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KNOW YOURSELF WORK HARD NEVER GIVE UP Tharee Youngvanich left us five years ago. After completing her undergraduate studies at Bristol University, she went on to Cambridge to do a Masters in Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management. Although this may read like the perfect resume, Tharee is candid in sharing that she has had to take a few knocks along the way. Here she tells us how she drew on that famous Harrow Bangkok resilience to help see her through… second time was for a Master’s degree. At that time, Admissions recommended that I reapply after gaining more work experience. Finally, on the third application, the door opened. What did this experience teach me? I discovered that while working hard is crucial, not giving up can really take one far. The key is to know yourself; understand your learning style, then use that knowledge to boost your outcome. For example, I know that I have a bad memory when I just listen to new information or read it, but my memory is much better when I write. Thus, I make lots of notes in various versions and copy them many times. It is about knowing your learning style and working hard to execute it.

As a proud Harrovian, I would like to share my long journey of getting into one of the world’s most prestigious universities, with the hope of inspiring future graduates. Getting into Cambridge was a dream I shared with many people. However, in my case, I thought that it would probably remain a dream. For I was not the brightest in class, I was not the one with the fastest brain nor the one with the longest memory, but I knew my strengths and worked hard to pursue my dream.


It is often said that hard work pays off… but perhaps not straight away! In total, I applied to the University of Cambridge three times before I was eventually accepted. The first application I made was for my undergraduate degree - I was pooled and rejected. The

Hence to future Harrow Bangkok graduates, no matter which university you are aiming for, I encourage you to know yourself, work hard and never give up. It does not matter where you land. There are so many great universities, vocational courses and careers to step into. What matters is maximising your skills to reach your potential. Set your goal, reach for it with determination and ultimately look back with satisfaction. I wish you all the best of luck. Tharee Youngvanich HIS Class of 2012

Harrovian 26th January 2018  
Harrovian 26th January 2018