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Harry Coumnas Enjoys Exploring Caves

Harry Coumnas is a knowledgeable and experienced professional who has such a vast knowledge about his work that he can handle even the most complicated projects with ease. He is applauded for his dedication towards the work. He is very punctual with his work and wants the work to be done in a systematic manner.

Harry Coumnas is very energetic person and believes that a person should have at least one hobby that he/she can enjoy in his/her free time. Hobbies can reduce stress and also help one overcome boredom. Harry likes to gather data on caves, this activity is commonly known as caving or spelunking, or potholing or Speleology.

Speleology is the scientific study of caves including their makeup, structure, physical properties, and the processes by which caves form. Apart from this, speleology is also referred to as a recreational activity of exploring caves. This hobby has gained huge popularity in recent years.

Caves have been a point of fascination for people since ancient time and have served as a medium for shelter, religious rituals and punishment. Usually, it is recommended to do caving with a group of people. Each group member should be properly dressed and carry helmet with mounted lights and extra hand lights. The person who wants to go for caving should be physically and mentally strong.

Many people explore caves in order to learn about different species, rocks etc., but for Harry Coumnas, the major purpose of speleology is just to have fun. According to him, in order to survive in cave, you have to keep your spirits up because the conditions inside the cave may get worse.

Harry Coumnas advises people who are interested in speleology to remember one saying, 'take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints and kill nothing but time'. He is of the opinion that speleology is a science as well as an amazing recreational activity that is fun, exciting and challenging.

Harry Coumnas Enjoys Exploring Caves