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Welcome to Boarding at Harrow Bangkok

At Harrow International School Bangkok we are fully aware of the pressures involved in making such a life-changing decision as sending your child to board. We work hard to ensure that all those who we welcome into the family-run boarding establishment remain happy, confident and secure, feeling that they are valued and are living safely in a home from home. Set within our green and spacious Campus, the Boarding Houses at Harrow Bangkok are safe and fun communities, with exceptionally high standards of behaviour that builds confidence as well as a healthy level of independence. For many, the boarding community becomes an extended family, and a haven when home is not available. Boarding at Harrow Bangkok gives students the responsibility of appropriate independence. Life on Campus means learning how to live amongst a large peer group. It is our aim to ensure your child develops new interests and skills whilst preparing for the wider world. We believe that through the range of opportunities provided here, our Harrow Bangkok boarders become ‘Leaders for a better world’. We are proud of the academic achievements of our young people, and it is no coincidence that four of the School’s past six Head Boys and Head Girls were boarding students. If you would like more information about boarding at Harrow Bangkok, please ask for the Boarding House Handbook which outlines preparation for boarding at our School. Tim McDonald, Director of Boarding


New to Boarding? When a new boarder arrives, everyone in the House helps them to get settled. An established boarder of a similar age (buddy) will guide them through the daily routines. In addition to this, new boarders are given a full induction and orientation programme, which usually takes place at the beginning of the academic year. Boarders and parents are encouraged to communicate a lot in the first few weeks. Getting settled in to boarding takes a little time and new boarders are given special consideration within the House and School for as long as is necessary.



An overview of the day Having finished the school day at 2.40pm, boarders take full advantage of the afterschool activities programme, finishing at 5:00pm. All students in Years 5-10 must choose an activity every afternoon from Monday to Thursday. Year 11 and Sixth Form students are permitted to do their private study during activity time, but they still choose two activities per week. In their spare time, boarders are entitled to use the School’s facilities, including tennis courts, bicycles, flood-lit grass pitches and the swimming pool. Alternatively they may wish to spend time playing with friends, reading a book or relaxing in the Boarding Houses, which remain fully staffed at all times. When returning to the House, we ask that all boarders check the House notice board for events and messages. Although the Dining Hall is closed after supper, the boarders have their own kitchenettes within their House equipped with a small hob, toasters, microwaves and cutlery. The School provides bread and spreads for snacks.

Meal times Both breakfast and dinner are provided in the Hub Building adjacent to the Boarding Houses, overlooking the sports fields. Breakfast is provided in a hotel style buffet with a wide range of cereals, fresh juices, pastries, fruit and freshly cooked options. Weekend lunch is chosen from a themed selection and dinner is a wide ranging buffet service.

Home work Pupils have full, supervised access to the Library and computers for research during Prep time, carefully monitored to ensure maximum support. In addition, some pupils will need individual tutoring during Prep. This can be arranged ‘in house’ or through the School, and is free of charge. We have specialist language support staff who help each night (Monday - Thursday) with our younger boarders.

Music Practice Boarders who play an instrument must have daily practice and this can take place in the Music Room within the House or in School during the day.


Weekends and evenings out Weekly boarders are free to leave the Boarding Houses at the end of the school day on Friday from 3:00pm, returning either in time for bed on Sunday evening or for the start of school on Monday morning. We do not expect boarders to take evenings out during the week. Boarders may not leave the Campus by themselves at any time unless given a ‘sign out slip’ by the House Master or House Mistress.

Going home Boarders must leave the Houses at each school holiday, full-term and half-term breaks and exeat weekends. Students from overseas and from other parts of Thailand are asked to book flights that arrive in good time to commence school. We can arrange for a staffed bus to pick up students from the airports in Bangkok.


Helmets for Life was a charity initiative led by boarding students to raise road safety awareness among local school children.

Leadership opportunities for boarders Boarders at Harrow Bangkok take on leadership opportunities, and can become Boarding House Prefects and the Head Boy or Head Girl of Boarding. They are encouraged to run initiatives that contribute positively to the community.


Independent boarders We work hard to prepare students as well as possible for life after school, and for many, this will mean university. With this in mind, we offer a larger degree of independence to our Sixth Form students. They have individual rooms, later bed times, and they are not required to participate in all activities to the same extent as younger boarders. In return, they are asked to perform some roles of responsibility within the Boarding community, acting as big brothers and sisters to its younger members.

Pride We are proud of our boarders and expect them to set high standards of academic work and to participate in all aspects of school life. As part of developing a sense of personal worth and self-esteem, boarders are asked to take pride in the way they dress, the care of their uniform and their ‘casual’ clothes.


Recreational facilities Students, teachers and parents are attracted to Boarding for its sense of community but also for its access to all the facilities and open spaces of our School, a rarity in Bangkok. The Boarding Houses sit in a peaceful location only a few minutes away from the main Campus, across the sports fields. They are surrounded by trees alive with birdsong in the morning. Our aim is to maintain this blend of modern facilities in an attractive, leafy Campus. The facilities on offer to the boarders include: Common room Tuck shop Music room Games and entertainment Movie screenings Communal computers with internet access Table tennis Team-building games Cycling proficiency test Skateboards Saline swimming pool Sports Hall Floodlit football pitch Lake

Weekend Trips and Activities Every weekend each boarder also has the opportunity to participate in different activities which range from the sedate to the hugely energetic. Weekend trips include visits to places like Ayuttiya, Asiatique, Bangkok’s famous markets, plus the ever-popular shopping trips. We aim to achieve a balance between entertainment, cultural and educational locations.



Wellbeing We ask that our students treat each other with respect, kindness and empathy. We respectfully ask that students do not exclude others through language or actions so that all students feel integrated. Mutual and effective communication between children, parents, guardians and the School is very important to ensure your child thrives in the boarding environment. All staff who work or live within the Boarding Houses, from support staff to senior teaching staff, are thoroughly vetted to ensure they have had all safety checks in compliance with UK child protection standards. We have specialist security guards within the boarding community 24 hours a day. There is 24-hour medical cover with experienced nurses who live in the boarding houses.


International Living Boarding is at the heart of the Harrow Bangkok’s international community. With over 19 different nationalities from four continents, we are a truly diverse and rich community, and English is our common language. Our boarders make friends for life and develop networks across the globe. Our Director of Boarding, Mr Tim McDonald, leads a team of House Masters and Mistresses who have a wealth of experience in boarding worldwide. The welfare and academic success of our boarders is at the heart of all we do. An international boarder is any student at Harrow Bangkok who has both parents living outside Thailand. If your child is an international boarder, it is a requirement that a local guardian is appointed, though we can help to set this up.


House expectations As in any home, we expect behaviour that is conducive to a happy and productive life for all. We reserve the right to ask for the removal of students who contravene our policy on conduct. We have the most amazing campus, our students are a delight to live with and our boarding facilities and staff are the ‘best in class’!


Harrow Bangkok Boarding Prospectus  

The Boarding Prospectus of Harrow International School Bangkok

Harrow Bangkok Boarding Prospectus  

The Boarding Prospectus of Harrow International School Bangkok