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Training portfolio of Haribabu M, student of architecture June 2014

Portfolio Architecture

This is one of my assignments of first sem. In this i was supposed to create a model by subtracting mass of a solid cube without disturbing the whole profile of the cube (i.e. when one glance at the end product,it should be known that the form was formed by cutting the cube.


Kill the cube

silhoutte of buildings

FORM falling skyscrappers

take up the stairs


I don’t have any idea in what formula I should slice this thing.... so I planned to have an concept in mind and sliced accordingly. and this is my end product.


concept is to create a comical structure with a storythat the nature is static and long living thing and the buildings are illusions and they will get destroyed after a

particular point of time. Big skyscrapers are falling over a small building and both are getting destroyed. so take up a stairs and search for a green space.


Parking spaces



floor plan

plan level Plan of the library is rectangular with zig zag edges. This is done in order to allow proper amount of diffused light inside the library and to use the space efficiently for parking. Redesigning the central library located in trichiraplalli is a th design project of my 5 semester. Site given to this project located in core of the city,scope of the site is very good. so i Concentrated more on ventilation,lighting and aesthatics of the building

since the site is located in heart of the city noise will be more ,which should be avoided to the maximum in the design . section

Shaded areas

Ground floor plan

1st Floor plan

The project given is design a holiday resort for tourist who are coming to visit the historical famous Kalanai dam in trichirapalli.the site was given near a park in kalanai which is covered by water bodies in two sides.

The scope of the site is very good.since it is covered by water bodies in two sides the view for the spaces in the resort will be very good and the site is also rectangular one so there won’ t be any disturbance in the flow of ideas for the designing of the resort. I want the roof of the resort to be free flowing like the near by river cavery flowing two sides of the site and I planned a ramp in the shade of the resort so that people can enjoy the sunrise and dawn in the river.

PROBLEM evolution of form

The project is to create a chillout space in NIT campus to the annual technical fest “PRAGYAN�the total fund for this project is Rs.1,00, the project should be designed in way that it does not exceed this amount.This is a open competition.Name of this competition is AKRITI.

This is my entry to that competition and got selected for second price.Site was given inside the campus.Pragyan is one of the ISO certified technical fest in india,so we should keep in mind that and design to accomodate every one.

site ceesat barn hall



The site is given closer to barn hall and lecture hall complex so that to way access is provided and is easily accessible for the students from hostel and the people from main gate of the collage campus. The stucture should be portable and should be in the way that it can be used for the future years of pragyan. The stage can be viewed from all the corners of the designed space.Bamboo arch gives a pleasing appearance and it adds beaut y to the design.they also let dif fused light inside and the pat tern of the shadows will be seen interesting.

cost Estimation


The total cost expense is a maximum of


I decided to create a space whic h should depict an amphitheater.and this space should not be formal like having chairs and other equipments.The structure itself has to provide this seating space.since this is going to be in thuvakudi we used the locally available material bamboo sticks

COMPETITION for pragyan 13


flip flop Wash basin Indian bathroom

Flip flop basin bathroom

Space conservation: Normal indian toilets won’t be having a bathtub to bath.generally bath tub space will be used as a shower space, with a pipe from which the water will be take in a tub to bath.By using the flip flop basin design the wash basin space + shower space can be combined together .

This is my Entry for the national level product competition called I Design. A Flip flop wash basin..

This gives a spacial conservation in metro politan cities.

I design awards and competitions is india s premiere product Design award,the competition aims to highlight the excellent qualifications of best designs,design concepts and design oriented products by indian designers,The aim of the award is to create publicit y,PR push and advertisement for award winners.its a prestigious award in india.

Product design

Residence for raja and family

free lancing works

Residence for somu



multiple passes

self portrait

wire frame

commissioned work

commissioned work commissioned work



Painting is a poem that is seen and felt rather than read I like the feeling that i get after completing each paintings, so i used to do paintings in my free time. and these are some of my works.

Self portrait Visual arts

Image: Frames and props in the base image is modelled and created digitally




pen rndering

pen with colour

pen and pencil

Art work Digital art is not only term,its an art a movement that is often disguised by many distinct subcategories.A work of art uses digital technology or a computer as either a medium or a creative tool may be called digital art .combining the visual or performing art with technology creates an art form known as digital arts and emergent arts,the form offers innovative approaches to creative design.


Hari babu M topaz room no:62 National institute of technology Tiruchirapalli-620015 Tamil Nadu India +918807437399 Birthday Birth Place Nationality Language Known Available

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Name Address

Moblie E - Mail 23 | 06 |1993 Ponamaravathy | Tamilnadu Indian English |Tamil | Hindi | Telugu (basic) After completion of 6 th sem in,JUNE 2014

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