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CSCI 251 Networking and System Harry Lab 6 Goal: Debian system running on your virtual machine. The following link provides a good example of how to do this EXCEPT for the following. You should use a console to run xinit. However if you want the graphical display to run in your console 8 (for example) use -- :8 instead of what the article says Step1: Download the openbox in console1 and do it as the root Using command :sudo aptitude install -R openbox obmenu obconf openbox-themes Step2: Use the command to run it in from virtual terminal 1 (this wont run from gnome-terminal) xinit /usr/bin/openbox-session -- :1 Step3: xinit /usr/bin/openbox-session --:10 xinit /usr/twm – :11 ps -ef | grep xinit locate twm xinit /usr/bin/twm – :10 then will run the windows manager serves in console 8, you can select twm windows management or open-box windows management Final step you can edit the open-box windows management in console 8

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