to the club, such as including specific events the club does or contact information for the officers. It also would increase the likelihood of the invitation being carried out if it was more personal, this can be achieved by writing the recipient's name in, writing a personal message on the back ( “Hope to see you there! =)”, etc.), and by signing the card. If you wish to create your own Personal Invitation template, check out and navigate to the section titled “Resources” and selected either “Promotional Materials” or “PNW Promotion Kit”. Help yourself to any of the materials provided, however, please be respectful and mindful of the Key Club Brand Guidelines.

Upcoming Events and the Three Days For a Membership Raise

September 2018 • 14th- Registration ends for Public Lands Day Trail Blazing • 15th– AFSP Out of the Darkness Anchorage Walk • 15th- CSFP Senior Box Build (Varying shifts) • 18th, 27th– Food Reclamation (at Foodbank of Alaska 5-70pm) • 22nd– National Public Lands Day Trailblazing

Please Note All Clubs should try to have ONE officer attend the Webinar on Sept. 19th

AFSP Out of the Darkness Walk On Saturday, September 15th, the Alaska Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) will be holding on Out of the Darkness Walk in Anchorage. The purpose of the walks is simple, yet poignant. AFSP states the reason for holding the Out of the Darkness Walks as “Each year, suicide claims more lives than war, murder, and natural disasters combined. Yet suicide prevention doesn't receive anywhere near the funding as other leading causes of death. It's up to Walkers like us to make a difference. Together we can change the conversation about mental health and put a stop to this tragic loss of life.� AFSP raises two types of awareness, an awareness of resources available to help those with a personal struggle, and an awareness of the tragic commonality of suicide in the community. The AFSP community walks serve as a means for the community to fundraise for AFSP resources, honor those who took their own lives with the Memorial Garden, and advocate for educational programs and public policy reform. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention provides access and direction to a number of resources. From the AFSP website, (, one can find resources and materials that can help explain and guide one through the loss of a loved community member or personal struggle. The website also provides access to navigate to in person support groups, as well as digital support groups. Suicide and depression are very real and prevalent in Alaska, as a state, we have the highest rate of suicide per capita in the country, and an average above ten suicides a month (Statewide Suicide Prevention Council). The Saturday Out of the Darkness Community Walk is an event open for all to register and participate in. In order to register, please visit chapter/afsp-alaska/ . The fundraising goal for this event is $35,000, and the most present data available shows $5,950 being raised. The end date for submitting donations is December 31st. For those who raise $150 in donations by September 15th, 11:00am, a t-shirt will be available. Join the Walk to be part of an initiative to reduce the annual suicide rate by 20 per cent by 2025.

National Public Lands Day Saturday, September 22nd is Nationals Public Lands day. Alaska Geographic will be celebrating by taking students up to Hatchers Pass to complete the installation of a new loop above Independence and revegetation work. Alaska Geographic is a nonprofit educational organization that provides students from across Alaska with unique opportunities to interactive with Alaska spectacular parks, forest and refuges. Last year, Key Clubs from South Anchorage High School, Service High School, and Colony High School all had members who helped construct a new trail on Flattop Mountain. Alaska Geographic performs two very important duties, as it not only provides restorative and developmental work to Alaska natural beauty, it also instills a commitment and a responsibility in the youth who participate in the services. At the Alaska Geographic headquarters, located at 241 North C Street, Anchorage, one can find hats, calendars, maps, pins, and other items for funding their dedication to Alaska. It is important that we, as students and as a community, make certain efforts and take certain actions upon ourselves to protect, enrich, and maintain the Public Lands that we are fortunate enough to have in Alaska. Our Public Lands are vast and splendid, and nearly everybody has some way to delight in them, with everything from picnicking, to hiking and camping. All of us have some degree of personal adherence to the parks, as most of us likely interact with them in someway, on a regular basis. The state of our Public Lands is something that we inherit, and have both a right and an obligation to nourish.

On the day of the Alaska Geographic Event, Saturday students will meet at the Alaska Geo office, 241 North C Street, at 7:00 am for a safety meeting, snacks will be provided. Up to nine students can receive a ride from Alaska Geographic, on a first-come firstserve basis, other students who wish to attend can carpool after the meeting, with the goal of arriving at the park around 9:00am and work concluding around 2:00pm. Although it is quite a drive, it is well worth it for any members to take part, as it will be a day spent out doors doing simple, cultivating work. All who are planning on attending should email/ message LTG William Hartig, ( or 1(907) 952-6584), by the morning of Friday, September 14th, and should also complete the Youth Programs Health and Emergency Contact Information Form, which will be email out upon request.

About William Hartig William Hartig, is a student at South Anchorage High School. In the summer time I enjoying hiking, biking, camping and driving. I’ve enjoyed this break from school by reading more and planning events with the Partners Club and Special Olympics of Alaska. If you’d like to join in for bowling, picnics or movie and game night socials, please join our remind by texting @b87ff to 81010. Stay tuned for monthly updates to be delivered via emailed Issuu link and PDF file. Thanks! And I can always be reached by emailing or 1(907)952-6584.

My Start to Key Club I got my start to Key Club my Sophomore year, when my older brother mentioned a club that revolved around community service and helping local organizations. A friend of my brother was the President of the club, and at our first meeting we prepared sandwiches to donate to a local homeless shelter. That first Key Club experience opened my eyes to the joy that serving others can bring. Not only was the event fun, I got to meet new people and joke around, it was also very meaningful as we were providing part of a meal for someone in need at a local shelter. I admired the club’s members and officers, I immediately aspired to assume that role as president, and share that building experience with others. When school started the next year, I was the club president and I reveled in the role, as I recruited new members and organized new events for the club to participate in. After serving as president, I was asked to, and graciously accepted the role of Lieutenant Governor, or the chief liaison of the division. At this point, and being most of the way through my term, I have been fortunate enough to be part of an action, by the club presidents and myself, to bring all the Key Clubs in the Alaska Yukon South Division together.

(Me, at the Foodbank of Alaska)

AYS September Newsletter  
AYS September Newsletter