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The Newsletter of Harrow International School Bangkok

Volume 21 Issue 2

29th September 2017













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Dear Friends, Families who work and play together forge a bond for life. We are fortunate that we belong to a family of schools spread across the globe from Harrow and John Lyon in London to our our international schools in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. For many years now, the staff of all the Harrow schools have collaborated to create enrichment opportunities for our students, for example, the Y9 Student Exchange and the Fifth Form Conference are star features of our annual calendar. Last February, we even had a follow up to the Conference with a Sixth Form Harrow Family Expedition to Thailand that included boys from Harrow London. This week I’ve been in Hong Kong meeting with the other Harrow Heads in Asia. The sessions have been very productive for all our students, as we have sought to do more together as a family. I’m thrilled to be able to announce the following new Harrow Family events: In the first week of the December holiday we will stage a Harrow Winter Camp in a ski resort in Northern Japan. The programme will feature a blend of snow sport, culture and family social events – more details soon to follow about this new event. There is also lots of family sport planned. In January Harrow Bangkok will host the inaugural Harrow Football Tournament. The following June will see the first Harrow Asia Games take place at Harrow Shanghai. Plus, we will now be linked through virtual sport - the Harrow Athletics Championships will collect and collate data from across all four international schools. We have even started looking forward to the next school year when we will be staging the Harrow Asia Swim Championships at Harrow Bangkok, with the boys from London joining us. Our sense of family is growing, to the benefit of our children who will share great experiences and make Harrovian bonds for life.

Mick Farley

TAKING HIS OWN PATH Taking his own path and enjoying the journey… James Prout was invited to interview at Oxford University last December. In January of this year he received an offer of A*AA from St. Hilda’s College to read Biology. After eleven years at Harrow Bangkok, this weekend he travels up to Oxford to take up that offer. I had not always wanted to go to Oxford, I wasn’t in the Oxbridge club at School, in fact when I was younger I really thought about going to the United States but factors such as fees started pushing me back to the U.K. When my AS results came through they were very strong so I thought well why not have a go? I applied thinking: I don’t have to go if I don’t want to, I’ll just roll with it. From the moment I arrived in Oxford for my interview, as soon as I left the train station, I felt there was something special about the place. In order to get to the college, I had to walk right across the city all the while surrounded by these amazing old buildings, I just remember thinking about all the history present within them, the overwhelming feeling of academia. When I got to the college and went around the library, I just felt, this is a good place to study. That library really tipped my thinking. I love reading, not just books on my subject – in fact I read very little straight Biology- I love to read about so many things. Then I discovered that there are over 100 libraries in Oxford! Beyond Biology? Climbing for sure. The university has one of the oldest mountaineering societies in the UK – over 100 years old. As for other things I will see when I get there. Harrow Bangkok introduced me to climbing when they built the bouldering wall. It has been a very important thing for me throughout my time in the Sixth Form. I find it really helps to focus me and it’s fun – a good thing to do when you are not studying. I have been at Harrow for 11 years – obviously my results are not just down to me. Harrow has given me great academic support, teachers give up a lot of time outside lessons just to go through stuff with you, they give a lot of feedback on papers and other stuff that you are doing, I think that makes a world of difference. I’m not thinking about the future yet, just taking one day at a time. Even the Oxbridge process wasn’t about looking into the future, it was about going intuitively with what felt to be the right decision at the time. I am really enjoying my studies at the moment and I am sure I will continue to enjoy them at Oxford. Once I finish I will move on to whatever I feel I will enjoy next, not hem myself in. My approach is to enjoy the journey, relish each step and see where it takes me…


James Prout Harrow Bangkok Alumni

Prefect Weekend in Petchaburi

The Prefect Weekend was packed with team building activities, self and peer awareness sessions and also some free time which gave many opportunities for us to get to know each other better, but also, know ourselves better. One of the main lessons I have learnt from this trip is that, as a Prefect team, we are all different in our own unique way, and to make the most of it. As a team we need to embrace the diversity of the people in the group whether it be areas of expertise, hobbies or personality, and let everyone shine in their own way. What made me most happy in this trip was seeing the Prefects’ sense of belonging to this team grow bigger and bigger. I hope in the near future we can change from calling ourselves a group of Prefects to one big loving family. Lastly thank you to the three superstars, Mrs Prout, Mrs Brinn and Mr Bolt, for giving up your precious weekend to look after us and most of all to the Prefects for opening up to one another and allowing us to get to know each other better. This trip has been a memorable one for me and hopefully for everyone in the Prefect team as well. Pax C13 Deputy Head Boy

More Photos From Fifth Form Conference at Harrow UK


After a productive start to the term, we are now putting together some of the key components for a successful year. I am delighted to see a new set of Pre Prep Leaders and Student Councilors in place. Below I would like to introduce some of our new Lower School staff. Along with their students, all have made an excellent start to the term. Nicholas Prockter Head of Lower School

Anita Khagram – Year 3 Miss Khagram has taught in London for many years. She brings expertise in Science and a passion for music, in fact she can play a number of different instruments including the tabla, harmonium and drums. She has also recently started to learn the violin. Deeny in 3K enthused about her new teacher, ‘She is kind and likes to help us.’ I-Tim, also in 3K, enjoys ‘making dinosaurs and doing lots of writing – which I like!’ Miss Khagram’s other interests include travel, photography and reading. Miss Khagram is particularly impressed with ‘the facilities and opportunities available for the children to find and explore their talents.’

Asha Stokes - Year 1 Miss Stokes previously worked as a teacher in London. She has expertise in Mathematics and Science and in her spare time enjoys art, photography, cycling and music. Miss Stokes loves ‘how eager the children are to learn and how well they play together. I love how chilled-out people are in Thailand and the ‘mai pen rai’ attitude – it is such a contrast from London living.’ Students in 1S are especially enjoying the role-play area in their classroom, ‘We like the hospital best, there are lots of things to do and even a pretend patient.’ (Gyoza) and Anya likes the book corner ‘because all the books are interesting to read.’

Natacha Lockyer - Year 2 Ms Lockyer was previously a teacher in sunny Bournemouth on the south coast of England and finds Harrow Bangkok to be, ‘an incredibly welcoming and friendly place.’ Miss Lockyer has a passion for sports and the performing arts which we look forward to her sharing with our students. In particular, Miss Lockyer is a talented dancer. Miss Lockyer says that she has, ‘thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far as well as having the opportunity to explore the wonderful city of Bangkok. The children’s love of learning shines through and is great to see on a daily basis.’ Students in her class say that she is ‘happy and fun and kind of funny’ (Nutt and Sky).


Emily Wright - Year 5 Miss Wright in Year 5 has moved to Bangkok from the north of England. She loves the sense of community at Harrow amongst children, parents and staff. ‘It’s a pleasure to be a part of the many opportunities and experiences the children have here. My students are amazing and I am very lucky to be surrounded by such incredible young minds and leaders of tomorrow.’ Miss Wright is a keen traveller and explorer and also likes to keep herself fit. Miss Wright’s students are very enthusiastic about their new teacher proclaiming that ‘she makes learning fun and everything exciting!’ (Elliott and Lika) Sha Sha likes Year 5 because Miss Wright ‘tells us exciting stories and when they are over, we want her to read them again.’

Louise Cove - Year 1 Miss Cove has been a teacher in England for 7 years where she was recently a Year Group Leader in a large school in Birmingham. Miss Cove is a keen sportswoman who likes to run and swim. Paam in 1L commented that Miss Cove is ‘so nice, I can’t believe it!’ and Klao agreed that she likes Year 1 because Miss Cove ‘is so kind.’ One thing that that Miss Cove loves about both Harrow and Bangkok in general is the people. ‘Everyone I meet at school and around the area is so friendly, helpful and welcoming.’

Alex Knight – Year 4 Mr Knightw joins the Year 4 teaching team and is passionate about travel and sport. Mr Knight likes playing football as well as cycling and swimming. He is enjoying his time at Harrow Bangkok so far and loves ‘the enthusiasm of our students towards learning, the smiles and friendliness of the Thai people and – of course - som tam - the spicier the better!’ Lola in Year 4 is enjoying her time in Year 4 although noted ‘Mr Knight’s jokes are really bad!” Tar commented that Mr Knight ‘always finds time for us and tells us funny stories.’

UPPER SCHOOL AND BEYOND A Harrow Bangkok Lesson In the Upper School, one of our key priorities this year is to develop the characteristics of a Harrow Bangkok lesson. If you walk into any classroom, what should you see happening? We have looked at some research into this as well as garnered the opinion of staff and students. A picture is beginning to form that a lesson at Harrow Bangkok should include the following:

1. Strong teacher content knowledge,

5. Effective assessment of student

including the ability to understand how students think about a subject and identify misconceptions 2. A high quality of instruction that caters for all students including those with English as an additional language 3.Adequate time for students to practise and embed skills and subject language securely and progressively when introduced to new learning 4. Learning objectives are communicated clearly leading to a shared understanding

progress leading to an acute teacher awareness of the learning needs of all students 6.High quality interactions within the classroom fostering strong rapport 7.Effective questioning and checking of the responses of all students 8.Adequate time for students to review previous learning alongside feedback 9.Lesson time used effectively in engaging and challenging students 10.High teacher expectations of students encouraging risk taking in a safe and secure learning environment

We hope that by articulating the ingredients of a ‘Harrow Bangkok lesson’, we can help ensure that the quality of what is going on in the classroom is of a consistently high standard and continues to ensure that your children receive the best possible education and achieve the very best they can. Jonny Liddell Head of Upper School

Upper School Library re-opens with a fanfare Over the Summer the Upper School Library has been extended and refurbished. Gone are the navy coloured pillars and dated wooden shelving. These have been replaced with custom-built shelving, vibrant colours and a new re-zoned look that includes a classroom and a group study room known affectionately as the Study Bubble. Following a soft opening, when staff used the Library for examinations training, the Library fully re-opened with a fanfare on Wednesday 20th September. As music Scholar Nadol (C11) played his trumpet in honour of the occasion, Mr Farley cut the ribbon, formally opening the renovated facility. Students and staff then took the opportunity to look around the bright and airy space. Thanks are due to everyone involved with this project. From HBuild, Procurement and PCS to the Library team whose creative approach, dedication and teamwork have enabled the dream of transformation to become our reality.


Alison Jeffery Upper School Librarian

Winner of Prep House Dodgeball: SONAKUL Last week the Sports Hall was filled with chants and cries of support from students and tutors as the Houses battled for the title of Dodgeball Champions! The energy in the room during Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s matches was tremendous, the Houses fought competitively for pole position in Friday’s final. In the end, it was Churchill who beat back the other competitors to win the Year 6 and 7 mixed competition and Sonakul that took the top spot in the Year 8 mixed competition! However, despite the close scores, it was Sonakul who were eventually crowned the overall winners and gained the title of glorious victors! Once again another enthralling week of dodgeball. It was a pleasure to see so many impassioned and enthusiastic students take part! Sophie Chippindall Nehru Prep House Leader

The First Monthly Broom Sale of the Year On Wednesday, the Prep phase charity activity had their first monthly broom sale of the year, at the Clock Tower, to support One Sky Foundation – the Prep charity. The brooms are made in Sangkhlaburi, on the Thai/Myanmar border, by a small broom making business that One Sky helped set up. The broom makers, who are mainly single mothers, earn 5 baht per broom they make. This gives them a small but reliable income that they rely on to help support their families. Thank you to all parents, staff and students who donated or bought a broom – the sale raised a fantastic 4,920 baht which has all been sent to One Sky. Richard Green Upper School Teacher

Congratulations: CHURCHILL This year’s Prep House Jenga was an exciting event which saw an array of students getting involved in the intense competition. After the first round of events Churchill and Nehru had both secured the highest scores in their pool and went on to battle for first place. It was the first chance for many new students to represent their Houses and lots of fun was had over the three days of competition. Each lunchtime the Walkway was filled with participating players and also many supporters chanting for their House. The competition was tight and the final day was tense. Churchill were victorious as they narrowly beat Nehru to the title. Congratulations Churchill, and well done to all students who took part! Harriet Pilkington

Suriyothai Prep House Leader


T&T Students Connect With Industry A Level Travel and Tourism students visited the Intercontinental Hotel this week. Year 12 reflected on what they had learnt and how it would help them with their coursework project of planning and running a travel event. We were also delighted to be joined by Mr Gregory Preslier, InterContinental’s Area Director of Sales and Marketing for Thailand, who is also a new parent at Harrow this year. Gregory’s insight into working in the travel and tourism industry was invaluable to the students and we look forward to him visiting the class in School. If you have links with this industry and would like to get involved in bringing the course to life for students please contact Mrs Veysey. Sian Veysey Upper School Teacher

‘This trip helped us to realise that there are many things we need to consider when planning our trip. E.g. the Food and Beverages Manager taught us to recognise a customer’s actions and body language to help us understand how they are feeling and provide what they need as much as possible.’ Faa

‘‘I learnt from the Director of Sales and Marketing that we should always look at the 4Ps (price, promotion, place and product) and know our SWOT to make our event better. So now we will use research and surveys to make sure that every client is happy.’’ Amy K

An Extra Special Summer

In July of this year, the students at Wat Photaengtai school, Pranakorn, Sri Ayutthaya were visited by Pan Pan Y7K, Ping Y7K, Mata Y7K and Mint Y7B. Our community minded Year 7s had volunteered to teach English to the children there by creating some fun and engaging activities.


Pan Pan had approached the Head of the School on an earlier visit to Ayutthaya with her mum. The school’s Headmistress was very happy for the girls to get some valuable life experience working with the students at her school.

After a successful 3 days working with the children, when the time came for farewells the school asked whether the girls would return in August to act as translators for a group of university students from the U.S.A. who were coming to do a community project with the school. They were delighted to accept and this led to yet another successful collaboration. A great example of leadership in action.

House Golf: An Opportunity to Strike Many saw House golf, the second event in the Senior House events, as an opportunity to strike back after Byron’s victory in the Badminton. The new venue was seen as a great leveller and many suspected Nehru might be able to obtain a victory. In spite of the thunderstorm, the day began with some erratic form whilst staff and pupils adjusted to new clubs, the new course and, for some, a new sport but soon people were finding their range. Despite many promising performances

from outstanding golfers, the Churchill team – Sean (C12) and Tawan (C9) - proved to be too strong with a very consistent finish. The battle for second place was far closer with only two strokes separating the remaining Houses. In the end, Byron, Keller and Sonakul shared the second place spot on the podium. The practising for next year has already begun. Richard Downs – Head of House Keller

Today Helping Helps activity students raised money for ‘The Old Age Home’ by holding a charity sale at school. Well done Helping Hands Team - it was absolutely amazing!

Rani Grover Lower School Teacher

Sushi Chefs Visit Harrow School This week saw the exciting opportunity for students to learn how to make some basic types of sushi. The ‘Go Sushi’ club run by Zaheer Ahmed and Yuki Sugimura welcomed staff from Kuroda Restaurant. Students were introduced to some interesting ingredients including some pickled mushrooms, beetroot and omelette. The tempura prawns were a big hit and students enjoyed tasting their creations at the end of the session. Go Sushi club also involves teaching the students how to play the ancient game of ‘go’. According to legend, the game was created as a teaching tool after the ancient Chinese Emperor Yao (2356– 2255 BC) designed it for his son, Danzhu, to learn discipline, concentration and balance. In the modern era, the defeat of the Korean world cwhampion Lee Sedol by the Google DeepMind program ‘AlphaGo’ was hailed as a huge milestone in the development of artificial intelligence. Zaheer Ahmed

Upper School Teacher


Shell Skills Challenge Day

The Shell students will be undertaking the Shell Global Project this year. Each tutor group has chosen a topic and small groups will work on their own research questions to produce the final product. The aim of the project is to allow students to develop cross-curricular links, work independently on their own chosen project and to further their knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities which go with being a global citizen. On Tuesday, over 20 teachers were involved in up-skilling the students to allow them to succeed. The sessions delivered were Research Skills and Using the Library, Using Sources Effectively, Creating Surveys and Analysing Data, and Devising Research Questions. Students showed great enthusiasm throughout the day. During the afternoon session, students started planning their projects using the newly learnt skills. We very much look forward to seeing the display of their final products at the end of Term 2b, reading their reflections and, for top students, watching their presentations. Thank you to all the staff and Shell students involved. Kathryn Gavin Head of SR5

Cambridge Visit On Thursday the 21st of September, our students were visited by Jon Beard, the Director of Admissions for the University of Cambridge. As well as giving our students insight into what it is like to live and study at one of the world’s top universities, he gave valuable advice on applications, and what the most selective universities are looking for in candidates. Over lunch, our Year 13 Oxbridge applicants spent an intense session discussing the focus of personal statements and starting their preparation for interviews. Following lunch, some of our Year 11 and 12 students were joined by students from other local schools for a wide-ranging talk that educated the students about the benefits of a Cambridge education, and about the breadth and depth of opportunity for study there. The students left full of ideas about how to improve their university applications and further their super-curricular studies in the future.


Joseph Clark University Counsellor

Shell Global Issues Challenge Day

On Monday, Shell students were actively involved in a range of activities to raise their awareness of the problems affecting us today as global citizens on planet earth. In the morning, the Geography Department ran a session on Global Fashion where students investigated the origin of their clothing and, through a simulation, encountered first hand, the conditions that sweatshop workers experience on a daily basis. Mr Argyle and Mrs John ran the sessions and assumed the role of the factory manager, whilst the students had to make paper bags to gain income for their families. In addition, there was a session on Climate Change run by Mrs Gavin and students were trained in the basics of Model United Nations to allow them to participate as a delegate or a page in an upcoming conference such as FOBISIA, which we are hosting at Harrow in December. During the afternoon, the year group were introduced to the Shell Global Project and tutor groups selected their topics. Thank you to all those teachers involved. Kathryn Gavin Head of SR5

University Fair This weekend saw the third CIS-EARCOS Institute on International Higher Education Admission and Guidance being hosted in Bangkok. The Institute was attended by 200 global universities and over 100 international schools from the region. Harrow Bangkok staff were involved in delivering sessions within the Institute.

In addition, the conference provided the opportunity for students to meet the university representatives at the University Fair. Many of our Year 11, 12 and 13 students made the most of this opportunity to explore the options open to them after they leave Harrow. The students made a very positive impression on the admissions representatives and I was incredibly proud to see them interacting so positively and enthusiastically. Following the fair, many of the universities commented on how engaged and delightful they had found the Harrow students and that they would like to meet them again the next time they visit Bangkok. Amanda Poel Head of Careers & University Guidance


BYRON THE ANCIENT EXPLORERS Byron House set off for the historical site of Ayutthaya last Thursday morning for this year’s House Camp. The theme for the trip was ancient explorers and the students completed a ‘Temple Run Challenge’ around the site as well as a follow-on Origami activity. Each of the groups were led by a Year 13 student and comprised of

students from Year 6 through Sixth Form. Despite the relentless heat and lack of shade, each member of the group gave a spirited effort and helped their team excel. The evening culminated in a relaxing dinner cruise on the river and afterwards the students were entertained by a range of excellent activities led by our Year 13s.

A trip to Dreamworld on Friday morning rounded off a fantastic House Camp this year. The experience has certainly brought us closer together as a House and I am confident that the new friendships formed during those two days will last long into the future. Lawrence Prunty Head of Byron House



The orange champions set off on their annual journey to House Camp full of their famous House spirit and with the added bonus of a temporary transfer, the new Second Master Dr Tim Jefferis accompanying them. In scorching hot heat, Sonakul students rode buffalos, planted rice, ploughed mud with buffalos, made traditional Thai snacks and played some cultural Thai games. The evening saw what has come to be known as one of the highlights of the Year when House Captains Euro and Enid (So13) lead Sixth Form games and entertainment for some 160 students

and staff. This year saw the induction of the first ever ‘Captain Says Hall of Famer’ - Fahsai in So13 - who remains unbeaten since 2015. Friday saw the House Captains again lead some bonding and team building exercises followed by a trip to a water park and some drama games by the orange legend Mr Herbert. Thanks go out to all Sonakul Tutors and Co-tutors and our temporary transfer for an amazing House Camp experience. Daniel Bolt Head of Sonakul House


KELLER THE MAGICIANS Keller House pupils had the chance to show off their circus, clown and magic skills on their Camp. In addition, they had to use their cooking talents by making ice cream at Farm Chokchai as well as their performing skills by putting together a show. There was even time for the infamous balloon game as well as a rehearsal for the upcoming theatre sports events at school. More importantly, it was a great chance for people catch up with old friends and make some new ones as well as socially induct the many new nationalities and people to the House. A highlight for all was the evening activities, where people were allowed some time to express themselves in a more ‘free-style’ nature and many had a chance to show off a whole new side of their character; a very welcome insight in all cases. My thanks go to the Tutors, Co-tutors, pupils but most of the all the House Leadership team. I am looking forward to next year already! Richard Downs Head of Keller House

SURIYOTHAI THE PURPLE POWER It was a pleasure to take Suriyothai to Horse Shoe Point, Pattaya for House Camp 2017. Our cowboy themed camp was led by our Student Leadership Team and gave students the opportunity to work as a team, improve communication and develop new skills. They built and tested homemade rafts, they completed a bikeateering course, they did paintballing and rode and groomed a horse. We watched the beautiful sunset on the beach before the Leadership Team ran the evening’s entertainment - line dancing. Tasked with creating a routine and then teaching it to the rest of their group, six high energy and quality dance routines were performed. We even managed to get the whole House dancing the winning routine together! It was wonderful to see the whole House bonding and it set the tone for what I know will be an excellent year for Purple Power! Abigail Jevons Head of Suriyothai House


CHURCHILL THE ADVENTURERS On an early Thursday morning, a sea of blue shirts streamed onto the buses that would take us to Nakhon Nayok, the destination for Churchill’s House Camp. As we made our journey along the road, the atmosphere of excitement was evident, with lively chatter and music accompanying us all the way. After reaching our destination, an action packed itinerary left no time for boredom, as Churchillians from all year groups learned to collaborate through fun team building activities such as rafting along a river, building catapults from sticks and rope (which were then used to try and hurl water balloons at the teachers), building rockets, and cycling around the surrounding greenery. The evening activities organised by the Churchill Leadership Team further exemplified our House spirit, with tired students managing to find bursts of energy to scramble for a piece of newspaper to stand on, or to bid for mystery prizes. By Friday afternoon, the whole House felt more connected, in a strong position for the challenges that lie in the year ahead. Jing Jing C12


NEHRU THE SURVIVORS This year saw all the Upper School Nehru House head off for some survival training in Rayong. The plan was for an afternoon of training and development of skills on the Thursday followed by a Challenge Day on the Friday morning, with 16 teams competing and showing off their new found survival skills. Water purification by the beach, fire lighting, shelter building, raft building and then hunting - well, archery and slingshot were the activities lined up but after a big storm on Thursday we had to make some adjustments to the programme. Nevertheless, the highlight, as ever was the evening games ran by our fantastic Sixth Form students. A great, if long, couple of days then back home for a weekend of rest and recovery. Jez Southgate Head of Nehru House.


LATEST UPDATES Speaking to the Future

To conclude the ‘Speak to the Future’ event, students buried our very own time capsule today. The time capsule is full of messages and questions for the future! The capsule will not be opened for 20 years. I wonder what the next generation will think of our messages and questions! Leanne Galloway Head of Early Years

Harrow Jazz Orchestra Is Building Its Reputation On Wednesday the 13th of September, members of Harrow Jazz Orchestra were invited to perform at Boots’ 20th anniversary celebration. The group added elegance and class to the evening by performing smooth jazz and Latin standards. We met Khun Ladklao, from the Thai Voice, who was also performing at the event. Grace (K10) opened the evening with a stunning rendition of the late King’s ‘Still On My Mind’ to a star-studded

audience. During this day, we got to know each other a bit more, experienced another great opportunity from the Music Department and had amazing fun in general. We’re really thankful to our teachers and bandmates who supported us in this performance and we hope to have many great moments in the future too. Andy (N9) & Grace (K10)

It was truly an honour for me to receive the opportunity to perform one of the most treasured compositions by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej ‘Still on my mind’ as an opening performance at the Boots’ 20th anniversary celebration. Along with the Harrow Jazz Orchestra, I am confident that this experience will be one that we will cherish forever as it certainly was a night to remember. I am extremely proud to be part of the band and am grateful for all the experiences I have gained which have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone. Grace (K10)


Harrow’s Runners Claim Seven Awards at Patana’s Fun Run At dawn, on a typically misty and humid September Sunday morning in Bangkok, 40 Harrow Runners set off by bus from The Hub to race the annual Bangkok Patana Ancient City Fun Run. Well done to all Harrovians who covered the distance and a special mention goes to Non, who started his last year with the Running Club by doing an extra loop by mistake, running closer to 14 than 9 km and still managing to get second place! The Running Club looks forward to the BISAC CrossCountry hosted by Shrewsbury at the Unico Grand Resort this Sunday morning. For extra fitness, do consider running with the Running Club on Tuesday and Friday mornings before breakfast with the boarders from The Hub at 6:15am.

Lili Mitton (So8) 1st U/13 Girl’s 5 km Tyler van den Berg (So8) 1st U/13 Boy’s 5 km Non Kiatjaloonlert (B13) 2nd U/19 Boy’s 9 km Jenny Yin (K12) 3rd U/19 Girls 3 km Mr Ben John 1st Open Men’s 9 km Ms Hanna John 2nd Open Women’s 9 km Mr Brian van den Berg 2nd Veteran Men’s 9 km

Scott Howe Upper School Teacher

Remember If We Didn’t Film It Didn’t Happen! We are delighted to announce the launch of the student-led LionView media production company media products produced for the students and made by the students. After threwe busy weeks establishing the name, developing the brand, the vision, recruiting the team and organizing roles and responsibilities we are now ready to broadcast ourselves to the Harrow community. This will be broadcast every two weeks. Check out our YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook and website to stay connected. If you are interested in joining our team or have any interesting stories that you wish us to cover, please email Mr Simpson.


LionView Productions Harrow Bangkok


Goodbye and good luck, Khun Ni There is an expression: ‘bitter sweet’. When I watched the Keller Remove tutor group say goodbye to Khun Ni, this expression was very much in my thoughts. The ‘bitter’ part comes from how much everyone shall miss her. Khun Ni has helped out a great deal with her tutor group. Her warmth and energy during House Camps were also hugely appreciated by all and she is an incredibly kind person with a heart of pure gold; she will be much missed. The ‘sweet’ side of things comes from the great adventure she is leaving us on and we wish her the very best for her work in Ho Chi Minh City. Richard Downs Head of Keller House


First Impressions The saying goes that ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ Mrs Sunet Boonmee I.T. consultant and mum to Chris (Y9N), Ji (Y7N) and San (Y6N) explains how Harrow Bangkok got it right first time In 2005 my husband and I went to an Education Expo at the Sirikit Center, (before that we had been to look around many international schools because my husband knew he wanted our children to have an international British style education) and there I met Mr Stalder who was representing Harrow Bangkok. We got chatting and soon realised our boys were the same age. From talking with Mr Stalder at the Expo we got a great feeling about the teachers at Harrow Bangkok, so we decided to visit the school.

Once at the school we got a great feeling from the children! My husband was so impressed by them because as we were walking around, the students held the doors open and were so polite. But the strongest first impression was the fresh air, space and green school environment – especially the football field! From first sight my husband loved it - and the beautiful lake too. Now all my sons play football for Harrow Bangkok on that same football field; so many happy memories. It was on our son Chris’ second birthday that we made the payment on a house in Hyde Park - we had decided to send him to Harrow Bangkok. When Chris started in Pre K he ended up being in the same class as Mr Stalder’s son Micheal, not only that but we were also next door neighbours at Hyde Park! It seems that it was meant to be!

The Secret Life of a Year 3 Student From 7:50am to 2:40pm Monday to Friday he is simply a hard working Year 3 student. Passing his classroom, you would never know that behind one of the desks sits a golfing world champion in the making, Bun Uthaisang Bun is currently Thailand’s number one under seven champion. This summer he travelled to Pinehurst in the United States, to compete against the best in the world at the Golf World Championship. This event is described as ‘The pinnacle event for golfers aged 12 and under.’ Fifty countries are represented by over one thousand five hundred competitors. ‘In Thailand I win first place every time!’ Bun told us. Although he did not come first this time in the States, he did finish only just outside the top 10 - a phenomenal achievement. Bun’s teacher Miss Hulm describes him as being ‘very enthusiastic in the classroom, eager to learn and he always gives 100%!’ Clearly Bun has the drive for success!


CATCHING UP WITH OUR COMMUNITY Making the Right Choices at Sixteen Few students have decided exactly what degree course they want to study by the time they’re 16. At this point choosing to discontinue certain subjects could mean that choices of degree courses are immediately restricted. Understanding how to keep one’s options open whilst studying what you love is crucial Waiting for IGCSE results is an anxious time; reflecting on what happened during those few silent hours sitting in an examination hall. Then once the results are in, with barely a pause for breath, students must select A Level courses which will almost certainly have an impact on the rest of their lives. Fresh from receiving a superb set of IGCSE results George Waddell, who started at Harrow Bangkok in 2004 when he was just 3 years old, shares his experience of this rollercoaster time:

I remember feeling really anxious and nervous the night before results were due to come out, thinking about how I did. It had been 2 months since I had sat my last exam so I really did not know what to expect. Happily, on the whole, my results were what I was hoping for - apart from History, in which I got a B. My English results really shocked me: 2 A*s! Also getting an A* in Biology was great - there I definitely outdid myself. I have a vague idea of what I’d like to study at university, but nothing is certain. History was my favourite subject at GCSE, so I already knew I wanted to take it for A Level. I was also pretty sure about Economics. However, Maths was a tough one. I couldn’t decide whether it would be the right option for me. Getting an A* at IGCSE boosted my confidence, but more importantly I realised it was fundamental if I were to study Economics at university so I decided just to go for it. This summer George and his family returned to the U.K. However, he will be back during half term next month and plans to come back in the Summer of 2019 to catch up with all his friends before he and they all depart for university.


THE LEGENDARY MRS P As many of our 2017 graduates begin their undergraduate degree courses next week, this issue’s Meet the Teacher special celebrates the woman who has helped them to navigate the tricky waters they have sailed through from 16 to 18. She has been on hand to guide them from initial subject selection to putting together university applications, and everything in between, our outstanding Head of Sixth Form Ms Karen Prout

Undoubtedly Karen is the best Head of Sixth Form I have worked alongside. She is highly skilled at her job, has an encyclopaedic knowledge of university pathways around the world and a real passion for her teaching subject of Geography. What defines her most though is her unwavering determination to seek the best for all of the students under her care. It is for this reason that parents and teachers have the upmost respect for her and, in short, the students love her. David Foster Director of Studies

Mrs P, as she is affectionately known by our students, has been teaching at Harrow for eleven years. Five years ago she was appointed Head of Sixth Form, making her responsible for the wellbeing of our students at the very top of the school during, what can be for many, a highly stressful final two years of their education. It is clear how dedicated she is to ensuring that they get the best grades they can in their AS and A Level examinations, thereby allowing them to go to the university of their choice. In addition, with her fantastic team, she has put in place an enrichment programme that means our graduates are in great shape for challenges the ‘real world’ will inevitably throw at them.

Over to our students who say it best: ‘‘Without Mrs Prout’s banter (Hotel Rambo, Rochina, salt marshes) and support, I will not even be close to who I am today. I will always remember the numerous times I walked into Mrs Prout’s office stressed and then walked out motivated and inspired. I am very grateful to have been taught and guided by Mrs Prout as she has made my final years in Harrow the most memorable and precious.’’ Ken


An inspirational female role model to all who know and love her. An incredibly hardworking and exceedingly diligent colleague who goes above and beyond every day, as a matter of course. An outstanding practitioner in the classroom, who leads by example and has high expectations of staff and students alike. Karen is a critical friend, a fantastic colleague and my partner in crime. There is only one Ms.P and it is an honour to work beside her.

Michelle Brinn Deputy Head of Sixth Form

‘‘Mrs P, you bring out the best in everyone by teaching from the heart and I have been extremely lucky to have been a student of yours! You will always have a special fan! Thank you.’’ Willy

‘‘During my time in the Sixth Form, Mrs Prout not only acted as my mentor but also became a mother figure to me. Her presence in any room is one you cannot miss… she truly is a force to be reckoned with. In the 2 years that I had a chance to intimately work with her, I was always in awe of how she commanded herself as a strong female leader. I can only hope to at least become half of the leader she is one day. I thank her greatly for the love and devotion she has showed not only me, but every class that has passed through the Sixth Form in the many years she has been at Harrow. Mrs P, you are truly an inspiration, an amazing person inside and out.’’ Saranya


Boarding News: Living without Devices We want our boarders to be healthy digital citizens. Devices provide great learning opportunities in addition to being valuable socially but does the constant stream of distraction inhibit imagination and meaningful human contact?

Our principle in Boarding is that electronic devices must never inhibit or conflict with the culture of family and community. Bradbys House has been trialing device-free days for the past year. Last week Mrs Jevons built on this initiative by running a device-free week. During the week we made a few interesting observations: •All the boys in Bradbys were very willing to join in - an ‘all for one’, ‘we’re in it together’ attitude •It was quite difficult on the first day for some of the boys but it became ‘normal’ by day two •The boys spent far more time in the common areas and outdoors rather than their rooms •The boys took initiative and independently created activities in addition to the House activities •The levels of spoken English went up •The boys found that they had so much more time •Parents have been 100% supportive

The boys themselves commented: “It was different but I was still able to survive without my iPad and phone. Instead I rode bikes, read books, did some drawing and played games with my friends” “Although I sometimes didn’t know what timwe it was, it was easy” “It felt so lively, everyone was in the Common Room, eating toast, playing Uno, table football and pool. We had a great game of hide and seek” Essentially, the trial was extremely successful, healthy and very positive. As a result, we are now initiating ‘Device Down Mondays’ across the whole Boarding community. Bradbys House will be continuing device-free Wednesdays too. A great approach to a healthy and happy community. Tim McDonald Director of Boarding






Harrovian 29 sept 2017  
Harrovian 29 sept 2017  

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