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Reasons why job hopping is bad Hopping from one job to another may appear very simple to you. But do you know about the repercussions of having such an attitude towards your career? Here we present to you some of the downsides of being a job hopper.

1. No employer will trust you – This is the first bad effect you will see because of your job hopping behavior. As your resume shows off more and more companies, new employers may find it very difficult to trust you. Finally, you have to settle for a job that’s not as pleasing as you want it to be. They will know that you will not serve them for long and plan to leave the job at the slightest instance of trouble in the company. 2. You are never satisfied – The biggest problem you will face is that you will never be satisfied with any job. You will always be disturbed and frequent changing of jobs will give you a lot of mental discomfort. After you’ve adjusted with a new company, you suddenly hop to another company which clearly shows that you can’t handle responsibilities and adjust with people. 3. You will be the first person to be laid off – Given your attitude towards jobs, you will be the first person to be thrown out during layoffs. Your boss may not think twice before suspending you from the job due to the number of companies you’ve changed in the past. 4. Your resume will look really bad – Your resume will be filled with job stints of less than a year that leaves a very bad impression. Submitting an attractive resume is your first step towards a lucrative career. The number of jobs you’ve been in shows that you are just not reliable and responsible and so you will be rejected in the first round itself. 5. People will doubt your judgment –Considering that you do not have a stable career, people will begin to question your judgment. They would wonder why you keep switching jobs and cannot stay consistent in a particular workplace. According to them, the distant hill is always greener for you. 6. You cannot build stable relationships – Having a job does not mean you are only connected on a professional level, but it is a great socializing avenue as well. You meet people; you learn to

adjust with new colleagues and surroundings which is a very important aspect of work life. Your unstable career will reflect in your relationships as well. 7. You lack commitment – A job is just a money making source for you. You do not give your hundred percent in any job you do. You have no sense of commitment towards a particular job as you know you’ll finally land up somewhere else.

These are some of the cons of being a job hopper. Your career is the most important aspect of your life, so you have to be very careful. Happy working!

Job hopping is becoming a common phenomenon in today’s work culture. However, there are only bad effects of having such an attitude towards work. The above mentioned points will tell you why job hopping is a bad idea.

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Reasons why job hopping is bad