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Wri$en and   Illustrated  by   Harry  Kis

Billy was young and energetic. His father, Richard was, overprotective, and that was an understatement.

Billy wasn’t allowed anywhere without being with a responsible adult.

Everyone at school thought that Billy was weird, because of this. But no matter how much he argued, Richard wouldn’t let him out of the house

One day after school, Richard was late to pick him up. Everyone had already left the school, leaving Billy to feel lonely.

He panicked! He’d never been alone in his life ever! He was as scared as a mouse. So he decided to run away.

Richard finally arrived at school, only to notice, no one was there! Richard looked through his things, to try and find his phone, he tried locating Billy, but Billy had turned his phone off!

Billy was approaching the local shops, to try use the phone, to call his dad, but everywhere was closed! But he saw a man, using his phone. “Sir, may I use your phone?� asked Billy.

The man was sceptical, about a young boy, wanting to borrow his phone, but he let him. Richard’s phone rang, he answered it frantically, to hear Billy’s voice on the other end.

Richard rushed to Billy, only to yell and scream at him! Billy wished he had never even called his Dad.

But it was for the best. Richard yelled at him, “You shouldn’t have run away! You’re in big trouble Billy!”

Billy realised that what he had done was wrong. He promised to never do such a silly, stupid thing ever again.

Billy’s Dad realised he’d been too overprotective and said “ Maybe i’ve been too overprotective. You can catch the school bus home from now on.”

He arrived home, only to have a nice warm bed, to rest in, after a frantic day of rushing around.