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There were times this year that I think the guys gonna do a final Into I didn't know if you're willing even ready to continue on with this process Katz et boy was I wrong and boy am I glad me too sketch on scale sheer for Jason a year ago you stepped on the scale anyway 362 Pure Forskolin Weight Loss Guide pounds here we are one year later ready to take that final step I am my friend go ahead step on the scale this because these at to stop feel very mastodon souls the in thoughts concerns to see below 200 that was my goal because I never ever thought it in my life so that's all I want to see yeah kitchen scale sheer alright the cry is along your body it's been worth it special look at that I'm just really glad they finally leaving yourself the way I did the heading on you never stop this is possible that much is true to admit that you're good at this how he said I want to hear you yell IKEA Ford now look who've lost over 300 pounds together and you’re running circles around kit which is just incredible to see our friends along are they've been following your story and they were so inspired by everything that you too have fun together they want to put together a ill something for you CNN's Brianna I'm going to get you guys up here in I'll ha the Jason your tech so who better teach the kids on educational tablets that are all slick now that often they want to make sure these guys are decked out with the latest and greatest technology so they're giving each last cast aware that I'm just yet wall-mart is also giving these twenty-five thousand dollar gift cards one for each deal the years oh my god yeah the with everything we've done and special the pact you change yourself not just for yourself but for your famsaid the and the next year I would like to feeling that such hypocrite.

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as a mother to actually show them how to eat right and exercise insider just tell them I think I don’t get myself ready for anything and I t...