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Thesis - Design School Urban Design Scheme for Old Gurgaon Temple Form and Landscape, Hampi 100 Key _ Luxury Resort, Goa The Twisting Gallery Instalation Working Drawings Movable Library module Comesum, Mumbai Central Design Competition Educational Hub, Diu Mr.Kapoor’s Recidence Mr.Bajaj’s Residence

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Mr.Mann’s Residence


THESIS Design school : Education through experiential learning | 4thYear | 2013 The Thesis aimed to create a ‘Design learning environment’, referencing Kolb’s (1996) Experiential Learning Theory. The scope of the project was to create a school of design, which acts a communicative channel offering an atmosphere that is favorable to free exchange of ideas and fostering mutual learning.

Background Research

Site Analysis

Massing and Axis

Site Plan

Scale - 1:1500

Zonning Concepts

Area Programm

Learning Street

Learning Suites Concepts - Studios and workshops

Plan at +/- 0.0


Plan at +4500

Scale - 1:1500

Plan at -2500

Scale - 1:1500

Plan at -5500

Scale - 1:1500

Scale - 1:500

Scale - 1:500

Section A

Scale - 1:500

Section B

Scale - 1:500

Section C

Scale - 1:500

Section D

Scale - 1:500

Section E

Scale - 1:500

URBAN DESIGN Urban Design Scheme for Old Gurgaon | 4thYear | 2012 An Urban Design studio, which envisaged an alternate future for old Gurgaon, understanding its unique conditions and possibilities. The design Intent is to replan the bus terminal and chowk and develop the remaining area into a commercial and cultural center and futher integrate Kaman saria as a public park. The design focused on inclusive, people centric strategies.


MEASURE DRAWING & ANALYSIS TEMPLE FORM AND LANDSCAPE, HAMPI| 4thYear | 2012 An extensive study on the form and landscape of the 5 major Vijayanagara dynasty temple complexes in Hampi, Karnataka. The form of each temple has been studied under catergories such as# Roof Form # Columns # Plinths

Roof Form_Shikhara,Gopuram,finials





HOSPITALITY DESIGN LUXURY RESORT, GOA| 3thYear | 2011 15000 sqm-100 key-luxury resort inculding facilities like fine dine, family recreational area, pool, spa, gym. The given site was away from the main tourist areas of Goa, so the main idea behind the resort was to bring in the experince of TRAVEL inside the resort using the existing contures and water body. Physical movement as well as sensory travel were used as tool to bring about the experience of

Service Circulation

Guest Vehicular Path


Guest Circulation

Plan at 1.5 mts

Circulation Diagram

Scale - 1:2500


Scale - 1:750


Scale - 1:500

Lobby Detail Scale - 1:100

Physical model

Type - A | Courtyard Suites

Physical model

Upper Level Plan Scale - 1:100

Lower Level Plan Scale - 1:100

Section A.A’ Scale - 1:100

Section B.B’ Scale - 1:100



Twisting Gallery |SPANS_Workshop| 3thYear | 2011 Twisting Gallery was a product of SPANS Workshop in 3rd Year.The Workshop focussed on translating Digital Medium of Design to Manual methods ovvvf facbrication, placing ourselves within the realm of Indian Design and Construction. The workshop used Folded Plate as a theoretical base to develop digital parametric repertoire for wall reliefs, canopies and luminaries. Twisting Gallery is a structure which serves the dual purpose of acting as a canopy as well as a gallery.

WORKING DRAWINGS Working Drawings of the Convention Center| 3thYear | 2012


Key Plan


Wall Section

Door Details


Flasb Mob Architecture MOVABLE LIBRARY MODULE| 2 nd Year | 2010 This design project involved programme development, designing of the module and working out a construction manual & materials for the module. Programme for the module was movable library unit that could be transported, assembled and multiplied anywhere in a number of possible formations with easy. The construction details and materials are kept simple so that the unit could be errected the module with out the need of any skilled person. Physical Model - Module Detail

Constrution Manual

Physical Model - Roof Form

Different Compositions



Comesum , Mumbai central Project Type - Interiors | Contribution - Presentation Drawings , Working Drawings

Layout Plan

Scale - 1:50

Civil Work Plan

Scale - 1:50

Electrical layout Plan

Scale - 1:50

False Ceiling Plan

Detail of Wall Elevation

Scale - 1:50

Scale - 1:25

Floorng Layout Plan

Kitchen Wrap Around

Scale - 1:50

Scale - 1:50

Design Compitition - Educational Hub at Diu Project Type - National Level Design Competition | Contribution - Concept Development, Area Programming, Presentation Drawings

Overall Site Plan of the Educational Hub


Government College - Site Plan

Government Polytechnic - Site Plan

Food Craft Institute - Site Plan

Hostels - Site Plan

Goernment College - Site Plan and Site Planning Concepts

Government College - Science Block

Government Polytechnic - Course Block 1

Boys Hostel

Government Polytechnic - Course Block 2

Mr. Kapoor’s Residence Project Type - Architecture | Contribution - Concept Development, Area Programming, Presentation Drawings and Sanction Drawings

Typical Floor Plan

Scale - 1:100

Stilt Floor Plan

Scale - 1:100



Mr. Mann’s Residence Project Type - Architecture | Contribution - Working Drawings

Layout Plan

Scale - 1:100

Civil Work Layout Plan

Scale - 1:100


Through Section

Electrical Layout Plan

Scale - 1:100

Basment Section Detail

Scale - 1:100

Mr. Bajaj’s Residence Project Type - Architecture | Contribution - Sanction Drawings


Thank you for your consideration

Harshini P - Architecture Portfolio  
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