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Find out which celeb owns what in the hospitality business > HT CAFÉ

If crude oil stabilises at $50, says minister > BUSINESS, P17

Becomes youngest Indian golfer to win an Asian tour title after victory at Indonesia President Invitational 2009 > SPORT, P19

Theorists claim he’s not eligible to be president as he was born in Kenya > WORLD, P15

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MONDAY, JULY 27, 2009

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Secret document possible key to PM’s bold initiative


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ISLAMABAD’S ADMISSION: Attacks ‘planned, funded and facilitated’ in Pak

LOOK WHO’S IN CHARGE OF WATER HERE In Karnataka’s HubliDharwad, there’s a unique way of saving water. Locking the taps. Not only does this stop water from being wasted, it also means a 24X7 supply. P14

11 arrested from Cuffe Parade party MUMBAI: Eleven people were

arrested from a private party at Nanji Mansion, Cuffe Parade, on Sunday after the Anti-Narcotic Cell received a tip-off. Police also seized 2 gm of cocaine and 5 gm of hashish. P5

Water cuts may go in the next two days MUMBAI: With water levels

in the lakes exceeding 2 lakh million litres, the civic body might end water cuts in a day or two. P5

Second merit list sees drop in cut-offs MUMBAI: There was a mar-

ginal drop of one or two percentage points in cutoff marks in the second list for junior college admissions. Some students were allotted colleges that they had not opted for. P4

Central Bank reports Rs 127-crore fraud NEW DELHI: Central Bank of

India admitted a Rs 127crore fraud, after two companies in Kolkata withdrew the amount from the bank over four months. P7

No taxis at airport as drivers go on strike

Vinod Sharma ■

NEW DELHI: A dossier given by

Islamabad to New Delhi over the Mumbai attacks is so damning for Pakistan that it may well have convinced India it’s dealing with a reformed neighbour and that there is a need to change the rules of engagement. Pakistan admits unequivocally in the 36-page document accessed by Hindustan Times (the first by any media outfit) that the 26/11 attacks were “planned, funded and facilitated” from Pakistan by Lashkare-Tayyeba (LeT). The dossier said the investigators “unanimously agreed that substantial incriminating evidence is available on the record directly connecting the accused persons with the commission of the offence”. Pakistan had initially denied its citizens carried out the

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TODAY: 38 pages, including 16 pages of HT Cafe (for Mumbai only).

...substantial incriminating evidence is available [against] the accused PA K I S TA N D O S S I E R

handlers” of the 10 terrorists involved in the 26/11 attacks. The Indian High Commission in Pakistan received this dossier on July 11, less than a week before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Yousuf Raza Gilani at Sharm elSheikh in Egypt. It remained unclear if Islamabad’s 26/11 probe encouraged Singh to agree to the IndiaPakistan joint statement that left scope for a broader engagement if Pakistan delivers on action against terrorism. Exactly a month before meeting Gilani, the Indian premier bluntly told President Asif Zardari at Yekaterinburg, Russia: “My mandate is limited to telling you that the territory of Pakistan must not be used for terrorism against India.” Then came the dossier.

WHAT’S NEW? Pakistan admits clearly and unequivocally that 26/11 was planned on its soil, and was carried out by its citizens. ■ Its own investigations bear out leads and clues sent by Indian investigators. ■ There is more clarity on the planning of the attacks, and about the men behind it. ■ Details of the funding of the operation: Where the money came from, and how it moved. ■



N-sub powers India into elite club

Rahul Singh ■


can now deliver nukes from the sea as well, apart from the land and from the air. On Sunday, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s wife Gursharan Kaur, keeping up a tradition of warships being inaugurated by women, launched India’s first nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine. With the launch, India joins an exclusive club of just five other nations — the US, Russia, China, Britain and France — which have such submarines. With sacred verses from the Atharva Veda in the background, Gursharan Kaur broke the auspicious coconut on the upper deck of the submarine, giving it its new name, Arihant (destroyer of enemies). Serendipitously it was also the day the country commemorat-

ed the 10th anniversary of the end of the Kargil war. “We do not have any aggressive designs nor do we seek to threaten anyone,” said Singh, addressing the gathering. “Nevertheless, it is incumbent upon us to take all measures to safeguard the country, and keep pace with technological advancements worldwide.” Secrecy surrounded the project — called the Advanced Technology Vehicle (ATV) programme — through the 11 years it took to finish. Even on Sunday, the Navy did not let the submarine to be photographed. Built with the help of Russian consultants, Arihant will have nuclear ballistic missiles and torpedoes and cruise missiles. Arihant still has to undergo rigorous testing before it hits the sea. “We’ve got to get its heart ticking now,” said ATV Director General Vice-Admiral (retd) D.S.P. Verma.


Gursharan Kaur, wife of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, breaks a coconut on the hull of INS Arihant on Sunday. PTI PHOTO

INDIA’S OWN NUCLEAR SUBMARINE Length: 110 metres Width: 11 metres ■ Displacement: 6,000 tonnes ■ Crew: Around 100 ■ Induction: 2011 ■ Speed: 30 knots ■ It can remain under water for ■ ■

three months, unlike India’s existing diesel-electric submarines that have to surface frequently to recharge their batteries and thus run serious risk of detection ■ INS Arihant will undergo sea trials before it is commissioned

Shelled village lost all, but polo Neelesh Misra

Six years later, judgment day

Six years after the twin blasts at the Gateway of India and Zaveri Bazar, the special Prevention Of Terrorism Act court is scheduled to pronounce its verdict in the case on Monday. The blasts had killed 53 people and injured at least 150. >> FULL


in Goshan

“They are riding their horses with the speed of the wind!” The baritone of the lean commentator in dark glasses echoes on a microphone across the mountainside ground, as a small crowd — dominated by women and children — cheers for the men on ponies streaking across. Oops.

“The ball is stuck in the drain… for two-three minutes, we take you back to the studio!” Far from the imaginary television studio, this is polo-crazy Goshan village, located near the Tololing peak that marked the deepest point in Indian territory that Pakistani forces had penetrated during the Kargil war. The village saw bombing that killed 10 people and numerous cows, sheep and horses, central to its livelihood. The entire village fled the next morning. So when I trudged up to Goshan one afternoon during the war, I found no one — except

an old man who stayed back to protect his home from thieves. Ghulam Rasul, then 67, sat on a bed all day, soaking in the sun, looking at no one in particular. The Kargil invasion was not the first time that raiders had come to the region, he told me. He was 15 when, in 1947, shortly after thousands had raided the Valley, some had come here on a reconnaissance mission. He was 15 when Pakistani raiders walked up to Goshan, and asked him for some noon chai (salted tea), a staple for Kashmiris. CONTINUED ON P7


Coaching a hot new career amid slowdown

Shriya Ghate ■

MUMBAI: Teaching at insti-

tutes coaching students for various competitive examinations has emerged as a sought-after career option among engineering students. With the economy having slowed down and companies scaling back on recruitment, city coaching classes such as Career Launcher, IMS Learning Resources and Triumphant Institute of Management Education (TIME) say they have seen applications for instructor positions jump this year, by

30 per cent to 100 per cent of what they were last year. They are mostly from engineering students, with commerce and science graduates accounting for the rest. “Suddenly, the education industry is experiencing an influx of talented graduates,” said Anand Bhatia, general manager, Career Launcher. The Mumbai operations of IMS, which trains students for MBA and engineering entrance exams, received 30 per cent more applications for tutors this academic year; the Mumbai centre of TIME, which trains students

Balochistan to self-destruct?

Pakistan’s largest province is populous and rich in resources, but its people are the worst off. It is a brew of tribal separatism and geopolitics.

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MUMBAI: About 750 taxis

operating at the domestic terminal did not ply on Sunday. They are demanding that fleet cabs be stopped at the airport. P3

attacks or that they were planned on its soil. It even denied Ajmal Kasab, the sole surviving terrorist now being tried in Mumbai, was a Pakistani. It changed very slowly and reluctantly under relentless Indian and international pressure. And went on to arrest five persons. Among them is LeT’s Zakir-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, who has been projected as the “mastermind” in the dossier. Lakhvi and four others have been charged in an anti-terrorist court in Pakistan with the “planning, preparation and execution” of the terrorist attacks. They functioned as “operational

Harshal Chandak thinks teaching is now a serious option. SATISH BATE/HT PHOTO ■

for MBA, IIT and law entrance exams, got double the number of applications it got last year; and Career

Launcher has received about 20 resumés this year, as against none last year. Another coaching institution that caters to junior and senior college students, which did not wish to be named, said 50 per cent more BCom and BSc graduates had applied this year as tutors. “Students from BITS (Birla Institute of Technological Sciences) Goa, are asking if there are teaching positions available,” said Harshal Chandak, senior executive, academics, Mumbai at Career Launcher. CONTINUED ON P4


Realty sector set to gain from redevelopment Naresh Kamath ■


MUMBAI: The city’s realty sector

seems to be readying to shake off the effects of the slowdown. Five projects, each worth at least Rs 200 crores, which would free up 36 acres in the island city for redevelopment are to come up for clearance on Tuesday. This is under the cluster redevelopment scheme, where the builder obtains the consent of the various stakeholders to redevelop properties spread over a minimum of 4,000 square metres. The five projects proposed — in Lower Parel, Sewri, Parel, Mazgaon and Mahalaxmi (see box) — will come up before a high-powered committee headed by Municipal Commissioner Jairaj Phatak on Tuesday. If this committee, which includes representatives of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority, and the Traffic Police, clears the plan it will go the state government for final approval. Talking to HT, Anuj Puri, Chairman and Country Head, Jones Lang LaSalle Meghraj, a leading consultancy firm, said the slowdown appeared to have been arrested. “There is money coming to the market from various firms which are confident about the future.' Sarah Housing Development Private Limited plans to build each of the 422 existing tenants of Botawala chawls at Mazgaon a 365 square feet flat. “We are also building a garden, a temple and a community hall for the tenants,” said Sadiq Ratanshi, director, Sara Housing. The project, which will include a 53-storeyed tower, is

Sarah Housing Development Private Limited. Location: Botawala Chawl, Mazgaon (above) Area: 4,721 sq m Tenants: 422 Hem Bhattad Developer Location: Sewri Area: 52, 480 sq m Tenants: 1,039 D.B. Realty Location: Mahalaxmi Area: 57, 265 sq m Tenants: 135 Shreepati Developers Location: N.M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel Area: 10,798 square metres. Tenants: 357 Shreepati Developers Location: Krishna Nagar, Parel Area: 20,152 sq m Tenants: 1,604

expected to cost more than Rs 300 crores. The D.B. Realty Group wants to redevelop Turf Estate property at Mahalaxmi. It plans to construct a posh 15-storey tower to rehabilitate the 135 existing commercial tenants,” said Adil Patel, director, D.B. Realty. The project cost is more than Rs 200 crore.

Harshal @ HT  

Article on teaching as an option in HT.

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