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Harry Coumnas - A Fitness Trainer From London

Harry Coumnas is a responsible citizen of United Kingdom who turned his hobby of fitness into a fullfledged career. Since beginning, he has been a huge fan of body builders and that is why, he attended the London Institute of Fitness in order to be a certified fitness trainer.

He has received his Master Trainer certification from the London Institute of Fitness and became a professional trainer. He began working for many international fitness club chains which is located all across UK. He was also appointed as a private fitness trainer and health coordinator at two of the most popular hotels in all over UK.

He has earned immense experience in personal training as well as health and fitness management while working with numerous health clubs in UK. Presently, he is the proud owner and president of his own fitness club. Harry Coumnas always believed that hard work is the only key of success and that is why,

He was a straight A student in his college who scored top grades in every subject. Apart from this, he was honored with a certificate of merit for playing rugby for his college. In addition to this, he also represented his college in other sports that include volleyball and athletics.

About Harry Coumnas Harry Coumnas is a renowned fitness trainer from London, UK who also know his responsibilites towards the society and believes that everyone should contribute for the betterment of the society. He is based in South Africa and has been working for the last many years to help people in overcoming the obstacles that they are facing in their lives and lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Harry Coumnas - A Fitness Trainer From London