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Harry Coumnas Finds Pleasure In Riding A Motorbike

Harry Coumnas is a business owner who is applauded for his positive attitude towards the life. He has worked hard to achieve the heights of success. He pursued his education from prestigious educational institutes. He is full of life and wants to live every moment to the fullest.

He is an energetic person who loves to involve himself in both indoor and outdoor activities. For him, motorbikes are more than just the means of transport. He loves to ride his motorbike on weekends. Motorbikes are a popular mode of transport.

There are numerous motorbike enthusiasts all over the world. Motor biking is an expensive as well as dangerous hobby. You can find various models from different brands that offer motorcycles with different features. Harry Coumnas spends his free time riding his bike. He has vast knowledge of motorbikes and enjoys sharing his experiences .

He has also attended some of the biggest motorbike exhibitions. It involves many risks, so Harry Coumnas always wears helmet, jacket, gloves and boots to ensure the safety. He started riding bike for transportation, but now he strictly rides for fun and excitement and keeps searching for roads with twists, turnouts etc.

The pacific coast highway, which is 1700 miles from Astoria, Oregon to San Juan Capistrano, California, is considered to offer the best road trips. Harry Coumnas often rides along this highway.

The pacific coast highway presents cliffs, redwood forests, sleepy seaside towns, Olympic Peninsula, rustic Big Sur, Hearst Castle, beaches, world-class dining along a ribbon of winding that can provide thrilling riding.

Harry Coumnas Finds Pleasure In Riding A Motorbike