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The Newsletter of Harrow International School Bangkok

Volume 21 Issue 8

9th February 2018













EDITOR AND DESIGNER Ceren Akkaya Marshall PHOTOGRAPHER Christian Henriquez OTHER CONTRIBUTORS Catherine Farley Richard Green ADVERTISING QUERIES Elizabeth Hammond Thank you to the Harrow Bangkok Community for their contributions




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FROM THE HEAD MASTER Dear All, As we reach to the end of another half term it has been wonderful to see our senior students achieving so much at the higher standard of sport that participation in SEASAC events requires . This season’s BISAC results have been pleasing across the board, though we’ve competed at the Bangkok schools level for some time now and expect to do more than holding our own. What’s been particularly pleasing recently has been our SEASAC results. In the fine game of Rugby we did extremely well against very tough competition in Kuala Lumpur. In the basketball in Singapore our boys won the plate competition and the girls came 3rd overall. We also hosted our first SEASAC competition, with tennis teams from around the region visiting us. Our staff did all competitors proud, utilising our outstanding facilities. It was on the court where our Harrovians truly shone, winning both the girls and boys competitions at the first attempt. My congratulations to our players, coaches, supporters and the magnificent Harrow Bangkok Sports Department! Naturally, the next edition of The Harrovian will feature Expedition Week. As I write we are coming to the end of the 2018 expeditions with some extraordinary adventures having taken place from the Year 1 sleepover to Sixth Form expeditions spread from Barcelona to India to East Africa to Bhutan to Japan. So let’s spare a though for our poor Year 11s who have remained here in Bangkok for their mock IGCSE examinations. Full credit to them, and to the staff who have supported them throughout the week. Plus they still have their expedition to look forward to in June, after the real exams. Best wishes for the weekend and half term week and happy Chinese New Year – may the Year of the Dog be good to all of you! Best wishes,

Mick Farley

MAKING THINGS HAPPEN The writer Stephen Covey describes proactive people as those who focus on issues within their circle of influence – they work on things they can do something about with a great, positive energy. Prodpran in Year 13 exemplifies this practice. Presently, she combines her studies with initiatives that are having a practical and meaningful impact on the lives of others in her circle of influence. At the end of this year, Prodpran will leave us for Boston University. For her, an unexpected destination, as, until recently, she had always believed she would complete her education in the UK. However, as she learned more about how the UK application system works, with its emphasis on grade profiles, she had second thoughts. I was pleased when Prodpran started looking at schools that would recognise all the extra work she had done beyond pure academics. In Boston University, she has found an academic community that prioritises values and interests she shares. As a result, she will thrive there. Amanda Poel Head of Careers & University Guidance

Prodpran “In Year 10, I became involved in a longterm project with the Fiscal Policy Research Institute Foundation of Thailand. My focus was tourism. I conducted fieldwork speaking to tourists at BTS stations. I noticed that a recurring theme was the lack of transport connectivity. With the BTS train system still growing and the bus system being very hard to navigate, many tourists rely on taxis. However, communication can then be a real problem for all involved. This got me thinking and as the picture cleared, I thought perhaps I could help taxi drivers improve their English? So I got together with a lady called Khun Julie, who runs a taxi business, and now, every Saturday at their office in Ratchatewi, I teach English. I started teaching at 16. This led on to designing a guidebook, ‘A Guide to Basic English Conversations’, specifically tailored to the taxi transport system, highlighting commonly used phrases, numbers and greetings as well as pictures and descriptions of popular destinations.” Prodpran’s work with the taxi driving community led to her meeting little Namoe, the son of one of the drivers working with Khun Julie. Namoe was born without a septum - an extremely rare heart condition. “I am passionate about art and so I held an exhibition to sell my paintings to raise funds to pay for the high-calcium milk he needed in order to gain weight so that an operation was viable.”


It worked. Namoe has now had the operation he so desperately needed.

Prodpran: “Some people have really clear mindsets about their future, whereas others, like me, still don’t know. I can’t picture myself in 10 years. In Year 12 I had already made 5 changes to my major! I thought to myself, ‘How can I combine my interests and leave room to explore?’ In answering this question, I finally settled on Sociology at an American university. There I believe I can explore myself and find out who I really am. The flexibility of the US system is a big positive for me. I will be packing my suitcase with my art supplies, paint brushes, my Kopek Markers, my teddy and a camera – I love taking photos and currently manage four Instagram accounts including a food review account: Hungry Proddie.” Prodpran will not be leaving the taxi drivers at Khun Julie’s without a teacher, she is currently training up Poon in Year 10 to continue the initiative she started.

Pursuing Passions Having dedicated four years to a degree in Acoustic Engineering, class of 2011 Harrow Bangkok graduate Yang Wang Hsuan, is now in the enviable position of working in a field he is passionate about.

Yang: “At Harrow my great interests were Maths, Physics, Geography and Music, they led me to study Acoustic Engineering at the University of Southampton.

activities. Whenever possible I leave the Big Smoke for the wet and windy countryside or a cold and breezy pebble beach.

After graduating in 2015, I secured a graduate job with an acoustic consultancy company in Bristol. Last November they asked me to relocate to London, so here I am.

I am also really into baking. As an engineer, I like the precision of the procedures and measurements involved. But the best part is the creative side – the presentation and flavour of each bake. I have begun to create my own recipes. Seeing my friends and family enjoying my creations makes me happy as well as giving me a real sense of achievement.

In my job, I work alongside architects and contractors advising them on the acoustic design of a development. I put creative sound space designs in place, and ensure designs are in line with building regulations. Currently, I am specialising in school design, with a particular focus on special educational needs (SEN) schools. What do you love about your job? I believe in sustainable development and the need to tackle global warming. My job gives me scope to make a real difference in this area. For example, natural ventilation means no mechanical ventilation, thus reducing the carbon footprint of a building. What do you get up to when you are not working? I am at the stage where I prefer to have a cheese and wine night than go out for a wild one. I like outdoor

‘The Great British Bake Off’ television show, is something that I am currently working towards too! I have been working on the basic skills of baking that are required for the show, so hope I will be part of it someday. Favourite memory of Harrow Bangkok? My favourite memory of Harrow Bangkok is definitely the time I had at the Boarding House. Not so much the food or the evening study periods but more the fun that we had before lights-out and the thrills of organising the e-sports tournament in the middle of the night, and trying your best not to get caught in the pillow fight wars!


Junior Sports Day

The fields were full of House spirit on Tuesday 30th January for our Junior Sports Day. All of the students were ready for their morning of Athletics with a variety of running, jumping and throwing activities. Despite the humid weather, students tried their very best and there were some fantastic performances from across all year groups. The final results were extremely close, with all Houses scoring hundreds of points. The top 3 Houses are as follows: 1st = Keller 2nd = Sonakul 3rd = Suriyothai The day finished with the House Mascots making a guest appearance and running their own 60m sprint race, cheered on by all of Year 3,4 and 5, teachers and parents! Emily Aston Head of Lower School PE

Infant Sports Morning On Tuesday 23rd January, our infants were excited and raring to go for their Sports Morning. The students took part in lots of fun activities to challenge their jumping, throwing and running skills. Determined to earn their bronze, silver and gold stickers, the students tried their best and it was brilliant to see so many super skills and happy faces! Well done to everyone! Emily Aston Head of Lower School PE

Check Harrow Bangkok Facebook Page for more photos from Lower School Sports Day



A wonderfully busy few weeks in the Lower School and now we end our term with the best week of the year – Expedition Week. As I write, our Pre Prep students are safely spread across the region from Sattahip to Kanchanaburi rescuing turtles, completing Ninja courses, trekking, bonding and learning about themselves. It is not just the best week of the year, but the most intense learning experience of the year where students will not simply return home with life-long memories, but also better skilled in so many ways. During my time in Khao Yai over the last few days our students have been trekking, nature-spotting and completing team challenges. It has been a joy to spend time with the children and watch them develop their resilience, ability to look after themselves, collaborate, communicate, care for each other and do things for themselves. As you read this, your children are probably having one of the best and most well-earned sleeps they will have this year - well done Pre Prep! I would like to express my thanks to all those in our community who attended the Concert for Ken last weekend. It was a tremendous community event, the performances were awesome and the love for Ken (currently receiving treatment in Mexico) so sincere – despite his long absence none of us have forgotten him and look forward to seeing him again soon. Thank you especially to the Hughes family, Ms Henretty and Ms Cheal for all the work that went into organising the event which raised 175,000 Baht and thank you to all those who attended and performed. Nicholas Prockter Head of Lower School


UPPER SCHOOL AND BEYOND News from the Upper School There are some things that just can’t be learned in a classroom. This weekend, as your children return from their expeditions, hopefully, through talking with them, you will have an even greater understanding of why we dedicate a full week to learning beyond the classroom. During our recent Year 7 transition evening, one parent commented on the importance of students becoming well-rounded. On expedition, students are encouraged to push themselves, question, work with others and make just choices. We know that employers don’t just look for high academic performance. They are seeking people who have empathy, resilience and a whole host

of other skills which expedition develops in our students. We hope that your children return with lots of stories about challenges faced and how they have survived outside of their comfort zone. They will be tired, but fulfilled and deserving of a well-earned break. It is now important that they get some rest over the half-term. For students sitting external exams this year in particular, the next few months will be challenging- they will be better able to face these challenges if they have had time to fully recharge their batteries over the break. Jonny Liddell Head of Upper School

Looking Back to Upper School Sports Day


LOVE is in the air…

Last Friday, Keller and Sonakul Houses joined forces to raise money for their House Charities: the Chaiyapruk Orphanage and the Place of Grace home. With a Valentine’s Day theme, a large part of the students’ time had been taken up in organising the orders and delivery of Valentine’s chocolates and roses. Many students had stayed late on Thursday evening, wrapping the roses and attaching the individual messages. They were in again early on Friday morning to coordinate the complex operation of delivering all of these to the correct tutor rooms and loved ones. At lunchtime, there were many stalls and games to keep the students happy and entertained whilst raising yet more money for these excellent causes. Well done to all the staff and students involved in creating such a lovely day! Alex Prout Head of Houses

Prep Charity Following the highly successful Prep charity appeal Milk Drop 2017, the milk got to One Sky in Sangkhlaburi the day after Harrow Fair and has been delivered to children who live in abject poverty. These children need milk to help them grow as their diet is very limited as their families exist on just 100 baht a day. Thank you Prep students, you are helping people who really need it. Richard Green Upper School Teacher

We collected money from the donation box at the Kopse Kafe and from the Rayleigh Centre coffee shop and collected 560 baht. The money donated will be given to One Sky Foundation to raise money for the poor in Sangkhlaburi. Kan Plu C6 Prep Charity Activity member


Year 8 Cycle Challenge Day

The Cycle Challenge Day takes Harrow students out of their comfort zones and encourages them to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Being able to cycle competently is a life skill, and we remain committed to educating our students outside of the classroom. The numerous challenge days that take place throughout the Prep phase are a key attribute of a Harrow education and we are delighted with the enthusiasm and commitment that our students show during these days. This year the annual Cycle Challenge Day took place on Thursday 25th January from Lum Lukka to Chaiyapruk. Starting early in the morning (to make the most of the cool weather), the excited and lively Year 8s arrived at the start by 8am and quickly sorted themselves into two groups. Once helmets, gloves and reflective bibs were adorned, bikes were sized and adjusted before the important safety briefing reminded the students about their responsibilities as cyclists. Then they were off! Students cycled along the meandering dirt and tar roads across 30km of rural Bangkok, enjoying the rice paddies and numerous birds along the route. For the first time, two tandems were used to help those less confident students complete the routes, and four hours of preparatory coaching had been provided where necessary during PE lessons. Despite a few sore bottoms, fun was had by all and for many, completing this distance was a great personal accomplishment. Brian van den Berg


Head of Leadership in Action

Year 8 Cardboard Boat Challenge Day Every year, the Year 8s face the challenge of making a boat which is actually seaworthy. Given only 3 pages of instructions, careful diagrams, and a step-by-step plan, success is certain provided that everyone in the group works as a team and communicates effectively. The old adage, “check twice, cut once” is never more pertinent than on this day.

After lunch, the reality check arrived as the boats made contact with the water for the first time. Some, appropriately named like the “Titanic”, did justice to the mother ship and sank without much fuss. Others were far more successful, floating defiantly upon the lake without so much as a drop of water entering the vessel as they paddled around the buoy and back to shore.

Working in teams of up to 6 students, with only 3 large pieces of cardboard to make the boat, the students set about the task of measuring, drawing, checking and rechecking, before cutting, folding and gluing. Teamwork was critical and many groups worked with the precision of Swiss watch makers, ensuring success later in the day.

Well done to all the Year 8s for their enthusiasm and desire to achieve success. A big thank you to all the staff for their help, and to the LiA department for all the hard work that went on behind the scenes to make the day a huge success. Brian van den Berg Head of Leadership in Action


Harrow Bangkok Entrepreneurs Showcase Product at JA Trade Fair

On Sunday 21st January, Harrow Bangkok’s entry into this year’s Junior Achievement (JA) business competition, Pro-File, joined teams from other schools in Bangkok to showcase their product, an eco-friendly multifunctional folder made from organic pineapple fibre, at the JA Trade Fair at Gateway Ekamai. Participating teams pitched their products to members of the general public and members of the JA judging panel. Teams were judged on a number of areas, including business acumen, branding, product presentation, customer service and team spirit.

In the next stage of the competition taking place on Sunday 11th February, teams will deliver a presentation and be interviewed by a panel of judges. The competition winner will be named Thailand’s Company of the Year for 2018 and represent Thailand in the Asia Pacific finals to be held in China in March. We would say a special thank you to Friends of Harrow for their ongoing support of the JA Company Program. James Beere Head of Social Sciences Faculty


BISAC/SEASAC End of Season 2 Results Mike Preston Director of Sport

A huge well done to all students who represented the school at end of season 2 tournaments this weekend. This the culmination of lots of training, competitive matches and invitational tournaments in preparation for the BISAC and SEASAC competitions that students attended in the last 4 days. As a whole school, please do celebrate the fantastic set of results below! A massive thanks goes to the amazing coaches that we have, they really do go above and beyond expectations in giving their time, late into the evenings and at weekends, to ensure that our students are thoroughly prepared for their end of season tournaments. Thank you also to everyone that came to support our tennis teams and our first ever hosting of a SEASAC event. It could not have gone better and the support really did help our teams to excel! Thanks also to those that came along to support BISAC U11 Football on Saturday. BISAC Results (All BISAC results are out of the 10 member schools that compete) Football


• U11 Boys A – 3rd place

• U13 Boys – 6th place

• U11 Boys B – 3rd Place

• U13 Girls – 1st place

• U11 Girls – 3rd place

• U15 boys – 3rd place

• U13 Boys – 3rd place

• U15 Girls – 4th place

Check Harrow Bangkok Youtube Page for our SEASAC Rugby Video

• U13 Girls – 3rd place • U15 Boys – 6th place


• U15 Girls – unable to participate in tournament,

• JV Boys – 4th place

but placed 1st in league games.

• JV Girls – 4th place

Swimming A special mention to Swimming, who attended a Thai National Qualifying meet over the weekend. We now have 8 different swimmers that have qualified in multiple events to compete in the Thai Nationals in April which is a fantastic achievement. SEASAC Basketball in Singapore •Boys – Plate competition winner (this is the 2nd tier competition once pool play is completed) •Girls – 3rd place in cup Boys Rugby in Kuala Lumpur •5th place overall Girls Touch In Kuala Lumpur •4th place overall Tennis at Harrow Bangkok •Boys Team – 1st, this means the team are promoted to Division 1 for 2018-19! •Girls Team – 1st, this means the team are promoted to Division 1 for 2018-19!



STEP IN TO BOARDING LIFE Boarding Birthday Party Talent Night

On Wednesday January 31st we celebrated the 2nd birthday of West Acre, The Grove and the Hub building by holding a fantastic talent show. Each house was tasked with providing 5 ‘acts’ to perform on the night and we were delighted to have over 45 boarders take part. I was reminded of the quote in Harry Potter about it taking courage to stand up to your friends. In contrast to standing up ‘to’, it takes an equally huge amount of courage to up ‘in front of’, your friends to perform. Shaun, from The Grove, opened the event with his solo performance, and the evening commenced with a range of singing, musicianship and hilarious ‘acting’. Memorable acts included Plub’s Michael Jackson mega mix, on the piano, the West Acre 6th formers bringing the House staff up to dance, a cross house- 3 language rap by Alfred, Susan and Kelly and quite the most unusual fantasy slaying of a dragon, by method of light saber, involving the year 7 Bradbys boys. We also said our farewells to James, Joe, Heather and Lea, our 4 wonderful Gap students who had come to the end of their programme with us. They will be missed although we know that they will always be in our memories as we shall be in theirs. Tim McDonald Director of Boarding


LATEST UPDATES Formula 1 Model Racing The Creative and Performing Arts Faculty alongside F1 in Schools, ran two amazing, fun packed and challenging engineering events to promote STEaM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) learning in the wider Harrow Bangkok curriculum.

Check Harrow Bangkok Facebook Page for more photos from Formula 1 Model Racing

Over 180 students from Year 5 and Year 7 were assigned teams. Team members then took on the ‘real life’ roles of: Team Manager, Manufacturing Engineer, Design Engineer and Graphic Designer, in order to plan, design, manufacture, modify and finally race their own Formula 1 race cars along a specialist 30m track. Throughout the day, pit teams worked to strict safety regulations, learning about brand design, motorsport aesthetics, business sponsorship and aerodynamics. Teams tested reaction times, crunched performance data, with the aim of qualifying with the fastest time in the elimination heats. As we neared the finals, crowds of students and parents cheered on, wheels were changed, axles greased and spoilers modified, as teams completed to discover who had the fastest cars in each year group. At the end of a fantastic competition, the top 3 fastest teams were presented with an exclusive Harrow Bangkok Formula 1 in Schools STEaM trophy. Special thanks goes to: Paul Handley, Karri Nicholson, John Tneoh and Business and Economics Departments Iain Sands


Head of Creative Arts Faculty

Historic 10th Ride for Rainbow

On Sunday 28th January, over 100 participants, including students, teachers, parents and the wider community, cycled the 70 kilometers from the historic ruins of Ayutthaya to the outskirts of Bangkok, to raise money for the Christian Care Foundation which runs Rainbow House. Rainbow House is a residential home for abandoned children with disabilities, which provides care, support and outreach work in the local community. This was the 10th annual Ride for Rainbow that has taken place, a fundraiser initiated here at Harrow Bangkok, which has raised over a million baht (ÂŁ30,000) over the last decade in order to support and sustain this cause. The ethos of our school is Leadership for a better world and as such, all students are encouraged to participate in and initiate activities such as this, in order to foster empathy, maturity and introspection as global citizens.

Ride for Rainbow was a challenge for me. Although I am not a daily cyclist, I finished 70km in a day which was incredibly unbelievable. We had to start cycling from Ayutthaya at 7am and finished 3pm in the afternoon. It was very tiring in the sun, but the exhaustion was worth it when I realised it was all for the charity. After the ride, I felt really proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone in order to give a helping hand to the ones who need it. I would like to encourage people to give it a try next year; it’s fun!

Noreen, Y13 Boarding

This bike ride brings together the whole community of avid cyclists in a day of perseverance, beautiful scenery and mutual support and encouragement. Staff of the school plan and mark out the route, lead the groups safely during the daylong event supported by the local police and community leaders. All abilities and ages are welcome, from beginners to experienced cyclists, and three separate groups (according to ability) meet at intervals throughout the journey for snacks, drinks and lunch. The route begins at the beautiful ruins of Wat Chaiwatthanaram on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River in the historic capital of Ayutthaya and then traverses rural roads, through rice paddies and beautiful landscapes and into the heart of Bangkok. Once they arrive at the final Chao Phraya River crossing after 66km, participants are transported across the river by boat before arriving at Rainbow House to a hospitable welcome and magic performance by the residents. Brian van den Berg Head of Leadership in Action


Lunch Time Concerts


Next half term, we will be continuing our programme of

the concerts to hear the performances.

Thursday student led lunchtime concerts. So far in 2018,

Please join us for our next concert on Thursday 2 2nd

we have been presented with outstanding solo recitals

February, at 1pm in the Recital Room (2nd Floor of the

from Phupha Y12 (Violin), Ponpon Y12 (Electric Guitar),

Creative Performing Arts building).

Pon Y12 (Piano) and Amy Y12 (Cello). Please visit the

Christopher Johnson Director of Music

school website and click on the poster links for each of


A Chance to Explore and Discover… Khun Vasu Chuen-im and Dr. Piyaporn Chuen-im, parents of Orca in Year 4S tell us why Harrow Bangkok was the perfect choice for them. On the day I met with Khun Pook and her husband Khun Joe, Khun Pook had already whizzed to school to see Orca perform on the piano in the Year 4 Mini Concert, sped back to her clinic to treat patients, then raced back to school for the Harrovian interview and to collect Orca. “Yes,” she told me, “I am very busy, however, my children are always my top priority.”

So why Harrow Bangkok? Khun Pook: In 2009, I took a professional opportunity to work in the United States and our family moved to Saint Louis, Missouri. Orca started his school life there and was so happy. When it was time for us to return to Thailand, naturally we wanted to find the right place for him to go to school. Some friends of ours recommended Harrow Bangkok so we booked an appointment and came to take a tour of the school. A creative curriculum was important to us, we were seeking an educational environment where our children would have a chance to explore and discover their talents, without being put under immense pressure. We were impressed by what we saw happening here. Khun Joe: An added consideration for us was that whilst we were in the States it had come to our attention that Orca had, even at such a young age, developed a passion for golf! The pro at the club where I was playing spotted him swinging a golf club and was struck by how well he moved. Therefore, the Golf Academy here has been a great asset for us as a family. Orca attends three sessions a week and is one of the youngest members of the school team. As yet we have not entered him for individual tournaments, as we want him to develop at his own pace and compete when he is ready, not only in terms of physical talent but emotionally as well. Khun Pook: Orca loves being at school. He is so proud that he is a member of Harrow Bangkok – he is always telling everyone that Harrow is the best! And of course, we have already put an application in for his little brother, Leo, for Nursery at Harrow Bangkok.


CATCHING UP WITH OUR COMMUNITY Our Nursery Broccoli Superhero! Tom Richards

What were you like at school? I was quite a conscientious student; a bit of a boffin, at least for the early years… When are you happiest? In the presence of cats or dancing. Who or what is the love of your life? Rhyme and poetry. What is your greatest fear? My next injury Which living person do you most admire, and why? Lionel Messi, for his integrity, humility and outrageous football genius. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Procrastination. What is the trait you most deplore in others? Being too quick to judge. What would your superpower be? To be able to speak any language I hear for the first time, instantly and fluently. Who would play you in the film of your life? It would be hard to convince anyone to take on the role I think. One of my best friend’s first cousin is Robert Pattinson, so maybe he could persuade him to do it. If not, Steven Seagal… If you had to choose one piece of music and one book to rescue from a sinking ship what would they be? A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Midnight Marauders’ and, ironically, ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ by Ernest Hemingway Which words or phrases do you most overuse? Not sure, you would have to ask my students I guess! Probably: ‘Rrrrrrright’ What do you consider your greatest achievement? Being at the helm when my U13s football team beat Shrewsbury 5-1 at their patch. What is the most important lesson life has taught you so far? Trust your instincts and you get out what you put in. Tell us a secret…For N7, I was secret Santa for…nah, can’t do it!


21 Concert tickets will be on the website after the February Half Term break


Harrovian 9 February 2018  
Harrovian 9 February 2018