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Ending $ea

As Vince Gilligan brings Breaking retrospective look back at one of th

Music & Tech

Sport & Fitness


12, 13 & 14

A Splash of Colour: The iPhone 5C Review.

Full Throttle: The F1 Season Review.

5 - 6: Box of Tricks - First look at the XBox

16: Hugh Jackman - How he bulked up for


‘The Wolverine’ after ‘Les Miserables’.

7 - 8: A Perfect Present - The BOSE Wifi

17 - 18: The Latest Buzz - A look at


Hackney’s temporary skate park.

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Contents AUTUMN/WINTER 2013

$eaking %d

aking Bad to an end, it is only right to have a e of the most successful TV shows of the last decade.


Film & TV 21-22

He’s Kind of a Big Deal:

Culture 31-32

Anchorman 2 Preview..

19 - 20: 2013 - The Year of the Biopics. 23: TV on Tap - Bachelor Pad Box Sets. 25-26: Oblivion - Review.

Natures Beauty: 7 Natural Wonders You’ve Never Heard of

33: Travel - Three ideal destinations to take the other half.

34: Winter Brand Focus - Carhartt. 35-36: Winter’s Here - Drink for the festive holidays.

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Bulletin Board Images BBC PICTURES Words Dan Cutforth Former South African President, Nelson Mandela, has died at the age of 95 in his home in South Africa. The world mourns as we lose one of the greatest leaders and sources of inspiration of the last century. Having served 27 years in prison he was elected South Africa’s first Black President in 1994 serving a total of 5 years, notably tackling institutionalised racism. The world recognised the contribution Mandela had made to his country and indeed the rest of the world, receiving notable awards over the course of his life such as the Nobel Peace Prize and the US Presidential Medal of Freedom. Tens of Thousands have joined world leaders to commemorate the life of former President Mandela at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg. Parliamentary watchdog IPSA are set to announce an increase to MP’s annual salary by 11%. IPSA, an independent organisation for MP’s, does not need permission from government to make wholesale changes to Parliament. At present, MP’s already earn a basic salary of over £66,000 per year that would increase to well over £73,00 if the pay rise is pushed through. The changes would be implemented for after the 2015 general election and Treasury Minister, Danny Alexander, urged for the increase to be reconsidered deeming it ‘wholly inappropriate’. The rise comes as part of a package that would see some allowances and benefits scrapped but IPSA are set to announce in the coming days that a one off pay rise is justified. Radial cleric Abu Qatada, who was deported from the UK last week, will stand trial in Jordan next week. Qatada, who is in his 50’s, was initially arrested in 2001 over alleged offences occurring in Jordan with the UK battling for his deportation since 2005. After years of battling European and Human Rights courts, the UK and Jordan finally concluded a treaty in which evidence obtained through torture would not be used against him. This latest retrial comes after his removal from a high security prison in Amman where under Jordanian law, has the right to retrial. Home Secretary, Theresa May, said that the UK government had finally been vindicated through the long and drawn out process of his deportation and subsequent retrial. UK Physicist Peter Higgs, discoverer of the Higgs Boson Particle, is set to receive his Nobel Prize for Science in a ceremony in Stockholm next week. Higgs is among the Laureates set to receive their respective medals in their categories. Having made the thesis for the existence of the so-called ‘God Particle’ over 50 years ago, Higgs campaigned, like every scientist does with a discovery, to get recognised and accepted. Just weeks later, Belgian physicist Francois Englert, also published a thesis for the Boson Particle and was recognised along side Peter Higgs as discoverer. The biggest manmade experiment in history was conducted to try and discover the mysterious particle. After extensive research in the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, the Boson particle was finally discovered last year, ending a 50 year wait for recognition from the science community. Microsoft has released a statement in response to the prank that claimed that the new console could play old generation games. The prank, originating from the website 4chan, claimed that the Xbox would could play titles from its predecessor the Xbox 360. A tweet from Microsoft Director of programming, Larry Hryb, said “To be clear there is no way to make your Xbox One console backward compatible and performing these steps to attempt this will make your console inoperable”. At present, it isn’t know how many units have been affected by the viral video that claims to demonstrate the step by step process to alter the workings of the next generation console.

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Music & Tech

iPhone 5C Review Words Harry Molyneux

Splash of Colour


he iPhone 5C is essentially last year’s model, and that’s a good thing. A peek under the hood reveals almost identical components to those that made up last year’s iPhone 5. The 5 was a refinement of an already brilliant smartphone and arguably the best the market has had to offer for the past 12 months. The 5C on the other hand, represents a new marketing strategy for the iPhone 5. Where the 5S is an unsurprising yet elegant upgrade, Apple’s newly colourful devices look to take another bite of the of the smartphone cake. The iPhone 5C is powered by last year’s more than capable A6 chip. Even the most processor intensive apps and games run like clockwork and swapping between apps

the largest overhaul the system has seen since its 2007 debut. Seemingly small additions like the ability to bring up a toolbar to turn on and off Wi-Fi, and folders that finally allow us to fit unlimited apps do a lot to improve the user experience. Aside from the plethora of new features, the most immediately noticeable change is to the design. A push of the home button reveals a new, clean look to the lock screen that gives the phone a really bright and open feel. This design philosophy extends to the rest of the user experience, with the puffed out app icons swapped in favour of a flat, high contrast layout; the result is a welcome change. Undoubtedly, when it comes to physical design the

“Undoubtedly, when it comes to design

the iPhone 5C is going to divide opinions is a breeze. Last year’s larger screen also makes a welcome return with the flawless retina display, which works wonders when viewing photos taken on the rear-facing and newly improved FaceTime cameras. When it comes to raw specs, the iPhone 5C may dwindle slightly compared to its fiercest competition, but for most the vast majority of the App Stores games, it hold up just fine. Apple’s latest operating system, iOS7, is by far and away

iPhone 5C is going to divide opinions. Without even touching the device, hearing that an iPhone is made with a plastic shell is sure to instantly turn some people off, and understandably so. Apple has made a name for itself in recent years by being the industry leader in design, with products that have an unrivalled premium quality. So when the new kid on the block turns up with last year’s specs and a glossy, bright, plastic shell, you can


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see why there might be cause for concern. Thankfully, the iPhone 5C both looks and feels almost as fantastic as its predecessor, with the solid casing providing a satisfying weight to the device and a reassuring resistance to accidental bumps. Having said that, everyday visual wear and tear will be more noticeable, which is unfortunate given that the iPhone 5C is a surprisingly pretty piece of kit. The high contrast colours wrap the phone nicely and the black front works well to compliment the bright shell. This leads to one problem; the texture of the device is slippery to the touch. While not a consistent issue, the phone would seem to benefit from a textured or even matte finish to avoid awkward fumbling in quick-use situations. The superbly bright colour choices made by Apple have a neon quality to them that stands out at a distance. So if you’re one who often misplaces their phone, the iPhone 5C might be a sensible

upgrade choice. Ultimately, the iPhone 5C looks and feels like a premium device, the same way all iPhones thus far have. Unfortunately this leads to the underlying issue; a premium phone comes with a premium price tag. At £469 for the 16gb model, it’s only £80 cheaper than the new improved 5S, which is superior in almost every way. This is where Apple has dropped the ball. Currently, the market provides two options for acquiring the most sought after smartphones. Expensive contracts that lock you in for two years, or paying it all off with one £500 plus payment. Apple’s newest device could have been something new, but ultimately the pricing of the product seems to be holding it back at a chance of grabbing a completely new sector of the market. It’s clear Apple wants to position the 5C as a cheaper, more cost effective way for consumers to be able to go to stores and still have the ‘new’

iPhone this holiday season, rather than last years model. However, pricing choices ignorant of realistic customer needs makes the iPhone 5C appear unnecessary in today’s market. The iPhone 5C is in everyway as good as last year’s model, though when it has to compete directly with the 5S, it leaves little to set itself apart. The iPhone 5C is a really good smartphone that you would find yourself hard pressed to fault. However if you’re looking for the best smartphone available at a similar price, you might as well bite the bullet and go with the iPhone 5S.



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BOX OF TRICKS Words Harry Molyneux


icrosoft’s Xbox 360 that launched in 2006 is a very different console than the 360 that exists in 2013. The system, once purely a game machine is now an all in one entertainment device. Now the Xbox One has arrived and it is the embodiment of the progress the Xbox 360 has made in the last 7 years. The ‘One’ in ‘Xbox One’ refering to the all in one entertainment device and whereas the 360 evolved over time, the Xbox One has been purposely developed from the ground up to be at the centre of your living room. The first thing you’ll see after the initial set up (and mandatory update) is the console welcoming you with a friendly hello. That’s the systems packaged Kinect sensor recognising your face. From there you can do what you like, from watching TV, Netflix, or various other streaming apps. Or perhaps you can begin a game, browse the internet or start a Skype call; this is before you’ve even picked up the controller. This speaks to

the power,and convenience of the Kinect sensor and its ability to genuinely enhance the user experience. It’s a shame that hand motion controls don’t work quite as well but the voice functionality feels natural and futuristic. Unfortunately, all this fancy new voice recognition software comes with a steep entry fee. At £429, the Xbox One is more expensive than its direct competition, the PlayStation 4, due to the Kinect senor that powers it all. It’s a shame Microsoft went with such a high price point but in a technology market brimming with £500 smartphones, it could turn out to be a non-issue for the modern day consumer. Only time will tell. 500 GB of hard drive space sits in every Xbox One at launch, and whilst that may seem a lot, some software can have as much as 50 GB install data and is required for every game. Thankfully, Microsoft has devised a handy workaround in which most games can be played about 30% into the install, doing a good job to remedy the situation. The console presents itself in a discreet,


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f it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Xbox One’s controller is more of a refinement of arguably the best ever made. Comfortable to hold and with a matte black finish, it’s almost impossible to fault. The biggest new feature is the addition of small rumble motors in each of the triggers, allowing for precise tactile feedback directly into your finger tips; it feels great and is sure to put a smile on your face the first time you feel yourself slipping out of a corner in Forza.

simple design, crafted in such a way to blend into your entertainment system rather than stand out. Despite this, the Xbox One is not a small machine and was not built with space-saving considerations in mind. Thankfully though unlike the 360, the Xbox One runs almost silently; you won’t even notice it’s on. Anyone familiar with Windows 8 will feel right at home with the Xbox One’s user interface. The tile like design makes a return and gives a contemporary and clean look to the screen. All your recently used games and apps will be present at the home screen and to the left, a handy section for pinning your favourites for easy quick access. However it is worth noting that important functions like memory management and settings have been mysteriously hidden away, making seemingly simple functions counter intuitive. That said, if Microsoft’s past is anything to go by the system will be constantly evolving with updates bringing new features and fixes to these glaring problems. Jumping from app to app, or even game to game is a fluid process that’s leaps and bounds


ahead of its predecessor, thanks to the 8 GB of RAM. Powering on is also especially quick and the system also has the ability to turn your television on and off so you don’t need to touch a thing to get started. Apps like internet explorer and television can be ‘snapped’ to the side of the screen whilst in-game for a true multitasking experience. This is something that really hasn’t been done before quite this flawlessly and it presents exciting opportunities for app developers, even if its current use is a little limited. Microsoft launch line-up of software is strong, but not exactly inspired. The popular racing simulator ‘Forza Motorsport’ makes a welcome return and plays better than ever on the new console, dispite a lack of cars and tracks. ‘Ryse: Son of Rome’ fails to hold interest for long, but is a technical marvel with stunningly life-like animations. ‘Dead Rising 3’ on the other hand is slightly ridiculous at times, it’s hard not to turn a street corner to see a horde of literally hundreds of zombies stumbling hungrily at you and not smile just a little at the technical marvel. Zombies have never looks so alive.


he Xbox One has a promising future. Like the 360 before it, evolution is inevitable. What we see now is just a glimpse into the potential future. The Xbox One is already a very impressive piece of hardware, as a gaming machine and as an entertainment device. An unfortunately high price tag could be turn off, especially in comparison to the sleek PlayStation 4, but don’t let that detract from this awesome machine. Make no mistake, the next generation is here.

**** 4/5 AUTUMN/WINTER 2013 SIX

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Music & Tech


ith Christmas heading into sight rapidl people are probablyharrassing you to start shopping. We’ve given you a head

start. We’ve got our team of tech experts to have a look at Bose’ new christmas toy. The latest offering from the sound masters at Bose have brought us the Bose Soundtouch Wifi Speaker system.

With a name as long as that we were expecting to have an early christmas cracker in our grasp. Read on to see exactly what the critics said.


Bose.indd 2

10/12/2013 16:38

The Bose SoundTouch system, a new range of speakers which are Wi-Fi enabled are fast becoming the talk of the tech world. The speakers use Wi-Fi to stream music from the Internet and any networked device using Bose’s ‘SoundTouch app’. What’s coolest about the system perhaps, is that you can use the speakers to play music in every room of your house, and with the help of the app or remote, you can play different songs in different rooms.. Also, you can use iTunes to organise your music and stream to one or more SoundTouch devices from your computer or iPad and

are limited in terms of Internet radio and what can be played on SoundTouch. “It won’t serve from standard NAS drives either and there’s no Bluetooth for direct streaming from mobile devices without Wi-Fi”, he said. However like Pachal, Oliver admits that the sound quality is good. Joe Pollicino of Engadget says that “On the rockier side, the system’s major hurdle is that it relies on streaming music from the internet or your network-connected computer. David Carnoy of CNet agrees that it does not have enough connections with Internet radio

‘What’s coolest about the system perhaps, is that you can use the speakers to play music in every room of your house’ ”

iPhone. As expected, the speakers are generating a lot of hype within the worl of music. Critic Pete Pachal of ‘Mashable’ stated“If you’ve always wanted one of those whole-house audio systems, where you have speakers in multiple rooms playing the same song, it’s a good time to be alive” Pachal also appreciates the ‘effortlessness’ of being able to control as many as six sound channels from one app, and says that although the speakers don’t look too inspiring in terms of design, they sound good. Which is fine, given that most people choose speakers for sound quality rather than design. Dave Oliver from the UK edition of Wired is not that happy though, claiming that outside of America, choices

stations. “At launch, I was underwhelmed with Bose’s line up of services. Beyond Pandora there’s nothing: no Spotifiy, no Radio, no Deezer, no nothing. Sonos has a huge roster of service tie-ins, so Bose has a big hole to fill there.” Carnoy insists that the speakers do sound ‘decent’ was slightly dissapointed that they cant be joined to create a stereo sound.

The whole system looks stylish and modern. Definately a perfect piece in a bachelor pad or a family home, Even the remote that comes with the speaker set is easy to use and compact, as well as sleek and stylish. Also, the durabilty of the overall speaker and set is very good. The quality of this piece of kit is superior to other companies on the market. The Bose Soundtouch Wifi Speaker system is a great bit of kit. It delivers an exceptional sound and has some cool features built in. Sure its basic in ways but we think its definately a great gift for christmas, we know we would be happy if we opened it on christmas day. The primary draw back is the price and the fact its an early development of a great idea. We can see this type of system becoming very popular, so why not wait a year and get a great speaker, of a smiliar quality in a years time; for half the price? Bose have once again proven themselves as one of the leading manufacturers in some great speakers, but for the capability and enjoyment of the speaker overall, we just dont think its worth the price.

Final Say Durability








As with many Bose products the system is extremely simple. For those who don’t desire the complexity of digital screens and complex controls this is perfect. It delivers a great quality of sound and looks great.

Words Max Elllis


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Music & Tech

EMINEM We had a listen to the new album ‘The Marshall Mathers LP2’ and thought we would tell you what we think.


Words Max Ellis

hen Eminem came onto the scene, I was at a good age to be pulled into his lyric. I was pretty young but I can remember being shown Marshall Matthers LP1 in 2004 when i was only 12 and have been a fan since. I would sit with my mates playing PS2 with my stereo system blasting and i still do the same to this day. It was a weird artist for me to enjoy as I was a little grunger listening to Limp Bizkit and Sum 41 at that age, but I enjoyed Eminem a lot which helped to expand my music taste and choice of genre extensively, as i know it did for many people I have been close to since and no-doubt will be in the future. Speaking to Rolling Stone ahead of the release of Marshal Mathers LP 2, Eminem spoke about why he chose that title: “calling it The Marshall Mathers LP2, obviously I knew that there might be certain expectations. I wouldn’t want to call it that just for the sake of calling it that. I had to make sure that I had the right songs... so there’s not gonna be, like, continuations of every old song on there or anything like that. To me, it’s more about the vibe, and it’s more about the nostalgia.” Primarily he has succeeded, this new record is reminiscent of the original but that was twelve years ago and it feels like a midlife crisis in the making.

I’m being torn in two by this record. There are flashes of genius and on the singles like ‘Berzerk’ there is certainly a return to form. ‘Rap God’, the most recent release, is very much the high point of the entire album. It’s quite possibly the best Eminem has rapped since 2004. The song, aside some references to it, doesn’t sound like anything from Marshall Mathers LP. The six minute track sees Slim at his vintage best, and at 4 mins 20 seconds, the track takes off into orbit. One of the best things about MMLP were the collaborations; ‘Stan’ helped put Dido on the map and saw a single from an


album as controversial as anything we’d seen around that time be played on all forms of mainstream radio, even Heart FM and Magic could be found to give the censored version a spin. There are no ‘Stan’ moments, but it does see Rihanna take over the hook on the paint-by-numbers pop hit ‘The Monster’, which feels destined to be the highest charting moment on the album. The world’s most popular rapper right now, Kendrick Lamar, joins his Aftermath label mate for ‘Love Game’; his humour and style are the perfect pairing for Eminem and the Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders sampling ‘Love Game’. Genuinely the most fun moment of the album which leaves you asking, why couldn’t Eminem have been this good throughout? When left to his own devices Eminem remains nostalgic but not just to the original Marshall Mathers LP; ‘Legacy’ sounds like ‘Toy Soldiers’ from Encore, in fact it think the drums have been lifted straight from the latter. ‘Brainless’ again sounds more like that from his mid 2000s era which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just doesn’t offer anything new. Sadly that’s the theme throughout this record and no matter how much his flow has found its feet once again, the subject matter is lacking the quality required to go up against other hip-hop albums we’ve heard this year.


EminemAlbumreview.indd 2

10/12/2013 13:11

Music & Tech

Mount Kimbie CSFLY Remixes 2013

7.0 Find it at: Phonica Records Amazon MP3 & CD

Review Mount Kimbie



ount Kimbie’s debut album, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, a respective addition to their discography of electronic gems, showed elements of progression in their work. Crafted on their masterful techniques that have delighted our ears on previous releases including Carbonated and Crooks and Lovers, their debut LP slightly lacked the edge of its predecessors. With that being said, as far as debut album’s go, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth laid the fundamentals and showed that grafting in the studio does have its benefits. As mementos to the solid production of the debut release, standout tracks ‘You Took Your Time’ and ‘Made To Stray’ get the uplift from a selection of remixers with barrels of recognition in the electronic music scene. ‘You Took Your Time’ gets remixed three times with alternating results, whereas ‘Made To Stray’ gets just one remix, yet probably the most solid in production. Kyle Hall’s imprint takes the step up to the dance floor. As a master in music making, with a reputation of taking the fundamentals of electronic sounds and engineering them to new heights, his edition takes full effect of this. Dropping out the vocals of King Krule, and instead breathing a pulsating groove into the track, Hall achieves an emphatic sound that eclipses the original.

Lee Gamble’s edition heads down a different avenue. Compressing the fundamental elements of the track in a whirlpool of his signature haunted electronics, the outcome is unpredictable. Ripping out the core structure of electronic bliss, and replacing it with a gravelly murmur, Gamble’s entry is certainly the darkest and most atmospheric of the bunch. One of the most respected DJs in the electronic scene, Oneman is a pioneer when it comes to mixing just about any genre of music to move the dance floor. Aside from performing, Steve Bishop is not shy of reworking tracks, which is apparent on his modification of ‘You Took Your Time’. Without neglecting the vocals, he replaces the components of the elementary release with electronic stabs of bass. Also featured in the track is Jeremiah Jae, who drops his own vocals in symmetry to King Krule, which surprisingly co-exist well. The pick of the bunch though comes from none other than DJ Koze. Already firmly cemented high in the electronic hierarchy, voted best German DJ consecutive times, Koze is a welcome addition to any rework of production. Taking influence from only his own ability to produce elevating music, this vibrant alteration of ‘Made To Stray’ implements a slice of the original vocals 5 minutes in against the steady backdrop of colourful house beats. This is a solid release with a variety of remixers all with great musical prowess. As a colourful selection of tracks, for the most part, they stand up against the originals and stand out from the originals. Up there with the best remix EP’s of the year. Words Sam Quilter PAGE-TEN AUTUMN/WINTER 2013


10/12/2013 17:14


Final Health and Fitness Page MU Magazine.indd 2

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Sport Sebastian Vettel, the dominance of Red Bull and the dawn of the V6 turbo engine

EARLY DOMINANCE: Vettel leading the line in The Monaco Grand Prix back in May this season Images BBC PICTURES Words Dan Cutforth One man and one team have epitomised what it takes to dominant the world of formula one again and again and again and now again. For the last four years Sebastian Vettel and the Red Bull team have quite literally lapped their counterparts in every department. Since their entry into the F1 paddock in 2005, the surge to dominance for both driver and team has been higher and faster than the famous Beau Rivage climb at the Monaco Grand Prix. Ultimately, of course, the race to success always has its stoppages and Red Bull, its safe to say, have had few noticeable punctures to their dominance along the way.

to change to revolutionise the Red Bull’s on the grid. That change was the introduction of Adrian Newey. Having already designed title winning Indy Cars and more crucially Mclarens and Williams cars, Newey was recruited as Chief Technical Engineer to oversee the Red Bull operation next to team principal Christian Horner, who more than anyone else, craved dominance. Newey completely revolutionised the Red Bull garage and inspired all with his unique insight into car design and the changes had an instant impact in the 2010 season that arguably was the catalyst for the Milton Keynes based team total dominance of the sport.

The team now is unrecognisable in every aspect and department from drivers to mechanics. The original line up of David Coulthard, Christopher Klien and Vitantonio Luizzi was an important and necessary starting point and an early indication of the young team’s aspirations. Success as the team see it today was something of a rarity in the early days and something had

The Bahrain Grand Prix, 2010, the start of a new season and season in which Red Bull had one objective only, dominate. Having both cars qualified in the front row of the grid with Vettel taking pole, the team couldn’t of asked for a better start. The transformation of the RB6 was instantaneous with the effect of Adrian Newey clearly evident. However success was to be short lived.

A few laps later Vettel’s car completely failed, with the diagnosis later determined to a spark plug failure. Mark Webber too clearly was displaying problems reflected in his 8th place finish. Not a great start for team looking to dominant the 2010 calender. However the problems seemed to have been resolved in time for the Australian Grand Prix as Vettel and Webber again qualified on the front row. The gulf in difference from previous incarnations of the Red Bull cars was evident and the rest of the grid new it. Vettel, as he did in Bahrain, got off to a ferocious start, as did Webber. Lap 47, the Red Bull dominance looked too convincing and proved to be so. Mechanics in the paddock noticed that the brakes on Vettel’s car were deteriorating faster than normal and gave sufficient notice for Vettel to maintain his brakes but this proved to be too late as the RB6 grinding to a complete halt. Again the hopes of Red Bull lay upon Webber’s car but he too, as was the case in Bahrain, finished AUTUMN/WINTERTWELVE 2013

605244 f1.indd 1

10/12/2013 17:09

Sport the order after erratic driving and a collision with Lewis Hamilton resulting in him losing his front wing. Two races into the new season and the vulnerability of the Red Bull cars were a massive concern to Horner and Newey. Even despite the brief flashes of brilliance the car demonstrated, much work was still to be done if Red Bull were to win their first title. Race 3 and the Sepang International Circuit of Malaysia would prove to be the catalyst for success for Sebastian Vettel and the Red Bull team. After Mark Webber took his first pole position of the season with Vettel in third, looked onwards to winning not only his but Red Bull’s first race of the year. Sebastian though, as has been the case over the course of his career with Milton Keynes based team, lets his driving do the talking. After taking the lead through the first corner of the Grand Prix, he led the entire race with Webber finishing in second At last the team had their first win of the season but in more importantly, a one-two finish which gave them maximum points in the race for the Constructors title. From there on the rest of the season would reflect the first three races for the Red Bull team and prove to test the limits of everyone working in the paddock. The 2010 title would dramatically come down to the last day with a the top three teams, Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari all having one driver capable of winning the coveted FIA World Drivers Championship. The scorching sands of Abu Dhabi would be the glorified arena for the vicious V8 battle with the winner taking Formula One immortality, being crowned world champion. At 23, for Sebastian personally, a win would change his life forever and fuel the tank for future successes that to him, at the time, would have seemed unimaginable. As the race developed it was clear that there were really only two cars on the track. Vettel and Webber dominated from start to finish summing up the progression the team have made since entering the paddock. That season Red Bull claimed 9 victories, 5 for Sebastian and 4 for Mark, 15 pole positions 10 for Vettel and 5 for Webber as well as setting 9 fastest laps through the course of the season. This title winning season in both Constructors and Drivers Championships was of course only the start of the Red Bull dominance. The 2011 season saw the combination of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber continue where they had left off in 2010 with further glories on both drivers minds. But 2011 proved to be as fruitful as the previous year for the young German, defending his title in some style. Along the way to becoming a double world champion he broke British legend Nigel Mansell’s long standing record of 14 poles in a season, scoring 15 poles in one year and going on to win from 11 of those pole positions.

DOUBLE TEAM: Vettel and Webber celebrate their one-two in Maylasia in 2010 In contrast, Mark Webber only scored one victory all season in the final race at Interlagos Brazil but still managing a third place finish for the year. The constructor’s title also fell to the hands of Christian Horner for a second successful year finishing a massive 153 points ahead of McLaren. The long serving team principal had oversaw the transformation of the teams fortunes from that very first race back in 2005 and his own personal reputation was being enhanced just as much as his title winning driver. The 2012 season changed the way in which the field looked at Sebastian Vettel when he was successful in surpassing the great Aryton Senna in becoming the youngest triple world champion in the history of the sport. Unfortunately an end of season controversy that the sport wouldn’t forget in a rush would overshadow this amazing achievement. Just three days after the last race of the season, the media were starting to report stories that Ferrari were considering filling a formal protest against previous race results of the triple world champion. Ferrari alleged that there were numerous instances were illegal manoeuvres were carried out by Vettel which subsequently went unnoticed, resulting in points that were allegedly ‘illegal’, most notably a pass on Torro Rosso driver Jean-Eric Vergne. In race time conditions at Interlagos on the final day of the 2012 season, Pastor Maldonado, driving for Williams at the time, had span out of control resulting in his retirement from the race and prompting yellow flag conditions, where overtaking is illegal. Vettel overtook Vergne down the back straight of the Brazilian circuit that Ferrari felt was an illegal manoeuvre, resulting in

Vettel winning the title and not Alonso. The implications of Ferrari’s protest could have been terminal for Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull. FIA jurisdiction confirms that a race finishing under safety car conditions any post race penalties had the power to demote grid places, in turn meaning Vettel, if found guilty, would lose his world championship to Fernando Alonso. After extensive reviews conducted by the FIA they determined that Vettel was not guilty of any race infringements after they controversially announced that a race marshal bearing a green flag was adjacent to the sector in which Vettel had passed Vergne, there making the overtake legal. The controversy of the entire incident had tainted Vettel’s triple world champion status despite not being found guilty of any infringements. But Vettel yet again would show his true colours and the determination that has made him the success he is today. 2013 saw a change in branding for the Red Bull team with automotive giants, Infiniti, acquiring the rights to the new car for forthcoming seasons. This would see the team renamed as Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team as well as the Infiniti logo appearing on the car, paddock and race overalls. But 2013 will be remebered as the year that Sebastian Vettel entered that elusive hall of fame as one of the greats of the sport. Its hard to believe at that just 26 years of age he has equalled such greats as childhood hero and inspiration Michael Schumacher and Juan Manual Fangio in becoming a quadruple world champion and being the youngest to do so. With years to spare, Vettel is surely on course to be there greatest the sport has ever seen but not all are fans of the prolific German with critics reporting an overreliance on his Red Bull.

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Sport Over the last four title winning seasons for Sebastian a controversial argument has been brewing as to whether or not he would be able to replicate his success in another car? With the regulation changes for the new 2014 season fast approaching, what differences if any, will they have for competition on the grid? Will we see the dominance of Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel brought to an end? The 2013 season was indeed an end of an era, the last of the 2.4-litre V8 and the introduction of the 1.6-litre V6 Turbo charged engines. The new ‘eco’ engines are designed to promote fuel efficiency and reduce emissions compared to the

The ERS itself comes in as an enhancement to the KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) used form last year. It works in the same principle that the car recycles heat from heavy breaking into kinetic energy which then is used as a booster that they driver can control via a switch on the steering unit. KERS last year produced 80bhp for 6 seconds per lap, the new system however allows a whopping 160bhp extra for a 33 second period per lap. This is a dramatic increase and one that will be welcomed at the bottom of the grid as well as the top. These are not the only changes to the cars for the 2014 season, a whole host changes have been introduced which will level out the playing field and

2014 calendar. As always driver changes are frequent and next year is no different. The enigmatic Kimi Raikkonen makes a return to his title winning car at Ferrari filling the seat vacated by stalwart Felipe Massa who brings down the curtain on his long term relationship to join the Williams team left by Pastor Maldonado who has filled Raikkonen’s seat at Lotus. Other drivers on the move include Sergio Perez who has left McLaren after his unsuccessful attempt of leaving the hole left by Lewis Hamilton last year. Rookie Kevin Magnussen, who McLaren hope can rejuvenate the team and produce another rookie performance that saw Hamilton explode onto

Closer Racing: FIA ensure that new regualtions will boast better compitetion on race days for drivers and the fans alike. V8 gas-guzzler, emissions will also be dumped out of a single pipe exhaust rather than the double pipe system. In previous years there haven’t been any limitations to the fuel that can be carried on board per race but teams typically carry 160kg per race. the 2014 season this will be reduced to a maximum of 100kg to carry on the

Ecclestone: Changes for good of F1 promotion of the ‘eco-friendly ethos’, Formula One has officially gone green. The specs are well documented and the first concern for F1 fans is that on paper the new engines lose 150bhp compared to the V8’s but the regulators have promised that the lost power will be made up from the ERS (engine recovery system).

increase competition between the entire paddock. The other main change for the cars in the new season is the vast tweaks made to the aerodynamics. The base weight of the car itself has increased for the first time due to the heavy version of the powertrain used for the engine, the weight has been increased from 642 kg to 690kg. The difference in weight therefore has to be compensated for so that the heavy car still remains as streamline as possible at high speeds. Firstly, the nose height has been reduced from 550mm to 185mm, which will be distinctly noticeable in terms of the cars appearance. The front wing will be slightly narrower than in previous years to being reduced in width from 1800mm to 1650mm and the rear wing will have a completely new look all together. The lower beam wing has been exiled to make way for a slightly lower model to reduce drag. All these changes will physically alter the way in which the drivers perform on the track and should make for closer competition, say the FIA. The changes in place for the new season make for a compelling and eagerly anticipated start to the first race of the

the F1 scene, has filled his seat. Highly rated German Nico Hulkenberg returns to Force India after a year away with the Sauber Team. 2013 also says a sad goodbye to a true servant of Formula One. After 11 years of great success that saw him race for Minardi, Jaguar, Williams and current Constructors Champions Red Bull, Mark Webber has ended his affiliation with sport and opted for a change in career to race LMP1 cars with the new Porsche Motorsport Team to compete in the FIA World Endurance Championship. Having seen out the bulk of his career in the lower teams it is fair to see that we’ve only seen the real Mark at his days with Red Bull. Arguably, if given the opportunity earlier on in his career, things could have been subsequently different for Webber but his respect among all drivers and teams around the paddock as well as fans is unquestionable. It is safe to say the 2014 calendar will be short of one great driver competing for the world championship. Having said that, the 2014 calendar with all the changes mechanically as well as personally, promises to be one of the best this historic sport has ever offered. AUTUMN/WINTERFOURTEEN 2013

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Health & Fitness

Hugh Jackman’s Mutant Transformations for ‘Les Miserables’ & ‘The Wolverine’

Words Adam Baldwin


he characters of Jean Valjean from ‘Les Miserables’ and Logan from this year’s ‘The Wolverine’ are what you call polar opposites in terms of their physical stature. The former is a shell of a man in desperate need of a meal whilst Logan is a “mutant” with bulging biceps and indestructible, retractable claws. The fact that Hugh Jackman played such contrasting roles in the space of one month of each other emphasises the incredible physical transformation he undertook. Months of no carbs and the instruction of “I want you to look unrecognisable and your friends to worry that you are ill” from director Tom Hooper was enough for the veteran actor to lose 20lbs in preparation for his performance as Jean Valjean in the first of his two roles. Jackman admits that for his first scene in Les Miserables he had deprived himself of water for 36 hours, advice he had received from a bodybuilder; “You lose about 10 pounds of weight really on the extremities. Like all the water just drains out, you get A regular meal for very sunken cheeks and sunken eyes.” As anyone who has seen Les Jackman was chicken Miserables knows, there is a nine breasts and broccoli. year jump from the first time we A 100g portion of see Valjean to the second. In the chicken only contains first we witness a deprived, starving 172kcal. That’s a lot of chicken to get to 4500 inmate and in the second Valjean

has become a town mayor for whom food is no longer an issue. This meant that in a very short space of time Jackman needed to put back on 30lbs (20lbs of which he had already lost) which he admits was the fun part of his diet, indulging himself in beer, deserts and burgers. It was June last year that ‘Les Miserables’ was wrapped up and with only a month until ‘The Wolverine’ began shooting the Australian needed to bulk up. Although he maintained light gym work towards the end of ‘Les Miserable’, as soon as filming stopped he was straight on the phone to a dieting expert . and gym fanatic; former wrestling champion, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Johnson gave Jackman the advice of eating for eight hours a day between 10am and 6pm then fasting for the next 16 hours. In order to bulk up so dramatically Jackman took in up to 4500 calories within the eight hour period with meals consisting mainly of “chicken, fish, steak and steamed veg.” Putting on the muscles mass meant that the star had to train three hours a day every day although he insists that “70% of the appearance (as Wolverine) is diet.” Deserts, alcohol and even fruit were all a thing of the past for Jackman once the cameras starting rolling; “When I’m shooting I don’t have any fruit, the fructose is too high in sugar.” From starving and 36 hours of water deprivation to eight hours of almost continuous consumption of protein and rigorous three hour gym routines, this transformation is credit to Hugh Jackman’s commitment to his profession.

“When I’m shooting I don’t

eat fruit, the fructose is too high in sugar ”

kcal Hugh!


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Extreme Winter Words Max Ellis


inter is rapidly approaching so we searched far and wide to find you guys new sports to try over the winter season. Here are some of the strangest sports we could find that have expanded to a large market. From riding shovels to ice bikes, we know we want to give some of these a go.

For most people winter is a time to relax and enjoy a hot fire with a hit chocolate, but in recent years the idea of ‘Ice diving’ has become very popular. Its pretty self explanatory what it involves and we think its a pretty interesting idea. Why not give it go because we dont want to!

You might have mastered the slopes on skis or a snowboard during times awau, but ski biking offers an entirely new challenge — and a thrill all its own. If you’re not an avid skier, no worries. Ski bikes have a low center of gravity, so this winter sport offers a much gentler learning curve. Ski biking is still relatively new, so bikes typically must be bought directly from the manufacturer.

Ice surfing is considered a hybrid sport — a cross between wind surfing and ice boating. While both ice surfers and wind surfers use similar sails to glide across bodies of water, one of the big differences between the two is how fast they can go. Ice allows adventuresome surfers to sail several times faster than the wind and reach speeds of up to 70 mph, but — like windsurfing — there are no brakes.


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This unique sport began in the 1970s when ski lift operators were looking for a quick way to get down the slopes once the lifts closed. Today, shovel races take place across the nation on modified shovels that can reach speeds of up to 60 mph. If you want to take a spin on a shovel, but skip the downhill ride, then hitch your shovel up to a horse to experience a little “shoveljoring.”

If you happen live near a large body of frozen water, ice yachting is a fast-paced, extreme and thrilling activity that will leave you windswept. Modern ice yachts resemble a combination of a sail boat and a large pair of ice skates, but while these boats might look odd, the sport is all seriousness. Ice yachting clubs have popped up across the north of America and now annual competitions occur on various resorts.

Instead of sledding down snowy hills this year, slip into a freshly waxed kayak and enjoy an exciting new twist on traditional sledding. The kayak works like a sled, but the paddle allows for more control — and the wax will have you shooting down slopes at incredibly high speeds. Because snow kayaking is considered an extreme sport, few ski resorts allow it; however there are professional competitions that involve bumps, turns and all sorts of adrenaline-pumping obstacles, which makes watching the sport almost as much fun as doing it. The hardest part? Hauling your kayak up the mountain.


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Words Sam Quilter

Film Preview Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues December 2013


ine years ago, the legend that is ‘Ron Burgundy’ was born who appeared on our screens with some of the most memorable and colourful quotes and expressions in fillm. Last time i looked in the dictionary , my name’s Ron burgundy, what’s your name? stands out among barrels of others.

The 2004 comedy smash hit is now widely recognised as one of the best comedy films of all time. It’s appraisal is well and truly deserved and I think it’s fair to say we were all disappointed when it was over, not to say that we didn’t watch it time and time again after, because we did. Appearing on the Conan O Brien talk show in his character role, Steve Farrell announced the return of the sequel of Anchorman, with lapels flaring and a jazz flute in hand, in true style. Since then, the appearance and marketing of Ron Burgundy have reached new levels in the United States. In assaultive fashion, the pre release marketing of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues has exceeded that of any other movie including the tie-ins between The Dark Knight and Mountain Dew and Man of Steel. and Gillette.



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There has been a Ron burgundy autobiography, as well as appearances on ESPN, MTV and even on a Canadian curling competiton. Further promotion has been featured on Ben and Jerrys ice cream tubs and across multiple car commercials. It’s kind of a big deal! Even Farrell was shocked, as he told Adweek, ‘This is the mostcomprehensive amount of material I’ve ever participated in’ I’m taken aback’ Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues has already racked up about 50 million mentions across social media, including 50,000 in just one week. In the words of Ron Burgundy, ‘ Don’t act like you’re not impressed’. Amongst all the anticipation, there is some speculation though. With the sequel being relished by everyone that has layed eyes on Burgundy, including critics, could we possibly indulge in too much Afternoon Delight? Apparently not, with just 2% of negativity surrounding the film in online conversation. Thankfully the long and overdue wait is nearly over for the second installment of Anchorman and now the Channel 4 News Team can asemble again in true force.

Not to mention there will be new faces appearing in the form of an impressive list of cameo appearances including Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Sacha Baron Cohen plus many many more, but we don’t want to give too much away just yet. This is definitely the most anticipated release of the year and probably most anticipated release ever, period. Due to the volume of marketing, the sequel has a massive amount of pressure beneath it to live up to it’s golden reputation, let’s hope it hasn’t bitten off more than it can chew. Of course we are all backing the film to succeed, and we here at Men’s Universe have no doubts that it will. With nine years to reinvent Ron Burgunday, Paramount haven’t been strapped for time, which add’s more pressure on the success of it. With an estimated production budget of $50,000000, thats right 50 million dollars, it doesn’t seem like Paramount are not taking any shortcuts. Anchorman racked up a domestic profit of $85,288, 303 in Box Office revenue, making a cool $28,416,365 in it’s opening weekend.

With humungous anticipation worldwide, what can we expect from the Channel 4 News Team this time round? Well, after their prosperity at Channel 4, the group are now disbanded and are at rock-bottom in the 80s, until a 24 hour news channel is being put together, of which the group is recruited to join,which fuels their next adventure. That is the basis, but you can expect a whole lot more. It’s clear that Farrell and McKay are trying not to give too much away, although there are a few lengthy tasters among a range of trailers. All of the original cast are returning including characters, Brick (Steve Carrell), Veronica Burgundy (Christina Applegate), Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd), Champ Kind (DavidKoechner) and of course Ron Burgundy (Steve Farrell).

In a few months, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues will take to the screens, causing pandemonium among film lovers and Ron Burgundy lovers. Tickets will be sure to sell out, it’s a no brainer. We here at Men’s Universe have managed to get our hands on 2 tickets to the first screening in the United Kingdom, part of the Jameson Cult Film Club, a week before it’s UK release on the 18th of December. To enter, head to the Film page on our website Remember, stay classy!



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Television & Film

DiCaprio Leads A Biopic Takeover

Captain Phillips, Diana and Jobs are just three biographical films that have been released this year, and with more to come, it is safe to say 2013 has certainly been a busy year for Biopics.

Words Adam Baldwin


One of the most highly anticipated films of this year is Scorsese’s adaptation of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ with Leonardo DiCaprio playing the mastermind behind an illegal brokerage firm in New York.

he last decade has, without a doubt proven to be a purple-patch for biographical films with no less than nine leading actors/actresses from biopics taking home an Oscar in the last 10 years. 2013 has been no different with a number of biopics already released. It certainly seems as though directors are jumping on the biopic bandwagon, but the question is can this years films live up to the high expectations of their predecessors? We first look at the more successful biopics to have been released this year with the first being ‘42’ which is based on the life and career of baseball legend Jackie Robinson (right) who was the first African-American player to play in Major League Baseball. Chadwick Boseman takes the lead role in the film and excels as the controversial Robinson. The battle that Robinson experiences both within his own team and within the league is one that inspires and reminds

viewers of the harsh reality for African-Americans in the not too distant past. Such an inspiring story was always going to be a success in the States but it is a credit to the acting of Boseman that the film has been so well received outside of the states also. Next up is the Oscar-tipped ‘Captain Phillips’ led by the evergreen Tom Hanks. We’ve all come to expect great things of Tom Hanks after years of successful movies and magnificent onscreen depictions but this is some of his finest work since the days of ‘Castaway’ and ‘Green Mile’. There is no globally recognised name at the centre of this film, there is simply a man who was an everyday shipping captain until his ship was hijacked by Somali


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pirates. This is something that adds an element to the film as the events that transpire onboard the ship are not as well documented as say, the career of Jackie Robinson was. Phillips is shown as a hard-working and loyal captain who remains calm despite having his distress signal ignored as the life-threatening, volatile situation he and his crew find themselves in is realised. Hanks’ on-screen relationship with the leader of the pirates played by Barkhad Abdi, who’s stunning on-screen debut has deservedly taken plaudits, is one of the many aspects that make this a front-runner to take home Oscar gold. The power struggle between the two is central to the film and credits both actors’ acting abilities. Now we have ‘Saving Mr Banks’. Despite Tom Hanks playing the famous Walt Disney, the film is centred around Emma Thompson’s character, P.L Travers; the author of the Mary Poppins series. The film tells the story of Disney’s desire to bring Poppins to life on the big screen, which is contrasted with Travers’ reluctance to giveaway her cherished character. We witness the importance of Mary Poppins to Travers as she retells her less-than cherished childhood revealing that Poppins was in fact based on a real person. Flashbacks include Colin Farrell as Travers’ father who’s performance must also be praised. This is an all round fantastic film offering an insight into the minds of Disney and Travers as well as their troublesome relationship and the 20-year chase Disney made to put Poppins on the big screen. Unfortunately for every great film there is one that is just as bad and the biopics of 2013 are no different. Very much like the 2011 film ‘J. Edgar’ this year’s ‘Jobs’ had

great potential as it focused on such a well-known figure who generated much interest. However, much like the 2011 film, ‘Jobs’ did not fulfill its potential. Ashton Kutcher was really pushing is acting boundaries for this film, I mean for an actor who boasts a résumé of a couple of rom-coms, a bit-part in ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ and a patchy Charlie Sheen replacement on a sitcom, expectations were always low for his portrayal of Steve Jobs. The co-founder of Apple was a creative genius and someone who’s imagination drove forward his company’s product, ironically creativity and imagination are exactly what this film is lacking. The predictability of the storyline as Jobs returns in a hurried finale to save his company has been done one too many times in Hollywood. With the film being centered around boardroom controversies rather than the creative geniuses behind Apple audiences truly struggle to remain engaged. The fact that the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak chose to support and help develop Aaron Sorkin’s currently untitled Steve Jobs film rather than this flop says it all. Wozniak had a lack of faith in the film, much like audiences did after the first ten minutes. Despite its flaws ‘Jobs’ is made to look like a respectable film when pitted against one of the biggest flops of this year, ‘Diana’. What great potential this film had; a globally adorned yet mysterious character in Lady Diana, a royal lifestyle the world has longed to be invited in to and a former Academy Award nominee leading actress in Naomi Watts (above). So on what fronts did this film fail? To be perfectly honest it would be much quicker to name where it didn’t fail. Watts’ average performance as the Princess of Wales may not have been so heavily criticised if it wasn’t for the

poor scriptwriting and screenplay that put a vast percentage of the audience to sleep. The depressing and unfulfilling focus of the film is Diana’s final two years, where she is depicted as an emotional recluse who longs to distance herself from the celebrity lifestyle she has been thrust into. This results in the exclusion of the most interesting years of Diana’s life when she was amongst the royal family whilst also being on the front page of almost every newspaper, and the demise of her marriage to Prince Charles. To summarise ‘Diana’ was a missed opportunity. A quick mention must be given to one of the most anticipated films of the year and that is ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ featuring a stellar cast of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill andMatthew McConaughey which is due for release on Christmas Day. DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort, a crafty New York stockbroker who heads the brokerage firm, Stratton Oakmon. Belfort was charged with security fraud and money laundering in 1998 for which he spent 22 months in prison. The film focuses on the lavish lifestyle of Belfort and his employees during their time at the brokerage firm, as well as the demise of their illegal operation. We expect a classic and nothing less from Scorsese and DiCaprio, simple as. ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ arrives in cinemas on 25th December 2013.


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Box Sets For Your Bachelor Pad


o your brand new bachelor pad is complete, new bed is in place, nice sofas in the lounge and the fridge is even full. Everything’s great until you realise there’s nothing to watch on your perfect new television. Well here, MU looks at some TV box sets that can fill that void in your pad. In its three seasons, Suits has taken audiences by storm. Gabriel Macht plays the egotistical yet loveable Harvey Specter, one of the top names at Pearson/Hardman law firm. Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adams is a whizz kid who wows Harvey into giving him a job within the firm despite never graduating from Harvard (a necessity in order to work at Pearson/Hardman). The three seasons that have been aired to date narrate the tough times both Harvey and Mike have concealing Mike’s lie whilst also being heavily involved with some of the most high profile cases in New York City. Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres offer plenty of eye-candy to accompany the ever-gripping storylines. There’s no way around it, Breaking Bad is one of the greatest television series of the last decade. Bryan Cranston (left), who in a former life was Hal from Malcolm in the Middle, plays Walter White, a chemistry teacher recently diagnosed with cancer. Walt’s concerns for his family’s financial well-being after he passes lead to him adopting a new lifestyle as a crystal-meth cook. The rollercoaster relationship between Walt and his protégée, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) is one that will keep you entertained through all five seasons. As the pair’s drug empire grows Walter is put under growing

Words Adam Baldwin

pressure to maintain his facade of being a regular family man whilst also announcing himself as a drug lord. Five best friends living in the luxurious surroundings of Los Angeles with no worries in the world; that pretty much summarises the carefree world of Entourage. The shows eight seasons revolve around Vincent, an A-List actor who has bought his five childhood friends from Queens along with him for the ride of a lifetime. Most episodes feature a guest appearance with the likes of Kanye West, Martin Scorsese and LeBron James playing themselves. Last but certainly not least is the much loved, hilarious sitcom, Fawlty Towers. Despite it’s brief time on our screens the tales of Basil Fawlty and his less than adequate Hotel staff gave us priceless comedy moments. Writer and lead actor John Cleese’s work with Spanish waiter, Manuel (Andrew Sachs) is one of the most memorable on -screen partnerships of all time. You are guaranteed to laugh until your belly aches and then rewind it to watch it all over again.

“I Know Nothing!” - John Cleese and Andrew Sachs gave audiences some unforgettable slapstick moments on Fawlty Towers.

So there it is, MU’s list of must-have box sets for any television-loving bachelor. From Law to Chemistry, from Los Angeles to Torquay, this list certainly offers a wide range of choices to get ride of that empty feeling you find yourself experiencing when the TV guide deprives you of great tv.


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Television and Film

The plot itself shrouds you in mystery from the very start. Starting from a seemingly simple excavation mission where Jack and Vika appear happy with constant references to how effective they are as ‘a team’, the dreams Jack experience start to hint to a deeper underlying issue, keeping you guessing to what the meaning behind them could be. Some would argue that the predictability of forthcoming events are high and they would be correct, but the execution still manages to fill you with an overwhelming sense of anticipation and excitement fitting of a blockbuster Sci-fi picture. As we all know, CGI (computer graphic imagery) has drastically evolved and revolutionised this specific genre more than any other. From the early special effects displayed in titles such as Ridley Scott’s ‘Aliens to the bench mark setter of James Cameron’s record breaking ‘Avatar’, computers have given producers the power to enhance and produce the ultimate film experience. Oblivion, coupled with new age computer technology

and a world dominated by High Definition viewing, really is in a world of its own. The incredible visual graphics portray what could be an inevitable outcome for mankind and our planet. The area in which Harper explores in search of malfunctioning drones is in fact an apocalyptic post war New York City. To recreate the chaotic and desolate landscape, CGI (Computer Graphic Imagery) technicians decided on using one of New York’s most iconic buildings, The Empire State Building, transforming it into a relic located in an inhospitable and lifeless desert. Every scene captivates you with its immense high definition, detailing the incredible development of the graphic design industry and it’s revolutionary collaboration with film. An enormous 500 by 45 foot canvas consisting of 21 monitors, using volcanic footing from Hawaii, transforms The Earth from a world of beauty into the chaotic and baron warzone it has become with complete precision. It’s not just the aesthetic connotations of the film that are impressive and intriguing. As has alway been tradition, the musical score plays just as vital a role as the lead actors do.

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n recent years science fiction films have largely failed to achieve the heights in which is expected of this big budget genre. Millions upon millions of production company’s budgets have been blown in the attempts to recreate the success of Sci-Fi blockbusters like ‘The Matrix’ or ‘Avatar’. But now with Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion, we have a real contender.

After an exo-planetary invasion, a war broke out to prevent the extinction of mankind. Using nuclear weapons, the humans won the war but at the cost of the planet. The Earth now is an apocalyptic and desolate world with the surviving humans now aboard a space station in orbit of the planet, The Tet, with the view of planetary immigration to one of Saturn’s moons, Titan. Based on the non-published graphic novel by Joseph Kolsinski, the year is 2077, a mandatory memory wipe has been initiated and Drone technician Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) and his communications partner Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) are among the last humans on Earth. Living in sky station that dwarfs every pre-existing landmark on the planet, their mission is to maintain armed drones that protect the enormous hydro pumps which are excavating the last of the planets water for the immigration to Titan. Victoria is in charge of mission briefings and is constantly in contact with The Tet and its missions control officer, Sally (Melissa Leo). As the story unfolds, Jack is haunted by memories he isn’t sure are real. He is unclear of his past after the memory wipe but constantly dreams of a woman in New York before the war has started. His memory manifests when he comes in to contact with relics he discovers on his maintenance trips and one in particular sticks with him, a roman poetry book. Upon this discovery, Jack is ambushed by ‘Scavs’, invaders that have remained on the planet and scavenge off the desolate Earth. As the extraordinary events unfold, it rapidly becomes clear that Jack Harper is no ordinary technician and his role on the planet and his obsession with the past are interconnecting in what can only be described as a mind blowing sequence of revelations in the plot. As the story unfolds, Jack is haunted by memories he isn’t sure are real. He is unclear of his past after the memory wipe but constantly dreams of a woman in New York before the war has started. His memory manifests when he comes in to contact with relics he discovers on his maintenace trips and one in particular sticks with him, a roman poetry book It begins to appear that Jack Harper is no ordinary technician and his role on the planet and his obsession with the past interconnect in what can only be described as a mind-blowing sequence of revelations in the plot. After discovering what seems to be a ship crash landing, Jack races to the site of impact and makes a shocking discovery. The onsite drones are destroying human pods from the ship and before the very last one can be exterminated Jack intervenes and discovers that the woman he constantly dreams about is inside the pod. More memorys continue to resurface and reveal the inevitable that the woman is in fact his wife, Julia (Olga Kurylenko), from a past life.

FUTURE Composer Joseph Trapanese, famed for his strange collaborations of classical and electro music, has yet again produced another musical masterclass. Over the years, Trapanese has forged reputation which has seen him collaborate with high profile artists such as Daft Punk and Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park to help produce the iconic soundtrack for the blovkbuster ‘Tron Legacy’ as well as the TV Spinn off. With experience already in the Sci-fi genre, Trapanese was ordered to create something that would be instantly recognisable in the genre but set itself apart from all of its predecessors. It is safe to say that he accomplished this in quite some style. The Oblivion soundtrack completely captivates and immerses you into the world you see before your eyes, synchronising emotion effortlessly. There isn’t a moment where the music isn’t causing fluctuations

whilst edging you inch by inch off your seat. Some would argue that a soundtrack is designed to do this anyway, but the way in which Trapanese has interpreted and executed the score gives its viewers the ultimate cinematic experience. Oblivion is the answer to what every Sci-Fi fan has been craving since the release of Avatar. Although the popularity and success is nowhere near the level of James Cameron’s epic, it still delivers the intensity and visual excitement needed in order to set the Sci-Fi world a light. MU RATING: 9/10 Images BBC PICTURES Words Dan Cutforth

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“The series has cultivated a massive following since it’s 2008 debut. Five years and an equal number of seasons later and Vince Gilligan’s dark ‘Breaking Bad’ has finally drawn to a close with a ending that lead to a light at the end of the tunnel for a certain character, and a very different but deserving conclusion for another. What made Breaking bad so successful? Time to take a retroactive look back at the history of the show. WARNING. Spoilers to follow!


ive years ago a programme premiered to a warm critical reception in the US. 1.4 million sat and watched a chemistry teacher and family man, in his underwear trying to cook crystal meth with an ex-student of his, who dealt and took drugs. It wasn’t immediately a huge success. Due to the Writers Guild of America strike that affected many shows running in 2008, only 7 of the original 9 episodes were filmed and the season ended quite abruptly. 5 seasons later and the show has drawn to a close. 11.9 million viewers in the US tuned in to watch the final fate of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. That show was Breaking Bad. It is common knowledge that series creator Vince Gilligan had originally planned that Aaron Paul’s ‘Jesse Pinkman’ was to be killed off towards the end of season 1. When

questioned about it in the past, he reasoned that Aaron Paul’s interpretation of the character was so strong and interesting that he decided to keep him around. Whether this is the real reason is unknown. After all, the writers’ strike caused the first season to be cut short; it could have been that the writers’ strike saved Jesse. Undoubtedly a wise choice for Gilligan, Jesse went on to become a fan favourite, with funny quips and catch phrases (“yeah, science bitch!”), and more importantly a relatable, sympathetic personality. It might have come to a surprise to some that in the end of it all Jesse, the drug dealer, meth abusing ex-student rode away into the sunset, whilst the protagonist, loving husband and genius high school teacher was left to die alone in a meth lab. But hold on; that’s not quite the full story....


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Crystal Blue Persuasion Words Harry Molyneux “Chemistry is the study of transformation”, expresses protagonist Walt to a class of high school students early in the first season. Later that same season Tuco Salamanca, a violent drug dealer, receives a batch of the iconic blue meth from Walter who is disguised under the pseudonym, ‘Heisenberg’. Gilligan has said in the past that plans for Walter White always involved him going from good guy all the way to the other end of the moral spectrum. That change is expertly subtle when viewed episode by episode but when viewed as a whole, becomes more obvious. As his journey begins, Walter White is diagnosed with lung cancer; Walt’s family plead him to have treatment on his cancer after explaining how he wants to be able to make his own choice not to. After requesting a ride along with his DEA agent and brother in law Hank, he comes across an old student of his, Jesse. With Jesse’s knowledge of dealing drugs and Walt’s extensive knowledge of the chemistry involved, the pair quickly manages to create a product they can make and sell at a high price. Enough to pay for Walt’s cancer treatment. Contrast this with what Walt admits to his wife in the very last episode, ‘Felina’ before parting for the final time: “I did it for me. I was good at it”. That single line says everything you need to know about the change that happened to his attitude between the first and last seasons. Walt, a family man and teacher, wanted to take his knowledge of chemistry and apply it, in secret, to criminal activity in order to please his family and not ruin them financially. Fast forward five seasons and he’s managed to use his intelligence and blue meth to make a name for his ‘Heisenberg’ alter-ego in the drug world, as a producer of the finest crystal meth and the killer of the largest criminal drug supplier in the state of Albuquerque. Layers of Walter White have been stripped away to the point where all that remains is ‘Heisenberg’. Consider Walters view on violence in the beginning of Breaking Bad. In the pilot episode he is forced to use a chemical reaction in order to escape being forced to cook methamphetamine at gun point by two of Jesse’s old associates. After one survives (Krazy-8) and is locked in Jesse’s basement, Walt ponders for days about what to do with him, creating a list of reasons why he shouldn’t kill him including, most importantly, “murder is wrong”. The only possible reason to kill him being “He’ll kill your entire family if you let him go”. Ultimately, after realising Krazy-8 has tried to

manipulate and murder him, Walt manages to kill him in what is surely one of the most disturbing scenes in all of breaking bad for not only the viewer, but Walt himself. But by the end of the show Walt has racked up an impressive kill count, each appearing easier for him than the last. By the very end episode, he has rigged up a machine gun slaughtering a room full of drug dealers, seemingly without remorse. This leads on to something a bit more… out there. Bear with me on this. There is a theory that every time Walt (or Heisenberg, however you chose to perceive it) kills someone, he adopted one of their traits. For example, the previously mentioned Krazy-8 took his sandwiches without crusts. Walt kills him and all of a sudden, Walt’s sandwiches are crust free. Ok maybe you need more proof than that. At the end of the fourth season, Walt puts an end to Gus Fring, who regularly would be seen driving a Volvo; what car is Walt seen entering in the following episode? You guessed it. And remember Mike? He loved his drink on the rocks, well so does Walt now. They are small nods by the writers but, in a series full of foreshadowing, are clear clues as to Walt’s deteriorating moral values. Then there’s Walt’s faithful companion, Jesse Pinkman. At the beginning of the series Jesse is a meth abusing lowlife, who Walt uses as a means to an end. However, as everything progresses and Walt spirals out of control, Jesse seems to mature massively. Imagine a set of scales; every time Walt does something awful it seems to affect Jesse in one way or another. As Walt’s side of the scale dips lower and lower, Jesse grows up. His character’s story arc from beginning to end is an emotional roller coaster that is heart wrenching to watch. Given everything that Walt puts Jesse through, it’s insane to think that as the programme drew to a close, the audience wanted nothing more than for Jesse to finally get away from it all, and for Walt to face the consequences. When ending Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan and the writers chose the kill their protagonist and give him a sad, but deserving ending. For the entire run of the show, Walter White became more selfish, more evil, and more like the ‘Heisenberg’ he created as a personality to intimidate his criminal partners. A personality he eventually embodied. From chemistry teacher to murdering drug lord. Despite his redeeming final act, let’s be honest he got what was coming.


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“From chemistry teacher to murdering drug lord”


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Spanning over 10,000km2, Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies.

7 Natural Wonders You’ve Never Heard of Escape the crowds of the world famous natural wonders and visit these tranquil paradises where queues are a thing of the past. Words Adam Baldwin


There are around 1300 Elk in Jasper National Park.

here is a long standing debate about what the seven natural wonders of the world are. Many lists have been compiled but none made official. It is a matter of opinion and one that presents the true beauty of the world we live in. Whilst we here at MU cannot provide a definitive list of the natural wonders we can certainly provide you with some truly unique natural wonders you won’t have seen in any other compilation.

The Son Doong Cave in Vietnam

is Earth’s largest known cave passage, measuring a staggering 2.7miles in length and 460ft in height; twice the size of the former largest cave, the

Deer Cave in Malaysia. It is located in the Quang Binh province of Vietnam and was only discovered in 1991 by a local man. Due to its recent discovery the cave remains largely unexplored although researchers believe there is a network of a further 150 caves once inside Son Doong. Despite being hidden in the dense jungles of Vietnam where seasonal rainfall is very high, there are times of the year when it is safe to venture into the cave as long you’re accompanied by an experienced guide. The cave’s inner-shell is made of Limestone and is believed to have been eroded away some 2-5million years ago by a river, leaving the vast cave behind. It is sure to dwarf any cave you have ever seen before and give you an insight into the natural world like no other.


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Jasper National Park (left) is

an endless world of natural beauty. Featuring valleys, lakes, hot springs and even glaciers, Jasper is truly a bucket-list location. The wildlife is able to run free, undisturbed which allows visitors to view the likes of black bears, elk, moose and deer in their natural habitat. Hiking, fishing and lake dives are just a handful of the activities available to visitors ensuring that you will not be disappointed with your visit. Numerous hotels are available to guests at the park although camping is the preferred accommodation as it offers a perfect opportunity to connect with nature and experience Jasper’s incredible wildlife at night.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park (above right) sitting on

Croatia’s border with Bosnia & Herzegovina is the largest national park in Croatia and oldest in Southeast Europe. The clear water lakes are laid out in cascades that offer visitors a spectacular viewing. With small rivers and streams all contributing to the sixteen lakes there are various platforms to the wonder despite all the lakes being connected. The park is a glorious location for picturesque views and

The Baatara Gorge Waterfall (left) in Tannourine, Lebanon stands out because of the three natural bridges that cross over in front of it. The waterfall has a drop of 255 metres before it enters an enormous cave of Jurassic limestone. The drop into the cave gives the impression to onlookers that the waterfall simply falls into the abyss. You are able to walk across the natural bridges in order to get a better view of the falls or into the limestone cave below. If that is too close for comfort then there is terrific viewpoint for photographs just a minutes walk away from what is known as “the cave of the three bridges”. This natural beauty is one that has to been seen to truly appreciate it’s unique structure.

In 1979 the Plitvice National Park became one of the first natural sites worldwide to be added to the UNESCO World Heritage register.

peaceful walks through the blooming wildlife. Hikes are available allowing you to walk through and experience the wonderfully preserved park.

The Atlantic Road on the West Coast of Norway is an eight-kilometre stretch of road that weaves it’s way through the naturally made islands that connect the cities of Molde and Kristiansund. Placed at number one on ‘The Guardian’s list of best road trips’ this is certainly not one to miss for the driving enthusiasts. Despite the chance to see the likes of whales and seals when the weather is calm it is actually Autumn time that is the busiest for the road as many wish to experience the fierce and humbling displays of nature’s power when the winds are high. There are seven bridges along the road as well as four rest points that all provide stunning views of the open ocean alongside you. This particular destination offers a different experience to the other sites on this list as the enjoyment is the journey as well as the view. The Multnomah Falls situated

on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge may feature a bridge that looks like it belongs in Middle Earth but the falls, and the bridge are in fact real. There are two major drops to the falls, which allowed the unique looking bridge to be built over the plateau between them. The scenic views from the falls’ bridge make Multnomah a perfect destination to visit with the other half. The site has also become

an increasingly popular venue for marriage proposals and even wedding photo shoots. Be sure to take a camera with you when you visit this bridge and waterfall combo.

The Tianzi Mountains (below) in China are so unique in their formation that James Cameron even based some of the floating mountains in ‘Avatar’ on them. There are tall, freestanding formations to the mountain that give the impression they are floating as the weather in the region is often misty. The native tour guides take visitors on walks offering the best views as well as providing an insight into the history of the mountains. A view well worth the The Tianzi Mountains highest peak is trek up the 1,262 meters above the sea level. mountains and one you’ll be grateful you made. Post pictures and videos of your visits on: www.mensuniverse.



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TAKE ME 2 OUT Top 3 UK dates to ensure you stay up late



Words Max Ellis

verybody struggles with ideas for dates. Movies lack conversation, meals are far to obvious and countless things she ‘wishes she could do’ just simply aren’t affordable. After you’ve been seeing her for a while it will be time to step up the game. Your duty will be to take her out and impress her. We’ve done the thinking for you and discovered 5 of the most interesting, fashionable and romantic locations in the UK to take her on a date, for a price which isn’t going to lead to the conversation about skipping birthday presents, all you have to do is make sure you don’t mess it up.

FISTRAL BEACH in NEWQUAY is the ideal location for a romantic weekend by the beach. A town thats alive with culture and full of interesting locations, Newquay has become a well known resort in Cornwall; renound for surf and amongst a stunning rocky landscape. Kick back and embrace the stunning sun set as you sit at the Beach Bar. Nothing screams romance more than a walk along a sandy beach after a day enjoying the sound of waves, make sure you book a close hotel if this is where you want to take her.

CHESTER ZOO is the largest in the UK and will provide the ideal location for a daytime date. It may seem like an unlikely location for romance but with the surroundings of British countryside, quaint pubs and a stunning hotel onsight, the potential here is superb. If you’ve ever struggl;ed with conversation you won’t here, simply utter the words ‘look at that monkey, that’s cute’ and she will be talking about it for the next hour, until you see something better, this date is almost guranteed to be faultless.


The ICE BAR off Regent Street, LONDON is one of the most unique and impressive bars in the UK, with an interior made entirely of ice, its the perfect opportunity to get closer to your partner (literally). With a selection of cocktails available as well as a restaurant further below, this location is without a doubt the perfect ice breaker for a couple in its early stages, this experience provides an overwhelming sense of exclusivity and is sure to impress her.


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Label of the season Carhartt has you covered this Winter Words Sam Quilter

Culture With the colder months looming, it’s time to put away the bermuda shorts again for another year, and focus your attention towards your winter wardrobe. Our label of the season is ‘Carhartt’


Carhartt Force Cotton T-Shirt/Socks

ome brands enjoy a legacy for hard-working, durable goods that are both essential and recreational. The one that has paved the way for this is Carhartt.

With Winter rapidly approaching, it is essential to wrap up warm and still look good, which is why we have selected Carhartt as our label of the season. Being lighter, stronger, warmer and just overall better, the American brand caters for both work and play.

Our pick from the Force Collection is the Carhartt Force Cotton T-Shirt.

We have gathered a selection of just some of the workwear items of clothing that Carhartt has to offer starting with the Base Force collection, which are bottoms and crew neck tops constructed of 100% polyester which will keep you warm without overheating.

The 65/35 cotton/polyester shirts offer moisture wicking as well as stain release technologies. Our top pick though, which will suit any outfit this Winter is the Carhartt Quick Duck Woodward Traditional Jacket. As you can see below.

In our next edition we look forward in advance to Spring collections from brands including Ralph Lauren, A.P.C, Levis, Edwin and Nudie Jeans. For more details visit Carhartt Base Force Top



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Winter Whiskeys As one of the most popular types of spirit, we have picked a selection of bourbon Whiskeys that you need in your drinks cabanet this Christmas.


n the spirit of the Christmas season, we spend more money, we eat more, and we certainly drink more. Throughout the year, our drink cabanets look bare as they consist of a dusty selection of sprits and wines that were probably received as gifts. But during December, it is essential to stock up on fine beverages to accomodate for the festive period.

Honey and spice, a touch of cocoa, tasty oak, vanilla cream, a hint of butterscotch, notes of espresso beans, winter spice, rye ground ginger, almond oil, tasty oak, oh and a little rum... which should get your palate racing.

At the top of our alcholol wishlists this year is the quintessential and timeless spirit, ‘bourbon Whiskey’. Coming in a range of flavours, and hailing from the United States, this type of whiskey and all it’s varieties ranks high in popularity.

You can find this whiskey at many stockists including Master of Malt, priced at £28.85, (70 cl) or try a sample for £3.82 (3cl) just to get a taster of the imaginative flavours this spirit has to offer.

This is a must have kentucky bourbon whiskey, and it also makes a fantastic Old-fashioned cocktail.

Here at Men’s Universe, we aim to please by priding ourselves on finding you the best products that we can. For the winter months, we have rounded up three of the best bourbon Whiskeys on the market, that each are essential for anyone’s spirit collection this Christmas. Remember to drink responsibly!

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey (45.2%) As a brand of premium whiskey, Woodford Reserve is true to it’s roots. Brewed and distilled in Woodford County, Kentucky, this bourbon whiskey captures the heart and soul of the state. The tasting note for this whiskey is brimming with essences and flavours so we have tried to narrow it down for you. To put it shortly, this whiskey contains:



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Elijah Craig Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (47%) Named in honour of Elijah Craig a reverend who lived in Virginia, this 12 year old small batch Bourbon was originally stored in fire-damaged barrels, upon his discovery of aging bourbon in charred oak. This whiskey has one of the most beautiful noses found in the world today and a bourbon aroma that is as good as any. The nose is quite thick and full, and the tasting note includes toastyoak, toffee, spicy stewed fruits, a touch of resin and a lovely crème anglaise character. With a full palate of stewed Bramley apples, malmsley,a touch of aniseed and a hint of spice, these winter infused flavours are sure to warm up your throat. Availbale at many stockists, including Master of Malt, priced at £36.09 (70cl). Unfortunately we couldn’t find a sample for this, but you can be sure that you won’t just be buying one bottle, well worth it’s value.

Eagle Rare Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (45%) “Easily one of the most tactile yet assertive and expressive bourbons I’ve tasted in the last two years; fasten your seatbelts.” -Paul Pacult, The Spirit Journal Masterfully crafted and carefully aged for no less than 10 years, each barrel of this whiskey is discriminately selected. This rare breed of bourbon has a complex aroma and a smooth and lingering taste. As stated in the name, the rareness of this whiskey is evident from it’s consistent flavours with seemingly indivudal personalities from each unique barrel. The tasting notes include complex aromas of toffee, hints of orange peel, herbs, honey, leather and oak. The taste is bold, dry with oaky flavours and notes of candied almonds and very rich cocoa, with a dry and lingering finish. A perfect palate. Available at most stockists, including Master of Malt, priced at £36.80 (75cl). This might be hard to get hold of, but when in stock, move fast!

Going that step further for you, we have decided to pick our number one whiskey from the selection. Although it is of the higher price range as a premium whiskey, Elijah Craig Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is our top choice for this Winter. We have picked this because it oozes Wintery and warm flavours due to it’s seasonally adaptive tasting note. After trying all of the whiskeys, Elijah Craig left the best taste in our throat due to it’s lingering warmth. To share these flavours with you, we are giving you the chance to win a Christmas hamper including a bottle of Elijah Craig (70cl) as well as other festive treats. For your chance to win this great prize, follow our page on Twitter under #mens universe, and post your own recipe for a new Bourbon whiskey, winner will be selected in our next edition, good luck!



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Mens Universe - Issue One  


Mens Universe - Issue One