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“Our students, parents and staff are proud of what Harrow Bangkok is providing for the leaders of tomorrow�


Welcome from the Head Master Welcome to Harrow International School Bangkok, the original Harrow International School in Asia and now thriving, with over 1,600 students on our green 35-acre site in North Bangkok, Thailand. All that we do in our School reflects our mission statement: our students will develop as leaders contributing to a better world, realise their academic potential and succeed at the university of their choice. We focus on developing in our young people the attributes and desires that will make a positive difference to the communities that they encounter, now and in the future. Harrow Bangkok is a co-educational boarding and day school that embraces its vibrant host city. We are responsive to the needs of our community, ensuring that charitable service is central to the experiences of our students. Yet in many respects we share the characteristics of all the Schools in the Harrow Family; we have the highest expectations of our students and staff, we ensure that each child is considered as an individual, and we have a holistic approach to School life. Harrow Bangkok benefits from outstanding purpose-built and spacious facilities, staffed by a talented and dedicated faculty, trained and experienced in the best of educational practice. These factors, combined with the

desire of our students to get the best from their school life, create a learning environment that is unique in South East Asia. Harrow Bangkok provides innovative opportunities for our students to learn about their world. Our young Harrovians fully embrace their School. In considering admission applications, we are seeking students of quality who will be able to match, or surpass, the high standards already set. Our scholarship programme provides opportunities for young people to be role models to their peers. I hope you find this prospectus informative and take the opportunity to visit us in order to gain a more complete sense of what is being achieved here.

Mr Michael Farley


Academic excellence Our core purpose is to ensure Harrow Bangkok students acquire the attributes to become leaders for a better world. A leader is someone who has strong interpersonal skills, determination, knowledge and adaptability. To develop students that display these qualities, Harrow Bangkok focuses on four key elements: • Attainment at a high level in academic studies leading to places at top universities worldwide, but predominantly in the UK and USA; • An awareness of one’s own strengths and weaknesses with humility. This is gained by active participation in Leadership in Action (LiA — extra curricular) opportunities as well as the academics; • An ability to relate to others with tolerance, respect and consideration, whatever their beliefs and attitudes. Achieved through LiA opportunities, House activities and Boarding; • Adopting an outstanding set of values: understanding right from wrong, handling success and disappointment and accepting that one’s actions have consequences. 4

“Our core purpose is to ensure our students acquire the skills and attributes to become leaders for a better world�



The Curriculum Our Curriculum places strong emphasis on the ‘essential learner skills’ — literacy (reading, writing, speaking and listening in English), mathematics, and digital literacy. We focus on developing the ‘transferable learner skills’ that are essential for success in the 21st century: communication and collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, organisation and independence, and resilience. By providing a challenging and innovative Curriculum that has these features, our students develop leadership attributes that prepare them, not just for success at a top university and


a successful career, but to become leaders for a better world. In our Early Years Centre, Pre Prep and Prep Schools, our pupils are taught a bespoke Harrow Bangkok Curriculum, incorporating the best of educational practice of England, yet with global influences. We are an English National Curriculum School. Students in the Senior School study for IGCSE, AS and A Level examinations. These are internationally recognised qualifications that provide for university access in top institutions around the world.

“Our Curriculum focuses on developing determined, knowledgeable and adaptable students in the digital age�


“We are blessed with a fantastic environment for our youngest Harrovians to explore a world-class Curriculum�



The Lower School If you visit our Lower School, you will witness a fusion of excellence and enjoyment. Outstanding teaching gives children the life chances they deserve, aligned with our ethos, ‘Leadership for a better world’. We understand the need to focus on the essential learner skills (English, mathematics and digital literacy) and believe children learn best when they are excited and engaged. We aim to instil a lifelong love of learning. Our Lower School is divided into two phases; the Early Years Centre and the Pre Prep. EYC




18 mths – 2 yrs

Little Lions Toddler Groups

2–3 yrs


3–4 yrs


4–5 yrs


Infants 5 –7 yrs

Year 1

THE EARLY YEARS CENTRE (EYC) At Harrow Bangkok we are very proud of our EYC. Children from 18 months to 5 years old have a dedicated building in a quiet corner of the Campus. We are blessed with a fantastic environment for our youngest Harrovians to explore world-class learning opportunities focused on their individual learning needs. We use the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum as a base but adapt it to our international setting. Students who begin their educational journey in our EYC experience particular success further up the School. THE PRE PREP The Pre Prep is divided into the Infant School and Junior School; both are vibrant and happy, where children learn within a creative and well-resourced environment, following a Curriculum tailored to the needs of Harrow Bangkok.

Year 2 Juniors 7 – 10 yrs

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5

The children leave Pre Prep in a very strong position to achieve their full potential in our Upper School.



The Upper School The Upper School consists of the Prep and Senior sections of Harrow Bangkok. Students enter Prep from the Lower School on completion of Year 5, though remaining in the familiar Junior/Prep building. Students are introduced to a dynamic, 21st-century relevant Curriculum in Years 6, 7 and 8, designed to develop essential learner skills through subjectspecific lessons, House events, leadership opportunities and challenge days. The Prep School experience provides a smoother transition from the Lower School to the demands of the Senior School, whilst maintaining a high level of pastoral support. Students enter the Senior School in Year 9 where they are prepared for the challenges of studying for IGCSE courses in Years 10 and 11. All students study the core IGCSE subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, and make optional choices from the following subjects: Thai, Mandarin, French,


Japanese, Korean, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art, History, Religious Studies, Business Studies, Economics, Drama, Statistics, English Literature, Music, Geography, Information and Communication Technology and PE. The Sixth Form is a real community in which students develop a measure of independence, responsibility and maturity. It is based in an outstanding specialist facility, with rooms for both private and supported study. A wide range of guidance and support is provided, including careers advice and university counselling. AGE



1O–13 yrs

Year 6


13 –16 yrs

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11


16 –18 yrs

Year 12 Year 13

“Students are provided with a well-rounded and enriched educational experience�



The Creative Arts At Harrow Bangkok the creative arts play a large part in the development of our students. We are committed to a philosophy which promotes excellence whilst enriching the experiences of all students through the joy of the Arts. MUSIC Curriculum and extra-curricular Music together form the basis of a well-rounded musical journey available to our students. A ‘core’ Music Curriculum is followed from Year 1, up to and including Year 9. During this process students are developing their knowledge of different styles and periods of music through a process of performing, composing, listening and appraising. We equip students with the skills necessary to study at IGCSE and A Level if they wish. For students who do opt to study GCSE or A Level Music or Music Technology, we offer an extensive range of music activities, and many of our ensembles, choirs and orchestras regularly perform in major show case concerts. Whether your child is an advanced musician or an absolute beginner, there are many performance opportunities throughout the School. 12

“We are committed to a philosophy which promotes excellence whilst enabling all students to experience the joy of the Arts�



DRAMA Drama at Harrow Bangkok aims to provide a safe means of stimulating creativity in collaboration with others, challenge students’ perceptions of their world and themselves, and develop their personal communication skills.

VISUAL ARTS AND DESIGN Students from Year 6 to 13 are taught by specialist Art teachers, who support them in developing technical, creativity and problemsolving skills. Projects range from traditional portrait painting to architectural model making and digital media.

The Drama Curriculum from Years 6 to 9 opens up a world of skills, styles and aesthetics from different cultures around the globe. Design elements are also taught, for example set and costume design. These skills are the foundation of the IGCSE and A Level courses.

At the end of the school day, the creativity continues. The extra-curricular programme offers opportunities for individual work as well as leadership in collaborative projects. Students are expected to aspire to high standards in the work they produce, but are also encouraged to take creative risks.

The extra-curricular programme is also based on the concept of challenging our students and giving everyone the opportunity to participate. As well as the performances given by Early Years and Pre Prep, the Upper School produces two major productions a year for Prep and Senior Schools respectively. Drama is an important and exciting way to nurture creativity. 14

There are opportunities for activities such as life drawing, photography, textiles and sculpture and these can contribute to portfolio preparation for our Sixth Form Art College applicants. There are also opportunities for students to visit local galleries and to develop links with artists and designers.

“Creativity is at the centre of all the new innovations which our students will cultivate in the future”

Harrow Bangkok students perform ‘The Great Illucinations of Stella and Charlie’, an innovative new play devised by the School, where the audience interacts with actors on stage using iPads 15

“The Harrow Bangkok values of leadership, teamwork, service, resilience and creativity form the core of our sporting philosophy�



Sports Harrow Bangkok provides an extensive sports programme in line with the School’s traditions of holistic education. All students are given ample opportunity to experience a range of sporting activities. We aim to promote participation, passion and excellence in every child. The Harrow Bangkok values of leadership, teamwork, service, resilience and creativity form the core of our sporting philosophy. Our state-of-the-art facilities include a gymnastics hall, double air-conditioned sports hall, extensive fields with natural grass surfaces, a swimming pool, lake, fitness room, climbing wall, flood lit tennis courts and covered multi-function athletics area. All students receive Physical Education lessons each week. Our team of specialist teachers deliver a broad Curriculum that includes games, gymnastics,

dance, outdoor activities, athletics and swimming. Students develop their physical skills, and also come to understand the benefits of an active lifestyle. After school each day, Harrovians have the opportunity to take part in over 50 different sports activities, ranging from rugby, tae kwon do, kayaking, ballet, Thai boxing, archery and trampolining to the more traditional sports of swimming, football, table tennis, cross country running, sailing, volleyball, basketball and badminton. Harrow Bangkok is proud of its ‘Lions’ sports teams who compete throughout the Region. We are represented by both boys’ and girls’ teams from U9 to U19 level. Seasonal sports include football, basketball, badminton, volleyball, tee ball and softball. Swimming, tennis and gymnastics squads compete all year round. 17


Boarding Boarding at Harrow Bangkok is a ‘home from home’, with an international culture that celebrates the diverse mix of nationalities represented in our boarding students. As a School, we specialise in day or full-time boarding options for students from Year 5 onwards. With a team of 14 boarding staff, our main priority is to provide the best pastoral care for your child, ensuring each individual need is met. Communication is key in the running of the Houses and we invite you to contact us anytime to discuss your child’s experience within the House. Life in boarding provides fantastic opportunities for children to advance academically and socially. Boarders are engaged in a wide range of after-school activities as well as provided with a well-structured study routine which allows them to complete homework. They are fully immersed in the Boarding House ethos which promotes the camaraderie of common experiences, friendship among peers, and a trust and 18

openness with teachers in the House. The international environment adds to the warmth within each House. Everyone is supported in their beliefs and encouraged to be sensitive of those around them. Boarders are able to enjoy the Campus facilities after school and at the weekend. All of these facilities are safely accessible from the Houses. In order to provide a range of diverse opportunities, students also take part in the frequent trips provided off Campus. Full boarders can enjoy shopping and activity trips during the weekend, as well as supporting charity and service projects to assist others. Wherever your child’s interests lie, there will be an activity for them to enjoy. It is our aim to ensure your child develops new interests and skills that will enable them to develop as individuals. Living on Campus provides the chance to share in the full ‘Harrow’ experience, and take advantage of everything our School offers.

“Life in boarding provides fantastic opportunities for children to advance both socially and academically�




The House System

“The House System is at the heart of the students’ lives at Harrow Bangkok”

True to the tradition of all the Schools in the Harrow Family, the House System is at the heart of the students’ lives at Harrow Bangkok. It encourages co-operation and friendly competition within a supportive environment. All Pre Prep, Prep and Senior students and staff are allocated to a House, all of whose names reflect leaders who exemplify courage and determination. The Houses play a pivotal role in each student’s development and in the Prep School there is a phased transition to the vertical, Housebased, pastoral system. Each House has an associated colour, on view each Thursday when students and staff wear their House shirts. Many School activities are House related, covering a wide and varied spectrum of interests in the Arts, sports, academic and community service fields. By assisting with events, students provide service to both the House and School. Leadership is at the heart of the House System, with students being both servant leaders, as well as being able to hold a range of positions with specific responsibilities. These include House Captains and Deputies, Sports Captains, Form Representatives, Prep Leaders and Prefects. More than 40 House competitions take place over the School year, culminating in the awarding of the Peter Siddon’s House Cup on Speech Day. This is followed by the final event of the year, the House Shout, where the whole House sings together in unity. 21

“Students have the opportunity to move out of their comfort zones and undertake new experiences�



Leadership in Action The Leadership in Action programme immerses students in extra-curricular activities structured according to six themes, in order to develop the attributes of leaders for a better world: service, charity, teamwork, creative expression, leadership and challenge: • Involving students in service encourages them to help others; • The human trait of possessiveness can be offset by sharing when we involve students in charitable activity; • Co-operation and collaboration can emerge when students work together towards common objectives; • Students expressing themselves creatively can motivate and inspire others; • When students give attention to issues at hand with the needs of others as the objective, they become Servant Leaders; • Placing students in challenging situations develops the determination to design and implement a strategy that creates an outcome that improves the situation for others.

Through our programmes, both inside and outside of the classroom, students have the opportunity to move out of their comfort zones and undertake new experiences. Whether it be building a raft on the School lake and spending 24 hours on it, acquiring new skills such as lifeguarding or conquering a 40-metre Tyrolean rope climb, students are increasingly able to develop and demonstrate the six leadership attributes; • Contributing positively to the community • Applying knowledge with compassion • Solving problems collaboratively • Solving problems creatively • Making just choices • Facing challenges with determination The LiA programme is deeply embedded in the School curriculum, for example Expedition Week, Challenge Days in the Prep School, Work Experience placements in the Upper School, and the Exchange programme with other schools in the Harrow family and beyond.



Tailor-made education At Harrow Bangkok we are very fortunate to have an extensive range of support services to ensure every student reaches his or her full potential, with a range of programmes tailored to meet an individual child’s needs. SPECIALISED SUPPORT We provide for students with a range of abilities. We have learning support teachers to work with students who may find some aspects of their lessons challenging. There is a dedicated speech and language teacher who works across the School to help students overcome speech issues. We offer dedicated movement therapy for those pupils who would benefit from it. We are committed to providing a quality education in English for all our students. The Language Support Department provides assistance for those children who 24

are finding the acquisition of the English language challenging. Students who are identified as being ‘Gifted and Talented’ are offered extended support throughout both the Lower and Upper School, often through extension activities and special events and competitions. Support is provided by a specialist or class teacher in the Lower School and from subject teachers in the Upper School. PASTORAL CARE Parents can utilise the dedicated school counsellors to build tools with their child to better achieve and persevere. We offer a comprehensive careers guidance service to help prepare our senior students for the demands of very competitive university entry requirements and a tough world of employment. The careers programme includes life skills lessons, aptitude testing, work experience and consultations.

Harrow Bangkok has a proud and longstanding history of supporting male Thai students through their military training. Students in Years 10-13 are guided and coached through the process by our experienced Thai Principal. Due to the integrated nature of the programme, students are able to continue their studies uninterrupted, managing their academic commitments around the military training requirements. EXTRA-CURRICULAR LEARNING Our holiday programmes are a valuable opportunity for students to extend their learning outside term time. Open to all students from Reception to the Senior School, we offer a wide variety of programmes including English language instruction, Early Years and Infants programmes and sports, language and academic courses. Culminating in Cambridge English Proficiency examinations, our Saturday School

English enrichment programme focuses on the language elements necessary for academic success within and beyond school. With small class sizes, 10 weeks of intensive teaching and a strong teacher focus on individual learner needs, our programme provides each student with 30 hours of extra English teaching, practice and exposure.

“We are committed to providing a quality education in English for all our students�



Admissions Harrow Bangkok offers world-class academic programmes for children aged 18 months to 18 years. The best way to appreciate everything we do is to visit us and experience the atmosphere for yourself.

SCHOLARSHIPS We are proud to award a range of scholarships, with a fee discount of up to 30%, to exceptional students aged between 10 and 18 years.

Our Admissions Team will be glad to provide you with a tour of the School and to answer any questions that you may have relating to your child’s education.

For more information on the application process, please contact our the Admissions Team on (+66) (0)2503 7222 or email admissions@harrowschool.ac.th




Harrow International School Bangkok 45 Soi Kosumruamchai 14, Kosumruamchai Road Sikun, Don Muang, Bangkok, 10210 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 25037222 Fax: +66 (0) 25037223 www.harrowschool.ac.th


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