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Harry Coumnas Likes To Pamper Pets

Harry Coumnas is a kindhearted person who loves to spend time with his pets. He has three dogs and three cats. The names of dogs owned by him are Harry, Joe and buckwheat. Besides these three dogs, He feels relieved from his day to day work stress when he plays with his pets. Aside from indulging with his pets, he loves to perform various outdoor recreational activities.

He takes out ample time for sky diving from high mountains, roller coaster rides, driving fast cars, hitch hiking across the country and camping in woods. In addition to this, he has keen interest in watching movies on HBO cable channel, reading love stories and playing chess.

Harry Coumnas moves ahead with a positive attitude in life. He gives life changing advice to others and encourages them to accept all the challenges in life as they come. He is a friendly person who likes to accompany his friends for playing pool. He and his friends frequently go out

And play pool till late hours in the night. He never indulges in bad habits like drinking alcohol or consuming drugs.He is a teetotaler who helps his friends to quit or stay away from smoking and drinking habits.

About Harry Coumnas Harry Coumnas is a professional based in New York. He is a highly educated expert who studied Psychology and Political Science as his major subjects. He is a helpful, generous and family oriented human being. He comes from a large family of around 100 members who live in different parts of the world.

Harry Coumnas Likes To Pamper Pets