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Frontier Airlines Center, Milwaukee

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10TH ANNUAL SUSTAINABILITY SUMMIT AND EXPOSITION The Sustainability Summit and Exposition (formerly Green Energy Summit and Exposition) has grown and evolved in the last decade into a premier academic and professional conference. The Summit highlights economic trends and business opportunities in energy, water, infrastructure, transportation and workforce development. We encompass a broad range of systems and practices that will sustain Earth’s resources for future generations. You are invited to present, exhibit, sponsor and attend the Sustainability Summit and Exposition in March 2013, as we explore:


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Sustainability Summit’s Mission

Why You Should Participate in the Sustainability Summit

The Sustainability Summit and Exposition’s primary mission is motivation and education of

쐍 Discover how business, academia, government and non-profits are collaborating to develop competitive global coalitions

쐍 professionals, investors and entrepreneurs for opportunities in clean energy and sustainable practices 쐍 workers-in-transition and students to be important players in the future workforce. Our goal is to raise awareness of the historic opportunities propelled by the new economic wave of sustainability systems and practices – for investment, development, education and employment.

Sustainability Summit’s Highlights 쐍 Three days of outstanding local, regional, national and international speakers 쐍 In-depth sessions, panel discussions and workshops exploring a wide range of timely topics in energy and sustainability 쐍 Exhibits showcasing products, services and opportunities in investment, development, education and employment 쐍 Opportunities to network with leading industry, government, consumer and academic experts 쐍 Reception in exposition hall for sponsors, exhibitors and special guests 쐍 Special day-four events, including off-site excursions and workshops 쐍 3,400 participants, 150 presenters, 68 exhibitors (2012)

쐍 Recognize opportunities in meeting humanity’s growing needs for water, food and energy 쐍 Appreciate the nexus of business and individual ethics and social responsibility 쐍 Identify sustainable global investment and business opportunities 쐍 Network with like-minded colleagues, clients and seekers of careers in sustainability 쐍 Leverage sustainable business practices to boost the bottom line 쐍 Learn how to cultivate sustainable lifestyles 쐍 Realize the benefits of new technologies in product development and manufacturing 쐍 Learn from case studies how to establish sustainable supply chains 쐍 Understand pressures on natural resources and how to seek sustainable solutions

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Who Attends the Sustainability Summit?

Become a Sponsor and Increase Your Visibility

Our attendees comprise a broad spectrum of business, energy, water and sustainability stakeholders including 앫 Business owners and executives 앫 Energy providers and utilities 앫 Venture capitalists 앫 Strategists and consultants 앫 Elected representatives and policy makers 앫 Non-profits and environmental organizations 앫 Financial services providers 앫 Homeowners/consumers 앫 Interior designers 앫 Landscape architects 앫 Industrial and product manufacturers 앫 Installers and contractors 앫 Architects, builders and urban planners 앫 Schools, colleges and universities 앫 Professional organizations 앫 Government officials 앫 Educators from k-12 through graduate school 앫 Everyone interested in learning about sustainability best practices, products and services 앫 And, thanks to our generous sponsors, students from high school through graduate school, who may register free of charge

The Sustainability Summit and Exposition relies on the participation of generous sponsors to attract renowned speakers and to retain the beautiful facilities at Milwaukee’s Frontier Airlines Center. Importantly, sponsors also provide scholarships for student registration.

“ Sponsorship of the Sustainability Summit has proven to be an excellent way for our company to enhance the visibility of our green initiatives and share with others the bottom line benefits of sustainable business practices.” — Jeramy Lemieux, Sealed Air

In return, the Sustainability Summit and Exposition works hard to increase sponsor visibility among its attendees and audiences at large. We recognize all sponsors on the Summit website, via social media such as Facebook and Twitter, plus on widely distributed printed material and posters displayed during events. Sponsors may attend our day-one evening reception to network, expand your circle of influence and develop business partnerships. There are many other opportunities for sponsors to participate in the Summit, including in our outstanding program.

2013 Sustainability Summit Milwaukee  

2013 Sustainability Summit and Expo Presskit

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