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How is Truth related to History? by James Furneaux

"The Idea is what is true in and for itself, the absolute unity of Concept and Objectivity.’’ - Absolute Idea - Absolute Knowledge - Absolute Self Consciousness • Truth is the whole • Synthesis of all 'parts' • The assimilation of all Phenomena • Dialectical preservation Thesis



"The History of the world is none other than the progress of the consciousness of Freedom" • Through historical upheavals come advances • Periods of happiness = No Antithesis • Sphere of human activity • Humans not in control • Process of understanding • Plan of providence

"History, is a conscious, self-meditating process — Spirit emptied out into Time. " • Main changes in History come from changes in the main Categories • Philosophy, Art Religion etc all develop over time • Religion - a nation defining its own truth • Art - spirit expressing itself • Symbolic (Thesis)

Classical Romantic (Antithesis) (Synthesis)

• Each time and place has its own 'truth' • Religion is truth to some people • Cannot find answers in other periods • No universal truths • Self-recording, Self-narrating; Self aware

• Ranked civilisations by self awareness (progression towards truth) • Not permanent reality - awareness of their own reality • Less advanced population (Asia and Africa) gain better understanding of truth through interacting with self aware Europe + West • Perhaps rivalry in the future between nations is the antithesis

"Absolute Knowledge, in the form of the complete self-consciousness and selfpossession of spirit, is only available at the endpoint of the think process." • Absolute spirit moving towards a goal • Ends when Absolute spirit knows itself (end of time) • Assimilating all the Phenomena of human history (enlightenment) • Universal harmony • Expression of an infinite God • History

Self Awareness


Are we as a society able to forfeit our political, social and religious dogmas to forefill the search for the Truth?

how is truth related to history?