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Dear Parents I’m used to making provision for school closures due to snow in the United Kingdom. Last week’s air quality issues brought a new challenge here for me in Bangkok, and I’m very proud of how my team responded. I hope you will agree that our response was swift, decisive and market leading as we prioritised health and safety for students and staff. We have taken delivery of over 230 air purifiers, and we have modified our Air Quality Management Guidance policy slightly, which was already in line with international standards, to bring it within Thai government standards.

Jon Standen Head Master



Pre Prep


Over the past months, Pre Prep Digital Leaders and other volunteers have been working hard to construct a robot! The completed robot was unveiled to Pre Prep in assembly this week. It delighted the whole school by responding to voice commands, telling jokes and even showing off some dance moves! Involving 1188 separate pieces, construction of the robot presented a huge challenge to our students. As well as putting the pieces together, the children had to connect up the robot’s wiring so that the robot’s CPU could control motors in its head, neck, arms and feet. The children showed amazing iTeamUp and iGoForIt, never faltering in their determination to get the job done. Construction of a working robot is an incredible achievement for our students and has sparked off discussion about robotics throughout the Lower School. Great job robot engineers! Owen Dobbing Head of Lower School Computing and Digital Citizenship



Year Group

Charities Our motto is Leadership in action and here in the Pre Prep we fully believe in this. To us, this means getting up and doing something, being proactive and standing for something and most importantly making a difference. This year in Pre Prep we have worked diligently to establish our Year Group Charities. Each year group is on a journey to understand about them, learn all they can and above all - give our time and energy to support in our community. Year 1 have been visited by PAWS – a pet charity close to home, who support injured or abandoned cats and dogs. They completed a food drive and have raised money through a bake sale. Year 2’s charity efforts are all related to the oceans and protecting our marine wildlife. The year group work closely with the Sattahip Marine Sanctuary and raise money through the selling of artwork and other charitable endeavours. This culminates during expedition week, where the money raised is presented to the charity to help continue its wonderful rehabilitation work and Year 2 release healthy sea turtles back into the ocean. Year 3 have embarked on an ambitious project to form community links with a Thai school in rural Ratchaburi. The Ava Maria School is a charity supported project where 1800 children learn. The intent is for our Year 3 children to form relationships with students through the writing of letters and online communication. The long-term goal is for groups of children to meet and spend time at each others’ school. Around the corner from Harrow Bangkok is an orphanage, which caters to the everyday needs to up to 60 girls. These children live at the site, are fed there, clothed by the volunteers who work there and supported in day-to-day life so that when they leave the orphanage they can lead purposeful lives. Our Year 4 are working hard to help with this project and so far, they have collected toys which have been delivered to the orphanage and are working on fund-raising projects to buy much needed school clothes and mosquito nets for the girls to use. Within Year 5, the students have already written to their new pen pals. Their pen pals are students who attend the Wat Laksi school. Letters have been sent to and from and next online communication will be held. Next term the Wat Laksi students will

be invited to Harrow Bangkok to take part in the 2019 Festival of Friendship – an event we are all looking forward to. Each of the projects which we are involved in requires the giving of time and energy, offering service to those who need it most from all our students and staff. The projects are designed to bring members of our community closer together and spread the word about how we can all help and be Leaders in action. Mike Godwin Head of Pre Prep Phase



Activities in the Pre Prep



The after-school activities programme is at the core of Harrow International School Bangkok. It gives students the opportunity to explore different areas of learning, peruse their favourite hobbies and interests or try something new! In season 2, the children had a choice of over 50 different activities, aimed at developing creativity, language, sports or hobbies. One of the most popular activities, that is continuing into season 3, is the Pre Prep musical production of the Jungle Book. Mrs Henretty-Dunsire, director, had these words to say, ‘Our rehearsals for The Jungle Book are now in full swing with an excited cast learning all their lines and dance moves. The cast are working hard, and we still have a lot to learn but their efforts mean that we already know a lot of the songs and scenes for the show. We are ready to make this production a roaring success!’ The students have shown real dedication to the production, which will have its opening show in May 2019. As season 2 finished last week, we look forward to season 3 and all of the new opportunities it brings. We are excited to announce that Chai Yo will be back with Zumba for Reception and Pre Prep children, a new French club will open for our Junior children led my Mrs Larkins and Mr Mitchell has been busy organising an amazing STEM Design and Science activity. Bollywood – Ellie, 3H, ‘Everybody is kind and has fun. It is a different style of dancing.’ Bollywood Dancing – Ploy, 3O, ‘It’s fun learning about

the Indian way of dancing.’ Ceramics – Sand, 5W, ‘It’s very creative – you can make any shape or object.’ Ceramics – Fill, 5W, ‘I love to create new and interesting things!’ Street Dance – Pete, 4S, ‘I love the fun and games with the other students. I want to lead the dance troop, so I train hard.’ Fencing – Cream, 4S, ‘It’s a very different sport and it’s fun to learn with all the special equipment.’ Gary Derbyshire Assistant Head of Pre Prep



Practice makes progress not perfect At Harrow Bangkok, we are proud to advocate a curriculum that is well rounded and enables students to experience academic rigour coupled with wider curriculum experiences. As we approach the final week before the half-term break, I am acutely aware of the balance that our students must strike in prioritising their time, particularly within our examination year groups. As older students prepare for IGCSEs and A Levels by undertaking mock examinations there are

wider events taking place alongside such as musical performances, sporting fixtures, expeditions and military service. Inevitably this can be a stressful time for students and it is important to strike the right balance between being resilient and their well-being. This week Fifth Form students were addressed by Dr Benjamin Weinstein on this theme who encouraged our students to unleash their potential by activating their inner resource of resilience. He also strongly advocated a positive mindset towards revision where practice makes progress not perfect. Alongside this well-being plays a vital part and helps reduce anxiety. Eating well leads to clearer thinking; exercise can relieve frustration, lowering blood pressure and enough sleep recharges the batteries and improves concentration. It is also important to remember that students are not alone during the examinations and I recommend regular conversations with friends, family and staff to get advice where required. David Foster Director of Studies

New Upper School Teachers

Bryony Owen is the new Upper School Head of Religious Studies and Prep Humanities. She was born in Germany but is British. She has always aspired to be a teacher and even when she was young used to make her brothers pretend they were in her class so she could take a register! She is passionate about learning about religions and diverse cultures and wants to share this passion with others. Bryony studied Theology and Religious Studies with Psychology at Chester University in the UK and also took her teaching qualification, there, specialising in Secondary Religious Studies. Her teaching goal is to develop global citizens who think critically about the world in which they live and is inspired by Malala Yousafzai. So far, her favourite Bangkok restaurant is Veganerie for their delicious vegan treats and milkshakes.

Lesley Scott,

Teacher of Music, joined Harrow Bangkok this year. She was born in Belfast and grew up in Ballyclare, Northern Ireland. While studying Music at Queen’s University, Belfast she realised how much she enjoyed teaching students how to play and love creating music. She chose Durham University to then complete her teaching qualification and taught in various parts of England before moving out to Bangkok. Here, she has found that hiring a private karaoke room is surprisingly easy and inexpensive!

Michael Stephens, Teacher of Mathematics, read Mathematics at the University of Cambridge then completed his teacher training at the Institute of Education in University College, London. He taught in London then a British international school in Madrid, Spain. He wants to inspire a passion for mathematics and help inform and empower young people.

Paul Ellis,

Economics, Business Studies and Accounting teacher, was born and grew up in Norwich, England. He studied Economics at the University of Essex, worked in a number of jobs in the UK, America and Australia then returned to the UK and trained to be a teacher. Paul taught in London and then Taiwan and at Harrow Beijing. He wants to inspire lifelong learners who engage with the world for everyone’s benefit.



Ryan Woolaston, Mathematics Teacher, studied Mathematics and Education at the University Plymouth of St Mark and St John. Originally from Nuneaton, England in his 9 year career, so far, he’s been a Mathematics teacher, A Level Mathematics Coordinator, Head of Mathematics, Director of School Standards and Assistant Principal in the UK. He’s very achievement focused, especially with SR5 classes, and think that lessons must always be geared towards building the foundations for success in the final examinations as they have a critical influence on the direction that a young person’s future can take, and it’s his responsibility to support them to be confident and prepared.

Matthew Gribben is the new Head of Geography and Deputy Head of Humanities. He is Irish and grew up in a small town called Newcastle, south of Belfast, by the Irish Sea, with the Mourne Mountains on his doorstep. Matthew wanted to be a teacher from a very young age as he thoroughly enjoyed being at school. Matthew studied Geography at the University of Manchester and gained his teaching qualification in at Manchester Metropolitan Institute of Education. He has worked in a number of UK schools as a Geography teacher then was head of department prior to moving to Harrow Bangkok. His goal is to ensure all the students that study with him have a love of Humanities. He is inspired by innovative teaching that allows students to engage with difficult concepts and theories.

Blessy Susan Joseph

is a new Computing Teacher in Upper School. She studied Computing for Commerce and Business at the University of Plymouth, England, then did her teaching qualification at the Institute of Education, UCL, London. She has been teaching for the past 6 years and most recently was Head of ICT and Computing in a school in London. She wants her students to become resilient learners and develop the skills they need for the future.

Paul Lim,

Upper School Mathematics Teacher, was born and grew up in Singapore. He received a Teaching Scholarship from the Singapore Government and graduated from the National University of Singapore. Paul taught for three years then tried banking. He found he wasn’t satisfied as a banker so returned to teaching. He has now taught for 13 years in three international schools - two in Kuala Lumpur and one in Macau. His mission is to train his students to become independent learners who are also creative, resilient and adaptable. He is passionate about food and loves sharing tips about places to eat. He currently loves a stall by Saphan Khwai BTS station that sells a really nice mango sticky rice and it’s only 40 baht!

The winners of the 2018-2019

Chiu Library Bookmark Competition We were delighted by the incredibly high standard of the entries to this year’s competition. The theme, Global Sustainability, certainly inspired the students; we had some very creative entries indeed. Each winner was presented with a number of bookmarks of their winning design to share with family and friends, in addition to a mystery book. Do call in to the Chiu Library to browse books and collect a bookmark for yourself. Jo Jefferis Upper School Librarian



Keller Legends

Hooray for


The series continues. For this edition, I would like to pay testament to one of my House Captains: May (K12). Keller, like all the Houses, is incredibly fortunate to have strong student leadership at its very heart. May is no exception to the rule, indeed she epitomises it. The pictures show some of her efforts outside of school – Keller seem to have a very strong skating talent – but they do not capture her outstanding work in ensuring Keller moves from strengthto-strength and I have been often humbled by her desire to give our students a better educational experience. For now, a massive ‘Hooray for May’ for this edition of Keller legend. For next time, I will be writing on some of the charity work in the K9 year group. If you would like your child to be recognised as part of the Keller Legend series, please send pictures and a message to: richard_do@harrowschool.ac.th. I would welcome your email. Richard Downs Head of Keller House



Let Us Entertain


On Friday 18th January, the SR5 leadership team and friends organised two events to help raise money for their chosen charity. This year they have chosen to support the Champion School in Maesot and local migrant learning centres. Their fundraising consisted of a delicious bake sale held at the Clock Tower and the outstanding ‘Let Us Entertain You’ concert. This event was devised by students, organised by students and performed by students, all on a voluntary basis. There were performances from Year 7 to 13s, drama, music, singing, magic, drama and much more. There was also an art display and auction of student work and ceramic pots made here at Harrow Bangkok. The event raised around 60,000 baht which will allow the students to build gardening beds and mushroom houses at the school and Prim’s playground. Congratulations to all participants, thank you to those who helped the students make it happen and thank you to all those who attended either of these events. Leadership in action! Kathryn Gavin Head of SR5

IGCSE Design Technology

IGCSE Design Technology students have been busy in the CPA workshops creating some amazing ergonomic pizza cutters, formed from one of Thailand’s most sustainable resources; rubberwood. The students have learnt how to create a wide range of ideas, like a product designer would, using blue pencils, Copic markers and fineliners, producing some incredible outcomes. The students carefully selected their favourite ideas through evaluation and testing then began their journey of modelling their 2D ideas into 3D using Styrofoam. Once happy with the modifications they made to their models, time was spent subtracting material, shaping and smoothing the rubberwood to produce the beautiful products featured. The students were expected to understand the importance of designing for a specific user and used anthropometric data to help with the designing and manufacture of their product. We are very proud of the current crop of designers we are producing here at Harrow Bangkok, and I hope you agree that the work is something special! Paul Handley Head of Design Technology



After a busy week filled with lots of sport, paddle boarding and studying we needed a little pick-me-up on the Sunday. The morning was spent with the boys doing some baking so that in the afternoon everyone could enjoy some cake with a nice cup of tea. On offer were flapjacks, sticky toffee cookies, Key lime pie, pear and ginger cake, bacon and cheese muffins, carrot cake and brownies. I have to confess, a few of us had eyes bigger than our bellies and we felt incredibly full afterwards, but it was a great way to end a busy week. Rachel Chicken West Acre House Mistress




Paddle boarding in


On Friday 25th January a group of 10 boarders went with me and Miss Rebollos to the Royal River Kwai Resort hotel in Kanchanaburi. We had a great dinner whilst listening to live music by the river on the Friday night which proved to be a fun and relaxing way to start the weekend. By 8am on the Saturday morning we were on the river learning how to do standup paddle boarding, which was made easy by the excellent instructions and guidance of Troy Wells from SUP Thailand and his team. Once we had mastered the few basic strokes needed to move the board we began our gentle journey along the river. Lots of fun and laughter was had throughout the 3.5 hour journey which ended as we paddled underneath the famous bridge of the River Kwai, and we were lucky enough to see a train go over the bridge as we approached it. By 6pm we were back home in boarding tired from our adventure but brimming with happiness and stories. Keiran Matthews Assistant House Master of the Grove






Whilst controlling the quality of the outside air is unfortunately beyond the school’s control, we are very pleased to be able to influence the indoor air quality. Last weekend, our school installed air purifiers in every learning space around the school, from Little Lions to Year 13 and we have extended this to include our boarding facilities and staff office spaces. These high-grade air purifiers are fitted with HEPA grade filters and are able to considerably reduce the level of PM 2.5 particles within the indoor air. The school is closely monitoring both the indoor and outdoor air quality with a batch of handheld air quality monitors alongside the existing monitor which you can check here. We have also adjusted our Air Quality Management Guidance Policy following a new directive from the Thai government to safeguard students even further. Our roads are also being sprayed with water to reduce dust. With these steps, alongside investigating green initiatives, Harrow Bangkok are leading the way in cleaner air quality for our community.

What can you do to reduce air pollution? Turn off any unused lights and air-conditioning systems Switch off your car engine when waiting Use your car less and car-pool if you can Consider replacing your diesel car with a petrol or hybrid car as they are considered less polluting Mathew Rees Director of Operations




GYMNASTICS Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th January

It was an absolute pleasure to host the 2019 FOBISIA Gymnastics Championships at Harrow Bangkok for the third year running. With a breaking record of 548 gymnasts from 19 different schools competing, it was great to see the participation levels on the rise with the standard of performance improving yearon-year. Harrow Bangkok’s Level 2 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Senior team won 1st place overall with the junior team achieving 3rd overall. For the first time ever Harrow Bangkok managed to secure 1st – 5th positions in the all-around apparatus category with many medals achieved for the individual apparatus. Special mentions to Jan. S, Pink. L and Grace. O for winning top 3 at a level against over 80 gymnasts. At level 4 Alyssa H achieved 2nd place overall with a 1st place on the uneven bars and 3rd place on the balance beam. Harrow Bangkok’s Men’s Artistic Gymnastics team won various medal positions on a number of apparatus with Domi. W winning 2nd place overall and Alfie. J securing 3rd place overall. A Fantastic achievement! All teams showed excellent preparation for the event in order to achieve the best they could. Their efforts impressively remained high throughout the whole competition, competing with high professionalism and team spirit. Thank you to all who helped set up for the events; the PCS team, Thai Gymnastics Association and coaches. Natalie Greenidge Teacher US





The team have only gone and made it to division 1! On behalf of coach Kan and coach Frank, we would like to congratulate the SEASAC basketball team who represented Harrow Bangkok this year in Kuala Lumpur. The games were an incredible experience for the students as they took the chance to compete against schools all over South East Asia. The teams had been well trained for the event and every member was a credit to the school. WOW! What an amazing achievement for the girls winning 1st place overall in the SEASAC Division 2 tournament. They were incredibly strong and won all of their games. The competition was tough at times, however, their efforts and skill level impressively remained high throughout the whole tournament, competing with great strength and team spirit. By achieving first place they now move to Division 1. The boys team achieved 5th place overall where the lead was constantly changing hands. It was an exhilarating performance that had the audience on the edge of their chairs as both teams battled with such determination to win. Well done to all players who represented Harrow Bangkok this year, with some being their last year as part of the SEASAC team. You competed with pride and we are very proud of you! Natalie Greenidge Teacher US




Never was chess played with such demonstrative energy and emotion than in the House tournament and many a game was characterised by a rapid tapping of the timer and an excited squirming in the seats from the players. The spectators also seemed to be drawn into the competition and often the pupils were seen to be jumping up and down in frustration when they could see a killer move that eluded the players themselves. Some had to walk away; it was a surprisingly tense House event. In the end, no one could much the brain power of the ‘Purple People’ and Suriyothai came away worthy winners. Another great House event complete and the Prep House Scrabble will no doubt prove to be an equally competitive saga. Richard Downs Head of Keller House





Touch Rugby Following a frustrating 4th place finish in SEASAC Touch 2018, gaining a medal was the aim for the Varsity girls in 2019. They were committed and motivated - attending pre-season training working alongside the new U15 team to ensure fitness was high. With good fitness and new set plays we were in a great position and excited about the competition in Singapore. The first match against AIS we lost 1-2, but this was all the girls needed to come out fighting and over the following matches we beat every remaining team (SAIS 3-2, ISY 9-1, GIS 3-1, BSJ 2-1). Moving through to the semi-final against AIS meant we had an opportunity to prove we were the better side. It finished 1-1 and the girls had a nerve-wracking 5v5 then 4v4 drop off. A stunningly set up try by Unique, Jess and Tania meant that Alia flew down the wing to score the golden try in front of the home teams fans - we were in the final and guaranteed a medal. We were up against SAIS and knew it would be a tough, and close game. Multiple times we were inches away from scoring but we conceded a try and it finished 0-1. We are so proud to have gained a silver medal at SEASAC. Next year, we are coming for the gold. Nicola Ball Teacher US

Team Photo: Back row left to right; Jasmine, Irada, Tania, Jess, Jasmin, Pimm, Moni. Front row left to right; Unite, Unique, Alia, Shirley, Belle, Ako, Stef

Varsity Rugby The Varsity boys rugby team have had a mixed season in the build-up to SEASAC. With a young team and some exciting set plays they have the ability to beat any team, so they travelled to Singapore full of confidence with the goal of bettering their 5th place last year. They started well against the hosts AIS and some terrific defensive work from James Bain and then Tom Veysey that kept them in the game at half-time. A long break due to an injury resulted in a slow start to the second half and ultimately defeat. Against some tough opposition, the boys finished day 1 very strongly with precision execution of their set moves and some excellent teamwork they scored some outstanding tries. Day 2 started brightly with a strong performance against GIS, who were in contention for the final. Buoyed by this performance the boys went into the final knockout game full of confidence and produced the best performance of the season with ruthless attacking flair and dominant defence, to secure a convincing win and 4th place overall. Well done boys. Mr Kench & Mr Warren



e l p r u P Power

Suriyothai’s 2019 began with a fresh burst of energy. The ‘Purple People’ have embraced the new year with a warm welcome. Our strong start was shown through our joint victory at House Badminton, the Rock Band’s epic victory and achieving third overall during the competitive Sports Day. We have carried this energy through into term 2, enthusiastic and eager to participate in various House events. Our spirited Suriyothai Leadership Team demonstrate this by leading by example. We look forward to using our new ‘Purple Power Chant’, a collaboration made by the House at House Camp. To further intimidate our rivals we have also created our official House Chant. Overall, term 1 was an incredible beginning for Suriyothai and a great effort from all the Purple People. We look forward to doing so much more in 2019. Peachy S10 Media Captain


LATEST UPDATES Top place finishes for Harrow Bangkok teams in business competition

Junior Achievement

Over the weekend, two Harrow Bangkok teams received top awards for their participation in the Junior Achievement (JA) Company Program, a business competition in which teams of secondary school students design, produce and sell a product of their own design. One Harrow Bangkok team, Jiggo, finished second place in Thailand while the other team, Krapao, were recognised with the award for best performance at the JA Trade Fair. Both teams competed within a field of eight student-led companies from different schools around Bangkok. Teams pitched their products, a jigsaw with original artwork and a multipurpose bag with a built-in tracking device, to a panel of judges in a 4-minute presentation, panel interview, TV commercial and company report. Throughout the competition, students developed a sound practical understanding of business as well as their ability to overcome challenges, problem solve and function cohesively as a team. As second place finishers, Jiggo have earned the opportunity to represent Thailand in the Junior Achievement Asia Pacific finals in the Philippines in March, where they will compete against other successful student-led JA companies from around the Asia Pacific region. James Beere Head of Social Sciences Faculty





What are your names? Michael & Magalie Tytgadt

What are your children’s names? Elisa (Reception), Henry (Nursery) and Louis (10 months, not yet at school) Where are you from? We are Belgian but Elisa and Henry were born in London as we were working there at the time. In 2017 we bought a competitor’s business (we manufacture industrial laundry equipment and systems) based in Pathum Thani and moved to Bangkok in 2018. Our stay in Thailand is open-ended. It has been an exciting but difficult challenge so far but we are determined to make this work. Why did you choose Harrow Bangkok? After visiting many schools in we quickly realised how bad the Bangkok traffic is! Clearly, we needed to live very close to the school, so our children wouldn’t have to commute and we needed to be near our factory in Pathum Thani. Given our European roots, we preferred a French or British school. At first, we weren’t sure that Harrow Bangkok was right for us but the ex-


Parents tensive and candid experiences shared by some Harrovians (Janice in particular!) convinced us it would be the right choice for us. We are different from most expats as we have no fixed time frame and we intend to integrate with the Thai communities. To date, we have not regretted our choice for a second. What you do like about Harrow Bangkok? We like the British spirit. Anchored in European values, the British have the highest sense of public spirit. We see great engagement in the organisation of activities during and after school hours and also enjoy the activities involving the parents as it gives us the opportunity to see how our children are integrated into the class. Michael personally loves the morning runs and running races (thank you, Scott). The lake is a great plus for the school and should be exploited even more with water sports like windsurfing and kayaking. We are very happy living in the housing complex near the school as the children can safely cycle into school. Finally, we appreciate the patient and respectful attitude of the teachers towards our children and us. They themselves are adapting to the Thai context yet they are very understanding of our wishes as Europeans.


Pun Pun N13, joined Harrow Bangkok in Year 8.



She started horse riding at a local riding school when she was nine. Since Year 11, however, she’s been flying to the Netherlands every holiday to train. ‘I’m doing dressage which is one of the three horse riding disciplines of the Olympics. The level of horse riding in Thailand right now doesn’t accommodate the higher level that I’m doing so if I want to go further and achieve more and compare myself with riders from around the world, I have to go to Holland for training and also I go to international shows in the Netherlands.’ In Thailand she trains horses for the riding school so that it’s easier for the children to get on and ‘breaks in’ young horses, horses that have never been ridden before. She also teaches some children and parents at the horse riding school she used to go to. ‘I feel it’s important to develop the level of sport in Thailand; to go up a level.’ Pun Pun’s awards so far are: 1st place President’s Cup Dressage Young Rider 2017 1st place Thailand Championship Dressage Young Rider 2018 2nd place representing Thailand at Concours Dressage International Young Rider (CDIY or U-21) Taipei 2018 1st place Princess Sirivannavari’s Cup dressage team competition Rising Star Award from Thailand Equestrian Federation 2018 1st place in Thailand U-21 Asian Dressage Championship Qualifier to represent Thailand at U-21 Asian Dressage Championship in Doha, Qatar in April 2019 Pun Pun isn’t sure what her future career will be although she hopes she can combine business with the equestrian sector. Her plan is going to university in the Netherlands and combining studying with horse riding. She does admit though ‘It’s actually quite tough with horse riding and A Levels at the same time. I do struggle sometimes but it’s worth it.’



Bambi Alumni


Bambi was Class of 2015 and at Harrow Bangkok for 2 years. She is in her final year at University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins, studying Performance: Design and Practice after completing a Camberwell Chelsea Wimbledon (CCW) Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. Harrow Bangkok was ‘Making friends for life’…




Class of 2015 - Sabrina Liang - boarded at Harrow Bangkok for 6 years. She went to University College London to study Statistics, Economics and Finance and graduated last year. She’s currently on a gap year with a plan to visit Antarctica then, this summer, will be joining Barclays Bank as a Treasury Analyst. ‘Having lived there for 6 years, Harrow Bangkok was like a second home to me. I really miss everything, the people, the sports field, the boarding house... I liked how students develop very close relationships with all teachers. You don’t get opportunities like that at university. I have surprisingly met many people who went to Harrow (Bangkok, UK, Beijing and Hong Kong) both at uni’ and at work in London. One girl from Harrow Beijing has become one of my best friends - I do feel there is a sense of connection between Harrovians.’



Nana Alumni

Nana, Class of 2018, was at Harrow Bangkok for 13 years and is now reading Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. ‘What I liked most about Harrow Bangkok was the food that was served for lunch! It has a very nice and friendly community with caring teachers, the facilities are great and the campus is amazing. I also really enjoyed the sports tournaments.’