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Ten projects by FOUR IV

Our global reach Over the last few years our client portfolio has increased to include many great brands from around the world. As our project reach has grown so has our experience at working in different countries, cultures and climates! We always enjoy the challenge and experience of turning our client’s vision into a reality, wherever that journey takes us. This is a selection of 10 projects from around the world completed in the past year.

The East India Company, London

Browns London

Clarks London

F&F Czech Republic

Dreams London

S.T. Dupont Paris

Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris

Jet 8 Hong Kong

Beauty Bazaar Hong Kong

Harvey Nichols Hong Kong


BA Z A A R , Hong Kon Brand id g entity, inte rior design , packag

ing Bea uty Bazaa r is no destinatio n, it is abo ordinary ut glamour a nd sophist personality, icat We were asked to c ion. re Hong Kon g departm ate a new e nt brand from scratch. T store identity a nd interio he naming, r design w all inspire ere d by the p ositioning ‘Every Fa cet of Bea uty’.

Above: packaging and promotional brochure — Left: store interior and facade signage — Right page: hall approach and overhead signage

ondon out PA N Y, L sign, roll DIA COM IN T g, store de S in A E ag ck pa THE , ty ti rategy, iden Brand st

he age from t pire, it r e h in d h Em Steepe the Britis f o s y a n d l colonia n institutio a h c u s r fo a rebrand feat. is no mean seminal project a This was xecution, e d n a e p o sc in both its nge to capture lle . a true cha modernity d n a e g g a it her a stunnin is lt u s e r on. The end rt of Lond a e h e h t store in

London flagship

Left page (clockwise starting from top left): tea selection packaging, chocolate gift boxes, marmalade with gold leaf, interior detail, truffles packaging, lock and key detail and tea containers — Below: carrier bag

Savoury biscuit packaging

guidelines S, London g, signage, BROW N , packagin ty ti en id d Bran

r, ion retaile h s fa y r u x Iconic lu een the must visit as b as Browns h fashionist ll a r fo n destinatio g in 1970. in since open uch an established gs Refreshin needed subtle on the fashion ic at will help ears. h t s e g n a ch 0y another 4 t s la d n a r b

g, roll out , London , advertisin gn si de DRE A MS or ri entity, inte Brand id

dreamlike d n a e u iq , un Dynamic st for this new que pt. was the re nd and retail conce a br g Jewellery ue lightin s iq n u a d e t ave We crea d dream w rk e r o r r i m t effect tha p and fine metalwo ro t. as a backd howcase the produc s nt t ‘cages’ tha g needed to be elega in The brand work as a d n a le ib . s ncessions yet acces o c r o e r o t es standalon

Dreams, Hong Kong


, London New stor e concept,

instore gr

aphics, ro ll


manuals As one of the world’s footwear r largest eta a reputatio ilers Clarks have n fashion th for comfort and at is unriv alled. Our task was to cre a te a store concept th at the person would embody alit A year lon y of their brand. delivering g project focused on a and funct cost effective, scala ional desig b n that wou le work from ld Shanghai to Glasgow .

Above: children’s Shoe Shrine — Right: wayfinding signage — Right page: window display shelving and lighting display

Left: bespoke unitry — Left page: men’s department

n e generatio gue, Brno ll out, nam ro F&F, Pra g, in ag gn, pack Store desi

er gest retail ig b ’s K U e th nd How does market fashion bra r ype al take its H s in Centr e r o t s e n e lo to stand a beyond, that was th d n from Europe a the team y b d e s o p and. question lothing br c ’s o c s e ired T F&F, walk insp t a c a d e t rom We crea elements f ic n o ic h a store wit to produce iring D 3 in d n p the bra le and ins e b a n io h s credible, fa that showcases th ent environm aximum effect. m product to



Above: ampersand table detail — Left page: Prague feature display

Made Up: name generation, logo and packaging


N ICHOL S, Hong K Store desi ong gn

Creating t Pacific Pla he Asian flagship in ce global lux , Hong Kong for this ury depar tme group was always go nt store ing to be a fast movin g project. The brief was to cre ‘fashion h ate a urricane’ in the cen of one of t tre he From pres world’s busiest citie s. en took just u tation to opening nder a yea r and the result set a new sta ndard for this estab lished bra nd.

Pacific Place, Hong Kong

Beyond Beauty department

Above: “Electric Forest” escalator core — Right page: jewellery product display

Women’s footwear

Womenswear department

Personal shopping lounge

J ET 8 , H ong Kong Bra nd identity , store desi gn, advert ising, pack aging, roll out

Tar geting and exten a younger customer ding their Ca meant lux ury retaile shmere range r S.T. Dupo to rethink nt their prop osition to c had something reate new Name gen in their market. eration, br and store design we and treatment re a brief, show casing the ll part of our vibrant pr range. Th o e result is a contemp duct space that orary ca spirit of th ptures the colourfu l is new bra nd.

Hong Kong store

Above: box packaging design — Left page: mini jet advertisement

LE ROYA L MONC E AU, R A A rt FFLE S P direction, A RIS brochures, book, mark eting mat erials

A classic p a new gen alace reinvented fo r eration of travellers The hotel . required a direction n e w to commu nic distinctiv e visual lo ate its ok that wo successfu uld lly reflect the proper chic Paris t y ian style. We provid ’s photograp e d hy suite of m , art direction and a arketing m a captured the exquis terials that ite this truly unique de detailing of stination.

Above: Privé private apartments spreads — Left page: Privé private apartments book, Le Royal Monceau Hotel, brochure and leaflet

ris t ONT, Pa esh roll ou S.T. DUP brand refr , gn si de Store

pont 2, S.T. Du r 7 8 1 in d e Establish rld fo nd the wo u o r a d e n are renow fted accessories. ip cra the flagsh their fine e iv v e r o t as is. Our role w ue Montaigne, Par n ve t store in A an elegan ed both e t a e r c o T flect nt that re e he m n o r i v en and and t r b e h t f o ge the herita f its clientele. so h elegance c aspiration n e r F ic s clas Reflecting porary twists! m with conte

Avenue Montaigne

Above: tiered product drawers — Left page: mirror surround gold detail

IV m FOUR o r f n o o s Coming lio tive portfo ial, a e r c r u o Recently to include resident ded ffles has expan lients – Ra c e r u is le nd property a esorts, Mandarin R s Hotels and els and PP Investor t o Oriental H to name a few. g) ning (Hong Kon Design, Commissio Furniture sidences, Film t ry re re amongs a Art, Luxu n io t c u d & Pro we offer to Direction s e ic v r e s nal the additio e look forward to .W our clients more of this work ou showing y ‌ re in the futu

Thank you to our clients and all who have helped us achieve this body of work

Ten Projects Š FOUR IV

ase ion ple : t a m r o onald re inf For mo Andrew McD t contac @fouri w e r d 44 an 336 13 7 0 2 ) +44 (0 com fouriv.

ase ion ple : t a m r o onald re inf For mo Andrew McD t contac @fouri w e r d 44 an 336 13 7 0 2 ) +44 (0 com fouriv.

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