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Dec 27, 2012 • Vol. 68 No. 48

CESI To Expand With $10 Million State Grant

$10 Million State Grant to Expand CESI’s Reach and Offering

By Karin Diamond


edical professionals from all over the world come to Hartford Hospital’s Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation (CESI) to benefit from the hands-on experience it provides – an education missing from medical textbooks. Stephen Donahue, CESI program director, often quips:

You can’t learn that from a book when referencing the work done in the advanced training center. The importance of the virtual training offered at CESI is immeasurable. The program has grown from an operation with one teaching manikin to a program recognized as one of the most advanced medical training centers in the world. The State of Connecticut just awarded CESI a $10 million grant to further expand its offerings, acknowledging its importance as a medical resource and its place as an economic and jobs driver for the state. “The team reacted to the grant with shock and awe,” says Donahue. “I knew that this was going to be the future of teaching and patient safety, but I had no idea it would be as big as it has become.” The grant monies will be put toward an expanded 30,000-square-foot facility that will relocate CESI


from its current home in the Education Resource Center to the adjacent Barney Building, a space that will provide for additional simulation areas and electronic training facilities at its estimated completion in 2014. “The government realizes that CESI’s expansion will increase the community’s economic development as we bring in more people to visit from around the country and the world,” says Dr. Steven Shichman, CESI medical director. “The recognition gives us a nice notoriety that further enhances the reputation of Hartford Hospital.” Those involved in the CESI program hosted a gathering on Oct. 9 to celebrate the grant award and the expansion it enables. For Donahue, the celebration was quite emotional as he witnessed the project he’s been working toward from the very inception come full circle. “We’ve come so far in the journey and now we’re going into a bigger territory,” he says. “There were mixed emotions of excitement and the realization that now that we’re getting bigger, so are the expectations. It was nice to see the people that support the program and know that we’re all in it together.” Donahue notes the unwavering support of administration and credits that backing with how far the center has come. “The state money is a wonderful boost, but without the support of administration, specifically Jeff Flaks and Elliot Joseph, we wouldn’t be where we are,” says Donahue. “They had the vision of what CESI could be and now they’re seeing that vision come true.”

CESI’s humble beginnings


t wasn’t so long ago that the idea of simulation training was completely foreign. Hartford Hospital started its simulation education program in 2000 on a very small scale. “Back then nobody really understood what simulation education was nor what it meant and neither did we,” says Donahue, who was there during the program’s beginnings. “We found funding for one manikin and thought it was a great way to teach and make the staff safer and smarter.” That first manikin was purchased through the Department of Anesthesia by Dr. Thomas Mort, who had the foresight to see the direct benefits to patient safety and health care provider education that human patient simulation could offer. He championed its use at Hartford Hospital. Donahue recalls bringing that lone manikin on a “traveling show,” teaching classes wherever space could be found. For a length of time the project was operated with no budget. Donahue donated his time to educate himself and train others, in addition to working full-time at the hospital. The initiative’s first operational budget was just $3,000 per year. They worked out of a 900-squarefoot space on South Building 5 in what was known simply as the “Simulation Center.” In 2010, it expanded to its current 20,000-square-foot space in the ERC and became the Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation (CESI). “Now, 12 years after we started, we get this wonderful $10 million state grant to expand the spectacular facility we already have,” says Donahue. Those involved are in the planning phase, deciding how to make the most of the expansion. They are currently meeting to decide what additional technologies will be placed in the expanded space. The big focus will be on training and testing. “We are looking to expand into the bioscience research, working with more companies on product designs and developments,” says Donahue. “We’ve already done a tremendous job on patient safety and education and now want to enhance that with the innovation of medical device products.”

Steve Donahue:

The Man Behind the Manikin


hen growing up in Hartford in the late 1970s, Stephen Donahue would ride his bike to Hartford Hospital nearly every day to spend time with his father during his lunch break from work in the hospital’s Engineering Department. Wearing his Guess jacket and bell-bottoms, toting a Yo-Yo, he was thrilled for the opportunity to hang out with his dad. Steve was too young to get a job, so his father suggested that he start volunteering at the hospital. He was scooped up by the Jefferson Street Thrift Shop, run by the hospital Auxiliary, which sold high-end goods like fur coats and jewelry to raise money for the hospital. He affectionately refers to the “six grandmothers” he worked with there as his inspiration to embark on a medical career as they encouraged him to pursue a job at the hospital when he became of age. With help from his thrift shop grandmothers, he decided to go into respiratory therapy, pursuing education at the University of Hartford.

He landed that Hartford Hospital job in 1982, and during his 30-year career here, has been at the cusp of some of the hospital’s most burgeoning initiatives. Most notably is his devotion to bringing the hospital’s simulation education program to the global forefront. In his early days as a respiratory therapist, Donahue encountered anesthesiologist Dr. Thomas Mort. The two built a friendship and a mutual respect for each other’s clinical ability. Mort learned about a manikin technology called “Sim Man” at a conference in the 1990s, and brought in the hospital’s first manikin a decade later. But no one knew how to run the manikin and there was no budget to pay anyone to learn. Mort had been impressed by Donahue’s talents, so he recruited him to help. Fully believing in the potential of this technology, Donahue practiced simulation education in the evenings as an unfunded position while he continued his full-time respiratory therapy job. (Continued...)



“I worked for free for three years,” says Donahue. “My wife couldn’t believe it, but I knew that someday it would go the way it has gone.” Residents who had been learning on the simulation tools would come back to Donahue and recount real-life hospital scenarios during which they knew what to do because of the hands-on practice they received in simulation training. It was then that Donahue realized how important this work was. “It gives some of the less experienced people an opportunity to get involved in critical thinking experiences and practicing skills sooner,” says Donahue. “They practice here so that they can be perfect across the street in the hospital.”

He equates the experience to pilots who practice emergency situations in flight simulators so that they are ready for action if and when a real event occurs. “There’s nothing more gratifying than teaching something that I know will directly save someone’s life,” Donahue says. Donahue is humbled that throughout his career at Hartford Hospital, he always had the opportunity to be the first at things, eager to be the one to blaze a trail. Prior to his work with the hospital’s simulation education program, Donahue flew for two years as respiratory therapist on LIFESTAR, and worked in the cardiology and ICU units. Much of his credibility as an educator came during his time with Dr. Neil Yeston’s Respiratory Clinician Program. Donahue was one of the first to jump on that initiative, becoming an educator for critical care service where he oversaw respiratory care management of patients in the ICU, and ensured they got off breathing machines as quickly as possible. He joined physicians on their teaching rounds and quickly earned their respect, citing that opportunity for honing his interpersonal skills and for connecting him with Dr. Mort. Dr. Steven Shichman, Donahue’s colleague at the Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation, says that most everyone who comes through CESI to learn under Donahue is so impressed by his breadth of knowledge that they assume he is a physician. To that, Donahue humbly replies: “I’ve had a lot of help along the way.” n

Donahue says that there are a plethora of companies out there looking to train their staff and test their products, especially in the minimally invasive surgery and robotics arenas that CESI lends itself to. “CESI is one of the largest robotic surgery training centers in the world both in equipment and people training,” notes Shichman. With even further growth, the hope is that more corporations will come here to test their products or have their staff trained. “We want to work with stakeholders to make sure we build a very robust and flexible building that meets all internal and external customer needs,” says Donahue. The enlarged facility is expected not only to increase training and research capabilities but also to attract high-tech industries to the state to partner with the hospital, to create more jobs and to attract some of the world’s best health care providers to Connecticut. “Historically there were several silos of training without any centralized leadership,” says Shichman of the time before the establishment of the Simulation Center at Hartford Hospital. “Everyone was doing a great job but going in all directions. There was a duplication of resources, both in manpower and material, across the health care system. The vision was to all come together under one centralized site.” Since it opened in 2010, CESI has filled an urgent need in the medical community by training thousands of physicians to become the next generation of medical first responders. The center is an international hub for hightechnology training and an educational and research center for students and faculty from UConn, as well as from schools and hospitals across the globe. CESI is a regional and national training destination. As the second largest surgical center in New England and the Northeast’s largest robotic surgery center, Hartford Hospital continues to be a hub for medical training. CESI features exact replicas of an operating room, intensive care unit, delivery room and trauma room. It has the same equipment as the hospital, including two da Vinci robots and two robotic simulators designed especially for training purposes.

Above: CESI controls. Right, top: Dr. Steven Shichman, CESI medical director, teaches the use of the da Vinci surgical robot. Center: Dr. Shichman. Right, bottom: learning to use the robotic surgical instruments in CESI. CESI services a diverse population with its educational programming and access to technology to practice on. Approximately two thirds of the customers are Hartford Hospital nurses, physicians and other medical professionals. However, the center also services the likes of the National Guard, US Navy, and Connecticut Fire Academy, who train their medical personnel there. “Besides having one of the best facilities already in terms of training, we also have what most consider the most programmatic development that meets the needs of our customers who come to train here,” says Shichman. “The staff is extremely knowledgeable in curriculum based learning, which is why our educational programs continue to get high marks.” According to Shichman, in 2012 about 6,000 people came through CESI – 80 percent within the Hartford HealthCare system and the remaining 20 percent from outside. “The two areas where we expect to see growth are in working with health care providers from outside the Hartford HealthCare system and working with the medical industry to train both sales force teams and their customers in research and development,” says Shichman. There are several components to CESI: human simulation and team and cognitive training in which sophisticated manikins are used to train medical professionals on how to handle certain situations

with direct feedback; the minimally invasive surgical institute, which highlights task training like putting in an IV or breathing tube to laparoscopic and robotic surgery training; and preclinical research where new instruments are tested and new products developed. “The bottom line is that CESI is here to provide safer and higher quality care to the community,” says Shichman. “The direct feedback we get from providers who come through is that they are able to take care of their patients better.” CESI also boasts an advanced networking system that links components throughout the hospital so that educational programs can be broadcast live from the lab to anywhere in world. The team already trains medical company’s sales forces across the nation with this virtual technology and sees this application as a real area of growth. The diverse offerings of CESI make it a valuable asset to the hospital community and beyond. The recent $10 million grant will allow these current assets to be expanded on and new training applications and technologies explored. “This recognition puts yet another stamp on Hartford Hospital as leading the way in many different areas – safety, training, education, research,” says Donahue. “This expansion enhances the community’s awareness of what we’re doing for those initiatives.” n


Hartford HealthCare and Westfarms Mall Join Forces To Improve Community Health and Wellness

Hartford Hospital Website Wins National Gold Award


artford Hospital’s website, www.harthosp. org, was a Gold Award Winner in the 2012 eHealthcare Leadership Awards in the category of Best Site Design among hospitals with 400 or more beds. This annual award is presented by eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, and recognizes the very best websites. The award was presented to Todd Bluestein, director of Interactive Marketing & Web Strategy, and Jerry Belanger, web manager, during the 16th Annual Greystone.Net Healthcare Internet Conference, Nov. 12-14 in Las Vegas, NV. The award recognizes web site design that is unusual, attractive, and engaging; facilitates 6

access to key site information; and provides strong branding and excellent usability. The 13th annual eHealthcare Leadership Awards program drew some 1,100 entries from small and large hospitals, health systems, medical practices, and health care associations. Websites were judged based on a standard of Internet excellence and how they compared with others in the organization’s classification. The award was based on the most recent update to the Hartford Hospital Website and was made possible by the efforts of our current website vendor, Creative Change, and many members of the Planning & Marketing Department including Garret Condon, Dan Small and Sal DiNino. n


artford HealthCare has become the exclusive health and wellness partner for Westfarms Mall. Located on the town line between West Hartford and Farmington in central Connecticut, Westfarms is a 1.3 million square foot regional shopping center that features more than 160 shops. On Nov. 23, the first phase of “Wellness at Westfarms” launched with the opening of a relaxation lounge located outside of Lord & Taylor on the second floor of the mall. The lounge provides a place for shoppers to unwind, recharge mobile devices and learn about health and wellness services available in the region. At various times throughout the holiday season, the lounge also featured healthy snacks and water for shoppers. According to James Blazar, chief strategy officer and senior vice president for Hartford HealthCare, the wellness lounge is the first component of what will become a long-term partnership between the two organizations. “This partnership makes it possible for Westfarms and Hartford HealthCare to collaborate in providing

wellness services and resources in a retail venue that is convenient for hundreds of thousands of residents,” said Blazar. “Our goal is to improve community wellness by increasing access to vital health information and educational resources.” “Westfarms is excited to be partnering with Hartford HealthCare and we look forward to showcasing their broad spectrum of health and wellness services to our community,” said Kevin Keenan, general manager of Westfarms. In addition to opening the relaxation lounge, Hartford HealthCare also partnered with the mall to sponsor a holiday gift wrap kiosk, with all proceeds benefitting the system’s Cancer Connect support line. “I commend the leadership of Westfarms Mall for recognizing the importance of health management to their customers,” added Blazar. “Wellness at Westfarms will continue to showcase our shared commitment to supporting the health and wellness of the communities we serve.” n


Left to right: Steve Dorau, Epilepsy iFoundation of Connect er; cut (EFC) Board memb ram Allison Gamber, prog . coordinator of EFC; Dr A. Brendan Killory; Linda ecWallace, executive dir erth, tor of EFC; Wendy Elb Dr. VP of Administration; Erica Schuyler; Charlie Nash, EFC Board presi d an dent; HHC president Jef d CEO Elliot Joseph; an d an frey Flaks, president ital. CEO of Hartford Hosp

Staff Members Recognized for Years of Service - August 2012 40 Years of Service Angela Capone, Environmental Services Janice Giuca, Vascular Laboratory

30 Years of Service Elizabeth Arnold, Radiology/Short Stay Nan Bafundo, Clinical Admin/Neuro/ Trauma/Ortho Stephen Donahue, Simulation Center Beverly LeMay, Child/Adolescent Day Treatment Susan O’Connell, Radiation Therapy General Christine Puniello, Radiology/Nuclear Medicine Maureen Vagnini, Medical Physics/NRRON

25 Years of Service

Ribbon Cutting Held For New Comprehensive Epilepsy Unit


artford Hospital held a ribbon cutting event at the new Comprehensive Epilepsy Program on Nov. 16 to celebrate the opening of their 6-bed Epilepsy monitoring unit. The unit will provide 24-hour monitoring, offering physicians the ability to better handle the severity and condition of epileptic patients.

Epilepsy patients who volunteer for this program stay in the rooms for about five days, or until they have a seizure. Patients are also monitored by electroencephalography (EEG), which records the electrical activity of the brain. With more than 60,000 people diagnosed with epilepsy in the state of Connecticut, Hartford Hospital promises to offer state residents with closer to home high-quality epilepsy care being provided by a dedicated patient-centered multidisciplinary team.n

Teresa Caccamo, Environmental Services Jeffrey Dahlstrom, H I M/DOC Imaging Bruce Kopycinski, Rented Real Estate/ Newington Kenneth Nelson, Security Marie Nespral, Post Transplant Clinic Maura O’Donnell, Telecommunications Robert Palmer, Environmental Services Angela Petrow, Operating Rooms/Ambulatory Florence Sawyer, Surgical Service Bliss 9 ICU Fernando Seguro, IS/PC Services Dawn Sideris, Radiology/ Short Stay Pamela Tripp, Surgical Service Bliss 7 ICU Shari Turner, Finance/General Kathy Underwood, Obstetrics/Bliss 6

20 Years of Service

Diane Akien, Information Services Christine Bak, Radiation Therapy General Alison Baker, GI Endoscopy Blanche Jackson-Hill, Radiation Therapy General Nancy Kobos, WHS/Blue Back Square Jonathan Morton, Radiology/Short Stay E Rosenthal, Nursing Service Office Vanessa Tomberlin, H I M/Coding Fernando Tumaliuan, Surgical Service Bliss 7E

15 Years of Service

Holiday Harmonies


r. Carl Braren (second from left), who retired from practice at Hartford Hospital after 35 years as an internist, brings members of the Silk City Barbershop Chorus from Manchester to sing for staff, patients and families at Hartford Hospital during the holiday season.

Marlene Graham-Folkes, Surgical Service Bliss 8 Andrew Gumkowski, Biomedical Engineering Ezequiela Marques, Pharmacy/General Michael Nisyrios, Security Margarita Perez, PA Remit Processing Aideliz Rodriguez, IT/Client Infrastructure Mohamad Sedigh, Radiology/Ultrasound Gloria Townsend, Surgical Service North 9 Stephanie Wright, Department of Medicine/ Infectious Diseases

10 Years of Service

Sabaha Alihodzic, Obstetrics/Bliss 6 Karen Anderson, Neuropsychiatric Research Patricia Colin, Obstetrics/Bliss 6 Ralph Dodd, Donnelly 3N Randal Dunn, Biomedical Engineering Lauren Frank, Respiratory Care Katherine Hawthorne, Pre-Transplant Clinic Nancy Hubbard, Psychiatric Rehab Services Penolyn Lawrence, Surgical Service North 9 Laurie Lombardo, Donnelly 3S Ana Maldonado, Surgical Service Bliss 7E Julie Malecki, Finance/Information Technology Barbara Martino, Finance/Budget Amanda Mugovero, Emergency Room/General Robin O’Brien, Special Education/Hartford Angela Palmer, Patient Service/SNF Ana Pedraza, Surgical Service Bliss 7E Richard Ratzan, Department of Emergency Medicine Charles Richmond, Engineering/Mechanical Maria Rodriguez, Medicine Service CB5 Trifon Rumbullaku, Food/Nutrition/Patient Tray Service Bardhyl Stringa, Food/Nutrition/Patient Tray Service Kevin Thompson, Surgical Service Bliss 8

Peter Pasciucco, Department of Dentistry Moira Pasini, Post Anesthesia Care Unit Dawne Paulhus, Prenatal Testing Center Sara Pintaldi, Radiation Therapy General Lisa Plamondon, Special Education/Hartford Basantie Ramlall, Environmental Services Alan Rarus, Radiology/Ultrasound Natoya Riley, Medicine Service Center 12L Noel Rivera, Donnelly 2S Jamie Roche, Administration/General Damaris Rodriguez, First Step Nurturing Fund Roger Simao, Pharmacy/General Lauriann Slosser, PA Third Party Follow Up Joseph Thompson, Environmental Services Michael Trueman, Radiology/General Luisell Velazquez, Labor and Delivery Deirdre Von Pechmann, Neuropsychiatric Research Rail Xhaxho, Main Storeroom Michelle Zinko, ERN - VNA Hartford

5 Years of Service Maria Alejandro, H I M/Clinical Documentation Theresa Allen, C A R E S Jennifer Campbell, Cardiac Laboratory/Adult Lizsandro Carpio, Environmental Services Alexis Cordiano, Department of Emergency Medicine Kaitlyn Cram, ERN - Farmington - OA Susan Dana, Fund Development/Major/ Planned Gift Frank DelNegro, IS/Finance Systems Eugene Donor, O.R. Assistive Personnel Michelle Duchemin, HR/Learning And Leadership Development Georgette Dutchin, Medicine Service Bliss 11 ICU Leonor Fontanez, Orthopedics CB6 Nisha Gopie, Food/Nutrition/General Kevin Gosler, Respiratory Care Linda Kapitan, Special Education/Hartford Vyacheslav Keylin, Environmental Services/General Lauren Lahickey, Surgical Service North 9 Marco Levy, Radiology/General Donna Mancino, Medicine Service Bliss 11 ICU Christina Martinelli, Rehab Glastonbury-OP Sonia Miceli, Rehab Wethersfield - OP Linda Moses, Special Education/Cheshire Chad Nagle, Pharmacy/General Michelle Nai, Medicine Service Center 12L Bryan Nelson, Materials Management/ Purchasing Alberto Nieves, O.R. Assistive Personnel

Here, they are performing for staff at the December pinning ceremony. n A Hartford HealthCare Partner



August • 2012

Staff Members Recognized for Years of Service


President Jeffrey Flaks congratulates 5 year service award winners (left to right): Jamie Roche, Susan Dana, Michelle Duchemin, Lauren Lahickey, Bryan Nelson, Michelle Nai, Michael Trueman, Dawne Paulhus, Damaris Rodriguez, Lisa Plamondon, Rail Xhaxho and Noel Rivera.


President Flaks with Bardhyl Stringa, Ana Maldonado, Nancy Hubbard, Katherine Hawthorne, Randal Dunn and Trifon Rumbullaku..


A Hartford HealthCare Partner


Aideliz Rodriguez and Marlene Graham-Folkes were honored for 15 years of service.

Diane Akien and Nancy Kobos received 20 year pins.



Left to right, the newest members of the Quarter Century Club are Bruce Kopycinski, Marie Nespral, Maura O’Donnell and Angela Petrow. Nan Bafundo is congratulated on her 30 years of service by President Flaks and Maria Tackett.


Darlene Henry was recognized for 40 years of service to the Security Department.



Staff Members Recognized for Years of Service - September 2012 40 Years of Service

Lynette Beebe, RC Revenue Cycle IT Nancy Benusis, Allied Health/X-Ray Technician Ann Bonin, Cardiology/ETT Catherine Chance, Donnelly 2S Caleb Cutler, Engineering/Administration Jacqueline Davis, Radiology/CT Scan Janice Giuca, Vascular Lab Suzanne Holliday-Thomas, IV Therapy Kathleen Stevens, Radiology/General

35 Years of Service

Sarah DeGiovanni, Quality Management Mary Johnson, Assessment Center Susan Malo, QM/Epidemiologists Deborah Murphy, Department Of Cardiology/ Administration Virginia Smith, IS/Finance Systems Joanne Smyser, Post Anesthesia Care Unit

30 Years of Service

Muriel Bruton, Operating Rooms/Ambulatory Marianne Claudio, Radiology/Nuclear Medicine Michael DeCarlo, Child/Adolescent Day Treatment Stephen Donahue, Simulation Center Olga Dutka, Network Development/Mental Health Candace Johnson, Clinical Research Center Maureen Larrabee, GI Endoscopy Janet Michnowicz, Labor and Delivery Debra Plourd, Hemo/Oncology Service

25 Years of Service

Karen Garcia-Luna, O.R. CORE Laura Johnston, Surgical Service Bliss 9 ICU Lourdes Lopes, Cancer Registry Ewa Pawlik, Cardiology Service Center 10 Carol Stacy, Obstetrics/Bliss 6 Nora Uricchio, Allied Health/Radiation Therapy Tech

20 Years of Service

Jonathan Delvalle, Radiology/Administration Daniel Ditommaso, Case Coordination Rose Jacobs, Department Of Surgery Lionel Lee, Main Storeroom Maria Paulino, Environmental Services/General Barbara Pezzetti, Operating Rooms/ Administration Gabriel Rivera, Laundry/General

10 Years of Service Sarah Anderson, Rehab Wethersfield - OP

Greg Berryman, Allied Health/Emergency Med Tech Astrid Calderon, Social Work Magda Capo-Chanbunna, Medicine Service Bliss 11 ICU Violetta Chrostowski, Department Of Surgery Laura Connell, Special Education/Hartford Corrado D’Ambrogio, Child/Adolescent Day Treatment Patrick Dowd, Respiratory Care Susanna Farkas, Nutrition Service Laura Hobbs, Pharmacy/General Kathleen Hunter, Oncology Service CB2 Kenneth Hunter, Environmental Services/ General K. David Kelly, ERN - VNA Hartford Marie Lagasse, Cardiac Rehab Peter LaValley, Radiation Oncology/NRRON Karen Magnuson, Department Of Medicine/ Geriatrics Program Symone Morrison, Oncology Service CB2 Azem Muca, Food/Nutrition/Patient Tray Service Milagros Perez, Surgical Service C9I Nathan Scott, STAR Team Carol Skarzynski, Video Conference Fund Andrea Talbot, Surgical Service C9I Barbara Ward, Donnelly 3S

Dwight Fable, Respiratory Care Michael Frakes, Emergency Transport Center Donna Gaber, Food/Nutrition/Patient Tray Service Tamara Gilbert, STAR Team Gwendolyn Goldsnider, Respiratory Care Jeanell Gonzalez, Donnelly 1N Jamie Houle, Surgical Service Bliss 9E Martin Kelly, Department Of Emergency Medicine Rebecca Lange, Emergency Transport Center Elizabeth LaPenta, Surgical Service Bliss 8 Kristen Lukomski, Pharmacy/General Denese Murray-Clarke, Donnelly 3S Jennifer Parkington, Medicine Service North 12 Bryan Proxee, Department Of Emergency Medicine Joy Russell, Speech Therapy Meredith Schwartzman, Child/Adolescent Day Treatment David Silverman, Department Of Cardiology/ Administration Taryn Sokolik, Surgical Service Bliss 9E Maureen Tombari, ERN - Schools Precious Weller, GI Endoscopy Kelly West, Pharmacy/General Nina Wright, Medicine Service Bliss 11 IC

45 Years of Service

Jyoti Chhabra, Research Design And Support Natasha Hagan, Radiation Therapy General Christi Hayes, Human Resources/Operations Sheila Jones, Social Work Herbert Kamansky, Medicine Service Bliss 11E Linda Kingsbury, WHS North 8

40 Years of Service

Sophia Miller, Surgical Service North 9 Nathan Renouf, Biomedical Engineering Eunice Rodriguez, PAS ED Registration Lydia Rodriguez, O.R. Assistive Personnel

Anne Sheffield, Special Education/Hartford Kalliopi Terzis DiPaola, Stroke Center Blanca Vega, Environmental Services/General Shanda Williams, Oncology Service CB2 Mary Willis, O.R. Assistive Personnel

Elizabeth Fishe, Health Science Library/IOL Alan Hofmann, Information Services Marilyn Macknight, Special Education/ Hartford

Anne Brady, Dialysis Home/Training Janet Cavanaugh, H I M/Coding Patricia Montanaro, Information Services Mary Schwab, GI Endoscopy Norma Smith, Central Sterile Supply

35 Years of Service Linda Pianka, WH Surgery Center/Clinical

30 Years of Service Kathleen Morris, WHS/Urogynecology Irina Schwarz, WHS North 8

25 Years of Service Tod Alberghini, Transplant/Immunology Lab Malvern McDoom, Dialysis Service Paula Rego, OPD/Psychiatric Clinic

20 Years of Service Paul Cholewa, ERN - Hartford - OA Geoffrey Gunn, Security Karen King-Antoine, Patient Service/SNF Melissa Tranberg, Fund Development/Major/ Planned Gift Linda Yoreo, Cardiology/Endovascular

5 Years of Service

Marva Austin, Medicine Service Bliss 11E Jocelyn Badgley, Operating Rooms/Orthopedic Claire Borkowski, ERN - Schools Emily Brady, Lactation Center Amanda Cecala, Pharmacy/General Meghan Cohen, HH Eye Surgery Center/Clinic Kimberly Coplit, Surgical Service Bliss 7 ICU Jose Corporan, Main Storeroom Michaelia Daubon, State Of Connecticut Bioterrorism Grant Demeatrice Davis, Medicine Service CB5 Brenna Earle, Surgical Service Bliss 5 Jessica Estrado-Ramirez, Community Care Center

15 Years of Service Terri Billings, Community Care Center Antoinette Boland, Surgical Service Bliss 9 ICU Pauline Clarke, Patient Service/SNF Theresa Digiulio, Research Labs Dawn Gormley, Engineering/Administration Lisa Graziano, NCCCP #14-Survivorship And P John Greene, Department of Women’s Health Janet Lowrie, Surgical Service Bliss 8 Jenny Manzi, Food/Nutrition/Main Kitchen Gregory Marsdale, IS/SAG David Samuels, Allied Health/Emergency Medicine Tech Mera Sinanan, OPD/Dental Clinic Patricia Sobieski, QM/Performance Improvement Jean Stielau, Department of Medicine/ Administration Flor Velasco, O.R. CORE

15 Years of Service

Brenda Bialy, O.R. CORE Karen Bidwell, PHP/Professional William Castellano, Laundry/General Nestor Nieto, Laundry/General Norberto Pagan, Engineering/Grounds Maribel Rodriguez, PAS OP Registration Alexandra Roman, PA Self Pay Jan Ruderman, Quality Management Tom Stevens, Information Services Cunegundo Vergara, Department Of Medicine/Administration Stephanie Wright, Department of Medicine Susan Wright, Cancer Center/Administration

5 Years of Service

Christine Allegrini, Radiology/Special Procedures Alexandre Almeida, Cardiac Laboratory/Adult Anna Andzel, Respiratory Care Lee Banville, Food/Nutrition/Patient Tray Service Lynnet Barreto, WHS North 8 Ronald Batson, MHN DN 1S Scott Bettinger, Emergency Room/General Erica Blaschke, Donnelly 1N Margo Bojko, Psych/Pre-Admissions Carolyn Bousquet, STAR Team Lindsey Campbell, Surgical Service Bliss 5 Olive Chisholm, Donnelly 2N Jennell Coppin, Surgical Service North 9 Marsha Coulbourne, Medicine SVC CB5 William Cruz, Environmental Services/General Amanda Cullen, Department of Surgery Jason Dacruz, Department of Orthopedics Mary Drake, Rehab Hartford - OP Melissa Flenke, Speech Therapy Shelly Fowler, Department of Surgery Theresa Gardener, Donnelly 3N Knarik Grigorian, Medicine Service CB5 Donna Jordan, Cardiac Laboratory/Adult Anna Joseph, Total Cancer Care A Partner Jennifer Lamontagne, PA Government Follow Up Ashley Larson, Respiratory Care Katherine Lombardo, Obstetrics/Bliss 6 Jerome Lyons, Central Sterile Supply Carolina Malinowski, Respiratory Care Kim Mercer, HH Eye Surgery Center/Clinic Anthony Miranda, Emergency Room/General Alicia Mordenti, Obstetrics/Bliss 6 Cortney Mullins, Surgical Service North 9 Kim Murphy-Borucki, Cardiology Service Bliss 10 ICU Brenda Murphy, Operating Rooms/ Administration

Deborah Nelson, Radiation Therapy General Jessica Niemczyk, Orthopedics CB6 Oya Olgac, Medicine Service CB5 Maria Pace, ERN - CT Center Orthopedics Sports Brunilda Perez, Cardiac Laboratory/Adult Antonina Pescatello, Surgical Service North 9 Gloria Pratt, Transplant/Immunology Lab Melissa Reynolds, Donnelly 2S Eugene Rojas, IS/Operations Nancy Rosado, Lactation Center Monica Rossi, Medical Physics/NRRON Maria Santos, OPD/Adult Primary Care Team I Lisa Sattler, Cardiology Service Bliss 10E Christina Shah, Surgical Service C9I Brian Simmons, Radiology/Imaging Transport Cara Statz, Clinical Research Center Laura Thomasson, Emergency Transport Center Issachamil Torres, Laundry/General Maureen Trant, C A R E S Booth Wainscoat, Department of Medicine/ Infectious Diseases Tania Wedderburn, Cardiology Service Bliss 10E Alexander Wells, Food/Nutrition/Patient Tray Service Sasha White, GI Endoscopy Brushawn Williams, Food/Nutrition/Main Kitchen Annette Wright, Pastoral Services

10 Years of Service

Lee Albert, PHP/Professional Teresa Budonaro, Environmental Services/ General Karyl Burns, Department of Emergency Medicine Brian Cawley, ERN - Windham Stanley Chartoff, Department of Emergency Medicine

A Hartford HealthCare Partner


Staff Members Recognized for Years of Service - October 2012

A Hartford HealthCare Partner



September • 2012 Staff Members Recognized for Years of Service

A Hartford HealthCare Partner




5-year award winners (left to right): Jocelyn Badgley, Jose Corporan, Amanda Cecala, Michaelia Daubon, Meredith Schwartzman, Jessica Estrado-Ramirez, Kristen Lukomski and Precious Weller.

15 Left to right: Laura Hobbs, Violetta Chrostowski, Astrid Calderon, Azem Muca and Andrea Talbot celebrated 10 years of service.



15-year award winners (left to right): Cunegundo Vergara, Jan Ruderman, Tom Stevens, Alexandra Roman, William Castellano, Maribel Rodriguez, Susan Wright and Nestor Nieto.

Celebrating 20 years of service were Jonathan Delvalle, Barbara Pezzetti and Gabriel Rivera.



President Flaks congratulates the newest members of the Quarter Century Club: Ewa Pawlik, Laura Johnston and Nora Uricchio.

30-year award winners (left to right:) Debra Plourd, Olga Dutka, Muriel Bruton, Stephen Donahue and Maureen Larrabee.


Left to right: Sarah DeGiovanni, Mary Johnson, Susan Malo, Deborah Murphy, Virginia Smith and Joanne Smyser celebrated 35 years of service.



1. Catherine Chance reacts to the words of Ellen Blair, IOL director of Nursing, about Catherine’s 40 years of service. 2. Caleb Cutler talks about his 40 years of service. 3. Janice Giuca recalls moments from her 40 years of service.


October • 2012

Staff Members Recognized for Years of Service



President Jeffrey Flaks congratulates 5-year award winners (left to right): Scott Bettinger, Brunilda Perez, Erica Blaschke, Lynnet Barreto, Carolyn Bousquet, Brian Simmons, Lindsey Campbell, Knarik Grigorian, Marsha Coulbourne, Anna Joseph, Oya Olgac, Gloria Pratt, Lisa Sattler and Issachamil Torres.

President Flaks congratulates 10 year award winners (left to right): Sheila Jones, Teresa Budonaro, Christi Hayes, Linda Kingsbury, Sophia Miller and Nathan Renouf.


A Hartford HealthCare Partner


Receiving 15-year service pins were (left to right): Dawn Gormley, John Greene, Mera Sinanan, Patricia Sobieski and Flor Velasco.



Melissa Tranberg (center) is congratulated on 20 years of service by President Flaks and Carol Garlick.

Tod Alberghini is the newest member of the Quarter Century Club.


Elizabeth Fishe, fourth from left, is congratulated for 45 years of service by Hank Schwartz, Shirley Gronholm, Peter Fraser, Ellen Blair and President Flaks.

Marilyn Macknight, center, is honored for 45 years of service by Hank Schwartz, Christina Levin-Gerdner, Ellen Blair and President Flaks.

Norma Smith is congratulated for 40 years of service.



A Hartford HealthCare Partner

Hartford Hospital Welcomes New Physicians To Our Medical Team

The following physicians have joined the Hartford Hospital active medical staff.

Research UpDATE INTERNAL FUNDING UPDATE The following investigators were supported through the generosity of the Hartford


Hospital Medical Staff for on-going projects

Dr. Francis L. Aldo Hartford Anesthesiology Associates, Inc.

and/or protocol development. Analytic work

Dr. Evan J. Burke Hartford Anesthesiology Associates, Inc.

and/or consultation was provided by senior

Dr. Kevin J. Finkel

scientists David O’Sullivan, Ph.D., and Ilene

Bernardo Rodrigues, M.D. (Neurology): Hyponatremia in the Prognosis of Acute Ischemic Strokes Lauren Sansing, M.D. (Neurology): The Effect of Betaadrenergic Antagonists on Ischemic Stroke Recovery; Metformin Use & Outcome in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients; Effect of Statins and PPARgamma Agonists on Intracerebral Hemorrhage Outcome Andrew Salner, M.D. (Oncology): Clinical and Quality of Life Outcomes Following Diagnosis of Prostate Adenocarcinoma

Staff, Ph.D.:

Aaron Shafer, M.D. (Gynecological Oncology): Women’s Health Clinical Outcomes Protocol

Hema Brazell, M.D. (Urogynecology): Does Urinary Incontinence Have a Greater Impact on the Quality of Life in Women <65 Compared with 65?

Brent Suozzi, M.D. (Urogynecology): Does VisuoSpatial Aptitude Correlate with Robotic Simulator Performance?

Hartford Anesthesia Associates, Inc.

D’Andrea K. Joseph, M.D. (Surgery): Outcomes Following Central Cord Syndrome: Can Our Patients Walk the Walk?

Hospitalist Medicine

Salman Khalid, M.D. (Cardiology): Does Right Ventricular Pacing Predispose Patients with Permanent Pacemakers to Increased Likelihood of Ventricular Tachycardia?

Joseph Wagner, M.D. (Surgery): Differences in the Utilization of Prostate Biopsies Following the Relinquishing of Pathology Lab Ownership by Referring Physicians

Hartford Anesthesiology Associates, Inc.

Dr. Geoffrey L. Hayward Hartford Anesthesiology Associates, Inc.

Dr. Aldo

Dr. Burke

Dr. Finkel

Dr. Hayward

Dr. Nathan D. Mark Hartford Anesthesiology Associates, Inc.

Dr. Dhamodaran Palaniappan

Dr. Nana Sarkoah I. Fenny Hospitalist Medicine, Connecticut Multispecialty Group, PC

Dr. William A. Gray

Dr. Mark

Dr. Palaniappan

Dr. Fenny

Dr. Gray

Hospitalist Medicine, Connecticut Multispecialty Group, PC

Louise McCullough, M.D. and Christa O’Hana V. San Luis (Neurology): Necessity of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Tube Placement in Acute Ischemic Stroke in the Right versus Left Middle Cerebral Artery Territory: Is there a difference?

Dr. Glenys Z. Merette De la Rosa Hospitalist Medicine, Connecticut Multispecialty Group, PC

Dr. Nasser M. Shirazi Hospitalist Medicine, Connecticut Multispecialty Group, PC

Dr. Supriya Maruti Tigadi Hospitalist Medicine, Connecticut Multispecialty Group, PC

Dr. Zhenghao Zhang Hospitalist Medicine, Connecticut Multispecialty Group, PC


Joseph Kuti, Pharm.D. (CAIRD): The Effect of Reporting Negative Bronchoalveolar Lavage Cultures on Antibiotic Utilization Patterns in Patients Empirically Treated for Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

In addition, David O’Sullivan, Ph.D., assisted Cara Statz, Ph.D., with grant preparation and prepared a lecture on the Responsible Conduct of Research.

Dr. De la Rosa

Dr. Shirazi

Dr. Tigadi

Dr. Zhang

Louise McCullough, M.D. (Neurology): Social Isolation as a Factor in Acute ischemic Stroke Morbidity/Mortality and Recovery; Correlation of Severity of Outcomes of Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage Patients with Hypothyroidism Kent Kilbourn, PA-C (Neurology): A Comparative Analysis of Intra-hospital Transfers of Patients with Intracerebral Hemorrhage; Hemorrhagic Complications Following Ventriculostomy Insertion in Patients Treated with Low Molecular Weight Heparin for Prophylaxis of Venous Thromboembolism



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