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Broadmeadows contains high levels of relative poverty. “Broadmeadows is one of the most disadvantaged suburbs in Australia, with more than 10% unemployment.� 2006 ABS census - 39.1% of the population of Broadmeadows is was born overseas, with a majority of this number being born in an non-english speaking country.

EDUCATION All of the seventeen government schools are in the ‘like schools’ group category 9, the highest category of disadvantage for Victorian government schools. • •

Existing facilities are outdated On average, 85% of students at Broad- meadows high schools are in the bottom quarter of grade averages.

• Broadmeadows School enrolments have been rapidly decreasing since 2000. • Limited pathways are created. • Key VCE subjects such as Music, Art, Accounting, Economics, and Politics are not taught.


TEENAGERS • Low VCE/VCAL/VET results. • 41% of teenagers in Broadmeadows are developmentally vulnerable compared to the Australian wide average of 22.2% • Higher rates of absenteeism compared to state wide average. • Absenteeism stats : In primary schools in Broadmeadows the average student absenteeism is approximately 22vv.4 days •

In years 9 and 10 the average amount of days absent is 35 days. That is essentially 7 school weeks out of a year; almost an entire term.

• Only 30 per cent of students who began at Year 7 complete Year 12.



• Facilities need to be provided outside of schools •

These facilities need to create a stronger link with the local community, local governments, tertiary institutions, businesses and employers.

• A various array of classes and programs need to be establised that can allow teenagers to channel their interests. • The motiv8 centre can be a one stop link to all these options.


• Create a Positive experience • A motivational environment • Be a “Cool” and Safe place for all • Encourage cultural integration • Give new experiences • Be a safe place to learn and grow

THE MOTIV8 EXPERIENCE • See an outcome for your efforts • Individual interests are encouraged • Surrounded by role models • A chance to help your and other cultures thrive • Value where your from, but value where you are

MOTIV8 ELEMENTS • Free transport to centre by buses • Classes such as music, art, sports teams, dance. • Competition for sports teams • Guest Speakers • Councillors for children from war torn countries • Take on a “Big Brother Big Sister” approach • Learn basic money/business skills • Cultural days/nights for food, dancing, customs. • Have an Educational officer Not and Careers officer.

CONCLUSION • Install a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and Influence • Become a integral part of the Broadmeadows community


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