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A graduate talks about essay writing tips When you want to be elected for admission to a graduate school, you have to write an essay, which is written in such a fashion that shows your eagerness and keenness to join and how your presence would contribute to the institution on the whole. You have to be persuasive as well as impressive right from the beginning till the end so that you are short listed as a suitable candidate. Keeping the following do’s and don’ts in mind may help you a lot in fulfilling your dream of getting enrolled in a particular institute: 

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Mentioning Dr. Seuss or any of the children’s book characters in your writing make it quite dull and boring. Include quotations that are new and lively in order to make your composition catchy. pay for buying an essay: Only write while keeping the school and the program that you are applying for in mind. Never generalize too much as it would weaken your composition and makes it a bit too bland and flat to the taste of the admission granting committee. The faculty members of the majors that you intend to take should be given a reference in your writing to show the committee that how much you will benefit while being taught under their supervision. Don’t be too uncertain about the topic on which you would be doing your research when you get enrolled. However, never be too focused since you will come across many options that would be far more interesting than the topic you chose initially. Focus your mind on a certain area of interest and make sure never to mention that all the activities or specializations of the faculty attract you as it may lead to weakening your statement. This is rather impossible as well. Proofread the draft before sending so as to make sure that you have not in any way mentioned some other school’s name in it mistakenly. Never be apologetic for your scores not reflecting your true potential. Instead, make sure that you outshine the other candidates with your flawless way of writing. Be open and give solid reasons for your interest in a particular program rather than being abstract and vague about it on the whole. When stating your reasons for choosing a particular faculty member you are interested in working with, keep your reasons professional as well as logical. Keep the writing as simple and upfront as possible and refrain from using flowery language. This would help you in conveying your point much clearly and noticeably to the committee.

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