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A Complete Wedding DJ Brisbane

` Wedding DJ Brisbane vs iPod: Why your reception needs a DJ! Wedding DJ Brisbane vs iPod Planning a wedding can be an exciting experience, especially when it comes to organising the reception. If you are planning a Brisbane wedding and are trying to decide on whether or not to have a live DJ instead of an iPod attached to some speakers, the answer is definitely DJ! Your wedding is a day you want to remember the rest of your life, and you don’t want to take the chance of your reception going downhill just because of the music. By hiring a professional DJ Brisbane, your wedding reception will be an event that you will never forget. DJ vs iPod, What’s the Difference? There are many differences between hiring a live DJ and hooking up a music player to a set of speakers. While technology has come a long way in today’s world and an iPod is very capable of providing your wedding reception with decent and acceptable music, the main component that will be missing is personal interaction. A DJ has a special way of interacting with the crowd in order to get them up on their feet and dancing, and a personal DJ will even start the dance party by stepping out on the dance floor for the first group dance of the reception. They have a way of making all the guests feel at ease, and an iPod may be able to do many things, but personal interaction is definitely not one of them!

High Quality Equipment Your DJ Brisbane will be fully equipped with high quality DJ equipment. This means that the songs won’t skip, the speakers won’t go crazy with loud and obnoxious feedback, and the volume will be kept at a perfect level throughout your event. They are in complete control of the music, so you don’t have to worry about your guests taking turns at playing DJ, which can mean playing the wrong song choices or repeating the same song over and over again just because they enjoy it. Your reception music will be personally selected by yourself and your DJ Brisbane, and the sound quality will be amazing. Personal Attention Before your wedding day, your DJ Brisbane will meet with you personally and go over the details of the reception. From the first dance between bride and groom to the final dance of the reception, you can pick and choose just what songs you want. Your DJ knows how to read a crowd, so they will no exactly when to play specific songs that will turn up the energy or mellow everyone out. They will also take requests from your guests, and since they have such a good ear for music and a knack for choosing the right song, they will take the liberty of weeding out any song requests that they feel will just not work. All and all Hiring a DJ Brisbane is definitely a better option than using an iPod. Your DJ will create a fun and friendly atmosphere, play amazing music, and work the crowd in just the right way, providing you with an unforgettable wedding reception. !

Why your reception needs a DJ  
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