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Epichlorohydrine Epichlorohydrin  (shortened  ECH)  is  an  organochlorine  compound  and  an  epoxide.  In  spite  of  its  name,  it  isn't  a  halohydrin.  It  is  a  dry  fluid  with  a  sharp,  garlic-like  smell,  respectably  dissolvable  in  water,  however  miscible  with  most  polar natural solvents. It is a chiral atom by and large  existing  as  a  racemic  blend  of  right-gave  and  left-gave  enantiomers.  Epichlorohydrin  is  an  exceedingly  receptive  compound  and  is  utilized  as  a  part  of  the  creation  of  glycerol, plastics, epoxy pastes and gums, and elastomers.  In  contact  with  water,  epichlorohydrin  hydrolyzes  to  3-MCPD, a cancer-causing agent found in sustenance. 


About Product ● Product Name- Epichlorohydrine  ● Product Cas Number- 106-89-8  ● Product Alias Name- 1.  epichlorohydrin  ,1-chloro-2,3-epoxypropane,  γ-chloropropylene  oxide  ,glycidyl chloride, 2. Epichlorohydrin,   ● Product Iupac NumberEpichlorohydrin  ● Product Molecular FormulaC3h5clo  ● Product Atomic GroupMixed compounds  ● Product Application- Food industry 

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Buy epichlorohydrine online  
Buy epichlorohydrine online  

Epichlorohydrin (shortened ECH) is an organochlorine compound and an epoxide. In spite of its name, it isn't a halohydrin. It is a dry fluid...