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Harry Coumnas Is A Teetotaler

Harry Coumnas is family oriented and possesses strong family values. He likes to spend quality time with his family members. He has a large family of over 100 members who reside in different parts of the world including Western Europe, Australia and India. He is a responsible person and follows all the rules and regulations which are made for the society.

He believes that laws make a society more secure and civilized for human existence. He is a teetotaler and hates all types of alcoholic drinks and drugs. His many friends are drunker and take alcohol all night but he doesn't involve in consuming alcohol and drugs. Being a teetotaler, he advices people staying away from drugs.

Harry Coumnas is very sincere about his health and enjoys different sports. He believes that sports make him fit and healthy. He likes wrestling and has won many wrestling championship awards at college level. He is also a good basketball player and has played for the famous Knicks basketball team in New York. He is an adventurous person and a nature lover.

He involves in various adventurous activities such as sky diving, camping in the woods, hitch-hiking, riding in the roller coaster and driving very fast cars etc. He believes that involving in adventurous activities makes him close to the nature. He also likes pets and has 6 pets. He spends his free time with his pets which give him relief from the mind stress.

About Harry Coumnas Harry Coumnas is a well-educated professional based in New York. He is an optimistic person and believes in philanthropy. He helps the poor and underprivileged children. He involves in several charity programs and makes monitory contributions for donations and communities.

Harry Coumnas Is A Teetotaler