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iWhim Incredible Rewards. Instant Discounts

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credible Rewards. Instant Discounts iWhim 101 – The Basic Definitions  Whims

Our Incredible Reward Points

 Whimmer

A happy iWhim Member

 Invitations Instant for Discounts from area merchants

 Incredible Rewards Center

Cash in your Whims for awesome stuff

credible Rewards. Instant Discounts Earning Whims is Easy The Sultan of Whimsey grants you Whims for participating in our shenanigans such as..  Upgrading  Refer a friend  Complete your profile  Link your Facebook or Twitter  Watch some ads  Visit a sponsor

Whim It Now

See the complete list by Clicking on Menu, then Clicking on.. Earn More Whims

credible Rewards. Instant Discounts Understanding the Rewards Center We have Two Games for you to Play Play to Whim & Whim It Now Play to Whim is a great way to save up to 70% on everything from food to iPads.  Play to Whim games are like an auction with fun twists.  You only need a single Whim to potentially SCORE BIG!  Every Whim played raises the selling price by a nickel.  Play to Whim Reward Items are awarded to the last Whimmer to Play a Whim before the timer runs out.  Many Play to Whim Reward Items have a “Secret Whimmer Price”, if you play a Whim that matches that price, you win the game and you just saved a bundle.

credible Rewards. Instant Discounts Whim it Now Reward Items are available to the first Whimmer to stake their claim with the sufficient number of Whims to satisfy our demands. Example: A lucky Whimmer claimed an iPad Air for our demand of only 15,000 Whims. Whim it Now items don’t require even a penny out of your pocket, just give us your Whims. Items change frequently; check in often.

Whims = Awesome Stuff!

credible Rewards. Instant Discounts

Instant Discounts Save Money by accepting Invitations for Instant Discounts from local merchants. (Not all areas have Instant Discounts, but we are working on it) Save from 5% to 100% Just Click to Redeem

 We Don’t Take Your Money  There are No Vouchers to buy

 Just show your mobile device to save some bucks

credible Rewards. Instant Discounts

Instant Discounts Good Things to Know

It’s a GREAT IDEA to UPGRADE (it’s how we pay our bills)

Premium Members get BIGGER Instant Discounts & Earn up to 50X the Whims     

Find Bigger Discounts during off-peak times Invitations change frequently Only limited quantities are available You never know what you might find Check in often

credible Rewards. Instant Discounts

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credible Rewards. Instant Discounts

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iWhim Explained - it's awesome!  
iWhim Explained - it's awesome!  

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