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Planning To Make Wedding Reception Perfect Good planning will make or break your wedding reception, just ask any wedding planners. Although making your wedding go as smoothly as possible is the job of any wedding organizer, it is still best to get your hands in on all the details of your wedding. Planning can be a daunting task but knowing and doing your homework can ensure that your wedding will be the wedding of the year. With that said, here are some things that you might want to consider to ensure the success of your special event. Wedding Reception: The type of reception that you would be having is important as well as the budget that you are willing to spend. Brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, champagne and cake, cocktail or a full service dinner reception are the types of receptions that are available for you. In choosing the reception type, consider the guests that you will be having, time, date, activities and the cost of the whole reception. A brunch wedding can be ideal if you are a morning person and love to get married while the sun is still not hot or you have to leave for your honeymoon on the same day. It is also less expensive than a dinner reception as you would be serving brunch. One disadvantage though is that some guests might live far away and would have to travel long distances to be able to attend the wedding. Preparation time for the wedding itself is also limited which might not be convenient for some wedding entourage unless they stay overnight at where the would-be married couples are. A lunch reception is more ideal in this case as it would give the wedding entourage more preparation time and food costs can be almost the same as the brunch. Afternoon tea receptions and champagne and cake receptions are less practiced today although it is the best option for those who are on a tight budget. Reception would include serving of cakes, finger sandwiches, eclairs, hot tea and/or chocolates. It is best to mention the reception type

in the invitation to prevent the guest from expecting a full course meal. A dinner reception is the most formal and in fact expensive reception because it not only includes a full course meal, it also includes plenty of activities and many guests might leave the party in the wee hours as it would also include after party cocktails. Although the reception is a bit expensive, it is also the perfect way to end one’s wedding in Hawaii.

Wedding Packages Once you determine the type of reception that you want or still want to know more about the wedding reception types, you might want to consider talking with a wedding planner who specializes in Hawaii beach weddings and can offer best Hawaii wedding packages. They would be able to set up meetings with caterers, professional photographers and other wedding experts in the area for you to be able to make an informed decision. There are plenty of wedding planners in Hawaii as it is considered as one of the popular places to get married; however, an expert can make your special day perfect.

Planning To Make Wedding Reception Perfect