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August 10th, 2018 5

Alaska Yukon South News Objectives of Key Club Key Club is an international organization that uses service to the community and the prospective schools as a way to foster student leadership, build character and instill lifelong commitment. Alaska is part of the Pacific Northwest District, which includes Washington, Oregon, and Canada. Alaska is divided into two divisions, Alaska Yukon North (AYN) and Alaska Yukon South (AYS). AYN’s division includes Fairbanks and the surrounding schools. AYS is Anchorage, Eagle River, Wasilla, Palmer and Kodiak. AYN currently has one active school (North Pole High School). AYS currently has 12 active schools.

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Divisional Goals

Focus Points…………………………..4

The Goals of Alaska Yukon South are: 1) Promote and Strengthen Connections Between Clubs Through Group Service Projects 2) Promote the District Project– the Thirst Project 3) Grow Club Membership and Achieve Higher Attendance 4) Host Divisional Rally and Service Events For All Schools and Members to Attend 5) Charter New Clubs Across Alaska

How to be involved this summer………………………………………...2 Upcoming Dates…..……………..…2 Workshop Applications .………..3

Meeting Minutes………...…...……5 LTG Letter……………………..……..6

Want to be a feature or contribute a piece?

Be sure to invite your friends and get involved over the summer!

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Yes, Key Club is active over the summer! Over the summer, we will be hosting events that all of Alaska Yukon South is encouraged to join. We will be having service, social and fundraising events over the summer. Organizations, such as Alaska Geographic, will be having events going on that they need help with, which will provide a regular stream of volunteering for us to do. All activities are open to all clubs, members, future members and non Key Clubbers. If you will be available to volunteer for part of all of the summer, please provide your club president with your phone number and email, and we will be sure that you are contacted with information on all the happenings! Or text your name and club to (907)952-6584.

about Key Club and Community Service, what you think it means to be a member of the LARGEST AND OLDEST high school service club, or stuff like your favorite quote and what it means to you! This newsletter is meant to involve and apply to all members of our wonderful and vast division, so be brave and send in any feature you would like to see to

Upcoming Dates and Dues

Dues Paying and tracking membership dues are an important part of Key Club. Club Secretaries and Treasurers work together to update the Membership Update Center (MUC) and to proper file the payments. Dues go towards providing resources for clubs that are just starting up or for officer trainings. Dues also pay for the District Convention and International Convention. The Pacific Northwest District Due is $5.50 and the International Due is $7.00, for a total of $12.50. Clubs could consider rounding that up to $15 so the club treasury has money for events and projects.


With school, fall sports, regular in-school meetings and much more stating up soon, here are some important dates to keep in mind.

September 1st: PNWOF Application Opens

September 15th: Workshop Applications Due

September 30th: Fiscal year ends for ‘17-18, clubs suspended will be moved to inactive

October 1st: Early Bird Dues Opens

October 31st: PNWOF application closes

November 1st: Early Bird Dues Closes, Regular Dues Opens

• •

Mid-November: PNWOF results announced and grants awarded December 1st: Regular Dues Deadline

Workshop Applications The Pacific Northwest District of Key Club International is accepting Workshop Applications for the 2019 District Convention, which will be held March 8-10, in Seattle. Applications are open to everybody– whether you are a first year member, officer, member of the District Board, future member of the District Board, Executive Board member or hopeful for higher officer (Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor). The District Convention has four forty-five minute workshop sessions, each with four to six open spaces. The first workshop session is dedicated to training officers, delving into their roles, and doing the same for advisors. The first session workshops will be led by the executive board with regards to their respective roles (i.e. District Treasurer Andy He will lead the Treasurer training workshop). The other three workshop sessions are open for members like you to showcase skills or views that would benefit the Pacific Northwest District. In the past, we have had presentations that relate to skills like Bullet Journaling and Match Making. These workshops are an incredible way to present about something that you are passionate about and want to share with members from all over the Pacific Northwest. If you are passionate about how the important nature of photography in service or if you want to share a new method of problem solving– The 2019 Pacific Northwest Key Club Convention is your chance.

The application is in Google Forms with several open ended questions that relate to the topic, materials, and benefit of your having your workshop at the 2019 District Convention. If you have any questions or concerns relating to the District Convention or the workshop process, please email the Convention Committee at or reach out to your Lieutenant Governor at Please see the link to the Google Form Application below:


Beginning of The Year Focus As schools starts up again, and clubs resume regular meetings and welcoming new members, we have some objects we need to focus on. The first is Promotion of Key Club and of Meetings. A lot of students and even staff are unfamiliar with Key Club International and its Mission, and the beginning of the year is the time to clear up any misconceptions. One can spread awareness about the cool classy community service club that Key Club is by posting pamphlets/posters, social media ads or by word of mouth. The PNW Key Club website offers promotional materials, such as the official stamp, Mortimer Moose, and the approved color scheme, ( Remember to invite your friends and their friends to weekly meetings High school counselors and advisers are generally receptive to materials, as they can give them to new/interested students! The second focus should be on Clarifying Misconceptions. The major misconception is an illusory association with keys, (as in door keys), it is important to NOT get irate when this comes up. One should clarify that Key Club starts for Kiwanis Educated Youth and DOES NOT make keys, nor does membership require any prerequisite knowledge of keys. Anyone can be a member, and dues can be sent in as late as December First (please get them in a lot sooner though :)). The third focus should be on Keeping Members Interested. This can be difficult, and it is natural that during the year, especially around breaks, that members will lose interested in attending meetings and events. One way a club can keep up meeting attendance is by doing fun stuff during the meeting, this can be playing a game at the beginning or by making sandwiches or blankets during the meetings. Be sure to appreciate your members too– this can be by professing thanks and recognizing exemplary service or by giving them a distinction/award, like a shirt or pin. A fourth focus should be Staying on Service. Key Club International is a Service Organization, and it is important that on the club level it stays that way. Provide regular, recurring, and unique service opportunity for your club. There is a lot of service that clubs can do, from things like taking out the schools recycling to cleaning parks to making welcome signs for United Way to attending events in the community (such as Tradition Tuesdays at the Loussac Library). Anyway a club can, it should make itself available to service opportunities, as many other service organizations or clubs may need help with certain projects within their/your schools.

Meeting Minutes and Recording Service As the Club Secretaries already know, keeping Meeting Minutes and accurate records of service is an important part of our Key Club responsibilities. The paramount task of sending in and ultimately being responsible for the proper tracking and recording of hours falls to the Club Secretary, however, it can be overwhelming and other officers and members can help out from time to time. The proper keeping of records starts at the Club Meeting level with Attendance. During the beginning of the meeting, the club should have a way of tracking attendance in place. To achieve this, clubs can have members sign in with paper or online via a google from or a code to scan. Clubs could also take photos at the beginning of meetings to track attendance. It is important for clubs to also have a system in place to remind members of meetings and events– the Remind Messenger App works well for this. Tracking attendance is important because it lets the club know who has been properly attending meetings and who is skipping out, and who needs to be filled in on the events of the week and service opportunities. Club meetings should also be the primary time when members sign up for events, which should also be aptly tracked. A club can track who signs up for what events by using a Google Form and Tiny Url for members to signup and provide contact information. Next, at the actual events, a member there, preferably an officer, should be asked to take a photograph of the club members doing service. Having a picture is important for several reasons. A picture can document which members were in attendance, it can be used for promotional materials and promoting the club, and it can used on social media to brag about the service the club does. Every month, on/by the 5th, the Club Secretary submits a report of the club’s activities. This monthly secretary report is important for many reasons. Primarily, the report is used to calculate how many service hours the club contributed for the month, and thus how much the Division and District contributed. The hours record by secretaries are also used to determine which clubs get distinction at the District Convention.

About William Hartig William Hartig, is a student at South Anchorage High School. In the summer time I enjoying hiking, biking, camping and driving. I’ve enjoyed this break from school by reading more and planning events with the Partners Club and Special Olympics of Alaska. If you’d like to join in for bowling, picnics or movie and game night socials, please join our remind by texting @b87ff to 81010. While you’re signing up for reminds, you can join into the Summer Key Club remind by texting @summerkey to 81010. Thanks! And I can always be reached by emailing or 1(907)952 -6584.

Service is Fun Volunteering and community service are two of my favorite things, and they are the reason I joined Key Club. Serving your community provides an unique perspective on the many facets of the world we live in and a chance to form bonds within our community. Through service, I have had amazing times building trails, registering people for marathons and races, kicking limes, tying blankets, moving rocks, and even coaching basketball, even though I know nothing about basketball. I have also met amazingly dedicated and incredible people doing service events. I have met the always busy staff at the Foodbank of Alaska, the comical coordinators at the Anchorage Senior Activity Center, the young and cheerful folks who take care of Alaska’s Trails at the Trail Stewards, the regular students who take on extra responsibilities with their local elementary schools, and so many more individuals and groups that inspire myself and the rest of the community.

AYS Newsletter August  
AYS Newsletter August