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Harry Coumnas Loves Hitchhiking Across The Country

Hitchhiking, an adventurous activity is an economical way of travelling across different parts of the country. This popular sport is famously known as thumbing, hitching, autostop, tramping and thumbing up a ride. The hitchhikers request strangers for a ride from one place to another.

They solicit the rides for long as well as short routes by standing at the roadside and making a hand gesture. Hitchhiking involves challenges and adventures at every step. A hitchhiker gets a lot of chances to meet different people and interact with them. Besides, the hitchhikers make a number of new friends during their travel.

Moreover, they explore new places and cultures throughout their journey. Hitchhiking is an adventurous and fun sport that gives immense pleasure to hitchhikers. Harry Coumnas is very fond of travelling across the country by soliciting rides from unknown people.

Apart from hitchhiking, Harry Coumnas also likes to spend his free time in thrilling activities like camping in woods, driving fast cars, sky diving, roller coaster rides, playing basketball, etc. Harry Coumnas lives every moment of his life happily.

He feels relieved after playing with his pets. He possesses 6 pets in total that include 3 dogs and three cats. He also enjoys watching movies on HBO channel. He feels relaxed from day to day stress after watching old and latest movies.

At times, he reads love stories and plays chess to refresh his mind. Harry Coumnas is a New York based professional who studied Psychology and Political Science as his major subjects. He is a family oriented human being who also cares for the poor people in society.

He is a generous person and donates both his time and money for the welfare of underprivileged persons. In addition to this, he is a responsible citizen who follows all the rules and regulations.

He believes that implementation of rules is necessary for the overall growth and advancement of society. He also thinks that laws enable a person to differentiate between right and wrong. According to Harry Coumnas, regulations make society a safer place to live in.

Harry Coumnas Loves Hitchhiking Across The Country